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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-84358-000-3Martyn DawesMind Over Weight: The Miraculous New Easy Way to Lose Weight
  ''978-1-84358-001-0Mridula BaljekarFat Free Indian Cookery: The Revolutionary New Way to Prepare Healthy and Delicious Indian Food
  ''978-1-84358-004-1John ParkerThe Paras: The Inside Story of Britain's Toughest Regiment
  ''978-1-84358-006-5Kate FoxThe Racing Tribe: Watching the Horsewatchers
  ''978-1-84358-007-2Ursula FerrignoReal Fast Vegetarian Food
2002978-1-84358-009-6Phil Hammond · Michael MosleyTrust Me I'm a Doctor: The Guide to Getting the Best from Your Doctor
  ''978-1-84358-010-2Aldo ZilliZilli's Italian Food for Friends
2003978-1-84358-011-9Duncan S. DymondThe Plain English Guide to Heart Disease: Understanding and Avoiding Britain's Biggest Killer (All You Need to Know - In Words You Can Understand)
2002978-1-84358-013-3Noel BothamValentino: The First Superstar
  ''978-1-84358-014-0Dai Davies · Judi SadgrovePlastic Fantastic: A Complete Guide to Safe Cosmetic Surgery
  ''978-1-84358-016-4Peter WalwynHandy All the Way: A Trainer's Life
  ''978-1-84358-018-8Jeremy JosephsA Vineyard in the Dordogne: How an English Family Made Their Dream of Wine, Good Food and Sunshine Come True
2002978-1-84358-020-1Mridula BaljekarReal Fast Indian Food
  ''978-1-84358-022-5Aldo ZilliThe Zilli Fish Cookbook
  ''978-1-84358-023-2Amanda GrantThe Joy of Vegan Cookery: Fresh and Exciting Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle
  ''978-1-84358-025-6Nick GordonIn the Heart of the Amazon
  ''978-1-84358-030-0Iain WiltonC.B.Fry: King of Sport
2002978-1-84358-031-7Phil Taylor · Paul NicholasBarrymore: A Man Possessed
  ''978-1-84358-033-1Bette HagmanEveryday Gluten Free Cooking: Living Well without Wheat
  ''978-1-84358-034-8Patrick HardingChristmas Unwrapped: Facts Behind the Myths and Magic of Christmas
  ''978-1-84358-041-6Douglas ThompsonCilla: The Biography
2004978-1-84358-042-3Rupert MackesonFlat Racing Scams and Scandals
2002978-1-84358-043-0Reg PresleyWild Things They Don't Tell Us
  ''978-1-84358-044-7John BlakeThe Little Book of Incredible Eye-twisters! (Optical Illusions)
2002978-1-84358-045-4Claire BessantWhat Cats Want
  ''978-1-84358-046-1John J. EddlestonJack the Ripper: An Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-84358-047-8James HaspielMarilyn: The Ultimate Look at the Legend
2003978-1-84358-048-5Jeff Clark-MeadsHow to be a Pop Idol
  ''978-1-84358-050-8Terry LovellBernie's Game: Inside the Formula One World of Bernie Ecclestone
  ''978-1-84358-051-5Neil CaseyThe Nicotine Trick: The Totally New Way To Stop Smoking
2003978-1-84358-052-2Donya Al-NahiHeroine of the Desert
  ''978-1-84358-053-9Ivan WatermanHelen Mirren: The Biography
2004978-1-84358-054-6Tricia AllenYour Healthy Child with Homeopathy
2003978-1-84358-055-3Sonja RiddenHelp I'm a Stepmother
  ''978-1-84358-056-0Emma Heathcote-JamesAfter Death Communication
