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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-151-00143-6General BooksLives
2010978-1-151-00544-1Books GroupChinese Singaporeans: Annabel Chong, Lee Kuan Yew, Gong Li, Li Jiawei, Walter Woon, Tao Li, Goh Keng Swee, Theresa Goh, Han Sai Por, Tang Da
  ''978-1-151-01691-1Clarence LarkinThe Spirit World
2012978-1-151-01883-0Josephine M. BunkleyThe Testimony of an Escaped Novice from the Sisterhood of St. Joseph; Emmettsburg, Maryland, the Mother-House of the Sisters of Charity in the
  ''978-1-151-02568-5Gilbert Elliot Minto LorLife and Letters of Sir Gilbert Elliot, First Earl of Minto, from 1751 to 1806, When His Public Life in Europe Was Closed by His Appointment to the Vice-Royalty of India (Volume 2)
  ''978-1-151-03626-1John DeweySchools of To-Morrow
  ''978-1-151-04535-5St Andrew's Church Committee VestryAlfred Lee; September 9th, 1807-April 12th, 1887 Christo Et Ecclesiae
2010978-1-151-04894-3Thomas TrowardBible Mystery and Bible Meaning
978-1-151-05441-8Unknown Author,Theodore, IV Roosevelt,General Books, General BooksHistory as Literature
2012978-1-151-05448-7Joseph Ripley Chandler WardHistory of George G. Meade post no. one, Department of Pennsylvania, Grand army republic
2012978-1-151-05758-7Luther BurbankLuther Burbank (Volume 5); His Methods and Discoveries and Their Practical Application
  ''978-1-151-06069-3Henry Barton BakerOur Old Actors (Volume 1)
  ''978-1-151-06201-7Commissioners on ConferenceProceedings of the annual Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (Volume 14)
  ''978-1-151-06204-8National Conference of MeetingProceedings of the annual meeting of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (Volume 25)
  ''978-1-151-06445-5Charles Seymour RobinsonSermons on Neglected Texts
2009978-1-151-06901-6Joseph ConradThe Secret Agent
2009978-1-151-07087-6Harrison Garfield RhodesThe Flight to Eden; A Florida Romance
2012978-1-151-08797-3Henry FieldingJoseph Andrews
2013978-1-151-09776-7Tom WolfeThe Bonfire of the Vanities
2009978-1-151-10036-8John ReevesThe Rothschilds; The Financial Rulers of Nations
2012978-1-151-11821-9Jacob A. RiisHow the Other Half Lives
  ''978-1-151-15792-8William Lucas SargantRobert Owen, and His Social Philosophy
  ''978-1-151-15984-7Niccol MachiavelliThe Florentine Histories
  ''978-1-151-17228-0William MolyneuxBurton-On-Trent; Its History, Its Waters, and Its Breweries
  ''978-1-151-18050-6Texas Legislature RepresentativesJournal of the House of Representatives of the Session of the Legislature of Texas
2009978-1-151-18672-0John FordPerkin Warbeck
2012978-1-151-20239-0Jean Jacques BurlamaquiThe Principles of Natural and Politic Law
2014978-1-151-20477-6Frederick JacksonThe Victim of Chancery; Or, a Debtor's Experience
2009978-1-151-22078-3Arthur SchopenhauerThe Basis of Morality the Basis of Morality
2012978-1-151-22110-0Robert AndersonThe Buddha of Christendom; A Book for the Present Crisis
2012978-1-151-22434-7Allan CunninghamThe Lives of the Most Eminent British Painters and Sculptors (V. 2)
  ''978-1-151-22567-2George BartonThe World's Greatest Military Spies and Secret Service Agents
2009978-1-151-23754-5Oscar WildeThe Importance of Being Earnest; A Trivial Comedy for Serious People
2012978-1-151-24457-4Alister R. Alexander RobertsonBarriers to the National Prosperity of Scotland; Or, an Inquiry Into Some of the Immediate Causes of Modern Socal Evils
2009978-1-151-24562-5W. Somerset MaughamThe Trembling of a Leaf; Little Stories of the South Sea Islands
2012978-1-151-24838-1Cassius Marcellus ClayThe Life of Cassius Marcellus Clay. Memoirs, Writings, and Speeches Showing His Conduct in the Overthrow of American Slavery, the Salvation of
2009978-1-151-25133-6Elizabeth Bacon CusterBoots and Saddles; Or, Life in Dakota with General Custer
