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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-84291-006-1Rob FrostA Closer Look at New Age Spirituality
  ''978-1-84291-012-2David HoldenBattle for the Mind
  ''978-1-84291-014-6Steve ChalkeFaithworks: Stories of Hope
2002978-1-84291-016-0Joe BootA Time to Search
  ''978-1-84291-021-4Lee Jackson · Baz GascoyneDead Men Walking
2001978-1-84291-024-5Michael GreenAfter Alpha
2002978-1-84291-026-9Sue BarnettKeep on Running
  ''978-1-84291-028-3Steve ChalkeFaithworks Unpacked
2003978-1-84291-039-9David Burt50 Dramatised Bible Readings
2002978-1-84291-042-9Neil Pugmire50 Seasonal Sketches
2003978-1-84291-047-4Dave GidneyChildren in the Heart of God
2003978-1-84291-052-8Bryn HughesDiscipling, Coaching, Mentoring
2002978-1-84291-053-5Penny FrankEvery Child: A Chance to Choose
  ''978-1-84291-062-7Derek TidballDiscerning the Spirit of the Age
2006978-1-84291-065-8Children's Ministry250 Songs for Childrens Praise & Worship [With CDROM]
2002978-1-84291-077-1Bill HybelsWho You are When No One's Looking
2003978-1-84291-082-5Lee JacksonEffective Schools' Work
2004978-1-84291-095-5Pete Greig · Dave RobertsRed Moon Rising
2005978-1-84291-096-2Pete GreigThe Vision and the Vow
2002978-1-84291-108-2James DobsonPreparing for Adolescence
2003978-1-84291-118-1Steve Chalke · Simon JohnstonFaithworks: Intimacy and Involvement
  ''978-1-84291-119-8Steve Chalke · Anthony Watkis100 Proven Ways to Transform Your Community
2003978-1-84291-131-0VariousSongs of Fellowship: Music Edition Bk. 3
  ''978-1-84291-132-7AnonSongs of Fellowship: Combined Words Bks. 1-3
2004978-1-84291-133-4Tony HorsfallRhythms of Grace, Finding Intimacy with God in a busy life
2003978-1-84291-134-1Michael GreenEvangelism in the Early Church
  ''978-1-84291-136-5Matt RedmanThe Heart of Worship Files
2003978-1-84291-138-9Mike PilavachiWasteland?: Encountering God in the Desert
  ''978-1-84291-143-3Songs of Fellowship: Words Edition Bk. 3
2004978-1-84291-145-7M. GreenI Believe in the Holy Spirit
2003978-1-84291-150-1Nicky GumbelHow Does God Guide Us?
2001978-1-84291-151-8Bilquis SheikhI Dared to Call Him Father
2004978-1-84291-155-6John HoughtonA Closer Look at His Dark Materials
2003978-1-84291-159-4Beth RedmanThe Truth Shall Set You Free: v. 2: Soul Sista 2 (Survivor S.)
  ''978-1-84291-162-4Pete Greig24-7 Prayer Manual
  ''978-1-84291-164-8Nicky GumbelAlpha - Questions of Life
2004978-1-84291-170-9David Burt50 Dramatic Monologues
2003978-1-84291-171-6Nicky GumbelAlpha - Questions of Life
2004978-1-84291-172-3   ''How to Run the Alpha Course
2003978-1-84291-175-4Timothy R. HughesPassion for Your Name
2004978-1-84291-176-1Adrian HollowayAftershock
  ''978-1-84291-177-8Greg BoydIs God to Blame?
2006978-1-84291-179-2Sarah WilliamsThe Shaming of the Strong
2004978-1-84291-181-5Wallace BrownWalking on the Moon
2004978-1-84291-184-6Andy HawthorneDiary of a Dangerous Vision
  ''978-1-84291-185-3Heather GemmenStartling Beauty: My Journey from Rape to Restoration
2009978-1-84291-187-7VALENTINE PENNYPRAYING FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM PB: Your Guide to Informed Prayer for the People of Israel
2004978-1-84291-188-4Matt RedmanFacedown
  ''978-1-84291-189-1Nicky GumbelWhy and How Do I Pray?
  ''978-1-84291-190-7   ''Why and How Should I Read the Bible?
  ''978-1-84291-192-1   ''Does God Heal Today?
2005978-1-84291-197-6   ''Who is Jesus?
2011978-1-84291-199-0Nicky GumbelHow Can I be Sure of My Faith?
2005978-1-84291-200-3   ''The Holy Spirit
  ''978-1-84291-205-8   ''How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?
  ''978-1-84291-209-6Simon PonsonbyMore: How You Can Have More of the Spirit When You Already Have Everything in Christ
  ''978-1-84291-219-5Matt WilsonEden: Called to the Streets
  ''978-1-84291-222-5Colin WhittakerGreat Revivals
2005978-1-84291-225-6Selwyn HughesMarriage as God Intended
  ''978-1-84291-226-3Matt RedmanInside Out Worship: Insights for Passionate and Purposeful Worship: The Heart of Worship Files Vol 2
  ''978-1-84291-227-0Don Piper90 Minutes in Heaven
  ''978-1-84291-236-2Andy HawthorneThe Smile of God
  ''978-1-84291-237-9Watchman NeeThe Normal Christian Life: Incorporating 'Sit Walk Stand'
2005978-1-84291-239-3Mike Breen · Walt KallestadPassionate Church (Lifeshapes)
2006978-1-84291-249-2Anthony SmithEuthanasia: A Licence to Kill?
