House of Stratus

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-0-7551-0891-6Georgette HeyerWhy Shoot a Butler?
  ''978-0-7551-0892-3Georgette HeyerA Blunt Instrument
  ''978-0-7551-0893-0   ''No Wind of Blame
  ''978-0-7551-0894-7   ''Behold, Here's Poison
  ''978-0-7551-0895-4   ''Footsteps in the Dark
2001978-0-7551-0896-1Georgette HeyerPenhallow
2003978-0-7551-0900-5Winston GrahamMarnie (Poldark)
  ''978-0-7551-1024-7Francis Brett YoungCold Harbour
  ''978-0-7551-1111-4Baroness Emmuska OrczyThe Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel
2008978-0-7551-1112-1Baroness OrczyEldorado (Scarlet Pimpernel)
  ''978-0-7551-1113-8Baroness OrczyThe Elusive Pimpernel (Scarlet Pimpernel)
2001978-0-7551-1114-5   ''I Will Repay (Scarlet Pimpernel)
2008978-0-7551-1115-2Baroness OrczyThe League Of The Scarlet Pimpernel
2001978-0-7551-1116-9   ''Lord Tony's Wife (Scarlet Pimpernel)
2002978-0-7551-1118-3   ''The Scarlet Pimpernel
2001978-0-7551-1119-0   ''Sir Percy Hits Back (Scarlet Pimpernel)
  ''978-0-7551-1121-3   ''The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel
2008978-0-7551-1122-0Baroness OrczyThe Way Of The Scarlet Pimpernel
2001978-0-7551-1125-1   ''The First Sir Percy (Scarlet Pimpernel)
2008978-0-7551-1127-5   ''The Laughing Cavalier
  ''978-0-7551-1146-6Michael GilbertThe Doors Open (Inspector Hazlerigg)
2003978-0-7551-1178-7Gerald DurrellThe Aye-aye and I
2002978-0-7551-1181-7Gerald DurrellBirds, Beasts and Relatives
  ''978-0-7551-1189-3   ''The Garden of the Gods
  ''978-0-7551-1190-9   ''Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons
2002978-0-7551-1195-4Gerald DurrellMenagerie Manor
  ''978-0-7551-1197-8   ''My Family and Other Animals
2001978-0-7551-1203-6   ''Three Singles to Adventure
2004978-0-7551-1287-6Arnold BennettMediaRange Retail-Pack DVD-Case Single - DVD video box
2002978-0-7551-1339-2Brian Wilson AldissLong Afternoon of Earth
2003978-0-7551-1343-9Dudley PopeRamage And The Freebooters
2000978-0-7551-1344-6Dudley PopeRamage's Devil
  ''978-0-7551-1345-3   ''Ramage And The Rebels
  ''978-0-7551-1346-0   ''Ramage's Diamond
2008978-0-7551-1350-7Lillian BeckwithBreath Of Autumn
2010978-0-7551-1365-1John PlimmerWhitechapel Murders - Solved: Jack the Ripper Revisited
2008978-0-7551-1366-8Anthony BuckeridgeJennings Follows A Clue
  ''978-0-7551-1367-5Anthony BuckeridgeJennings' Little Hut
2009978-0-7551-1368-2Anthony BuckeridgeJennings Goes To School
2012978-0-7551-1394-1Dudley PopeRamage And The Renegades
  ''978-0-7551-1395-8   ''Ramage And The Saracens
2008978-0-7551-1398-9John CreaseyGideon's Day: (Writing as JJ Marric) (Gideon of Scotland Yard)
  ''978-0-7551-1404-7John CreaseyGideon's Fire: (Writing as JJ Marric) (Gideon of Scotland Yard)
2009978-0-7551-1406-1   ''Gideon's Night: (Writing as JJ Marric) (Gideon of Scotland Yard)
  ''978-0-7551-1407-8   ''A Conference For Assassins: (Writing as JJ Marric) (Gideon of Scotland Yard)
2008978-0-7551-1411-5Baroness OrczyThe Scarlet Pimpernel