2012978-1-151-25564-8George William M. ReynoldsAlfred de Rosann; Or, the Adventures of a French Gentleman
2009978-1-151-25909-7Arthur SchopenhauerThe World as Will and Idea
2012978-1-151-26807-5William CarletonTraits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry (Volume 1)
2009978-1-151-26913-3Frank NorrisVandover and the Brute Vandover and the Brute
2012978-1-151-27171-6William C. KingPortraits and Principles of the World's Great Men and Women; With Practical Lessons on Successful Life by Over Fifty Leading Thinkers
  ''978-1-151-29421-0Richard WyattVarieties in Verse; Consisting of New Metrical Translations from Greek, Latin, Italian, and German Authors: With Copious Notes, and Some
2009978-1-151-31283-9Augustus Welby Northmore PuginContrasts; Or, a Parallel Between the Noble Edifices of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries and Similar Buildings of the Present Day
2012978-1-151-31951-7William TalmadgeLetters from Florence on the Religious Reform Movements in Italy
2009978-1-151-33929-4William Graham SumnerWhat Social Classes Owe to Each Other
2012978-1-151-34508-0Clyde FitchBeau Brummel
2009978-1-151-35444-0Jean WebsterJust Patty
  ''978-1-151-36192-9Donald Ogden StewartPerfect Behavior
2012978-1-151-36249-0Eugene FieldPoems of Childhood
2009978-1-151-37358-8James Edward TalmageThe Great Apostasy; considered in the light of scriptural and secular history
  ''978-1-151-37417-2Jeffery FarnolThe Honourable Mr. Tawnish
2010978-1-151-37652-7Cosmo Gordon LangThe Miracles of Jesus as Marks on the Way of Life
2012978-1-151-38522-2Alfred B. SheppersonCotton Futures
2009978-1-151-38902-2Adna H. LightnerA Wayside Violet
2012978-1-151-39366-1Ebenezer HowardGarden Cities of Tomorrow
2009978-1-151-41172-3James Clerk MaxwellAn Elementary Treatise on Electricity
2009978-1-151-41984-2Fred G. UsiltonHistory of Kent County, Maryland, 1630-1916
  ''978-1-151-43416-6Frederick Brotherton MeyerThe Secret of Guidance
  ''978-1-151-43677-11350?-1420? Andrew of WyntounThe Orygynale Cronykil of Scotland. by Andrew of Wyntoun. Edited by David Laing (Volume 1)
2012978-1-151-43777-8John WesleyA Plain Account of Christian Perfection
2009978-1-151-44601-5Charles William Chadwick OmanWellington's Army, 1809-1814
  ''978-1-151-45177-4Gabriel MarcelThe Mystery of Being
2012978-1-151-45471-3Royal Irish AcademyTodd Lecture Series (V.5-6)
2009978-1-151-47160-4Georges RodenbachBruges-La-Morte
2012978-1-151-47286-1Alfred HayesDavid Western
2009978-1-151-48725-4William RossiterAn Illustrated Dictionary of Scientific Terms
  ''978-1-151-48899-2James JoyceExiles
2009978-1-151-49630-0Dwight Lyman MoodySecret Power
  ''978-1-151-50205-6Henry Clay SheldonThe Mystery Religions and the New Testament
2012978-1-151-50351-0Samuel JonesThe Progress of Truth, with Other Poems
2010978-1-151-52459-1Georgine MilmineThe Life of Mary Baker G. Eddy and the History of Christian Science
  ''978-1-151-53010-3William Henry CurranThe Life of John Philpot Curran, Late Master of the Rolls in Ireland (Volume 2)
2012978-1-151-53101-8Guy BeauchampGuy Beauchamp's Victory
  ''978-1-151-53592-4Wilhelm Meyer-FrsterOld Heidelberg (PT. 2625)
2009978-1-151-53740-9Githa SowerbyRutherford and Son
2012978-1-151-56045-2Orison Swett MardenEvery Man a King
2009978-1-151-56204-3John Quincy AdamsLetters of John Quincy Adams to His Son on the Bible and Its Teaching
  ''978-1-151-57976-8Dallas Lore SharpThe Lay of the Land
2009978-1-151-58391-8Edgar Young MullinsBaptist Beliefs
  ''978-1-151-58476-2Knut HamsunDreamers
  ''978-1-151-59026-8Rhoda BoltonThe Lighted Valley, Or, the Closing Scenes in the Life of a Beloved Sister
2012978-1-151-59340-5Henry Peterson GrimsbyThe Social Life and Customs of the Average Farmer During the Reign of Queen Elizabeth
2009978-1-151-59485-3Ellis LovejoyScumming
2012978-1-151-59758-8George Vertue Horace WalpoleAnecdotes of Painting
