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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-4116-8463-8Kris WilsonCyanide & Happiness
2006978-1-4116-8513-0Barbara Schulak16 X 16 Sudoku Puzzles To Go
  ''978-1-4116-8528-4Harry R. HurykThe Golden Girls: The Ultimate Viewing Guide
2010978-1-4116-8533-8Galen ConrardyGrowing Up with Roy
2006978-1-4116-8539-0Stephan KentStart Your Own Adult Web Site Business
  ''978-1-4116-8541-3Hugh CookThe Wordsmiths and the Warguild
  ''978-1-4116-8543-7Bryan MeadanTRANCENational ALIENation
  ''978-1-4116-8554-3Alan HollowayDaddy's Little Boy
2015978-1-4116-8556-7Carolyn R ScheidiesThreads of Time
2006978-1-4116-8563-5Darwin FishNot Taught!
2006978-1-4116-8576-5Thom RyngThe King in Yellow
  ''978-1-4116-8583-3Josh RoganThe Happy Harold Stories
  ''978-1-4116-8584-0Hugh CookThe Witchlord and the Weaponmaster
2008978-1-4116-8604-5Sara ArmstrongThe Shattered Pearl
2006978-1-4116-8631-1Robin ArtissonThe Witching Way of the Hollow Hill
  ''978-1-4116-8662-5William VenemaThe Strategic Guide to Selling Your Software Company: Essential Advice from a Veteran Deal Warrior
2008978-1-4116-8691-5Jodee Bock · Brenda LevosInviting Dialogue: Inspiring Stories About the Power of the Master Mind
2006978-1-4116-8696-0Rob BookerThe Currency Trader's Handbook: Strategies For Forex Success
  ''978-1-4116-8707-3OOoAuthors teamGetting Started with 2.0
2006978-1-4116-8708-0Gulden AkinciPrivate Tutor for SAT Math Success 2006
2013978-1-4116-8725-7Periscope Film LlcB-17 Bomber Pilot's Flight Operating Manual
2006978-1-4116-8739-4John Steventon3 Knights in India
2018978-1-4116-8753-0Dan MontgomeryChristian Counseling That Really Works
2006978-1-4116-8779-0Periscope Film.comB-29 Bomber Pilot's Flight Operating Manual
  ''978-1-4116-8801-8Brent McKibben · Sam ClarkLiquid Fiction Volume One: Have You Experienced?
  ''978-1-4116-8804-9Ian RuxtonThe Diaries of Sir Ernest Satow, British Envoy in Peking (1900-06), Vol. 1
  ''978-1-4116-8813-1Peter LichtThe Gospel According To Judas
  ''978-1-4116-8815-5Ernesto GastaldiThe Key of Luck (La chiave della fortuna)
2007978-1-4116-8839-1Bengt EdhlundManuscript Writing Using EndNote and Word
2006978-1-4116-8840-7Bengt EdhlundPubmed Essentials
2006978-1-4116-8841-4Bengt EdhlundPubMed and EndNote
  ''978-1-4116-8852-0Sean StarkAn Indo-Malay Martial Art: Pencak Silat Pertempuran
  ''978-1-4116-8866-7Periscope Film.comNorthrop YB-49 Flying Wing Pilot's Flight Manual
  ''978-1-4116-8870-4Nita HickokHow to Heal from Psychic Attack The Problem Solvers Alphabet
  ''978-1-4116-8900-8Periscope Film.comNorthrop P-61 Black Widow Pilot's Flight Manual
2009978-1-4116-8916-9Da'ud Ibn Tamam Ibn Ibrahim Al-ShawniThe End of Reason
2006978-1-4116-8917-6David ClensyIsland Life: A History of Looe Island
2006978-1-4116-8936-7John MastersonA Woman Out Of Time
  ''978-1-4116-8959-6Lowell AltEnergy Utility Rate Setting
  ''978-1-4116-8960-2Periscope Film.comVought F4U-4 Corsair Fighter Pilot's Flight Manual
  ''978-1-4116-8978-7Allen GreenfieldThe Roots of Modern Magick: Glimpses of the Authentic Tradition from 1700-2000, An Anthology
2007978-1-4116-8987-9Jacob WenzelLe Morte d'Arthur, an Epic Limerick Vol.1
2006978-1-4116-9009-7John GossUtopia Guide to Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia: the Gay and Lesbian Scene in 60+ Cities Including Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Johor Bahru and the Islands of Bali and Penang
  ''978-1-4116-9013-4Periscope Film.comLockheed P-38 Lightning Pilot's Flight Manual
2006978-1-4116-9040-0Periscope Film ComP-51 Mustang Pilot's Flight Manual
  ''978-1-4116-9065-3Michael W. FordAdamu: Luciferian Tantra and Sex Magick
