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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-84601-002-6Michael McMahonSaints: The art, the history, the inspiration: The History, the Art, the Inspiration
2007978-1-84601-048-4Mq Publications LtdBaby Knit Kit
  ''978-1-84601-049-1Susie JohnsCrochet Kit
2006978-1-84601-051-4Scott GivotWeber's Barbecue A-Go-Go
  ''978-1-84601-052-1Lucy KnoxWeber's Tropical Barbecue
2007978-1-84601-105-4Laura Long · Kari-Helene Rane · Lucinda GandertonWinter Woollies
2006978-1-84601-107-8Rachael MatthewsHookorama: 25 Fabulous Things to Crochet
  ''978-1-84601-110-8Valeria BarrettCakes Galore
  ''978-1-84601-111-5Catherine AtkinsonMuffins Galore
2006978-1-84601-114-6Robert CrumbThe Sweeter Side Of R. Crumb
  ''978-1-84601-115-3David Baird1000 Paths: Good Luck (Thousand Paths)
  ''978-1-84601-120-7Rachael MatthewsHookorama
2008978-1-84601-122-1Valeria BarrettCakes Galore
  ''978-1-84601-123-8Catherine AtkinsonMuffins Galore
2007978-1-84601-130-6Jan Glaesel · Miriam GlaeselWeber's How To BBQ Everything
  ''978-1-84601-133-7Aline Kominsk CrumbNeed More Love
2006978-1-84601-146-7Kate MoseleyCocktails Galore
2008978-1-84601-148-1Caroline BartyChocolate Galore
2008978-1-84601-149-8Caroline BartyChocolate Galore
2007978-1-84601-155-9Dave ZirinMuhammad Ali Handbook
2008978-1-84601-204-4Jane GartonA Thousand Paths to Hope
  ''978-1-84601-205-1Michael PowellA Thousand Paths to Patience
  ''978-1-84601-243-3Jane GartonThings To Do Now That You're Retired
  ''978-1-84601-261-7Catherine AtkinsonMuffins Galore
  ''978-1-84601-262-4Amy NebensBaby's Record Book: Your First Five Years (Baby Record Book)
2008978-1-84601-271-6Wendy FreemanKnit & Stitch For Beginners
  ''978-1-84601-273-0Giancarlo Caldesi · Katie CaldesiThe Italian Mama's Kitchen
2009978-1-84601-274-7Denise PhillipsThe Jewish Mama's Kitchen
2008978-1-84601-275-4Cathy HowesWedding Vows and Traditions
  ''978-1-84601-284-6David BairdA Thousand Paths to Confidence
  ''978-1-84601-285-3Michael PowellA Thousand Paths to Patience
  ''978-1-84601-294-5Michele Knight365 Birthdays Interpreted
2010978-1-84601-314-0Peter HainMandela
2009978-1-84601-317-1Caroline BartyIce Cream Galore
2009978-1-84601-322-5Janet BoltonPatchwork Folk Art: Using Applique and Quilting Techniques
  ''978-1-84601-328-7Liz WildeBeauty from the Inside Out
  ''978-1-84601-332-4Jenny HareEveryday Happy
2010978-1-84601-337-9Alison MackonochieMy Pregnancy Journal
  ''978-1-84601-338-6Ayman A El-DesoukyKahlil Gibran: An Illustrated Anthology
2009978-1-84601-351-5Sophie CollinsHow to Date a Vampire
2010978-1-84601-359-1Cara Frost-SharrattBeards: A Spotter's Guide
  ''978-1-84601-360-7O S BelgieThe Little Book of Beards: ...and a Couple of Moustaches!
2010978-1-84601-361-4Joanna FarrowKinky Cupcakes
  ''978-1-84601-364-5Joanna FarrowKinky Cupcakes
  ''978-1-84601-367-6Barbara Warmsley · Jo Godfrey WoodMake, Mend, Bake, Save and Shine: with Oxfam's Green Granny
  ''978-1-84601-369-0Joanna FarrowDress Your Gingerbread: Bake them! Dress them! Eat them!
  ''978-1-84601-373-7Jo McAuleyBrownies, Bars & Goodies Galore
2011978-1-84601-374-4Dane NoonStoner's delight: Space cakes, pot brownies and other tasty cannabis creations
2011978-1-84601-381-2Cara Frost-Sharratt50 Ways to Beat a Hangover: Weird, wacky and wonderful ways for prevention and cure
2010978-1-84601-382-9Stephanie MehannaMutt Munchies: 35 easy-to-make dog bakes
  ''978-1-84601-383-6Berengere AbrahamMacarons
2011978-1-84601-385-0Joanna FarrowDress Your Cupcake: Bake them! Dress them! Eat them!
2012978-1-84601-393-5   ''Wedding Cupcakes
  ''978-1-84601-401-7Gabrielle Mander101 Things to Do With a Retired Man: ... to Get Him Out From Under Your Feet!
  ''978-1-84601-402-4Helen Attridge · Abby FoyCake Pops: 28 great designs from the Popcake Kitchen
2013978-1-84601-427-7Cara Frost-SharrattThe Alternative Guide To Baby Names
  ''978-1-84601-452-9Angela DowdenThe 5:2 Diet Cook Book: Recipes for the 2-Day Fasting Diet. Makes 500 or 600 Calorie Days Easier and Tastier.
2014978-1-84601-469-7Kate FoxDear Mom
2013978-1-84601-474-1Peter HainMandela
2015978-1-84601-497-0SpruceThe Hungry Student Vegetarian Cookbook: More Than 200 Quick and Simple Recipes (The Hungry Cookbooks)
2015978-1-84601-504-5Francesca LeungThe House Rules Book: or How to Survive Living Together
2016978-1-84601-513-7SpruceThe Hungry Healthy Student Cookbook: More than 200 recipes that are delicious and good for you too (The Hungry Cookbooks)
2017978-1-84601-554-0Sarah FordBe a Flamingo: & Stand Out From the Crowd
2018978-1-84601-562-5Sarah FordBe a Llama: & stay a little calmer
  ''978-1-84601-563-2   ''Be a Mermaid: & be independent, be powerful, be free
2017978-1-84601-567-0Angela DowdenThe 5:2 Cookbook: Updated with new guidelines for 800 calories a day