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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2017978-1-84674-000-8Ruper MatthewsHeroes of Bomber Command Norfolk (Airfields in the Second World War)
2006978-1-84674-002-2Trevor YorkeThe 1930s House Explained (England's Living History)
  ''978-1-84674-005-3Alan Stennett · Richard ScollinsNobbut a Yellerbelly! (Local Dialect)
  ''978-1-84674-009-1Joan MorganTales of Old Northumberland (County Tales) (County Tales S.)
  ''978-1-84674-010-7Charlie HaylockA Rum Owd Dew! (Local Dialect)
  ''978-1-84674-011-4Stan YorkeWindmills and Waterwheels Explained (England's Living History)
2007978-1-84674-012-1   ''Steam Railways Explained: Steam, Oil and Locomotion (England's Living History)
2007978-1-84674-013-8Nick ChannerPocket Pub Walks Thames Valley (Pocket Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-014-5Nigel VilePocket Pub Walks Bristol and Bath (Pocket Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-015-2Charles WildgoosePocket Pub Walks Derbyshire (Pocket Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-016-9Michael BenniePocket Pub Walks Devon (Pocket Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-017-6Laurie PagePocket Pub Walks Essex (Pocket Pub Walks)
2007978-1-84674-018-3Nick CorblePocket Pub Walks Hertfordshire (Pocket Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-019-0Ron FreethyPocket Pub Walks Lancashire (Pocket Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-020-6Anne-Marie EdwardsPocket Pub Walks The New Forest (Pocket Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-021-3Stuart MillerPocket Pub Walks Northumberland
  ''978-1-84674-022-0Ben PerkinsPocket Pub Walks East Sussex (Pocket Pub Walks)
2007978-1-84674-023-7David WellerPocket Pub Walks Surrey (Pocket Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-024-4Jean PatefieldPocket Pub Walks Warwickshire (Pocket Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-025-1Roger NoycePocket Pub Walks Worcestershire and Malverns (Pocket Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-026-8John Nuttall · Anne NuttallKiddiwalks in Cheshire (Family Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-029-9Cyril FrancisDrive and Stroll in Suffolk (Drive & Stroll)
2007978-1-84674-032-9Roger EvansAdventurous Pub Walks in Somerset (Adventurous Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-034-3Keith WaddPocket Pub Walks South Yorkshire (Pocket Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-035-0David WellerSurrey - Year Round Walks (Walking Guides)
  ''978-1-84674-036-7Rupert MatthewsHeroes of Fighter Command: Sussex (Aviation History)
  ''978-1-84674-038-1Rupert MatthewesHeroes of Fighter Command: kent (Aviation History)
2007978-1-84674-039-8Graham SmithHeroes of Bomber Command Cambridgeshire (Aviation History)
  ''978-1-84674-040-4Alan StennettLost Railways of Lincolnshire
  ''978-1-84674-042-8Geoffrey KingscottLost Railways of Derbyshire
  ''978-1-84674-043-5Gordon SuggittLost Railways of South & West Yorkshire
2017978-1-84674-044-2Michael WadsworthHeroes of Bomber Command: Yorkshire (Aviation History)
2007978-1-84674-045-9James F. EdwardsPub Walks in Cheshire
  ''978-1-84674-046-6Alan CharlesPub Walks in Hertfordshire
2007978-1-84674-047-3Bryan WaitesPub Walks in Leicestershire and Rutland
  ''978-1-84674-048-0Brett CollierPub Walks in Lincolnshire
  ''978-1-84674-049-7Nick ChannerPub Walks in Wiltshire
  ''978-1-84674-050-3Leonard MarkhamPub Walks in East Yorkshire
  ''978-1-84674-051-0Trevor YorkeGeorgian & Regency Houses Explained (Complete Guide) (England's Living History)
2007978-1-84674-056-5Martyn ChorltonStaffordshire Airfields in the Second World War (Airfields Series)
  ''978-1-84674-057-2Stan YorkeLost Railways of Somerset
  ''978-1-84674-064-0Ron FreethyMade Up Wi Liverpool! (Local Dialect)
2008978-1-84674-066-4Ben PerkinsPocket Pub Walks West Sussex (Pocket Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-067-1Nigel VileKiddiwalks in Dorset (Family Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-068-8Roger EvansPocket Pub Walks in Somerset
