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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-84718-001-8Alana Lentin and Ronit LentinRace and State
  ''978-1-84718-006-3YANG Huilin and Daniel H. N. YEUNGSino-Christian Studies in China
  ''978-1-84718-015-5Susan Sheridan and Paul GenoniThea Astley's Fictional Worlds
  ''978-1-84718-047-6Thomas Acton and Michael HayesCounter-Hegemony and the Irish
  ''978-1-84718-055-1Ciara Bhreatnach and Aoife BhreatnachPortraying Irish Travellers: Histories and Representations
2006978-1-84718-060-5David KimGeorg Simmel in Translation: Interdisciplinary Border: Crossings in Culture and Modernity
  ''978-1-84718-062-9Harry LoveIntroductions and Translations to the Plays of Sophocles and Euripides: Vol. I: v. I
  ''978-1-84718-071-1Petra BuchwaldStress and Anxiety: Application to Health, Work Place, Community, and Education
  ''978-1-84718-079-7Jorge FeblesInto the Mainstream: Essays on Spanish American and Latino Literature and Culture
2007978-1-84718-099-5Susanna Scarparo and Sarah McDonaldViolent Depictions: Representing Violence Across Cultures
  ''978-1-84718-100-8Gilles LeydierScotland and Europe, Scotland in Europe
2007978-1-84718-106-0Marguerite Helmers and Tilar MazzeoThe Traveling and Writing Self
  ''978-1-84718-111-4Maria Suzette Fernandez DiasLegacies of Slavery: Comparative Perspectives
  ''978-1-84718-118-3Marc DecimoMarcel Duchamp and Eroticism
  ''978-1-84718-123-7Thomas Jay OordThe Many Facets of Love: Philosophical Explorations
  ''978-1-84718-127-5Michael Hayes and Thomas ActonTravellers, Gypsies, Roma: The Demonisation of Difference
2007978-1-84718-137-4Sally Bayley · William MayFrom Self to Shelf: The Artist Under Construction
  ''978-1-84718-143-5Ignacio López-CalvoAlternative Orientalisms in Latin America and Beyond
  ''978-1-84718-152-7Neil Robertson · Gordon McOuat and Tom VinciDescartes and the Modern
  ''978-1-84718-153-4Robert Bond and Jenny BavidgeCity Visions: The Work of Iain Sinclair
  ''978-1-84718-184-8Keith Flett1956 and all that
2007978-1-84718-190-9Nico CarpentierCulture, Trauma, and Conflict: Cultural Studies Perspectives on War
  ''978-1-84718-198-5Kay Boardman and Christine Kinealy1848: The Year the World Turned?
  ''978-1-84718-199-2Caroline Miller and Michael RochePast Matters: Heritage and Planning History Case Studies from the Pacific Rim
  ''978-1-84718-208-1Chris N van der Merwe and Pumla Gobodo-MadikizelaNarrating our Healing: Perspectives on Working through Trauma
  ''978-1-84718-235-7Fabio Vighi · Heiko FeldnerDid Somebody Say Ideology? On Slavoj Zizek and Consequences
2007978-1-84718-237-1Rhoda Sirlin and James L. W. West IIISophie s Choice: A Contemporary Casebook
  ''978-1-84718-255-5Ros Bandt · Michelle Duffy and Dolly MacKinnonHearing Places: Sound, Place, Time and Culture
  ''978-1-84718-263-0Terri GinsbergHolocaust Film: The Political Aesthetics of Ideology
  ''978-1-84718-269-2Kate McLoughlin and Malin Lidström BrockTove Jansson Rediscovered
  ''978-1-84718-289-0Masahiko MinamiApplying Theory and Research to Learning Japanese as a Foreign Language
2007978-1-84718-343-9Linda Martz and Anita HiggieQuestions of Identity in Detective Fiction
  ''978-1-84718-344-6Mícheál Ó hAodhaMigrants and Memory: The Forgotten Postcolonials
  ''978-1-84718-351-4Jane EdwardsMusic: Promoting Health and Creating Community in Healthcare Contexts
  ''978-1-84718-359-0Laura M. Popova · Charles W. Hartley and Adam T. SmithSocial Orders and Social Landscapes
  ''978-1-84718-375-0Colin Ripley · with Marco Polo and Arthur WrigglesworthIn the Place of Sound: Architecture | Music | Acoustics
