House of Stratus

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-84232-553-7SapperJohn Walters - Bulldog Drummond
  ''978-1-84232-555-1SapperMufti (Bulldog Drummond)
  ''978-1-84232-556-8   ''The Return Of Bulldog Drummond
  ''978-1-84232-559-9   ''Temple Tower (Bulldog Drummond)
  ''978-1-84232-560-5   ''The Third Round (Bulldog Drummond)
2001978-1-84232-561-2Karl P.N. ShukerThe New Zoo: New and Rediscovered Animals of the Twentieth Century
  ''978-1-84232-607-7A. P. HerbertThe Secret Battle
  ''978-1-84232-648-0Cyril HareDeath is No Sportsman (Inspector Mallett Mystery S.)
  ''978-1-84232-649-7Cyril HareAn English Murder
  ''978-1-84232-650-3   ''He Should Have Died Hereafter (Inspector Mallett Mystery)
2001978-1-84232-652-7Cyril HareSuicide Excepted (Inspector Mallett Mystery S.)
2001978-1-84232-656-5Cyril HareWith a Bare Bodkin
  ''978-1-84232-657-2Edgar WallaceThe Admirable Carfew (Bulldog Drummond)
  ''978-1-84232-659-6Edgar WallaceThe Avenger
2008978-1-84232-662-6   ''The Black Abbot
2001978-1-84232-663-3   ''Bones (Lieutenant Bones)
2000978-1-84232-665-7   ''Bones Of The River (Lieutenant Bones)
2001978-1-84232-666-4   ''The Clue of the New Pin (A Sanders of the River Book)
2001978-1-84232-668-8Edgar WallaceThe Clue Of The Twisted Candle
  ''978-1-84232-670-1   ''The Council Of Justice (Four Just Men)
  ''978-1-84232-672-5   ''The Daffodil Mystery
  ''978-1-84232-675-6   ''A Debt Discharged
2008978-1-84232-683-1   ''The Four Just Men
2000978-1-84232-692-3Edgar WallaceThe Keepers Of The King's Peace (Commissioner Sanders)
2001978-1-84232-693-0   ''The Law Of The Four Just Men
2000978-1-84232-700-5   ''Mr J G Reeder Returns
2001978-1-84232-705-0   ''Sanders Of The River (Commissioner Sanders)
2008978-1-84232-713-5Michael InnesAppleby At Allington: Death by Water (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-714-2Michael InnesAppleby's Answer (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-715-9   ''Appleby On Ararat (Inspector Appleby)
2008978-1-84232-716-6Michael InnesAppleby's End (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-717-3   ''The Appleby File (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-718-0   ''Appleby And Honeybath
  ''978-1-84232-719-7   ''Appleby And The Ospreys (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-720-3   ''Appleby's Other Story (Inspector Appleby)
2008978-1-84232-721-0Michael InnesAppleby Plays Chicken: Death on a Quiet Day (Inspector Appleby)
2008978-1-84232-722-7Michael InnesAppleby Talking: Dead Man's Shoes (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-723-4   ''Appleby Talks Again (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-724-1   ''An Awkward Lie (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-725-8   ''The Bloody Wood (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-726-5   ''Carson's Conspiracy (Inspector Appleby)
2008978-1-84232-727-2Michael InnesA Change Of Heir (Inspector Appleby Mystery S.)
2008978-1-84232-728-9Michael InnesChristmas at Candleshoe (Inspector Appleby Mystery S.)
  ''978-1-84232-729-6   ''A Connoisseur's Case: The Crabtree Affair (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-730-2   ''The Daffodil Affair (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-731-9   ''Death At The Chase (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-732-6   ''Death At The President's Lodging: Seven Suspects (Inspector Appleby)
2008978-1-84232-733-3Michael InnesA Family Affair: Picture of Guilt (Inspector Appleby)
2008978-1-84232-734-0Michael InnesFrom London Far: The Unsuspected Chasm (Inspector Appleby Mystery S.)
  ''978-1-84232-735-7   ''The Gay Phoenix (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-736-4   ''Going It Alone
  ''978-1-84232-737-1   ''Hamlet, Revenge! (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-738-8   ''Hare Sitting Up (Inspector Appleby)
2008978-1-84232-739-5Michael InnesHoneybath's Haven
2008978-1-84232-740-1Michael InnesThe Journeying Boy (Inspector Appleby Mystery S.)
  ''978-1-84232-741-8   ''Lament For A Maker (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-742-5   ''The Long Farewell (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-743-2   ''Lord Mullion's Secret (Honeybath)
  ''978-1-84232-745-6   ''Money From Holme (Inspector Appleby Mystery S.)
2008978-1-84232-746-3Michael InnesThe Mysterious Commission (Honeybath)
2008978-1-84232-747-0Michael InnesThe New Sonia Wayward: The Case of Sonia Wayward (Inspector Appleby Mystery S.)
