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2004978-1-84398-001-8David Lewis · Malcolm SargeantEssentials of Employment Law
2005978-1-84398-002-5Diana WinstanleyPersonal Effectiveness: A guide to action
  ''978-1-84398-003-2David DaviesManaging Financial Information
2003978-1-84398-012-4Steve Whiddett · Sarah HollyfordeA Practical Guide to Competencies: How to enhance individual and organisational performance
2004978-1-84398-013-1Margaret Reid · Harry Barrington · Mary BrownHuman Resource Development
2005978-1-84398-014-8Gillian Watson · Kevin GallagherManaging for Results
2003978-1-84398-015-5People Management and Development Revision Guide
  ''978-1-84398-016-2John Gennard · Geoff HaywardEmployee Relations Revision Guide
  ''978-1-84398-017-9Rosemary HarrisonLearning and Development Revision Guide
  ''978-1-84398-018-6Tina Stephens · Sheila McCallumEmployee Reward Revision Guide
2003978-1-84398-019-3Alison BoneEmployment Law Revision Guide
  ''978-1-84398-027-8Tony PontDeveloping Effective Training Skills
2004978-1-84398-028-5Kathy DanielsEmployment Law for HR and Business Studies
  ''978-1-84398-029-2Clive FletcherAppraisal: Making Performance Review Work (Developing Practice)
2003978-1-84398-030-8Peter BramleyEvaluating Training: From Personal Insight to Organisational Performance
2005978-1-84398-050-6Rosemary HarrisonLearning and Development
2004978-1-84398-054-4David ClutterbuckEveryone Needs a Mentor: Fostering Talent in Your Organisation
  ''978-1-84398-056-8Andrew MayoCreating a Learning and Development Strategy: The HR Business Partner's Guide to Developing People
  ''978-1-84398-057-5Judith Leary-JoyceBecoming an Employer of Choice: Make Your Organization a Place Where People Want to Do Great Work
2011978-1-84398-058-2Stephen TaylorContemporary Issues in Human Resource Management
2005978-1-84398-062-9Mick MarchingtonHuman Resource Management at Work
2005978-1-84398-063-6John Gennard · Graham JudgeEmployee Relations
  ''978-1-84398-064-3Donald CurrieDeveloping and Applying Study Skills: Writing Assignments, Dissertations and Management Reports
2006978-1-84398-066-7Izabela Mary RobinsonHuman Resource Management in Organisations (UK Higher Education Business Human Resourcing)
  ''978-1-84398-070-4Mark HughesChange Management: A Critical Perspective
2004978-1-84398-072-8Mike JohnsonRules of Engagement: Life-work Balance and Employee Commitment
2006978-1-84398-074-2David Clutterbuck · David MegginsonMaking Coaching Work: Creating a coaching culture
2004978-1-84398-075-9Alison Hardingham · Mike Brearley · Adrian Moorhouse · Brendan VenterThe Coach's Coach: Personal Development for Personal Developers
2006978-1-84398-077-3Stephen TaylorPeople Resourcing
2005978-1-84398-078-0Paul KearnsEvaluating The ROI From Learning: How to Develop Value-based Training.
  ''978-1-84398-079-7John Kew · John StredwickBusiness Environment: Managing in a Strategic Context
2004978-1-84398-084-1Ted Johns · Charles LeatherbarrowPeople Resourcing Revision Guide 2005
  ''978-1-84398-086-5John Gennard · Geoffrey HaywardEmployee Relations Revision Guide 2005
2004978-1-84398-101-5Angela Baron · Michael ArmstrongManaging Performance: Performance Management in Action (Developing Practice)
2005978-1-84398-102-2Malcolm Martin · Tricia JacksonPersonnel Practice
  ''978-1-84398-106-0Lynda MacdonaldWellness at Work: Protecting and Promoting Employee' Health and Wellbeing
2007978-1-84398-109-1Rosemary Lucas · Hamish Mathieson · Benjamin LuptonHuman Resource Management in an International Context
2005978-1-84398-112-1Kathy Daniels · Lynda MacdonaldEquality, Diversity and Discrimination: A Student Text
  ''978-1-84398-115-2Charlotte Rayner · Derek Adam-SmithManaging and Leading People
  ''978-1-84398-117-6Gareth RobertsRecruitment and Selection (Developing Practice)
2006978-1-84398-131-2John AdairAdair's Leadership Development Activities
2005978-1-84398-133-6John AdaiEffective Leadership Development
2006978-1-84398-134-3JESSICA JARVISTHE CASE FOR COACHING: MAKING: Making Evidence-based Decisions
2005978-1-84398-135-0JAMES CANNONMAKING THE BUSINESS CASE: HOW: How to Create, Write and Implement a Successful Business Plan
2006978-1-84398-138-1Kathy DanielsEmployee Relations in an Organisational Context (Cipd Publications)
  ''978-1-84398-139-8Donald CurrieIntroduction to Human Resource Management: A Guide to Personnel Practice
2005978-1-84398-142-8CIPDREWARDING CUSTOMER SERVICE? :: Using Reward and Recognition to Deliver Your Customer Service Strategy
2009978-1-84398-146-6David BevanBusiness Ethics
2008978-1-84398-147-3Iain HendersonHuman Resource Management for MBA Students
2007978-1-84398-148-0Christopher Routledge · Jan CarmichaelPersonal Development and Management Skills
2007978-1-84398-149-7Ray FrenchCross-Cultural Management: in Work Organisations
2006978-1-84398-150-3Stephen TrueloveTraining in Practice