2008978-1-84674-073-2Nick BurtonPub Walks in Lancashire (Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-075-6Chris BagshawDrive and Stroll in Cumbria and the Lake District (Drive & Stroll)
  ''978-1-84674-076-3Nick CorbleWaterside Walks in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire (Waterside Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-077-0Jean PatefieldWaterside Walks in the Chilterns (Waterside Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-078-7Laurie PageKiddiwalks in Essex (Family Walks)
2008978-1-84674-079-4Trevor YorkeBridges Explained: Viaducts - Aqueducts (Britain's Living History)
  ''978-1-84674-082-4   ''British Architectural Styles: An Easy Reference Guide (England's Living History)
  ''978-1-84674-083-1George KeepingPocket Pub Walks in Lincolnshire (Pocket Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-084-8Judith SmithPocket Pub Walks in Northamptonshire (Pocket Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-085-5Cyril FrancisPocket Pub Walks in Suffolk (Pocket Pub Walks)
2008978-1-84674-086-2Peter YoungPocket Pub Walks in the Yorkshire Dales (Pocket Pub Walks)
2017978-1-84674-092-3Charles WildgoosePub Walks in Derbyshire & The Peak District
2008978-1-84674-093-0Charles Whynne-HammondPub Walks in Exmoor and North Devon
2018978-1-84674-094-7Ann McLarenPub Walks in Essex (Pub Walks)
2008978-1-84674-095-4Richard ShureyPub Walks in Warwickshire (Pub Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-097-8Margaret WardFemale Occupations: Women's Employment From 1840 to 1950 (Local Dialect)
2009978-1-84674-098-5Charles MastersEssential Maps for Family Historians (Family History)
2008978-1-84674-099-2Jayne ShrimptonFamily Photographs and How to Date Them (Family History)
2009978-1-84674-100-5Neil TaylorMemories of the Northumberland Coalfields (Local History)
2008978-1-84674-102-9Rupert MatthewsHeroes of Fighter Command: Surrey (Aviation History)
  ''978-1-84674-103-6Graham SmithHeroes of Bomber Command: Suffolk (Aviation History)
  ''978-1-84674-104-3Ron FreethyMemories of the Lancashire Cotton Mills (Memories)
  ''978-1-84674-105-0Robin BrooksShropshire Airfields of the Second World War (British Airfields of World War II) (Airfields Series)
2008978-1-84674-106-7Martyn ChorltonScottish Airfields in the Second World War Vol 1 - The Lothians: Lothians v. 1 (Airfields Series)
  ''978-1-84674-107-4Gordon SuggittLost Railways of Cumbria (Railway Series)
2017978-1-84674-108-1Geoffrey KingscottLost Railways of Northamptonshire
2008978-1-84674-109-8Terry MoorsLost Railways of Birmingham & the West Midlands (Lost Railways)
2009978-1-84674-110-4Terry MoorsLost Railways of Oxfordshire
2008978-1-84674-111-1Robin JonesLost Railways of Essex
  ''978-1-84674-112-8Russell Gray · Neil Anderson · Jonathan Shipley · Jim CorbettAIR CRASH Northumberland (General History)
  ''978-1-84674-119-7Keith Burge · Tom MillsMarnin' Moonrakers (Local Dialect)
  ''978-1-84674-120-3John GermonCheers Me Boodies! (Local Dialect)
2008978-1-84674-121-0Mark JonesLost Railways of North Wales
  ''978-1-84674-124-1Charlie HaylockCaw'd A Hell - Thas Suffen Good! (Local Dialect)
  ''978-1-84674-129-6Peter CarneWaterside Walks in Hampshire (Waterside Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-130-2Simon FowlerTracing Your First World War Ancestors (Family History)
2017978-1-84674-132-6Alan CharlesPub Walks in the Chilterns - New Edition (Country Walks)
2009978-1-84674-133-3Michael BenniePocket Pub Walks Cornwall
  ''978-1-84674-134-0Nigel VileFootpaths for Fitness: Bristol & Bath
2019978-1-84674-136-4John & Anne NuttallKiddiwalks in the Peak District (Family Walks)
2009978-1-84674-138-8Laurie PageFootpaths for Fitness: Essex
2009978-1-84674-139-5Robert WoodWalks into History Hampshire (Historic Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-140-1Michael EasterbrookPub Walks in the Kent Hills
  ''978-1-84674-141-8Ron FreethyKiddiwalks in Lancashire
  ''978-1-84674-143-2Anita Delf · Marilyn TaylorDrive and Stroll in Norfolk (Drive & Stroll)
  ''978-1-84674-144-9Jean PatefieldWiltshire Teashop Walks