  ''978-1-84232-748-7   ''A Night Of Errors (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-749-4   ''Old Hall, New Hall: A Question of Queens (Inspector Appleby Mystery S.)
  ''978-1-84232-750-0   ''The Open House (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-751-7   ''Operation Pax: The Paper Thunderbolt (Inspector Appleby)
2008978-1-84232-752-4Michael InnesA Private View: One Man Show and Murder is an Art (Inspector Appleby)
2008978-1-84232-753-1Michael InnesThe Secret Vanguard (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-754-8   ''Sheiks And Adders (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-755-5   ''Silence Observed (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-756-2   ''Stop Press: The Spider Strikes (Inspector Appleby)
2009978-1-84232-757-9John innes Mackintosh StewartThere Came Both Mist And Snow: A Comedy of Terrors (Inspector Appleby)
2008978-1-84232-758-6Michael InnesThe Weight Of The Evidence (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-759-3   ''What Happened at Hazelwood
2008978-1-84232-760-9John BuchanAugustus
2001978-1-84232-761-6John BuchanBlanket Of The Dark
2010978-1-84232-762-3John BuchanCastle Gay (Dickson McCunn)
2001978-1-84232-764-7   ''The Courts Of The Morning
2008978-1-84232-765-4   ''The Dancing Floor (Edward Leithen)
2001978-1-84232-766-1   ''The Free Fishers
2008978-1-84232-767-8   ''The Gap In The Curtain (Edward Leithen)
2001978-1-84232-768-5John BuchanGordon At Khartoum
2008978-1-84232-771-5   ''The Half-Hearted
  ''978-1-84232-772-2   ''The House Of The Four Winds (Dickson McCunn)
  ''978-1-84232-774-6   ''The Island Of Sheep (Richard Hannay)
2001978-1-84232-778-4   ''The Long Traverse: Lake of Gold
2008978-1-84232-779-1John BuchanA Lost Lady Of Old Years
  ''978-1-84232-783-8   ''The Path Of The King
2002978-1-84232-784-5   ''Power House (Edward Leithen)
2010978-1-84232-785-2   ''Prester John
2008978-1-84232-786-9   ''A Prince Of The Captivity
2008978-1-84232-787-6John BuchanThe Runagates Club
  ''978-1-84232-793-7   ''The Thirty-Nine Steps (Richard Hannay)
  ''978-1-84232-794-4   ''The Three Hostages (Richard Hannay)
2001978-1-84232-795-1   ''The Watcher By The Threshold
  ''978-1-84232-800-2Raphael SabatiniBellarion
  ''978-1-84232-802-6Rafael SabatiniCaptain Blood
2001978-1-84232-804-0Raphael SabatiniChivalry
  ''978-1-84232-805-7   ''The Chronicles of Captain Blood
  ''978-1-84232-806-4Rafael SabatiniColumbus
  ''978-1-84232-808-8Raphael SabatiniThe Fortunes of Captain Blood
  ''978-1-84232-813-2Rafael SabatiniThe Hounds of God
2001978-1-84232-817-0Raphael SabatiniThe Lion's Skin
2001978-1-84232-820-0Raphael SabatiniMarquis of Carabas
  ''978-1-84232-822-4   ''Nuptials of Corbal (Commentaries)
  ''978-1-84232-825-5Rafael SabatiniScaramouche
  ''978-1-84232-826-2Raphael SabatiniScaramouche The King Maker
  ''978-1-84232-827-9Rafael SabatiniThe Sea Hawk
2001978-1-84232-829-3Raphael SabatiniSnare
  ''978-1-84232-830-9   ''The Stalking-Horse
  ''978-1-84232-831-6Rafael SabatiniStrolling Saint
  ''978-1-84232-836-1Raphael SabatiniTurbulent Tales
  ''978-1-84232-864-4Nicolas FreelingSand Castles (A van der Valk thriller)
2001978-1-84232-870-5Nicolas FreelingGadget
2008978-1-84232-871-2Michael InnesThe Ampersand Papers (Inspector Appleby)
  ''978-1-84232-874-3Max HennesseyThe Dangerous Years (Kelly Maguire)
  ''978-1-84232-875-0   ''Back To Battle: 1 (Kelly Maguire)
  ''978-1-84232-878-1   ''The Iron Stallions (Goff Family)
2008978-1-84232-880-4Max HennesseyThe Challenging Heights (RAF Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84232-881-1   ''Once More The Hawks (RAF Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84232-891-0Mark HebdenDeath Set To Music (Inspector Pel)