  ''978-1-84358-058-4Bob CrewGurkha Warriors
  ''978-1-84358-059-1Craig CabellJames Herbert: An Authorised Biography
2003978-1-84358-061-4Willie NelsonThe Facts of Life
  ''978-1-84358-062-1Charles OliverDinner at Buckingham Palace
  ''978-1-84358-064-5Robert SellersAlways Look on the Bright Side of Life: The Inside Story of HandMade Films
  ''978-1-84358-066-9Adele ParkerCelebrity Slimming Secrets
  ''978-1-84358-068-3Anil BhoyrulCity Slickers: Make a Million from the Falling Market
2003978-1-84358-070-6Douglas ThompsonCilla: The Biography
978-1-84358-071-3Clare BessantThe Cat Listener
2004978-1-84358-073-7Reg PresleyWild Things They Don't Tell Us
2003978-1-84358-075-1Anthony EpesLondon at Dawn
  ''978-1-84358-076-8Patrick HardingThe Xmas Files
  ''978-1-84358-077-5Ralph StorerThe Rumpy Pumpy Quiz Book
  ''978-1-84358-079-9Claire BessantThe Nine Life Cat
2004978-1-84358-080-5Karl LagerfeldThe Karl Lagerfeld Diet
  ''978-1-84358-082-9Caroline JacksonLife without Nuts
2004978-1-84358-084-3Carly NewmanThe White Wine Diet: Lose All the Weight You Want, without Feeling Deprived
  ''978-1-84358-086-7Terry LovellBernie's Game: Inside the Formula One World of Bernie Ecclestone
  ''978-1-84358-087-4Pat ChapmanThe New Curry Bible
  ''978-1-84358-088-1Caroline Roberts · Stephen RichardsThe Lost Girl
  ''978-1-84358-090-4Donya Al-NahiHeroine of the Desert
2004978-1-84358-091-1Craig CabellJames Herbert: Devil in the Dark
  ''978-1-84358-092-8Bob CrewGurkhas at War
  ''978-1-84358-093-5Robert SellersVery Naughty Boys
  ''978-1-84358-097-3Emma Heathcote-JamesThey Walk Among Us
  ''978-1-84358-098-0Mark HanksUltimate Book of Incredible Eye-twisters
2004978-1-84358-101-7William HartstonWhat are the Chances of That?
  ''978-1-84358-102-4Claire BessantThe Kitten Whisperer
2005978-1-84358-103-1Ingrid TarrantThe Rabbit Whisperer
2004978-1-84358-120-8Gaynor MorganThe Real David Beckham
  ''978-1-84358-121-5Barbara BiggsIn Moral Danger
  ''978-1-84358-122-2Emma Heathcote-JamesAfter-death Communication
  ''978-1-84358-124-6Patrick HardingThe Magic of Christmas
2004978-1-84358-126-0Phillip J Gould · Ralf LaueThe Book of Alternative Records
  ''978-1-84358-129-1Albert JackRed Herrings and White Elephants
2005978-1-84358-130-7William HartstonWhat's What: The Encyclopedia of Pointless Information
2004978-1-84358-132-1Peter BraddockBraddock's Complete Guide to Horse Race Selection and Betting
  ''978-1-84358-134-5Pat ChapmanThe Modern Indian Restaurant Cookbook (Curry Club)
2005978-1-84358-137-6Stanley A. FeldmanPoison Arrows: The Amazing Story of How Prozac and Anaesthetics Were Developed from Deadly Jungle Poison Darts
  ''978-1-84358-138-3John Stuart RobertsSiegfried Sassoon
2004978-1-84358-139-0Noel BothamThe Assassination of Princess Diana
2005978-1-84358-140-6Belinda BrewinTrouble Brewin
2004978-1-84358-141-3George LaneMind Games: Amazing Mental Arithmetic Made Easy
2005978-1-84358-143-7Jonathan MaitlandVote for... Who?