  ''978-1-84398-153-4THE CIPDIMPROVING HEALTH THROUGH HUMAN: Mapping the Territory
2008978-1-84398-156-5Stephen PerkinsEmployee Reward: Contexts, Alternatives and Consequences
2007978-1-84398-159-6Chris Brewster · Paul Sparrow · Guy VernonInternational Human Resource Management
  ''978-1-84398-162-6David Lewis and Malcolm SargeantEssentials of Employment Law
2008978-1-84398-165-7Michael Müller-CamenHuman Resource Management: A Case Study Approach
2007978-1-84398-166-4David Megginson · Vivien WhitakerContinuing Professional Development
2006978-1-84398-168-8Gary Mulholland · Mustafa F Ozbilgin · Dianah WormanMANAGING DIVERSITY: WORDS INT: Words into Actions
2008978-1-84398-171-8Kathy Daniels · Sam Argee · Ann Davis · Margaret Harris · Carole Parkes · Judy Scully · Helen Shipton · Michael WestStrategic Human Resource Management: Building Research-based Practice
  ''978-1-84398-188-6Kathy DanielsEmployment Law: An Introduction for HR and Business Students
  ''978-1-84398-198-5Stephen TaylorPeople Resourcing
2009978-1-84398-199-2Roy HornResearching and Writing Dissertations: A Complete Guide for Business Students
2008978-1-84398-200-5Mick Marchington · Adrian WilkinsonHuman Resource Management at Work: People Management and Development
2008978-1-84398-204-3John Kew · John StredwickBusiness Environment: Managing in a Strategic Context (Cipd Publications)
2009978-1-84398-216-6Rosemary HarrisonLearning and Development
  ''978-1-84398-217-3Charlotte Rayner · Derek William Adam-SmithManaging and Leading People
  ''978-1-84398-218-0Roy HornThe Business Skills Handbook
  ''978-1-84398-227-2Valerie AndersonResearch Methods in Human Resource Management
  ''978-1-84398-228-9Sheila Cameron · Deborah PriceBusiness Research Methods: A Practical Approach
2009978-1-84398-231-9David Lewis · Malcolm SargeantEssentials of Employment Law
2010978-1-84398-241-8Mark HughesManaging Change: A Critical Perspective
  ''978-1-84398-243-2Ray FrenchCross-Cultural Management in Work Organisations
  ''978-1-84398-244-9Jeff Gold · Richard Thorpe · Alan MumfordLeadership and Management Development
2011978-1-84398-247-0Michael ButlerIntroduction to Organisational Behaviour (Cipd Publications)
2009978-1-84398-248-7Terry GillenPractical Leadership Skills (UK Professional Business Management / Business)
2011978-1-84398-250-0James Stewart · Clare RiggLearning and Talent Development
2010978-1-84398-251-7Stephen TaylorResourcing and Talent Management
  ''978-1-84398-252-4John Kew · John StredwickHuman Resource Management in Context
  ''978-1-84398-253-1Malcolm Martin · Fiona WhitingHuman Resource Practice
2010978-1-84398-256-2John Gennard · Graham JudgeManaging Employment Relations
  ''978-1-84398-257-9Ray French · Gary ReesLeading, Managing and Developing People
  ''978-1-84398-258-6Charles Leatherbarrow · Janet Fletcher · Donald CurrieIntroduction to Human Resource Management
  ''978-1-84398-259-3David FarnhamHuman Resource Management in Context
  ''978-1-84398-260-9Gillian Watson · Stefanie ReissnerDeveloping Skills for Business Leadership
2010978-1-84398-261-6Kathy Beevers · Andrew ReaLearning and Development Practice
2011978-1-84398-262-3David Lewis · Malcolm Sargeant · Ben SchwabEmployment Law
  ''978-1-84398-263-0Stephen Perkins · Geoffrey WhiteReward Management: Alternatives, Consequences and Contexts
  ''978-1-84398-265-4Iain HendersonHuman Resource Management for MBA Students (Cipd Publications)
  ''978-1-84398-266-1Chris Brewster · Paul Sparrow · Guy Vernon · Elizabeth HouldsworthInternational Human Resource Management
2012978-1-84398-269-2Helen Francis · Linda Holbeche · Martin ReddingtonPeople and Organisational Development: A New Agenda for Organisational Effectiveness
  ''978-1-84398-302-6Roy HornResearching and Writing Dissertations: A Complete Guide for Business and Management Students
2012978-1-84398-304-0Kathy DanielsEmployment Law: An introduction for HR and business students
2013978-1-84398-308-8Valerie AndersonResearch Methods in Human Resource Management: Investigating a Business Issue
2014978-1-84398-316-3Gillian WatsonDeveloping Skills for Business Leadership
2013978-1-84398-318-7Gary Rees · Ray FrenchLeading, Managing and Developing People
  ''978-1-84398-346-0Kathy Beevers · Andrew ReaLearning and Development Practice
2014978-1-84398-357-6Stephen TaylorResourcing and Talent Management (UK Higher Education Business Management)
2016978-1-84398-371-2Mick Marchington · Adrian Wilkinson · Rory Donnelly · Anastasia KynighouHuman Resource Management at Work
  ''978-1-84398-378-1John Gennard · Graham Judge · Tony Bennett · Richard SaundryManaging Employment Relations (Cipd)
  ''978-1-84398-407-8Kathy DanielsIntroduction To Employment Law: Fundamentals for HR and Business Students
2017978-1-84398-438-2David Lewis · Malcolm SargeantEmployment Law: The Essentials