  ''978-1-84232-892-7Mark HebdenPel And The Faceless Corpse (Inspector Pel)
2009978-1-84232-893-4   ''Pel Under Pressure (Inspector Pel)
  ''978-1-84232-894-1   ''Pel Is Puzzled (Inspector Pel)
2009978-1-84232-895-8Mark HebdenPel And The Staghound (Inspector Pel)
2008978-1-84232-896-5   ''Pel And The Bombers (Inspector Pel)
2008978-1-84232-897-2Mark HebdenPel And The Predators (Inspector Pel)
  ''978-1-84232-898-9   ''Pel and the Pirates
2009978-1-84232-899-6   ''Pel And The Prowler (Inspector Pel)
2008978-1-84232-900-9   ''Pel And The Paris Mob (Inspector Pel)
  ''978-1-84232-901-6   ''Pel Among The Pueblos (Inspector Pel)
2009978-1-84232-902-3Mark HebdenPel And The Touch Of Pitch (Inspector Pel)
2008978-1-84232-903-0   ''Pel And The Picture Of Innocence (Inspector Pel)
  ''978-1-84232-904-7   ''Pel And The Party Spirit (Inspector Pel)
  ''978-1-84232-905-4   ''Pel And The Missing Persons (Inspector Pel)
  ''978-1-84232-906-1   ''Pel And The Promised Land (Inspector Pel)
2009978-1-84232-907-8Mark HebdenPel And The Sepulchre Job (Inspector Pel)
  ''978-1-84232-908-5Juliet HebdenPel Picks Up The Pieces (Inspector Pel)
  ''978-1-84232-909-2Juliet HebdenPel And The Perfect Partner (Inspector Pel)
2008978-1-84232-912-2Julian SymonsThe Immaterial Murder Case (Inspector Bland)
  ''978-1-84232-913-9Julian SymonsA Man Called Jones (Inspector Bland)
  ''978-1-84232-914-6   ''Bland Beginning (Inspector Bland)
2004978-1-84232-919-1   ''The Colour Of Murder
2008978-1-84232-921-4   ''The Progress Of A Crime
2008978-1-84232-927-6Julian SymonsThe Belting Inheritance
2004978-1-84232-931-3   ''The General Strike: A Historical Portrait (Non-Fiction)
2001978-1-84232-947-4Rudyard KiplingThe Light That Failed
  ''978-1-84232-948-1Rudyard KiplingLimits And Renewals
2008978-1-84232-954-2Rudyard KiplingRewards And Fairies
2001978-1-84232-955-9   ''The Second Jungle Book
2008978-1-84232-958-0   ''Stalky & Co.
  ''978-1-84232-959-7   ''Traffics And Discoveries
  ''978-1-84232-962-7Dornford YatesAdèle And Co. (B-Berry Pleydell)
  ''978-1-84232-963-4Dornford YatesAnd Berry Came Too (B-Berry Pleydell)
  ''978-1-84232-964-1   ''B-Berry And I Look Back (B-Berry Pleydell)
2008978-1-84232-965-8Dornford YatesBerry And Co. (B-Berry Pleydell)
2008978-1-84232-966-5Dornford YatesThe Berry Scene (B-Berry Pleydell)
  ''978-1-84232-967-2   ''Blind Corner (Richard Chandos)
  ''978-1-84232-968-9   ''Blood Royal (Richard Chandos)
  ''978-1-84232-969-6   ''The Brother Of Daphne (B-Berry Pleydell)
  ''978-1-84232-970-2   ''Cost Price (Richard Chandos)
2008978-1-84232-971-9Dornford YatesThe Courts Of Idleness (B-Berry Pleydell)
2008978-1-84232-972-6Dornford YatesAn Eye For A Tooth (Richard Chandos)
  ''978-1-84232-973-3   ''Fire Below (Richard Chandos)
  ''978-1-84232-974-0   ''Gale Warning
  ''978-1-84232-975-7   ''The House That Berry Built (B-Berry Pleydell)
  ''978-1-84232-976-4   ''Jonah And Co. (B-Berry Pleydell)
2008978-1-84232-977-1Dornford YatesNe'er Do Well
2008978-1-84232-978-8Dornford YatesPerishable Goods (Richard Chandos)
  ''978-1-84232-979-5   ''Red In The Morning (Richard Chandos)
  ''978-1-84232-980-1   ''She Fell Among Thieves (Richard Chandos)
  ''978-1-84232-981-8   ''She Painted Her Face
  ''978-1-84232-983-2G.K. ChestertonAutobiography (Chesterton's Biographies)
2008978-1-84232-986-3G.K. ChestertonCharles Dickens (Chesterton's Biographies)
2001978-1-84232-987-0G. K. ChestertonChaucer (Chesterton's Biographies)
  ''978-1-84232-988-7   ''George Bernard Shaw (Chesterton's Biographies)
2008978-1-84232-989-4G.K. ChestertonHeretics
2008978-1-84232-990-0G.K. ChestertonThe Incredulity Of Father Brown
  ''978-1-84232-991-7   ''The Innocence Of Father Brown