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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-84725-000-1Susan TegelNazis and the Cinema
  ''978-1-84725-002-5John GascoigneCaptain Cook - Voyager Between Worlds
2010978-1-84725-003-2Paul IbellTheatreland: A Journey Through the Heart of London's Theatre
2008978-1-84725-004-9Brian BondSurvivors of a Kind: Memoirs of the Western Front
  ''978-1-84725-007-0Jeffrey RichardsHollywood's Ancient Worlds
2009978-1-84725-008-7Richard S. GraysonBelfast Boys
2015978-1-84725-011-7Rose SusanVoyage Around Medieval Britain
2007978-1-84725-014-8Paul JefferyCity Churches of Sir Christopher Wren
  ''978-1-84725-015-5E.J. FeuchtwangerAlbert and Victoria
2009978-1-84725-019-3David LoadesThe Tudor Queens of England
2007978-1-84725-020-9Leonard PiperThe Tragedy of Erskine Childers
  ''978-1-84725-021-6Clifford KinvigChurchill's Crusade: The British Invasion of Russia 1918-1920
2007978-1-84725-022-3Jill StephensonHitler's Home Front: Wurttemberg Under the Nazis
  ''978-1-84725-023-0Phil SidnellWarhorse: Cavalry in Ancient Warfare
  ''978-1-84725-024-7Clive HolmesWhy Was Charles I Executed?
  ''978-1-84725-027-8Ronald HuttonShamans: Siberian Spirituality and the Western Imagination
  ''978-1-84725-030-8David NicolleCrusader Warfare Volume I: Byzantium, Western Europe and the Battle of the Holy Land v. 1
2007978-1-84725-031-5Ulf SchmidtKarl Brandt - The Nazi Doctor: Medicine and Power in the Third Reich
2009978-1-84725-032-2Ray LaurenceRoman Passions: Pleasures in Imperial Rome
2008978-1-84725-034-6Pat SouthernEmpress Zenobia: Palmyra's Rebel Queen
2007978-1-84725-036-0Owen DaviesPopular Magic: Cunning-folk in English History
2008978-1-84725-037-7Susan SorekThe Jews Against Rome: War in Palestine AD 66-73
2009978-1-84725-038-4Valerie M. HopeRoman Death: Dying and the Dead in Ancient Rome: The Dying and the Dead in Ancient Rome
  ''978-1-84725-040-7Geoffrey LewisBalfour and Weizmann: The Zionist, the Zealot and the Declaration Which Changed the World
2013978-1-84725-042-1D. A. CarpenterWorld of Henry III
2009978-1-84725-043-8Charles MoreBlack Gold: Britain and Oil in the Twentieth Century
2007978-1-84725-044-5Peter ParkerThe Old Lie: The Great War And The Public-School Ethos
  ''978-1-84725-046-9Jon SpenceBecoming Jane Austen
  ''978-1-84725-047-6Paula ByrneJane Austen and the Theatre
  ''978-1-84725-048-3Maggie LaneJane Austen and Food
2007978-1-84725-050-6Arthur MarwickA History of Human Beauty
  ''978-1-84725-052-0Christopher DyerEveryday Life in Medieval England
  ''978-1-84725-053-7Valerie IrvineKing's Wife: George IV and Mrs Fitzherbert
2010978-1-84725-054-4Carolyn Graves-BrownDancing for Hathor: Women in Ancient Egypt
2007978-1-84725-058-2Alan MouldThe English Chorister: A History (Hambledon Continuum)
2009978-1-84725-143-5Peter MurphyThe English Coast: A History
2020978-1-84725-145-9Steven SnapeSacred Landscapes in Ancient Egypt
2007978-1-84725-146-6David NicolleCrusader Warfare Volume II: Muslims, Mongols and the Struggle Against the Crusades: Volume 2
2008978-1-84725-148-0P.G. Maxwell-StuartThe Chemical Choir: A History of Alchemy
2009978-1-84725-150-3Patrick H. ArmstrongDarwin's Luck: Chance and Fortune in the Life and Work of Charles Darwin
2006978-1-84725-161-9Julie KerrLife in the Medieval Cloister
2013978-1-84725-162-6Angus StewartThe Mongol Empire
2008978-1-84725-164-0John ChildsThe Williamite Wars in Ireland
2009978-1-84725-167-1Pamela MarinBlood in the Forum: The Struggle for the Roman Republic
2016978-1-84725-168-8Professor Shaun TougherRoman Castrati: Eunuchs in the Roman Empire
