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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-84072-003-7David BairdA Thousand Paths to Happiness
  ''978-1-84072-004-4David Baird1000 Paths: Enlightenment (Thousand Paths)
  ''978-1-84072-005-1   ''1000 Paths: Tranquillity (A Thousand Paths Series)
  ''978-1-84072-027-3Carol Morley · Liz WildeHandbag Hints: Hair: 100 Styling Secrets (100 Tips)
  ''978-1-84072-028-0Liz Wilde · Carol MorleyHands and Feet: 100 Pampering Tricks (100 Tips)
2000978-1-84072-029-7Carol Morley · Liz WildeHandbag Hints: Face (100 Tips)
2001978-1-84072-032-7   ''100 Tips: De-Stress
  ''978-1-84072-034-1Liz WildeDetox: 100 natural ways to cleanse and purify (100 Tips)
1999978-1-84072-069-3Susie LacomeGreat Stuff 100 Fun Projects Kids: 100 Fun Projects for Kids
2000978-1-84072-119-5David Baird1000 Paths: Wisdom (Thousand Paths)
  ''978-1-84072-125-6Lauren WhiteSpells: Self Improvement: Using Magic for Personal Success
  ''978-1-84072-126-3Lauren WhiteSpells: Love Life: Turning Toads into Princes
  ''978-1-84072-127-0   ''Spells: Sweet Revenge: Turning Tigers into Pussycats
2000978-1-84072-128-7Lauren WhiteSpells: Good Times
1999978-1-84072-153-9   ''Mother
2000978-1-84072-167-6Hulton Getty Picture LibraryHulton Getty Picture Library: Dogdays (Photographic Gift Books)
2001978-1-84072-265-9Matthew DrennanWeber's Ultimate Barbecue Book
2004978-1-84072-284-0Scott GivotKitchen Genius: 500 Tips to Cook Like a Pro
2003978-1-84072-294-9Aline Kominsky Crumb · Robert R. CrumbExotic Erotica: A Celebration in Poetry Prose & Songs
2001978-1-84072-303-8David BairdA Thousand Paths to Love
2001978-1-84072-304-5David Baird1000 Paths: Long Life (Thousand Paths)
2002978-1-84072-307-6Jackie HardyHaiku: Poetry Ancient & Modern: An Anthology
  ''978-1-84072-318-2Hulton Getty Picture LibraryHg Photo: Puppydogs (Photographic Gift Books)
  ''978-1-84072-327-4Manu BazzanoZen Poems (Anthology)
2003978-1-84072-332-8Brenda MallonA Year Of Creativity
  ''978-1-84072-355-7WEBER STEPHEN PRODUCTS (UK) LTDWeber's Fresh On The Grill: Flavours of the Mediterranean
2002978-1-84072-371-7David BairdA Thousand Paths to Calm
2003978-1-84072-374-8Mathew RochfordTotal: Tai Chi
2002978-1-84072-409-7David Baird1000 Paths: Comfort (Thousand Paths)
  ''978-1-84072-413-4Flic EverettRed Hot Sex (Undercover Sex Tips)
2003978-1-84072-433-2David BairdWhere Dogs Dream (Gift Book)
2003978-1-84072-434-9Kit WhitfieldWhere Cats Meditate (Gift Book)
2002978-1-84072-445-5Lisa Swerling · Ralph LazarHarolds Planet: The Last Lemon
  ''978-1-84072-447-9Lisa Swerling · Ralph LazarHarold's Planet: Life's Simple Pleasures
2003978-1-84072-460-8Kate MoseleyRetro Cookbooks: Cocktails: Shake It Baby! (Retro Cookbooks Series)
2004978-1-84072-482-0Matthew DrennanWeber's Little Barbecue Book: 50 Favourite Recipes
  ''978-1-84072-497-4Susanne BarryBasic Pilates
2003978-1-84072-502-5Hilda Barrio · Gareth JenkinsThe Che Handbook
2004978-1-84072-537-7Susie GalvezOoh La La: Perfect Body
2003978-1-84072-559-9David Baird1000 Paths: Friendship (Thousand Paths)
  ''978-1-84072-560-5Robert Allen1000 Paths: Personal Power (Thousand Paths)
  ''978-1-84072-561-2Robert Allen1000 Paths: Zen (Thousand Paths)
2003978-1-84072-562-9Michael Powell1000 Paths: Generosity (1000 Hints, Tips and Ideas)
2005978-1-84072-578-0Cathy Anne HowesWedding Vows And Traditions (1000 Hints, Tips and Ideas)
2004978-1-84072-590-2Susie GalvezOoh La La: Perfect Face
  ''978-1-84072-591-9   ''Ooh La La; Perfect Hair
  ''978-1-84072-592-6   ''Ooh La La: Perfect Make-Up
  ''978-1-84072-598-8Nikki RoutledgeCat Massage: Expert Know-how at Your Fingertips
  ''978-1-84072-600-8Wendy Kavanagh · Bo LundbergDog Massage: Expert Know-how at Your Fingertips
2005978-1-84072-608-4Kath WalkerPilates For Dogs
2004978-1-84072-610-7Alexandra Ortolja-BairdCats Do The Cutest Things
2004978-1-84072-619-0Susannah MarriottThe Art of the Bath
  ''978-1-84072-624-4Karen ChristensenThe Armchair Environmentalist: 3 Minute a Day Action Plan to Save the Planet
2005978-1-84072-646-6Katie Caldesi · Giancarlo CaldesiItalian Mama's Kitchen: Authentic Homestyle Recipes
2004978-1-84072-664-0Catriona Javor · Patty GreenallAstrology: Pisces