  ''978-1-4116-9092-9Ron Fortier · Chester HawksCaptain Hazzard: Python Men of the Lost City
  ''978-1-4116-9099-8djapeThe Way of Samurai: 101 Samurai Sudoku puzzles
  ''978-1-4116-9115-5Periscope Film.comDouglas A-26 Invader Bomber Pilot's Flight Manual
2006978-1-4116-9125-4Valerie TaricoThe Dark Side: How Evangelical Teachings Corrupt Love and Truth
  ''978-1-4116-9142-1Hugh CookThe Worshippers and the Way
  ''978-1-4116-9151-3Robert HichensThe Green Carnation
  ''978-1-4116-9173-5Joe PerezRising Up
2007978-1-4116-9208-4Stacey ChillemiHow to Become Wealthy Selling Informational Products on the Internet
2006978-1-4116-9211-4Anthony Wynn · Robert E. WoodStories of the Theatre
2007978-1-4116-9240-4Thomas JohanssonThe Fascinating Réti Gambit
2006978-1-4116-9247-3Stephen SchaffterThe Chemistry Student's Companion
2012978-1-4116-9259-6Jack Hobson-DupontThe Benzo Book: Getting Safely off Tranqulizers
2006978-1-4116-9299-2Andronicos AndronicouThe Ultimate Guide to Cosmic Ordering - Empower Your Destiny: Take Control of Your Life
2010978-1-4116-9311-1Cynthia FriedlobSorting It Out: One Disorganized Woman Solves the Problem of Too Much Stuff
2008978-1-4116-9343-2Travis GodboldFleeing the Children's Crusade
2006978-1-4116-9365-4Marcus SongCaring For Betta Fish
  ''978-1-4116-9371-5Periscope Film ComP-40 Warhawk Pilot's Flight Operating Manual
2006978-1-4116-9378-4Filomena Tassi · Peter TassiOpening The Door
  ''978-1-4116-9387-6Periscope Film.comGrumman TBM Avenger Pilot's Flight Manual
  ''978-1-4116-9395-1Dean BakerThe Conservative Nanny State: How the Wealthy Use the Government to Stay Rich and Get Richer
  ''978-1-4116-9403-3SapphireMastering Remote Viewing: (Remote Viewing, Third Eye & Astral Projection)
  ''978-1-4116-9457-6G. P. GeogheganA COLLECTION OF MY FAVORITE PRAYERS
2006978-1-4116-9475-0Anthony ColpoThe Great Cholesterol Con
  ''978-1-4116-9520-7Corinne McKayHow to Succeed as a Freelance Translator
  ''978-1-4116-9559-7Corvis NocturnumA Mirror Darkly
  ''978-1-4116-9561-0Dr.Eric LeeThe Fiction Of Addiction!
  ''978-1-4116-9574-0Bryan HongBuilding an Internet Server with FreeBSD 6
2006978-1-4116-9591-7Mark RichardsJava Transaction Design Strategies
  ''978-1-4116-9621-1Christopher, D. RodkeyWorld Religions Workbook
2007978-1-4116-9633-4R.F. DoyleSave the Males
2006978-1-4116-9696-9David SpringmeyerAnn Coulter Is A Skinny Blonde idiot
  ''978-1-4116-9697-6Deborah PaulTragic Beauty: The Lost 1914 Memoirs of Evelyn Nesbit
  ''978-1-4116-9717-1Steen WintherThe Scientific Truth of the Golf Swing
2017978-1-4116-9744-7B.J. BradleyElizabeth I -Drama Queen
2006978-1-4116-9788-1Peter BowesThe Word Within
  ''978-1-4116-9811-6John GossUtopia Guide to Japan, South Korea & Taiwan: the Gay and Lesbian Scene in 45 Cities Including Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Seoul, Pusan and Taipei
2006978-1-4116-9824-6Periscope Film.comX-15 Rocket Plane Pilot's Flight Operating Manual
  ''978-1-4116-9832-1Alex RitsemaA DUTCH CASTAWAY ON ASCENSION ISLAND IN 1725
  ''978-1-4116-9858-1Anton LaVey · Ragnar RedbeardMight Is Right
  ''978-1-4116-9865-9Irina Petrosian · David UnderwoodArmenian Food: Fact, Fiction & Folklore
  ''978-1-4116-9868-0David M. PetrovichSHORT SALES: An Ethical Approach
2006978-1-4116-9885-7Brian McCormickCross Over The New Model of Youth Basketball Development
2008978-1-4116-9912-0Peter PandoreFitness by Penis
2006978-1-4116-9929-8mckenzeeSinister Bedfellows: Anthology
  ''978-1-4116-9937-3Periscope Film ComSr-71 Blackbird Pilot's Flight Manual
  ''978-1-4116-9943-4Richard LeighErceldoune & Other Stories
  ''978-1-4116-9960-1Andrew ChuggAlexander's Lovers
  ''978-1-4116-9963-2Dean BeersProfessional Locate Investigations
2006978-1-4116-9983-0Peter BelmarThai Kickboxing For Beginners