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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-84454-871-2John HeidenryBad to the Bone: The Playboy, the Prostitute and the Murder of Bobby Greenlease
  ''978-1-84454-872-9Dave HazardBorn Fighter
  ''978-1-84454-877-4Ian CruiseFernando Torres: Liverpool's Number 9
  ''978-1-84454-878-1Diane Irons1001 Best Kept Diet Secrets
  ''978-1-84454-881-1Jeff TurnerCockney Reject
2010978-1-84454-883-5Frank WorrallNemanja Vidic: The Biography
  ''978-1-84454-884-2Paul Di AnnoThe Beast
  ''978-1-84454-888-0Jonathon MaitlandThe Complete and Utter Guide to the 2010 Election
  ''978-1-84454-889-7Alex ShawThe Referee's a W****r
  ''978-1-84454-891-0Charlie BurdenSir Alan Sugar: The Biography
2010978-1-84454-892-7Marrie WalshAn Irish Country Childhood
  ''978-1-84454-894-1Richard DunwoodyThe Horses of My Life
  ''978-1-84454-895-8Johnny NelsonHard Road to Glory
  ''978-1-84454-896-5Frank WorrallGiggsy: The Biography of Ryan Giggs
2009978-1-84454-897-2Emily HerbertMichael Jackson - King of Pop: 1958 - 2009
2010978-1-84454-898-9Kenny McCall · John RobbAfter the Match, the Game Begins
  ''978-1-84454-901-6Stafford Hildred · Tim EwbankMartin Clunes: The Biography
2010978-1-84454-902-3Gary C. KingThe Murder of Meredith Kercher
2012978-1-84454-904-7Anthony BunkoHugh Jackman: The Biography
2010978-1-84454-905-4Paul ConnollyAgainst All Odds
  ''978-1-84454-907-8Garry BushellHoolies
  ''978-1-84454-908-5Tara MossHit
  ''978-1-84454-909-2Mike HodgesWatching the Wheels Come Off
  ''978-1-84454-912-2Mark Brandon ReadChopper 10
2009978-1-84454-913-9Bubbles the ChimpBubbles: My Secret Diary
2010978-1-84454-914-6Ollie DerbyshireJT: Captain, Leader, Legend
2010978-1-84454-915-3Kate KrayNaughty Bastards
2009978-1-84454-916-0Martin HowdenBlood Rivals - The Biographies of Twilight Stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner
2010978-1-84454-917-7Shirley HarrisonThe Diary of Jack the Ripper
  ''978-1-84454-918-4Peter AndrePeter Andre - My Story
2009978-1-84454-919-1James Robert ParishReturn of the Diva - The Biography of Whitney Houston
2010978-1-84454-922-1Donna MooreOld Dogs
  ''978-1-84454-924-5Mark TimlinGuns of Brixton
  ''978-1-84454-925-2Arlene RussoThe Real Twilight
  ''978-1-84454-926-9Douglas ThompsonSuper Frank: Portrait of a Hero
2010978-1-84454-927-6Emily HerbertKatie v Peter: The Inside Story of Their Divorce
  ''978-1-84454-928-3Kristine Kathryn RuschHitler's Angel
  ''978-1-84454-929-0Charlie BurdenLord Sugar: The Man Who Revolutionised British Business
  ''978-1-84454-930-6Barbara BaraldiThe Girl with the Crystal Eyes: A Seductive Serial Killer is Stalking the Streets of Bologna...
