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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-84037-000-3Patrick AllenSpecial Operations Aviation
1997978-1-84037-001-0Don Graydon · Kurt HansonMountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills
1998978-1-84037-002-7Jeffrey L. RotmanUndersea Journey
  ''978-1-84037-003-4Michael WiganThe Scottish Highland Estate: Preserving an Environment
  ''978-1-84037-004-1Robert JacksonAir War Flanders, 1918
  ''978-1-84037-006-5Martin BowmanWellington: The Geodetic Giant
1999978-1-84037-007-2Veronica HeathGundog Handler's Guide to Picking Up
1998978-1-84037-008-9Paul GreenwoodThe Second Battle of the Marne
  ''978-1-84037-009-6Robin HighamBases of Air Strategy: Airfield Construction for the RAF and Its Antecedents, 1914-45
2002978-1-84037-010-2John CampbellGlobal Maritime Distress and Safety System Handbook: New Marine Radio Communications System
1998978-1-84037-011-9C.B. McCullyThe Other Side of the Stream
1998978-1-84037-012-6Victor BinghamMajor Piston Aero Engines of WWII
  ''978-1-84037-013-3John CampbellA Yachtsman's Guide to Collision Rules
  ''978-1-84037-014-0Keith ShackletonKeith Shackleton: An Autobiography in Paintings
1997978-1-84037-015-7Deborah Shapiro · Rolf BjelkeTime on Ice: A Winter Voyage to Antarctica
1998978-1-84037-016-4Noel WhittallParagliding: A Complete Guide
  ''978-1-84037-017-1Dave GravesUnited Kingdom Air Traffic Control: A Layman's Guide
  ''978-1-84037-018-8Peter ReevesStillwater Flyfishing for Pleasure
1999978-1-84037-019-5Etienne De MalglaiveSkygate: The Aviation Photography of Etienne de Malglaive
1998978-1-84037-020-1Philip HandlemanChicago O'Hare: The World's Busiest Airport
1998978-1-84037-021-8Alex HenshawThe Flight of the Mew Gull
  ''978-1-84037-022-5Martin Simons · Paul A. Schweizer · Paul A SchweizerSailplanes by Schweizer: A History
  ''978-1-84037-023-2Alec BrewSunbeam Aero-engines
1999978-1-84037-024-9Gordon BainSilvered Wings: The Aerial Photography of Gordon Bain
2002978-1-84037-025-6George H. ReidPractical Guide to Compass Correction
1998978-1-84037-026-3Gerard FrawleyThe International Directory of Military Aircraft 1998-99
2003978-1-84037-027-0Brian CosgrovePilot's Weather: A commonsense approach to meteorology: The Commonsense Approach to Meteorology
1999978-1-84037-028-7Yefim GordonMikoyan Mig-29 Fulcrum: Multi-Role Fighter
  ''978-1-84037-029-4Yefim GordonSukhoi Su-27 Flanker: Air Superiority Fighter
1998978-1-84037-030-0B.A.S.C.Handbook of Shooting: The Sporting Shotgun (Basc)
1999978-1-84037-031-7Ian AlcockKia: Study of Red Deer
2000978-1-84037-032-4Susan McBaneModern Horse Breeding: A Guide for Owners
1998978-1-84037-033-1Joe IrvingGun Dogs: Their Learning Chain
  ''978-1-84037-034-8Thomas AskHandbook of Marine Surveying
1999978-1-84037-035-5Michael R. SmylieTraditional Fishing Boats of Britain and Ireland
1998978-1-84037-036-2Claudio CanginiDiving Guide to Sharm-el-Sheikh (Diving guides)
1998978-1-84037-037-9Andrew HendrieShort Sunderland in World War II
  ''978-1-84037-038-6M.Brock FentonThe Bat: Wings in the Night Sky
  ''978-1-84037-039-3Tui De RoyGalapagos: Islands Born of Fire
  ''978-1-84037-040-9Connie ToopsOwls of the World
  ''978-1-84037-041-6Bill TarrantPuppy Love
1999978-1-84037-042-3Fabio BourbonThe Lost Cities of the Maya: Explorer of Lost Worlds, The life and work of Frederick Catherwood
1998978-1-84037-043-0Maurizio Wurtz · Nadia RepettoWhales and Dolphins: A Biological Guide to the Life of the Cetaceans
1998978-1-84037-044-7Giorgio MesturniniDiving Guide to Great Britain
  ''978-1-84037-045-4Gianni GuadalupiThe Discovery of the Nile
  ''978-1-84037-046-1Todd BergerLove of Goldens
  ''978-1-84037-047-8David W. MenardBefore Centuries: U.S.A.F.E - Fighters, 1948-59
2001978-1-84037-048-5Ron DickFull Power: Aircraft Engines That Made History
2000978-1-84037-049-2Ron DickHurricane: RAF Fighter (Living Legend)
1999978-1-84037-050-8Martin BowmanShades of Blue: U.S. Naval Air Power Since 1941
  ''978-1-84037-051-5Chan ChandlerTail Gunner: 98 Raids in World War II
2000978-1-84037-052-2Susan McBaneConformation for the Purpose