  ''978-0-7551-1412-2   ''The Triumph Of The Scarlet Pimpernel
2008978-0-7551-1461-0Algernon BlackwoodTales Of The Uncanny And Supernatural
  ''978-0-7551-1462-7Algernon BlackwoodThe Human Chord
  ''978-0-7551-1472-6Edgar WallaceBones (Lieutenant Bones)
  ''978-0-7551-1473-3Edgar WallaceBones In London (Lieutenant Bones)
2008978-0-7551-1474-0Edgar WallaceBones Of The River (Lieutenant Bones)
  ''978-0-7551-1475-7   ''The Clue Of The New Pin
  ''978-0-7551-1481-8   ''The Crimson Circle
  ''978-0-7551-1483-2   ''The Dark Eyes Of London: The Croakers
  ''978-0-7551-1484-9   ''The Daughters Of The Night
2008978-0-7551-1487-0Edgar WallaceThe Devil Man
2008978-0-7551-1488-7Edgar WallaceThe Door With Seven Locks
  ''978-0-7551-1490-0   ''The Face In The Night
  ''978-0-7551-1495-5   ''Four Square Jane
  ''978-0-7551-1496-2   ''The Fourth Plague
  ''978-0-7551-1501-3   ''The Joker: The Colossus
2008978-0-7551-1503-7Edgar WallaceThe Keepers Of The King's Peace (Commissioner Sanders)
2008978-0-7551-1504-4Edgar WallaceThe Law Of The Four Just Men
  ''978-0-7551-1509-9   ''The Mind Of Mr J G Reeder: The Murder Book of JG Reeder
  ''978-0-7551-1515-0   ''Sanders (Commissioner Sanders)
  ''978-0-7551-1516-7   ''Sanders Of The River (Commissioner Sanders)
  ''978-0-7551-1520-4   ''The Three Oak Mystery
2008978-0-7551-1521-1Edgar WallaceThe Traitor's Gate
  ''978-0-7551-1525-9Raphael SabatiniBardelys The Magnificent
  ''978-0-7551-1526-6Raphael SabatiniBellarion
2008978-0-7551-1527-3Raphael SabatiniThe Black Swan
  ''978-0-7551-1528-0   ''Captain Blood
  ''978-0-7551-1529-7   ''The Carolinian
  ''978-0-7551-1530-3   ''Chivalry
  ''978-0-7551-1531-0   ''Chronicles Of Captain Blood
2008978-0-7551-1533-4Raphael SabatiniFortune's Fool
2008978-0-7551-1534-1Raphael SabatiniFortunes Of Captain Blood
  ''978-0-7551-1535-8   ''The Gamester
  ''978-0-7551-1536-5   ''The Gates Of Doom
  ''978-0-7551-1539-6   ''The Hounds Of God
  ''978-0-7551-1540-2   ''The Justice Of The Duke
2008978-0-7551-1544-0Raphael SabatiniThe Lost King
2008978-0-7551-1546-4Raphael SabatiniThe Marquis Of Carabas
  ''978-0-7551-1547-1   ''The Minion
  ''978-0-7551-1549-5   ''The Romantic Prince
  ''978-0-7551-1551-8   ''Scaramouche The King Maker
  ''978-0-7551-1552-5   ''The Sea Hawk
2008978-0-7551-1554-9Raphael SabatiniThe Snare
2008978-0-7551-1556-3Raphael SabatiniThe Stalking-Horse
  ''978-0-7551-1558-7   ''The Sword Of Islam
  ''978-0-7551-1559-4   ''The Tavern Knight
  ''978-0-7551-1561-7   ''The Trampling Of The Lilies
  ''978-0-7551-1562-4   ''Turbulent Tales
2008978-0-7551-1563-1Raphael SabatiniVenetian Masque
  ''978-0-7551-1581-5Arthur Conan DoyleThe Sign Of Four (Sherlock Holmes)
  ''978-0-7551-1583-9E C BentleyTrent's Last Case (Philip Trent)
  ''978-0-7551-1589-1Arnold BennettClayhanger
2008978-0-7551-1593-8Arnold BennettHilda Lessways (Clayhanger)
  ''978-0-7551-1596-9   ''A Man From The North (Five Towns)
  ''978-0-7551-1600-3   ''Riceyman Steps