2009978-1-151-60348-7Phoebe PalmerThe Way of Holiness; With Notes by the Way Being a Narrative of Experience Resulting from a Determination to Be a Bible Christian
  ''978-1-151-61986-0Matthew CrawfordThe Gladiolus
  ''978-1-151-62343-0George BerkeleyAn Essay Towards a New Theory of Vision
2009978-1-151-64660-6William SawyerTen Miles from Town; With Poems
2012978-1-151-65014-6Richard PryceAn Evil Spirit
  ''978-1-151-65517-2Joseph NicolarThe Life and Traditions of the Red Man
2009978-1-151-67521-7Frances Hodgson BurnettThe White People
2012978-1-151-67764-8George Barker StevensThe Epistles of Paul in Modern English
  ''978-1-151-67921-5Elizabeth PrentissLittle Threads
2009978-1-151-68138-6William Walker AtkinsonThought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World
2012978-1-151-70421-4John LangtonStatement Made Before the Committee of the Legislative Assembly, on the University of Toronto, in Reply to Those of REV'd Drs. Cook, Green
2009978-1-151-71393-3Jerome Klapka JeromeThe Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow; A Book for an Idle Holiday
2012978-1-151-71818-1John Luther LongMadame Butterfly
2009978-1-151-71897-6George GrenvilleThe Controversy Between Great-Britain and Her Colonies Reviewed
  ''978-1-151-73730-4FoucherThe Beginnings of Buddhist Art and Other Essays in Indian and Central-Asian Archaeology
2012978-1-151-74147-9George Nugent Grenville NugentMemorials of John Hampden, His Party and His Times
2009978-1-151-74394-7John William De ForestMiss Ravenel's Conversion from Secession to Loyalty
2010978-1-151-74682-5Crosbie GarstinThe Mud Larks Again
  ''978-1-151-74740-2Stephan SpencerMunicipal Origins
2009978-1-151-75068-6Nathaniel BowditchAmerican Practical Navigator, an Epitome of Navigation and Nautical Astronomy
2012978-1-151-75864-4Bill NyeNye and Riley's Railway Guide
2010978-1-151-76901-5Sebastian Von OerOur Failings
2010978-1-151-77230-5Historical Society of FrankfordPapers Read Before the Historical Society of Frankford (Volume 1 No. 1)
  ''978-1-151-77628-0Francesco Saverio NittiPeaceless Europe
  ''978-1-151-77981-6Georg EngelThe Philosopher and the Foundling
2012978-1-151-78281-6Francis Ernest LloydThe Physiology of Stomata
2009978-1-151-78420-9Elizabeth Bacon CusterTenting on the Plains, Or, General Custer in Kansas and Texas
2010978-1-151-78868-9William Frederick MyliusThe Poetical Class-Book
  ''978-1-151-79618-9Oliver ByrneThe Practical Metal-Workers' Assistant
  ''978-1-151-80210-1American Psychological AssociationPsychological Bulletin (Volume 4)
2010978-1-151-80219-4American Psychological AssociationPsychological Bulletin (Volume 13)
  ''978-1-151-80433-4Herbert Thomas John ColemanPublic Education in Upper Canada Public Education in Upper Canada
  ''978-1-151-80579-9Thomas Stanislaus McLoughlinQuestions and Answers on the National Electrical Code
  ''978-1-151-80708-3Ernest RhysRabindranath Tagore, a Biographical Study
  ''978-1-151-80977-3Arthur MorrisonThe Red Triangle, Being Some Further Chronicles of Martin Hewitt, Investigator
2010978-1-151-81435-7William Charles MaughanRosneath Past and Present
  ''978-1-151-82934-4Clyde FitchThe Stubborness of Geraldine
  ''978-1-151-83200-9Frank Hedges ButlerThrough Lapland with Skis
  ''978-1-151-84090-5British School at RomeA Catalogue of the Ancient Sculptures Preserved in the Municipal Collections of Rome
  ''978-1-151-84120-9Pearce NeilPresentation of the Goodrich-Lakeside Mask and a Study of the Principles Involved in Mask Design
2010978-1-151-84445-3Charles Arthur MercierThe Principles of Rational Education
  ''978-1-151-84455-2American Medical NeurologyAddresses, Papers and Discussions in the Section of Medical Jurisprudence and Neurology at the Forty-Second Annual Meeting of the American
  ''978-1-151-84602-0William E. HallenbeckDirectory of Life Insurance Companies Transacting Business in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and Other Countries Compiled from
