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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-84474-352-0Paul BarnettMessiah: Jesus - The Evidence of History
  ''978-1-84474-354-4Ann BentonTeenagers: Biblical Wisdom for Parents
  ''978-1-84474-355-1Alec MotyerJourney: Psalms For Pilgrim People
  ''978-1-84474-356-8John PiperJohn Calvin and his passion for the majesty of God
  ''978-1-84474-357-5Joyce G BaldwinDaniel: Tyndale Old Testament Commentary
2009978-1-84474-358-2David Allan HubbardHosea (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries)
  ''978-1-84474-359-9David Allan HubbardJoel & Amos (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries)
  ''978-1-84474-360-5T Desmond Alexander, Bruce K Waltke David W BakerObadiah, Jonah, Micah (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries)
  ''978-1-84474-361-2David W BakerNahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries)
  ''978-1-84474-362-9Joyce BaldwinHaggai, Zechariah, Malachi (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries)
2009978-1-84474-363-6Wayne A Grudem1 Peter: Tyndale Old Testament Commentary (Tyndale New Testament Commentary)
  ''978-1-84474-364-3Michael Green2 Peter & Jude: Tyndale New Testament Commentary
  ''978-1-84474-365-0John StottThe Letters of John: Tyndale New Testament Commentary
2008978-1-84474-366-7Leon MorrisRevelation: An Introduction And Commentary (Tyndale New Testament Commentary)
2009978-1-84474-367-4John WyattMatters of life and death (2nd Edition)
  ''978-1-84474-368-1David G Firth1 & 2 Samuel (Apollos) (Apollos Old Testament Commentary)
  ''978-1-84474-370-4Vaughan RobertsGod's Big Picture
2009978-1-84474-371-1Guy BrandonJust Sex?
  ''978-1-84474-372-8Jago WynneWorking without Wilting: Starting Well to Finish Strong (Faith at Work)
  ''978-1-84474-373-5Derek TidballSignposts
  ''978-1-84474-375-9Herman SelderhuisJohn Calvin, a pilgrims life
  ''978-1-84474-376-6Paul TrippA Shelter in the Time of Storm
2009978-1-84474-377-3Tim ChesterThe Ordinary Hero: Living the Cross and Resurrection
  ''978-1-84474-378-0Julian HardymanMaximum Life
  ''978-1-84474-381-0R J Berry & T A NobleDarwin, Creation and the Fall
  ''978-1-84474-382-7David G (ed) Frith · H G M WilliamsonInterpreting Isaiah
  ''978-1-84474-384-1Esther BakerI once was a Buddhist Nun
2009978-1-84474-385-8Michael ReevesThe Unquenchable Flame
  ''978-1-84474-386-5David G PetersonActs of the Apostles (Pillar New Testament Commentaries)
  ''978-1-84474-387-2Craig L BlombergJesus and the Gospels
  ''978-1-84474-389-6Rachel GardnerCherished: Boys, Bodies and Becoming a Girl of Gold
  ''978-1-84474-390-2Nick Spencer Michael GreenI'd Like to Believe, But
2009978-1-84474-391-9Michael GreenLies, Lies, Lies
  ''978-1-84474-392-6John PiperThis Momentary Marriage
  ''978-1-84474-393-3Richard CoekinOur Father
  ''978-1-84474-395-7Bruce MilneKnow the Truth
  ''978-1-84474-396-4Graham A ColeGod the Peacemaker (New Studies in Biblical Theology)
2009978-1-84474-397-1K WarringtonMessage of the Holy Spirit (The Bible Speaks Today)
  ''978-1-84474-398-8Mark D ThompsonEngaging with Calvin
  ''978-1-84474-399-5C Stephen Eans & R Zachary ManisPhilosophy of Religion (Contours of Christian Philosophy)
  ''978-1-84474-401-5Bill HybelsMaking Life Work: Putting God'S Wisdom Into Action
  ''978-1-84474-403-9G Walter HansenThe Letter to the Philippians (Pillar New Testament Commentary Series)
2009978-1-84474-404-6Roger SteerInside Story: The Life of John Stott
2012978-1-84474-405-3D A CarsonThe Intolerance of Tolerance
2009978-1-84474-406-0Norman C NevinShould Christians Embrace Evolution?