2007978-1-84718-378-1Matthew Sharpe · Murray Noonan · and Jason FreddiTrauma, History, Philosophy (With Feature Essays by Agnes Heller and György Márkus): (with Feature Essays by Agnes Heller and Gyorgy Markus)
  ''978-1-84718-384-2Artemis AlexiadouStudies in the Morpho-Syntax of Greek
  ''978-1-84718-393-4Rosalind Edwards · Jane Franklin and Janet HollandAssessing Social Capital: Concept, Policy and Practice
2008978-1-84718-422-1Richard C. Allen and Stephen ReganIrelands of the Mind: Memory and Identity in Modern Irish Culture
  ''978-1-84718-423-8Robert LetellierThe Ballets of Ludwig Minkus
  ''978-1-84718-446-7Virginia Apperson and John BeebeThe Presence of the Feminine in Film
2008978-1-84718-454-2Kelly Donahue-Wallace · Laetitia La Follette and Andrea PappasTeaching Art History with New Technologies: Reflections and Case Studies
  ''978-1-84718-482-5Miranda AndersonThe Book of the Mirror: An Interdisciplinary Collection exploring the Cultural Story of the Mirror
  ''978-1-84718-486-3Sherry L. AckermanBehind the Looking Glass
  ''978-1-84718-522-8Mitchell RosenwaldOne Paradigm, Many Worlds: Conflict Resolution across the Disciplines
  ''978-1-84718-547-1Maria González Davies and Riitta OittinenWhose Story? Translating the Verbal and the Visual in Literature for Young Readers
2008978-1-84718-586-0Michael BermanThe Shamanic Themes in Georgian Folktales: 1
  ''978-1-84718-588-4Alice R. Bell. Sarah R. Davies and Felicity MellorScience and its Publics
  ''978-1-84718-603-4Mike Byram and Fred DervinStudents, Staff and Academic Mobility in Higher Education
  ''978-1-84718-607-2Philip BrownellHandbook for Theory, Research, and Practice in Gestalt Therapy (World of Contemporary Gestalt Therapy)
  ''978-1-84718-613-3Kathleen A. Bishop with a Foreword by David MatthewsThe Canterbury Tales Revisited 21st Century Interpretations
2008978-1-84718-620-1Niklas SwanströmSino-Japanese Relations: The Need for Conflict Prevention and Management
  ''978-1-84718-640-9Carolina ArmenterosHistoricising the French Revolution
  ''978-1-84718-677-5Anthony TrollopeThe Belton Estate
  ''978-1-84718-687-4Anthony TrollopeCastle Richmond
2009978-1-84718-688-1Robert Adam · Prince of Wales · Steven Semes · A. G. K. Menon · Samir Younés · Susan Parham · Gabriele Tagliaventi · Paolo MarconiThe Venice Charter Revisited: Modernism, Conservation and Tradition in the 21st Century
2008978-1-84718-689-8Anthony TrollopeThe Claverings (Cambridge Scholars Publishing Classics Texts)
  ''978-1-84718-700-0   ''An Eye for an Eye
2008978-1-84718-701-7Anthony TrollopeFramley Parsonage
  ''978-1-84718-703-1   ''The Golden Lion of Granpere
  ''978-1-84718-707-9   ''John Caldigate
  ''978-1-84718-709-3   ''Kept in the Dark
2008978-1-84718-715-4Anthony TrollopeNina Balatka
  ''978-1-84718-718-5Clara SarmentoWomen in the Portuguese Colonial Empire: The Theatre of Shadows
  ''978-1-84718-737-6Anthony TrollopeThe Three Clerks (Cambridge Scholars Publishing Classics Texts)
  ''978-1-84718-765-9Robert Louis StevensonIsland Nights' Entertainments
  ''978-1-84718-769-7David CunninghamPhotography and Literature in the Twentieth Century
2008978-1-84718-774-1Alana Lentin and Ronit LentinRace and State
  ''978-1-84718-877-9Antony LentinThe Last Political Law Lord: Lord Sumner (1859-1934)
  ''978-1-84718-945-5Arthur Conan DoyleThe Great Boer War (CSP Classic Texts)
  ''978-1-84718-954-7Arthur Conan DoyleMicah Clarke
  ''978-1-84718-959-2   ''Rodney Stone (Cambridge Scholars Publishing Classics Texts)
2008978-1-84718-979-0Gavin GrindonAesthetics and Radical Politics
  ''978-1-84718-986-8Arthur Conan DoyleThe White Company (Cambridge Scholars Publishing Classics Texts)