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  ''978-0-7551-1603-4   ''These Twain (Clayhanger)
2008978-0-7551-1604-1Arthur WaleyThe Secret History of The Mongols & Other Works
  ''978-0-7551-1609-6Francis Brett YoungThey Seek A Country
2009978-0-7551-1615-7Sax RohmerBride Of Fu Manchu
2008978-0-7551-1633-1Sax RohmerPresident Fu Manchu
  ''978-0-7551-1638-6G K ChestertonAppreciation & Criticisms Of The Works of Charles Dickens
  ''978-0-7551-1646-1G K ChestertonThe Paradoxes Of Mr Pond
2008978-0-7551-1650-8G K ChestertonTales Of The Long Bow
2009978-0-7551-1655-3Arnold BennettThe Roll Call (Clayhanger)
2008978-0-7551-1656-0Baroness OrczyThe Adventures Of The Scarlet Pimpernel
  ''978-0-7551-1658-4   ''The Case Of Miss Elliott (Old Man in the Corner)
  ''978-0-7551-1659-1   ''The First Sir Percy (Scarlet Pimpernel)
  ''978-0-7551-1660-7   ''I Will Repay (Scarlet Pimpernel)
  ''978-0-7551-1663-8   ''Lord Tony's Wife (Scarlet Pimpernel)
2011978-0-7551-1667-6Baroness OrczySir Percy Hits Back (Scarlet Pimpernel)
  ''978-0-7551-1668-3   ''Sir Percy Leads The Band (Scarlet Pimpernel)
2009978-0-7551-1673-7SapperAsk For Ronald Standish
  ''978-0-7551-1674-4SapperChallenge (Bulldog Drummond)
  ''978-0-7551-1675-1   ''The Dinner Club
  ''978-0-7551-1676-8   ''The Female Of The Species (Bulldog Drummond)
2009978-0-7551-1677-5SapperThe Finger Of Fate
  ''978-0-7551-1682-9   ''Knock Out (Bulldog Drummond)
2009978-0-7551-1684-3SapperThe Return Of Bulldog Drummond
  ''978-0-7551-1687-4   ''Temple Tower (Bulldog Drummond)
  ''978-0-7551-1688-1   ''The Third Round (Bulldog Drummond)
2008978-0-7551-1692-8Anthony HopeRupert Of Hentzau (Ruritania)
2009978-0-7551-1695-9John BuchanBlanket Of The Dark
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  ''978-0-7551-1721-5   ''Witch Wood
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2010978-0-7551-1756-7John CreaseyTravelling Crimes: (Writing as JJ Marric) (Gideon of Scotland Yard)
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2009978-0-7551-1760-4   ''The Toff In New York
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2009978-0-7551-1772-7John CreaseyInspector West Takes Charge
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2009978-0-7551-1775-8John CreaseyMeet The Baron: (Writing as Anthony Morton)
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2009978-0-7551-1856-4   ''Sport For The Baron: (Writing as Anthony Morton)
2008978-0-7551-1878-6F. E. HallidayA History Of Cornwall
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2012978-0-7551-1898-4Francis DurbridgeSend for Paul Temple
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2012978-0-7551-1909-7Francis DurbridgePaul Temple & The Margo Mystery
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2012978-0-7551-1916-5Dorothy DunnettRoman Nights: Dolly and the Starry Bird ; Murder In Focus (Dolly (Johnson Johnson))
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