2009978-1-84674-146-3Trevor YorkeNarrowboats Explained (England's Living History)
  ''978-1-84674-148-7Martyn ChorltonScottish Airfields in the Second World War: Vol.2 Fife and Central Region
  ''978-1-84674-149-4Stan YorkeSteam Engines Explained (England's Living History)
  ''978-1-84674-150-0Trevor YorkeTudor Houses Explained (England's Living History)
  ''978-1-84674-152-4Neil StoreyMilitary Photographs and How to Date Them (Family History)
2009978-1-84674-156-2Colin WatersFamily History on the Net 2009/2010
2010978-1-84674-157-9Sheila BirdMemories of the Cornish Fishing Industry
2009978-1-84674-158-6Ron FreethyCumbria at War 1939-1945 (Nostalgia)
  ''978-1-84674-159-3Steve HusonDerbyshire in the Age of Steam (Nostalgia)
  ''978-1-84674-160-9Wesley H. DownesMemories of an Essex Ghosthunter (Ghosts & Legends)
  ''978-1-84674-162-3Robin JonesSuffolk in the Age of Steam (Railways)
  ''978-1-84674-163-0Stan YorkeLost Railways of Gloucestershire
2009978-1-84674-164-7Sonia SmithHampshire and the New Forest Stories of the Supernatural
  ''978-1-84674-165-4Robin J. BrooksKent and the Battle of Britain: The Long Hot Summer of 1940 (Aviation History)
  ''978-1-84674-167-8Elizabeth AshworthLancashire - Who Lies Beneath? (Local History)
  ''978-1-84674-168-5Alan StennettMemories of Lincolnshire Farming (Nostalgia)
2010978-1-84674-169-2Martyn ChorltonScottish Airfields: Grampians v. 3 (Airfields Series)
2009978-1-84674-171-5Mervyn EdwardsMemories of the Staffordshire Potteries (Nostalgia)
  ''978-1-84674-172-2Mike HallLost Railways of South Wales
2009978-1-84674-173-9Len MarkhamOwt, Nowt and Summat!: A Toast to All Tykes (Local Dialect)
  ''978-1-84674-174-6Geoffrey KingscottLost Railways of Warwickshire
  ''978-1-84674-175-3Roger EvansSomerset: A Chilling History of Crime and Punishment (Crime & Punishment)
2010978-1-84674-176-0Roger NoyceDrive and Stroll in Leicestershire and Rutland (Drive & Stroll)
  ''978-1-84674-177-7Jane PitmanKiddiwalks in Hampshire and the New Forest (Family Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-178-4David WellerCountry Walks in Surrey
2010978-1-84674-179-1Nigel VileKiddiwalks in Wiltshire (Family Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-180-7Len MarkhamPocket Pub Walks the South Downs
  ''978-1-84674-181-4Nick ChannerPub Walks in Berkshire
  ''978-1-84674-182-1Judith Smith · Ron SmithFootpaths for Fitness: Northamptonshire
  ''978-1-84674-184-5Charles WildgoosePocket Pub Walks in Nottinghamshire
2010978-1-84674-188-3Jean PatefieldAdventurous Pub Walks in the Chilterns
2017978-1-84674-189-0Jean GardnerKiddiwalks in Hertfordshire (Family Walks)
2010978-1-84674-191-3Trevor YorkeEnglish Churches Explained (Easy Reference Guide) (England's Living History)
  ''978-1-84674-193-7David DunfordAdventurous Pub Walks in Cheshire
  ''978-1-84674-194-4Young PeterWaterside Walks in West Yorkshire
  ''978-1-84674-195-1Helen FinchKiddiwalks in London
  ''978-1-84674-199-9Stan YorkeFares Please!: The Story of Public Transport in Britain (Britain's Living History)
2012978-1-84674-201-9Martyn ChorltonThe RAF Pathfinders: Bomber Command's Elite Squadrons (Aviation)
2010978-1-84674-202-6Trevor YorkeGravestones, Tombs and Memorials: Symbols, Styles & Epitaphs (England's Living History)
2010978-1-84674-203-3Liz MoynihanPub Walks Along the Peddars Way and the Norfolk Coast Path
  ''978-1-84674-205-7Robin JonesLost Railways of Durham & Teesside
2017978-1-84674-206-4Moynihan LizPub Walks in Norfolk
2010978-1-84674-209-5Cedric JohnsHampshire Railways: Memories of the Golden Years
  ''978-1-84674-211-8David StainesKent Railways: The Age of Steam (Memories)
  ''978-1-84674-212-5Ron FreethyMemories of the Lancashire Fishing Industry
  ''978-1-84674-214-9Steve HusonNottinghamshire Railways: The Age of Steam (Memories)
2010978-1-84674-219-4Pat CunninghamHigh Peak Air Crash Sites
  ''978-1-84674-220-0Trevor YorkeTimber-Framed Building Explained (Britain's Living History)
  ''978-1-84674-221-7   ''The 1940s and 1950s House Explained (Easy Reference Guide) (Britain's Living History)
2011978-1-84674-222-4Colin WatersFamily History on the Net 2011/2012