  ''978-1-84358-144-4Sue OwenSue's Story
2005978-1-84358-145-1H. Cameron. BarnesAffair!: How to Have Your Cake and Eat it
  ''978-1-84358-146-8Jodie MarshKeeping it Real: My Autobiography
  ''978-1-84358-148-2Caroline Roberts · Stephen RichardsThe Lost Girl: How I Triumphed Over Life at the Mercy of Fred and Rose West
  ''978-1-84358-149-9Pat ChapmanThe Real Fast Curry Cookbook (Curry Club)
  ''978-1-84358-151-2Janet Street-PorterThe Walk of Life
2005978-1-84358-152-9Harry OliverMarch Hares and Monkeys' Uncles
  ''978-1-84358-153-6Albert JackRed Herrings and White Elephants
  ''978-1-84358-156-7Kate FoxThe Racing Tribe: Watching the Horsewatchers
2006978-1-84358-157-4Jodie MarshKeeping it Real
  ''978-1-84358-158-1Ingrid TarrantThe Rabbit Whisperer
  ''978-1-84358-159-8Pat ChapmanThe New Curry Bible: The Ultimate Modern Curry House Recipe Book (Curry Club)
2006978-1-84358-160-4William HartstonMr. Hartston's Most Excellent Encyclopaedia of Useless Information
  ''978-1-84358-162-8Harry OliverBlack Cats and April Fools
2007978-1-84358-163-5Noel BothamMurder of Princess Diana
  ''978-1-84358-166-6Sue OwenSue's Story
2006978-1-84358-167-3Leslie BricusseThe Music Man: The Autobiography of Leslie Bricusse
2007978-1-84358-168-0Belinda BrewinTrouble Brewin
2010978-1-84358-170-3Ollie DerbyshireJohn Terry (World Cup Heroes)
  ''978-1-84358-172-7Douglas ThompsonFrank Lampard (World Cup Heroes)
  ''978-1-84358-174-1Adam CottierSteven Gerrard (World Cup Heroes)
2010978-1-84358-175-8Ian CruiseFernando Torres (World Cup Heroes)
  ''978-1-84358-180-2Martin HowdenDanny Dyer: The Real Deal
  ''978-1-84358-181-9Emily HerbertKatie and Alex - The Love Story
  ''978-1-84358-183-3Sadie FrostCrazy Days: My Autobiography
  ''978-1-84358-185-7Martin HowdenRobert Downey Jnr: The Biography
2010978-1-84358-186-4Craig CabellThe Doctors - Who's Who?
  ''978-1-84358-187-1Nigel GoodallDavid Tennant: A Life in Time and Space
  ''978-1-84358-188-8Sean LongLongy: Booze, Brawls, Sex and Scandal - The Autobiography of the Wild Man of Rugby League
  ''978-1-84358-189-5Tom OldfieldArsene Wenger - Pure Genius
  ''978-1-84358-190-1Charles Bronson · Stephen RichardsBronson 3: Up on the Roof
2010978-1-84358-193-2Sarah OliverThe Completely Unofficial Glee A-Z
  ''978-1-84358-195-6John McShaneCheryl and Ashley - Love Wars
  ''978-1-84358-197-0Gary Walker · John WalkerThe Walker Brothers - No Regrets: Our Story
978-1-84358-229-8Amy Winehouse
2010978-1-84358-246-5Tony McCarrollOasis - The Truth
  ''978-1-84358-247-2Sarah OliverTaylor Lautner A - Z
  ''978-1-84358-251-9Wensley ClarksonGang Wars On The Costa - The True Story Of The Bloody Conflict Raging In Paradise
2010978-1-84358-252-6Michael PerkinJermain Defoe: The Biography
  ''978-1-84358-255-7Nigel CawthornePirates Of The 21st Century - How Modern-day Buccaneers Are Terrorising The World's Oceans
  ''978-1-84358-256-4Gary WolstenholmeThe Long and Short of it: The Autobiography of Britain's Greatest Amateur Golfer
  ''978-1-84358-257-1Ally MolloyA-Z Of The 80's
  ''978-1-84358-258-8Nigel GoodallThe Secret World of Johnny Depp
2010978-1-84358-262-5Dan SmithForgotten Firsts: A Compendium of Lost Pioneers, Trend-Setters and Innovators
  ''978-1-84358-263-2Tony SanchezUp and Down with the Rolling Stones
  ''978-1-84358-268-7Emily HerbertMatt Smith: The Biography
  ''978-1-84358-269-4Noel BothamThe Mega Book of Useless Information
  ''978-1-84358-272-4Mark WardHammered
2010978-1-84358-273-1Paul BruceThe Nemesis File
  ''978-1-84358-274-8Kenny SansomKenny Sansom: To Cap It All
  ''978-1-84358-277-9Christopher Berry-Dee · Tony BrownDead Men Walking
  ''978-1-84358-278-6Ian MacleayMalcolm McLaren
  ''978-1-84358-279-3Frank WorrallWalking in a Fergie Wonderland: The Biography of Alex Ferguson
2010978-1-84358-280-9Jake BrownAC/DC In the Studio
  ''978-1-84358-281-6Tara MossSiren
  ''978-1-84358-282-3Fintan Coyle · Dan LouwiTwit: Fake Apps for Genuine Idiots
  ''978-1-84358-283-0Roy ReylandShirts, Shorts and Spurs
2011978-1-84358-284-7Patrick GregThe Limbs in the Loch Murder
  ''978-1-84358-286-1Gordon HoneycombeMurders of the Black Museum
2011978-1-84358-287-8Charlie KrayDoing the Business
  ''978-1-84358-289-2John BurridgeBudgie
  ''978-1-84358-293-9Amy RickmanVampire Files - the Girls
2010978-1-84358-294-6Clare LeighMassacre in Cumbria
  ''978-1-84358-297-7Graham NortonAsk Graham
2011978-1-84358-298-4Gwen RussellArise Sir David Beckham
  ''978-1-84358-299-1Sarah OliverMiley Cyrus A-Z
2011978-1-84358-304-2Les RoopanarineHarry Redknapp - The Biography
  ''978-1-84358-307-3John RogersonThe Dog Vinci Code
  ''978-1-84358-317-2Neil Root · Ian HitchingsWho Killed Rosemary Nelson?