  ''978-1-84474-407-7G HaugenGood News About Injustice: 10th anniversary edition
  ''978-1-84474-409-1John PiperFilling up the Afflictions of Christ: The Cost Of Bringing The Gospel To The Nations In The Lives Of William Tyndale, Adoniram Judson And John Paton
2010978-1-84474-411-4Derek TidballMessage of Holiness (The Bible Speaks Today)
  ''978-1-84474-413-8Dan Fredericks and Daniel EstesEcclesiastes & the Song of Songs (Apollos Old Testament Commentaries)
  ''978-1-84474-415-2Michael ReevesThe Breeze of the Centuries
2010978-1-84474-416-9D. A. CarsonScandalous
2009978-1-84474-417-6William Lane Craig & Chad MeisterGod is Great, God is Good
2010978-1-84474-420-6Jim SireThe Universe Next Door
  ''978-1-84474-421-3John StottThe Radical Disciple
  ''978-1-84474-422-0Peter T. O'BrienThe Letter to the Hebrews (Pillar New Testament Commentary) (Pillar New Testament Commentary Series)
  ''978-1-84474-427-5D A CarsonThe Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God
  ''978-1-84474-428-2Rebecca M PippertOut of the Saltshaker and into the World
2010978-1-84474-431-2Nigel Beynon · Andrew SachDig Deeper: Tools to Unearth the Bible's Treasure
2011978-1-84474-432-9Andrew Sach & Richard AlldrittDig Even Deeper: Unearthing Old Testament Treasure
2010978-1-84474-434-3Donald J. Wiseman · Leon MorrisTyndale Commentaries: Complete Old and New Testaments
  ''978-1-84474-435-0Tim ChesterCaptured by a Better Vision
  ''978-1-84474-438-1Gordon BridgerMessage of Obadiah, Nahum and Zephaniah (Bible Speaks Today) (The Bible Speaks Today)
  ''978-1-84474-439-8Christopher J H WrightOld Testament Ethics for the People of God
  ''978-1-84474-440-4Will & Lucinda Van Der HartThe Pregnancy Book
2010978-1-84474-442-8Nancy GuthrieBe Still, My Soul
  ''978-1-84474-444-2David FirthThe Message of Esther (Bible Speaks Today) (The Bible Speaks Today)
  ''978-1-84474-446-6Andreas J. Kostenberger and Michael J. KrugerThe Heresy of Orthodoxy
  ''978-1-84474-447-3D A CarsonCollected Writings on Scripture
  ''978-1-84474-473-2Dave BooklessGod doesn't do waste
2010978-1-84474-474-9Paul David TrippWhat did you expect?