  ''978-1-84674-225-5Stuart MillerBest Foot Forward: Northumberland (Coast & Country Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-226-2Nigel VilePocket Pub Walks The Cotswolds
2011978-1-84674-229-3Ellen Lee · John BroughtonOn Your Bike Oxfordshire (20 Cycle Routes)
  ''978-1-84674-230-9Trevor YorkeArts and Crafts House Styles (Easy Reference Guide) (England's Living History)
  ''978-1-84674-232-3Valerie BennettOn Your Bike - The Surrey Hills (20 Cycle Routes)
  ''978-1-84674-233-0Vicky FletcherHampshire & The New Forest - A Dog Walker's Guide (Dog Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-234-7Jean PatefieldPocket Pub Walks - Leicestershire & Rutland
2019978-1-84674-235-4Judy SmithShropshire: A Dog Walker's Guide (Dog Walks)
2011978-1-84674-236-1Ron FreethyLancashire: A Dog Walker's Guide (Dog Walks)
2011978-1-84674-237-8Chris BagshawKiddiwalks in Cumbria & the Lake District (Family Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-239-2Ruth PaleyKiddiwalks in Berkshire (Family Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-240-8Abigail Hamilton-ThompsonKiddiwalks in the Chilterns (Family Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-242-2Rob GodfreyYorkshire Dales: A Dog Walker's Guide (Dog Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-243-9Trevor YorkeThe English Village Explained (England's Living History)
2011978-1-84674-247-7Trevor YorkeArt Deco House Styles (Britain's Living History)
2013978-1-84674-248-4Neil StoreyCivilian Uniforms and How to Date Them (Genealogy)
2011978-1-84674-256-9Adrian GrayTales of Old Lincolnshire
  ''978-1-84674-258-3Alan StennettImages of Lincolnshire Farming (Memories Nostalgia)
2012978-1-84674-263-7David WellerWest Sussex Year Round Walks
2011978-1-84674-266-8Ron FreethyThe Story of Lancashire Cotton (Memories Nostalgia)
2012978-1-84674-268-2Mike EdwardsOn Your Bike Hampshire & the New Forest (20 Cycle Routes)
  ''978-1-84674-276-7David Staines · Hilary StainesKent: A Dog Walker's Guide (Dog Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-280-4Sally BurnardPocket Pub Walks in East Yorkshire
2017978-1-84674-281-1Jane EylesSurrey: A Dog Walker's Guide (Dog Walks)
2012978-1-84674-289-7Peter NaldrettDerbyshire & the Peak District: A Dog Walker's Guide (Dog Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-293-4Nigel VileBristol & Bath A Dog Walker's Guide (Dog Walks)
2012978-1-84674-300-9Trevor YorkeBritish Interior House Styles (Easy Reference Guide) (British Living History)
  ''978-1-84674-302-3Judy SmithCheshire: A Dog Walker's Guide (Dog Walks)
2013978-1-84674-307-8David WellerEast Sussex Year Round Walks
  ''978-1-84674-312-2Trevor YorkeEdwardian House: Original Features and Fittings (Easy Reference Guide)
2014978-1-84674-320-7Diana IrwinSuffolk: A Dog Walker's Guide (Dog Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-321-4Peter NaldrettLake District: A Dog Walker's Guide (Dog Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-322-1Martyn ChorltonBomber Command the Victoria Cross Raids (Aviation)
2015978-1-84674-332-0David WellerWest Sussex: A Dog Walker's Guide (Dog Walks)
2016978-1-84674-338-2Nigel VileWiltshire A Dog Walker's Guide (Dog Walks)
2016978-1-84674-339-9Nick BattleWaterside Walks in Hampshire
2017978-1-84674-348-1Nigel VileGuide to Bristol & Bath Pub Walks (Country Walks)
  ''978-1-84674-349-8Trevor YorkeHomes Fit For Heroes: The Aftermath of the First World War 1918-1939 (WW1 History)
2018978-1-84674-357-3Keith WaddGuide to North Yorkshire Pub Walks
  ''978-1-84674-362-7Graham CannGuide to Norfolk Pub Walks
  ''978-1-84674-364-1Nick BurtonGuide to Lancashire Pub Walks (Pocket-size)
  ''978-1-84674-370-2Len MarkhamYorkshire Dales 30 Pub Walks
2019978-1-84674-372-6Nigel VileGuide to the Cotswolds Pub Walks
2019978-1-84674-381-8David & Hilary StainesKent Dog Friendly Pub Walks 2019: 20 Dog Walks
  ''978-1-84674-386-3Peter NaldrettDerbyshire & the Peak District Dog Friendly Pub Walks
  ''978-1-84674-387-0David WellerWest Sussex Pub Walks
  ''978-1-84674-388-7Ruth PaleyHampshire & the New Forest Pub Walks
  ''978-1-84674-389-4Alex Milne-WhiteBerkshire Pub Walks