2005978-1-84072-666-4Mimi KhalvatiPoetry To Calm Your Soul (Portable Poetry)
  ''978-1-84072-667-1Jane O'WaynePoetry to Make You Smile (Portable Poetry)
2004978-1-84072-673-2Tara McAdamsElvis Presley Handbook
  ''978-1-84072-674-9Mike EvansMarilyn Monroe Handbook
2006978-1-84072-676-3Gareth JenkinsThe John F Kennedy Handbook
2005978-1-84072-677-0Naomi West · Catherine WilsonThe Jackie Handbook
2004978-1-84072-680-0Margaret BarkerAn extraordinary gathering of angels
2006978-1-84072-688-6George GallowayFidel Castro Handbook
  ''978-1-84072-699-2Jan FaullDarn Good Advice: Baby
2005978-1-84072-701-2Lucinda GandertonInstant Expert Beading
2005978-1-84072-703-6Jenni DobsonInstant Expert Quilting
  ''978-1-84072-716-6Robert Crumb · Pete PoplaskiThe R. Crumb Handbook
  ''978-1-84072-717-3David BairdChristmas Decorations, Feasts, Gifts, Traditions (1000 Hints, Tips and Ideas)
  ''978-1-84072-719-7Susie JohnsHalloween: Costumes, Parties, Activities, Recipes (1000 Hints, Tips and Ideas)
2004978-1-84072-724-1Elisabeth LuardClassic French Cooking: Receipes for mastering the French kitchen: Recipes for Mastering the French Kitchen
2008978-1-84072-725-8Valentina HarrisClassic Italian Cooking: Recipes for Mastering the Italian Kitchen: Recipes for Matering the Italian Kitchen
2005978-1-84072-726-5Alice Stewart1000 Romantic Things to Say and Do (1000 Hints, Tips and Ideas)
  ''978-1-84072-730-2Robert AllenA Thousand Paths to Success
2005978-1-84072-731-9David Baird1000 Paths: Creativity (Thousand Paths)
  ''978-1-84072-777-7Kate AshtonMother and Child Companion
  ''978-1-84072-778-4David BairdCampfire Handbook
  ''978-1-84072-779-1Susannah MarriottBrides Companion
2006978-1-84072-783-8Alan GordonFlexibility Your Personal Trainer
  ''978-1-84072-788-3Amazin LethiBodywise: Home Workout
2005978-1-84072-789-0Lucy KnoxWeber's Fun & Easy Grilling Guide: Simple Barbecue Basics
2005978-1-84072-790-6Scott GivotWeber's Sizzle & Swizzle: Cool Cocktails and Hot Hors D'Oeuvres
2008978-1-84072-791-3Elisabeth LuardClassic Spanish Cooking: Recipes for mastering the Spanish Kitchen
2007978-1-84072-797-5Rebecca HallThings to Do Now That You're 40
2005978-1-84072-798-2Robert AllenThings to Do Now That You're 50
  ''978-1-84072-802-6Bo Lundberg · Gayle BerryBaby Massage (Blue): Expert Know-how at Your Fingertips
  ''978-1-84072-808-8Wynn WheldonFather and Child Companion
2007978-1-84072-810-1Graeme KentThings to Do Now That You're 60
2005978-1-84072-817-0Sarah Mason · Karen McIvorTotal Scrapbooking
2004978-1-84072-844-6Janice AndersonFireside-A Family Company
2008978-1-84072-875-0Elisabeth LuardClassic French Cooking: Receipes for mastering the French kitchen
2006978-1-84072-878-1Susie JohnsThe Big Book of Halloween Fun
  ''978-1-84072-884-2Jan FaullDarn Good Advice: Parenting
2005978-1-84072-943-6The Italian Mama's Kitchen: Authentic Homestyle Recipes
  ''978-1-84072-952-8Amy NebensBaby's Book: Your First Five Years
2005978-1-84072-954-2Sarah Mason · Karen McIvorKit - Scrapbook Kit: Everything You Need to Preserve Your Memories
  ''978-1-84072-955-9Lucinda GandertonKit - Beading Kit: Everything You Need to Create Your Own Fashion Necklace
2008978-1-84072-956-6Valentina HarrisClassic Italian Cooking: Recipes for mastering the Italian kitchen
2005978-1-84072-959-7Tracey ZabarBest Loved Baby Names & Their Mean: Best Loved Names and Their Meanings
  ''978-1-84072-963-4R. CrumbR Crumb Handbook
  ''978-1-84072-966-5Janice FuhrmanWine Aficionado: An Insider's Guide to Taste and Enjoyment
2006978-1-84072-969-6Gail WagmanCupcakes Galore
2005978-1-84072-971-9David BairdCaptivating Couples
  ''978-1-84072-972-6   ''Movie Monsters
2005978-1-84072-973-3Zaro WellQuilts - A Beautiful History
2007978-1-84072-974-0Emily Haft BloomJewish Wisdom & Traditions
2005978-1-84072-985-6Zaro WeilQuilts: Address Book
  ''978-1-84072-986-3Rachael MatthewsKnitorama: 25 Great and Glam Things to Knit
  ''978-1-84072-987-0Rachael MatthewsKnitorama: 25 Great & Glam Things to Knit
2008978-1-84072-996-2Gail WagmanCupcakes Galore
2007978-1-84072-997-9Jacqueline BellefontaineCookies Galore
2006978-1-84072-998-6Jacqueline BellefontaineCookies Galore
  ''978-1-84072-999-3Elisabeth LuardClassic Spanish Cooking: Recipes for mastering the Spanish Kitchen