  ''978-1-151-84881-9Charles Henry ChurchillThe Druzes and the Maronites Under the Turkish Rule from 1840 to 1860
  ''978-1-151-85032-4William HirschGenius and Degeneration, a Psychological Study
2010978-1-151-85117-8Augustus PhillimoreThe Life of Admiral of the Fleet Sir William Parker from 1781-1866
  ''978-1-151-85457-5Governor of New YorkPublic Papers of Charles E. Hughes, Governor
  ''978-1-151-85916-7Professor Charles DarwinOrigin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, Or, the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life
2012978-1-151-86082-8John SinclairAn Account of the Systems of Husbandry Adopted in the More Improved Districts of Scotland Volume 2
2010978-1-151-86118-4I British Institution for Promoting theAn Account of All the Pictures Exhibited in the Rooms of the British Institution from 1813 to 1823, Belonging to the Nobility and Gentry of
  ''978-1-151-86305-8John Sloan CollinsAcross the Plains in '64; Incidents of Early Days West of the Missouri River--Two Thousand Miles in an Open Boat from Fort Benton to
  ''978-1-151-86307-2CaliforniaAn ACT to Regulate the Settlement of the Estates of Deceased Persons; Approved April 22, 1850
2010978-1-151-86397-3Sanford M. TreguboffAdministration of Jewish Philanthropy in San Francisco; Oral History Transcript ] 1984-1986
  ''978-1-151-86485-7Ernest B. GordonAdoniram Judson Gordon, a Biography with Letters and Illustrative Extracts Drawn from Unpublished or Uncollected Sermons and Addresses
  ''978-1-151-86490-1Charles James LeverThe Adventures of Arthur O'Leary
  ''978-1-151-86849-7William Frend De MorganAn Affair of Dishonour
  ''978-1-151-86977-7PowickeAilred of Rievaulx and His Biographer Walter Daniel
2010978-1-151-87045-2Alaskan Boundary TribunalAlaska Boundary. Memorandum for Counsel, No. I-II; Various Documents Bearing on the Question of the Alaska Boundary
  ''978-1-151-87291-3AnonymousAlienist and Neurologist (Volume 36)
  ''978-1-151-87385-9Daniel, Jr. JacksonAlonzo and Melissa; Or, the Unfeeling Father. an American Tale
  ''978-1-151-87386-6Rachel CrothersA Man's World, a Play in Four Acts
  ''978-1-151-87460-3Richard St John TyrwhittAn Amateur Art-Book. Lectures Delivered at the Town Hall, Banbury, Also at Felstead House, Oxford; With Some Notes on the Oxford Educational
2012978-1-151-87751-2D. E. Ed. WoodThe American Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Ophthalmology (Volume 1)
2013978-1-151-87760-4D. E. Ed. WoodThe American Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Ophthalmology (Volume 12)
2010978-1-151-87763-5Wood D.E. · D E Ed WoodThe American Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Ophthalmology (Volume 13)
2013978-1-151-87767-3D. E. Ed. WoodThe American Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Ophthalmology (Volume 15)
2010978-1-151-88044-4New York Bankers Trust CompanyAmerica's Attitude Toward the War; The President's Messages; Official Correspondence with the Entente Allies and the Central Powers, and
2010978-1-151-88065-9Charles Harcourt Ainslie Forbes-LindsayAmerica's Insular Possessions (Volume 2)
  ''978-1-151-88259-2Edwin Henry BartonAnalytical Mechanics, Comprising the Kinetics and Statics of Solids and Fluids
  ''978-1-151-88788-7William Charles MaughanAnnals of Garelochside, Being an Account Historical and Topographical of the Parishes of Row, Rosneath and Cardross
  ''978-1-151-89193-8William TennantAnster Fair, a Poem in Six Cantos with Other Poems
  ''978-1-151-89231-7Connecticut Society of Civil EngineersAnnual Report (Volume 25)
2010978-1-151-89234-8Connecticut Society of Civil EngineersAnnual Report (Volume 26)
  ''978-1-151-89248-5   ''Annual Report (Volume 34)
  ''978-1-151-89574-5Frank Washington BallouThe Appointment of Teachers in Cities; A Descriptvie, Critical and Constructive Study