  ''978-1-84474-477-0Pekka PitkanenJoshua (Apollos Old Testament Commentary)
  ''978-1-84474-478-7Geoffrey W GroganFaith Once Entrusted to the Saints, The
  ''978-1-84474-479-4Robert FyallMessage of Ezra & Haggai, The (Bible Speaks Today)
  ''978-1-84474-483-1Fred SandersEmbracing the Trinity
2010978-1-84474-484-8Roy E Ciampa & Brian S RosnerFirst Letter to the Corinthians, The (Pillar New Testament Commentary) (Pillar New Testament Commentary Series)
  ''978-1-84474-485-5Michael R LiconaResurrection of Jesus, The
  ''978-1-84474-486-2Wayne GrudemChristian Beliefs
  ''978-1-84474-488-6John PiperThink
  ''978-1-84474-494-7Elisabeth Goddard & Clare HendryGender Agenda, The
2011978-1-84474-495-4Michael ReevesOn Giants' Shoulders
2010978-1-84474-498-5J I PackerEvangelism and the Sovereignty of God
2011978-1-84474-499-2Daniel C. TimmerA Gracious and Compassionate God: Mission, Salvation and Spirituality in the Book of Jonah (New Studies in Biblical Theology)
2011978-1-84474-500-5D. Martyn Lloyd-JonesFrom Fear to Faith
  ''978-1-84474-503-6Chick YuillMoving in the Right Circles: Embrace the Discipleship Adventure
  ''978-1-84474-504-3Jason and Rachel GardnerRise
2010978-1-84474-506-7Don CarsonFor the love of God vol 1
2011978-1-84474-508-1Todd D HunterThe Accidental Anglican
  ''978-1-84474-509-8Bill HybelsToo Busy Not to Pray: Slowing Down To Be With God
  ''978-1-84474-510-4Ian CoffeyHousegroups: The Leaders' Survival Guide
2011978-1-84474-513-5Kenneth J. StewartTen myths about Calvinism
  ''978-1-84474-515-9Andrew CameronJoined-up life
  ''978-1-84474-516-6Christopher J H WrightJohn Stott
  ''978-1-84474-517-3Susie HoweResistance Fighter
  ''978-1-84474-518-0Vaughan RobertsTrue Spirituality
2011978-1-84474-519-7Simon VibertExcellence in Preaching
  ''978-1-84474-520-3Tim Chester & Steve TimmisEveryday Church
  ''978-1-84474-521-0Lucinda van der Hart/Anna France-WilliamsSoul Food for Mums
  ''978-1-84474-523-4Carolyn EdwardsSlugs and snails and puppy dogs' tails
  ''978-1-84474-525-8C. John CollinsDid Adam and Eve Really Exist?
2011978-1-84474-527-2Randy NewmanBringing the Gospel home
  ''978-1-84474-528-9Robert ScottDear Abdullah
  ''978-1-84474-531-9David W SmithSeeking a City with Foundations
  ''978-1-84474-535-7Alan J ThompsonThe Acts of the Risen Lord Jesus (New Studies in Biblical Theology)
  ''978-1-84474-538-8Trevor J BurkeThe Message of Sonship (Bible Speaks Today) (The Bible Speaks Today)
2011978-1-84474-539-5D R GroothuisChristian Apologetics
  ''978-1-84474-543-2Will van der Hart & Rob WallerWorry Book, The
  ''978-1-84474-544-9Marcus HoneysettFruitful Leaders
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  ''978-1-84474-551-7Tim MeadowcroftMessage of the Word of God, The (BST Bible Themes) (The Bible Speaks Today)
2011978-1-84474-553-1Andrew Atherstone & David Ceri JonesEngaging with Martyn Lloyd-Jones
  ''978-1-84474-554-8John Piper · Rick WarrenThinking. Loving. Doing: Glorify God With Heart And Mind
  ''978-1-84474-555-5Tim ChesterMeal with Jesus, A
  ''978-1-84474-556-2Ann BentonMinister's Wife, The
  ''978-1-84474-557-9John ParmiterTen at Work (Faith at Work)
2012978-1-84474-564-7C. John Collins & Thomas R. Schreiner Wayne GrudemUnderstanding Scripture
2012978-1-84474-565-4Phil RykenLoving the Way Jesus Loves
  ''978-1-84474-566-1Neil HudsonImagine Church: Releasing Dynamic Everyday Disciples
  ''978-1-84474-567-8David PetersonTransformed by God: New Covenant Life And Ministry
  ''978-1-84474-569-2Andrew WilsonIf God, Then What?
2014978-1-84474-574-6Craig BlombergJesus and the Gospels (2nd Edition)
2012978-1-84474-578-4Matt ChandlerExplicit Gospel, The
  ''978-1-84474-586-9Emma ScrivenerA New Name
2012978-1-84474-602-6Paul David TrippDangerous Calling
  ''978-1-84474-603-3Tim ChesterUnreached
2013978-1-84474-623-1Rachel Gardner & Andre AdefopeDating Dilemma, The