2007978-1-84725-171-8Andrea McKenzieTyburn's Martyrs: Execution in England, 1675-1775 (Hambledon Continuum)
  ''978-1-84725-179-4Jonathan HarrisConstantinople: Capital of Byzantium (Hambledon Continuum)
  ''978-1-84725-180-0Jonathon P. RileyNapoleon as a General: Command from the Battlefield to Grand Strategy (Hambledon Continuum): Command from the Battlefield to Grand Strategy
2007978-1-84725-182-4A.J. PollardWarwick the Kingmaker: Politics, Power and Fame: Politics, Power and Fame (Hambledon Continuum)
  ''978-1-84725-187-9Philip A.G. SabinLost Battles: Reconstructing the Great Clashes of the Ancient World (Hambledon Continuum)
  ''978-1-84725-188-6John D GraingerAlexander the Great Failure
2009978-1-84725-189-3Marilyn DunnThe Christianization of the Anglo-Saxons C.597-c.700: Discourses of Life, Death and Afterlife (Hambledon Continuum)
2007978-1-84725-190-9Martin ArnoldThe Vikings: Culture and Conquest
  ''978-1-84725-191-6Duncan CampbellUnlikely Allies: America, Britain and the Victorian Beginnings of the Special Relationship (Hambledon Continuum)
  ''978-1-84725-192-3Stephanie BarczewskiAntarctic Destinies: Scott, Shackleton, and the Changing Face of Heroism (Hambledon Continuum)
2011978-1-84725-193-0Thomas Ruys SmithSouthern Queen
2008978-1-84725-196-1Michael AdamsNapoleon and Russia
2007978-1-84725-197-8Anne CrawfordThe Yorkists: The History of a Dynasty
2008978-1-84725-200-5J.H. ShennanThe Bourbons: The History of a Dynasty
2008978-1-84725-203-6Richard ShannonGladstone: God and Politics
  ''978-1-84725-206-7Ulf SchmidtKarl Brandt: The Nazi Doctor: Medicine and Power in the Third Reich
2007978-1-84725-208-1Stephen BrumwellPaths of Glory: The Life and Death of General James Wolfe
2008978-1-84725-210-4Ronald HuttonThe Druids: A History
  ''978-1-84725-211-1Susan TegelNazis and the Cinema
  ''978-1-84725-213-5Lindsey HughesThe Romanovs: Ruling Russia 1613-1917
  ''978-1-84725-214-2Nicholas CampionThe Dawn of Astrology: A Cultural History of Western Astrology - The Ancient and Classical Worlds
2011978-1-84725-217-3Ciarán Ó MurchadhaThe Great Famine
2009978-1-84725-218-0Hazel JonesJane Austen and Marriage
2008978-1-84725-219-7Nicholas RogersPress Gang: Naval Impressment and Its Opponents in Georgian Britain
2008978-1-84725-222-7Thomas CrumpAsia-Pacific: A History of Empire and Conflict
2009978-1-84725-224-1Nicholas CampionA History of Western Astrology Volume II: The Medieval and Modern Worlds: 2
2008978-1-84725-225-8Anna KeayThe Magnificent Monarch: Charles II and the Ceremonies of Power
2009978-1-84725-229-6Matthew GrantThe British Way in Cold Warfare: Intelligence, Diplomacy and the Bomb 1945-1975
2008978-1-84725-230-2Daniel OgdenNight's Black Agents: Witches, Wizards and the Dead in the Ancient World
  ''978-1-84725-232-6Roger HowardThe Oil Hunters: Exploration And Espionage In The Middle East
2010978-1-84725-235-7Raoul McLaughlinRome and the Distant East: Trade Routes to the Ancient Lands of Arabia, India and China
2008978-1-84725-236-4Roland HuntfordTwo Planks and a Passion: The Dramatic History of Skiing
2011978-1-84725-237-1Douglas FordThe Pacific War
2009978-1-84725-238-8Bruce E. BakerThis Mob Will Surely Take My Life: Lynchings in the Carolinas, 1871-1947
2010978-1-84725-242-5Drew D. GrayLondon's Shadows: The Dark Side of the Victorian City
2008978-1-84725-243-2Jeremy BlackCrisis of Empire: Britain and America in the Eighteenth Century
2001978-1-84725-245-6Stella FletcherCardinal Wolsey: A Life in Renaissance Europe
2007978-1-84725-246-3Kathryn TempestCicero
2011978-1-84725-247-0Christopher AbramMyths of the Pagan North: The Gods Of The Norsemen
2008978-1-84725-248-7Susan SorekThe Jews Against Rome: War in Palestine AD 66-73