  ''978-1-84358-320-2Vince BramleyForward into Hell
2010978-1-84358-323-3Robert LowW.G. Grace: An Intimate Biography
  ''978-1-84358-324-0Vanessa HowardRaoul Moat: His Short Life and Bloody Death
2010978-1-84358-326-4Emily HerbertTake That and Robbie Williams - Back for Good
2011978-1-84358-328-8Matthew KimberleyHow to Get a Grip
2010978-1-84358-329-5Sarah OliverThe Wanted A-Z
2011978-1-84358-330-1Andrew WoodsNo One Likes Us, We Don't Care
  ''978-1-84358-333-2Martin RoachThe Top Gear Story
2010978-1-84358-335-6Jennifer O'BrienJedward Our Story
2011978-1-84358-343-1Crissy RockThis Heart within Me Burns:From Bedlam to Benidorm
  ''978-1-84358-344-8Emily HerbertJessie Wallace - The Biography: The Inside Story of the Queen of Eastenders
  ''978-1-84358-345-5Bob CrewThe Beheading and Other True Stories
  ''978-1-84358-346-2Graeme DottFrame of Mind: The Autobiography of the World Snooker Champion
2011978-1-84358-347-9Adam ShandBig Shots
  ''978-1-84358-348-6Jake BrownIron Maiden in the Studio: The Stories Behind Every Album
  ''978-1-84358-349-3Alistair TaylorWith the Beatles (Rough Guide)
  ''978-1-84358-352-3Jacky HyamsBombsites and Lollipops: My 1950s East End Childhood
  ''978-1-84358-353-0Nigel GoodallRay Winstone - the Biography: The Story of the Ultimate Screen Hard Man
2011978-1-84358-355-4Matthew Richardson · Mike DodgsonThe Inbetweeners A-Z
  ''978-1-84358-356-1Jim MaloneyAmanda Holden: The Biography
  ''978-1-84358-357-8Les RoopanarineCraig Bellamy - the Biography
  ''978-1-84358-359-2Cyril DixonThe Crossbow Cannibal: The Definitive Story of Stephen Griffiths - the Self-Made Serial Killer
  ''978-1-84358-360-8W.M. MoranThe Murder of Rachel
2011978-1-84358-361-5Malcolm D. WelshmanPets in a Pickle (Prospect House 1)
  ''978-1-84358-362-2David NolanEmma Watson - the Biography
  ''978-1-84358-364-6Anthony BunkoHugh Laurie - the Biography
  ''978-1-84358-368-4Henri ChenotPure Health: The Secrets of Well-being and Harmony
  ''978-1-84358-369-1Alex ShawShall We Sing a Song for You?: The Good, the Bad and the Downright Offensive - Britain's Favourite Football Chants
2012978-1-84358-372-1Bobbie NeateConspiracy of Secrets
2011978-1-84358-376-9Andy Lloyd-WilliamsRobin Van Persie - the Biography
2012978-1-84358-377-6Ian ShircoreConspiracy! 49 Reasons to Doubt, 50 Reasons to Believe.