  ''978-1-84454-931-3Keith LaneLife on the Edge
2010978-1-84454-933-7Martin HowdenRussell Crowe: The Biography
  ''978-1-84454-939-9Emily HerbertStephen Gately and "Boyzone" - Blood Brothers 1976-2009
  ''978-1-84454-940-5Barry ForshawThe Man Who Left Too Soon: The Biography of Stieg Larsson
  ''978-1-84454-943-6Stafford Hildred · Tim EwbankSir David Jason: A Life of Laughter
  ''978-1-84454-944-3Gwen RussellJeremy Clarkson
2010978-1-84454-946-7Nikki GrahameNikki Grahame: The True Story of My Lifelong Battle Against Anorexia
  ''978-1-84454-947-4Robert AnthonyThe Ultimate Secrets of Total Self Confidence: Master the Simple Step-by-Step Principles and Change Your Life
  ''978-1-84454-948-1Neetu NirdoshDr Nirdosh's Anti Ageing Plan
  ''978-1-84454-949-8Tom OldfieldRafael Nadal
  ''978-1-84454-951-1Simon MossPaul Scholes: The Biography
2010978-1-84454-952-8Danny BazThe Secret Executioners: The Amazing True Story of the Death Squad Who Tracked Down and Killed Nazi War Criminals
  ''978-1-84454-954-2Sarah OliverRobert Pattinson A-Z
  ''978-1-84454-955-9Gary PlayerNo Fear: The Secrets of Better Golf and Business
  ''978-1-84454-956-6Chris BowersRoger Federer: The Greatest
  ''978-1-84454-959-7Chas Newkey-BurdenDannii Minogue: The Biography
2010978-1-84454-960-3Simon EddisburyLowLife: Life in British Prison with Drug Dealers, Gun Runners and Murderers.
  ''978-1-84454-961-0Martin HowdenVampires V Werewolves
  ''978-1-84454-962-7John McShaneSusan Boyle: Living the Dream
  ''978-1-84454-963-4Emily HerbertLady Gaga: Queen of Pop
  ''978-1-84454-964-1Chas Newkey-BurdenAmy and Blake - Love is the Drug
2010978-1-84454-965-8William BeadleJack the Ripper Unmasked
  ''978-1-84454-966-5Ginger BakerGinger Baker: Hellraiser
  ''978-1-84454-967-2Ronnie IraniNo Boundaries
  ''978-1-84454-968-9Emily HerbertGok Wan: The Biography
  ''978-1-84454-969-6Kate KrayThe Betrayed
2010978-1-84454-970-2Marc WilderSuperyacht X-Rated
  ''978-1-84454-971-9Cash PetersStranded in Dangerous Places
  ''978-1-84454-972-6Emily HerbertKatie and Peter: Moving on
  ''978-1-84454-975-7James MarrisonThe World's Most Bizarre Murders
  ''978-1-84454-976-4Tammy CohenHow I Made My First Million
2010978-1-84454-977-1Neil BakewellEverything to Lose
  ''978-1-84454-978-8Jake BrownMotorhead - In The Studio
  ''978-1-84454-979-5Mel CharlesIn the Shadow of a Giant
  ''978-1-84454-980-1Brian ScovellBill Nicholson: Football's Perfectionist
2011978-1-84454-981-8Chris CowleyFace to Face with Evil: Conversations with Ian Brady
2010978-1-84454-982-5John J. EddlestonJack the Ripper: An Encyclopaedia
  ''978-1-84454-984-9Spike WebbMad, Bad and Dangerous - The Book of Drummer's Tales
2010978-1-84454-985-6Gordon ThorburnCassius, the True Story of a Courageous Police Dog
  ''978-1-84454-986-3Conrad WilliamsBlonde on a Stick
  ''978-1-84454-987-0David NolanSimon Cowell: The Man Who Changed the World
  ''978-1-84454-989-4Gavin CookeFrozen Britain
  ''978-1-84454-990-0David NolanTony Wilson: You're Entitled to an Opinion
2010978-1-84454-991-7Dave StoneRussell Brand and Katy Perry - The Love Story
  ''978-1-84454-992-4Anthony BunkoHugh Laurie - The Biography
  ''978-1-84454-994-8William RoutledgeOh Yes, Oh Yes, We are the PPS
  ''978-1-84454-995-5Wensley ClarksonOne Behind the Ear
  ''978-1-84454-999-3John J. EddlestonThe Encyclopaedia of Executions: The Stories Behind Every Execution in Twentieth Century Britain