2012978-1-151-90315-0Jean PerrinAtoms
2010978-1-151-90696-0Sam BlowsnakeThe Autobiography of a Winnebago Indian
2009978-1-151-91195-7Deceased Charles MajorThe Bears of Blue River
2012978-1-151-91287-9Wilde Colin Lad · William Robert WildeThe Beauties of the Boyne, and Its Tributary, the Blackwater
2010978-1-151-91379-1Richard Meux BensonBenedictus Dominus; A Course of Meditations for Every Day of the Year
2012978-1-151-91789-8Bill NyeBill Nye's Chestnuts, Old and New
2010978-1-151-92572-5Captain Thomas BrownThe Book of Butterflies, Sphinxes and Moths (Volume 2); Illustrated by One Hundred and Forty-Four Engravings, Coloured After Nature; In Three
  ''978-1-151-92575-6   ''The Book of Butterflies, Sphinxes and Moths (Volume 3); Illuthe Book of Butterflies, Sphinxes and Moths (Volume 3); Illustrated by One Hundred and For
2014978-1-151-92886-3Charles Pierce BurtonThe Boy Scouts of Bob's Hill
2010978-1-151-93273-0Robert Ed. WebsterBritish Diplomacy, 1813-1815; Select Documents Dealing with the Reconstruction of Europe
  ''978-1-151-93640-0Thomas BarlowBrutum Fulmen; Or, the Bull of Pope Pius V Concerning the Damnation of Q. Elizabeth; As Also the Absolution of Her Subjects of Their Oath of
2010978-1-151-94062-9H. Valentine GeereBy Nile and Euphrates, a Record of Discovery and Adventure
  ''978-1-151-94233-3Thomas SheratonThe Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing-Book
  ''978-1-151-94435-1Neil Ed. PearceCalifornia Garden Societies and Horticultural Publications, 1947-1990 ] 1990
  ''978-1-151-94488-7Alexander CampbellCampbell-Rice Debate on the Holy Spirit; Being the Fifth Procampbell-Rice Debate on the Holy Spirit; Being the Fifth Proposition in the Great Debate B
  ''978-1-151-94572-3II Richard WeaverCanada and the British Immigrant
2010978-1-151-94904-2II Richard WeaverA Canadian History for Boys and Girls
  ''978-1-151-95256-1British Museum Dept of Coins MedalsA Catalogue of English Coins in the British Museum (Volume 2); The Norman Kings
  ''978-1-151-95271-4Pharmaceutical Society of Great BritainCatalogue of the Collections in the Museum of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain Compiled by E.M. Holmes
  ''978-1-151-95373-5Dennis Ed. PowerCatechism (Volume 1); Doctrinal, Moral, Historical, and Liturgical: With Answers to the Objections Drawn from the Sciences Against Religion
  ''978-1-151-95376-6Dennis Ed. PowerCatechism (Volume 2); Doctrinal, Moral, Historical, and Liturgical: With Answers to the Objections Drawn from the Sciences Against Religion
2010978-1-151-95379-7Dennis Ed. PowerCatechism (Volume 3); Doctrinal, Moral, Historical, and Liturgical: With Answers to the Objections Drawn from the Sciences Against Religion
  ''978-1-151-95649-1James Kerr LoveThe Causes and Prevention of Deafness. Four Lectures Delivered Under the Auspices of the National Bureau for Promoting the General Welfare of
  ''978-1-151-96146-4Walter Morris HartThe Charles Mills Gayley Anniversary Papers Contributed by Former Students of Professor Gayley and by Members of His Department and Presented
  ''978-1-151-96273-7Stanley Currie JohnsonChats on Military Curios
2012978-1-151-96461-8Stephan SpencerA Hand-Book for Chemists of Beet-Sugar Houses and Seed-Culture Farms
2010978-1-151-96576-9Patrick MacGillChildren of the Dead End; The Autobiography of an Irish Navvy
  ''978-1-151-97444-0Saint Mary the GreatChurchwardens' Accounts of St. Mary the Great, Cambridge; From 1504 to 1635
2010978-1-151-97498-3Bernard Edward JonesThe Cinematograph Book; A Complete Practical Guide to the Taking and Projecting of Cinematograph Pictures
  ''978-1-151-98082-3Crosbie GarstinThe Coasts of Romance
  ''978-1-151-98912-3Edward P. WeeksA Commentary on the Mining Legislation of Congress with a Preliminary Review of the Repealed Sections of the Mining Act of 1866