2011978-1-84358-378-3Sarah OliverOne Direction A-Z
2011978-1-84358-380-6Stephen RichardsGang Wars of the North: The Inside Story of the Deadly Battle Between Viv Graham and Lee Duffy
  ''978-1-84358-381-3Christopher Berry-DeeDead Men Talking: The World's Worst Killes in Their Own Words
  ''978-1-84358-383-7Zen MartinoliZen Martinoli's 5 Minute Fitness
  ''978-1-84358-384-4Brian RadfordCaught Out: Shocking Revelations of Corruption in International Cricket
  ''978-1-84358-388-2Emma Heathcote-JamesAfter Death Communication
2011978-1-84358-389-9Chris BowersRoger Federer - the Greatest
  ''978-1-84358-390-5Brian ScovellBill Nicholson - Football's Perfectionist
  ''978-1-84358-393-6Sara CywinskiKate - Style Princess: The Fashion and Beauty Secrets of Britain's Most Glamorous Royal
  ''978-1-84358-394-3Frank WorrallGareth Bale - the Biography
2012978-1-84358-396-7Reza GhaffariA State of Fear: My 10 Years Inside Iran's Torture Jails
2011978-1-84358-397-4Lysa Walder · Jacky HyamsRapid Response: True Stories of My Life as a Paramedic
  ''978-1-84358-400-1Emily HerbertLady Gaga: Queen of Pop
2011978-1-84358-403-2Simon MannCry Havoc
  ''978-1-84358-404-9Jacky HyamsThe Real Downton Abbey: An Unofficial Guide to the Period Which Inspired the Hit TV Show
  ''978-1-84358-405-6Gareth Rubin · Jon ParkerCrap Days Out
  ''978-1-84358-410-0Emily HerbertBlood Brothers
  ''978-1-84358-412-4Roy ReylandShirts, Shorts And Spurs
2011978-1-84358-413-1Arthur EdwardsArthur Edwards' Magic Moments: The Greatest Royal Photographs of All Time
  ''978-1-84358-419-3Marcus SteadBrian O'Driscoll: The Biography
  ''978-1-84358-423-0Sarah OliverRihanna - The Only Girl in the World
  ''978-1-84358-425-4Michael OwenMichael Owen - My Story: The Autobiography of the British Lions and Wales Rugby Legend
  ''978-1-84358-426-1Wensley ClarksonThe Mother from Hell
2011978-1-84358-496-4Frank WorrallWalking in a Fergie Wonderland - Sir Alex Ferguson the Biography
  ''978-1-84358-499-5Tony McCarrollOasis the Truth: My Life as Oasis's Drummer
  ''978-1-84358-504-6Ken DohertyKen Doherty - Life in the Frame - My Story
  ''978-1-84358-507-7Craig CabellTerry Pratchett - The Spirit of Fantasy
  ''978-1-84358-536-7Alistair AirdAlly McCoist - Ranger's Hero
2011978-1-84358-541-1Amy RickmanAn independent, amazing, unofficial A-Z of The Big Bang Theory
  ''978-1-84358-673-9John McShanePredator
  ''978-1-84358-677-7Chas Newkey-BurdenAdele - The Biography
  ''978-1-84358-748-4Peter HinceQueen Unseen
  ''978-1-84358-752-1Frank WorrallRory McIlroy - The Biography
2012978-1-84358-754-5Pat Van den HauwePsycho Pat
2012978-1-84358-755-2Christine Keeler · Douglas ThompsonSecrets and Lies
  ''978-1-84358-756-9Helen SummerRunning Crazy: Imagine Running a Marathon. Now Imagine Running Over 100 of Them. Incredible True Stories from the World's Most Fanatical Runners.
  ''978-1-84358-757-6John LisnersThe Rise and Fall of the Murdoch Empire
  ''978-1-84358-759-0Anthony CronshawWednesday Rucks and Rock N Roll
  ''978-1-84358-761-3Jacqui Kirkby · Veronica ClarkJustice for Colette
2012978-1-84358-762-0Kezia NobleThe Noble Art of Seducing Women
  ''978-1-84358-789-7Steve MillerSteve Miller's Slimming Secrets
2013978-1-84358-811-5Barrington Patterson · Cass PennantOne-Eyed Baz: The Story of Barrington 'Zulu' Patterson, One of Britain's Dealiest Men
2011978-1-84358-814-6Chas Newkey-BurdenAmy Winehouse - The Biography 1983 - 2011
  ''978-1-84358-882-5John VirgoLet Me Tell You About Alex: Crazy Days and Nights on the Road with the Hurricane
2012978-1-84358-941-9Jamie ForemanJamie Foreman - Gangsters, Guns and Me
  ''978-1-84358-947-1Malcolm WelshmanPets on Parade (Prospect House 2)
  ''978-1-84358-951-8Peter BleksleyGangbuster
2011978-1-84358-955-6Jacky HyamsThe Real Life Downton Abbey
2012978-1-84358-957-0John VirgoLet Me Tell You About Alex - Crazy Days And Nights On The Road With The Hurricane