  ''978-1-84291-250-8Carolyn RosBroken Dreams, Fulfilled Promises
  ''978-1-84291-252-2Fiona Castle · Jan GreenoughLiving Simply
2005978-1-84291-253-9Lynda Neilands50 Bible Dramas for Children
2006978-1-84291-257-7James DobsonLove Must be Tough
2005978-1-84291-259-1Doreen IrvineFrom Witchcraft to Christ
2007978-1-84291-261-4David Burt50 Seriously Funny Bible Sketches
2006978-1-84291-265-2Josh McDowellMore Than a Carpenter
2005978-1-84291-269-0J. JohnGod's Priorities
2006978-1-84291-270-6Jack DeereSurprised by the Power of the Holy Spirit
  ''978-1-84291-271-3Sam StormsConvergence
  ''978-1-84291-272-0Anthony ThackerBehind the Sofa: A Closer Look at "Dr Who"
978-1-84291-276-8Survivor Songbook 4
2006978-1-84291-277-5Lynda Neilands50 Five Minute Stories
2007978-1-84291-281-2Andrew P. WilsonIncomparable: Exploring the Character of God
2006978-1-84291-284-3Mike Pilavachi · L HoeksmaWorship, Evangelism, Justice
2006978-1-84291-285-0Jack DeereSurprised by the Voice of God
  ''978-1-84291-286-7Frank PerettiThis Present Darkness
2005978-1-84291-289-8Jan Dyer100 Children's Club Activities
2006978-1-84291-290-4Sue Relf100 Instant Children's Talks
2007978-1-84291-292-8Sue Price100 Simple Bible Crafts
2006978-1-84291-294-2Stormie OmartianThe Power of a Praying Parent
2007978-1-84291-317-8Pete GreigGod on Mute: Engaging the Silence of Unanswered Prayer
  ''978-1-84291-323-9David Burt50 Ready-to-use Assemblies for Primary and Secondary Schools
2008978-1-84291-324-6Chris Nicholls50 Christian Assemblies for Primary Schools
2006978-1-84291-326-0Phil AndersonThe Lord of the Ring
2007978-1-84291-327-7Floyd McClungFather Heart of God
2010978-1-84291-328-4Nicky GumbelAlpha Questions of Life
2007978-1-84291-330-7Andy Freeman & Pete GreigPunk Monk
  ''978-1-84291-331-4Danny SmithSlavery Now - and Then
  ''978-1-84291-332-1John PollockWilberforce
2007978-1-84291-334-5Stormie OmartianThe Power of a Praying Wife
  ''978-1-84291-341-3Sue ProsserHow to Stop Dieting and Start Living
  ''978-1-84291-344-4Simon PonsonbyGod Inside Out
  ''978-1-84291-346-8Adrian HollowayThe Shock of Your Life
  ''978-1-84291-347-5John WimberThe Way in is the Way on
2007978-1-84291-348-2Floyd McClungYou See Bones - I See an Army: Changing the Way We Do Church
2008978-1-84291-350-5Rob McAlpinePost-charismatic?: Where are We Now? Where Have We Come From? Where are We Going?
2007978-1-84291-351-2Jeannie MorganLet the Healing Begin
  ''978-1-84291-352-9Timothy R. HughesHolding Nothing Back
  ''978-1-84291-355-0Andrew WilsonDeluded by Dawkins? A Christian Response to the God Delusion
  ''978-1-84291-363-5KingswayKingswaysongs 004 - CD ROM Songbook
  ''978-1-84291-366-6Paul Perkin · Christine PerkinParenting Teenagers Handbook
2007978-1-84291-369-7Patrick Regan · Liza HoeksmaConspiracy of the Insignificant
2008978-1-84291-380-2VariousSongs of Fellowship: v. 4: Music Edition
2007978-1-84291-381-9   ''Songs of Fellowship: v. 1 - 4: 2200 Songs and Hymns
2008978-1-84291-384-0Mike Pilavachi · Andy CroftStorylines: Tracing the Threads of the Bible
  ''978-1-84291-388-8Hannah HurnardHinds' Feet on High Places and Mountains of Spices (Christian Classics for a New Generation)
2008978-1-84291-395-6D. Martyn Lloyd-JonesJoy Unspeakable: Power and Renewal in the Holy Spirit
2010978-1-84291-396-3Stuart TownendThe Stuart Townend Collection Songbook
2008978-1-84291-402-1Fiona Castle · Christine Hailes PerilloNo Flowers... Just Lots of Joy and Living Under the Volcano (Real-Life Stories for Every Generation)
  ''978-1-84291-404-5Roy Godwin · Dave RobertsThe Grace Outpouring: Blessing Others Through Prayer
2009978-1-84291-419-9Les Isaac · Rosalind DaviesStreet Pastors
2011978-1-84291-449-6Various ArtistsKingsway Worship Songbook
  ''978-1-84291-451-9Songs Of FellowshipSongs Of Fellowship Volume 5 Music Edition
  ''978-1-84291-452-6VariousSongs Of Fellowship Book 5 Words Edition