1999978-1-84037-053-9John MortonAirline Liveries Past and Present
1999978-1-84037-056-0E.F. RomanThe Fisherman's Guide to Tackle: Essential Hints, Tactics and Techniques
  ''978-1-84037-057-7Don EverittK. Boats: Steam-powered Submarines in World War I
  ''978-1-84037-058-4Alexander MorrisonSilent Invader: Glider Pilot's Story of the Invasion of Europe in World War II
  ''978-1-84037-059-1John GolleyJohn "Cat's-Eyes" Cunningham: The Aviation Legend
  ''978-1-84037-060-7Frank SheardownThe Working Longdog
1999978-1-84037-061-4John K. MortonMiami Airport
  ''978-1-84037-062-1Marc DierikxSchiphol Airport: Amsterdam's Airport below the Sea
  ''978-1-84037-063-8Ugo VicenziSmokers: Early American Jetliners
2000978-1-84037-064-5Robert HewsonThe Vital Guide to Commercial Aircraft
2001978-1-84037-065-2Sophearith MoengThe Vital Guide to Military Aircraft
1999978-1-84037-066-9Paul BowersThe Garrett Enigma and the Early Submarine Pioneers
1998978-1-84037-067-6Donald NijboerCockpit: An Illustrated History of WWII Aircraft Interiors
  ''978-1-84037-068-3Brian CosgroveMicrolight Pilot's Handbook
1999978-1-84037-069-0Gunter G. EndresAirlife's Airliners: Airbus A-300 v. 8
  ''978-1-84037-070-6David MasonCombat Ready: Making of a Fighter Pilot
1998978-1-84037-071-3Thomas Daniell · William Daniell · George MichellIndia: Yesterday and Today
2000978-1-84037-072-0Martin Bowman · John M. DibbsShuttleworth: The Aircraft Collection
1999978-1-84037-073-7Rod SimpsonAirlife's Commercial Aircraft and Airliners
1999978-1-84037-074-4Edmund L. BlandfordTwo Sides of the Beach: The Invasion and Defence of Europe in 1944
2000978-1-84037-075-1Robert JacksonThe United States Air Force in Britain: Its Aircraft, Bases and Strategy Since 1948
1999978-1-84037-076-8Peter CaygillThe Darlington Spitfire
  ''978-1-84037-077-5Annie HillBrazil and beyond: Long Distance Voyaging with Annie Hill
  ''978-1-84037-078-2Lin Pardey · Larry PardeyThe Cost Conscious Cruiser: Champagne Cruising on a Beer Budget
  ''978-1-84037-079-9Harry YatesLuck and a Lancaster: Chance and Survival in World War II
1998978-1-84037-080-5Goran Cederberg · Jens Plough HansenThe Complete Book of Spinning and Baitcasting
  ''978-1-84037-081-2David BrufordTo be a Pilot
1999978-1-84037-082-9David William EarlHell on High Ground, Vol. 2: World War II Air Crash Sites: World War II Air Crash Sites Vol 2
1999978-1-84037-083-6Michael AllenPursuit Through Darkened Skies: An Ace Night-fighter Crew in World War II
  ''978-1-84037-084-3Ken StewartThe Glider Pilot's Manual
1998978-1-84037-085-0Elwyn Hartley and Sian Thomas. EdwardsFUNDAMENTALS OF RIDING: LEARNING THE ESSENTIAL SKILLS.
1999978-1-84037-086-7Alan LakeFlying Units of the RAF
  ''978-1-84037-087-4David C. BellA Coastal Passage: An Artist's View of the English Coastline
1998978-1-84037-088-1Sallie WalrondHandling Your Problem Horse
1999978-1-84037-089-8Alan WattsThe Weather Handbook
  ''978-1-84037-090-4Thomas Manser · Rolf KurzBizjets: Executive Jets in Colour
2000978-1-84037-091-1Peter CarneDeer of Britain and Ireland: Their Origins and Distribution: Their History and Distribution
  ''978-1-84037-092-8Lesley CrawfordScotland's Classic Wild Trout Waters
1999978-1-84037-093-5Andrew HendrieLockheed Hudson Aircraft in WWII
1998978-1-84037-094-2Valerius GeistDeer of the World: Their Evolution, Behaviour, and Ecology
1999978-1-84037-095-9Arthur HawkeyBlack Night of Finisterre: Tragic Tale of an Early British Ironclad
2000978-1-84037-096-6John Thornley · Charlie ParkesDeer: Law and Liabilities
1999978-1-84037-097-3Charles S. HoustonGoing Higher: Oxygen, Man and Mountains
2000978-1-84037-098-0John K. MortonCharter Airlines: Their Aircraft and Colours
1999978-1-84037-099-7Freddy BullockLondon Heathrow: The World's Busiest International Airport
2000978-1-84037-100-0Robert JacksonAirwar at Night: The Battle for the Night Sky Since 1915
2000978-1-84037-101-7Geoffrey BucknallFly Fishing Tactics for Brown Trout
  ''978-1-84037-102-4Philip ChinneryBoneyard Badges: Aircraft and Emblems at Davis-Monthan
  ''978-1-84037-103-1Philip ChinneryKorean Atrocity!: Forgotten War Crimes, 1950-1953
1999978-1-84037-104-8Edmund L. BlandfordFatal Decisions: Errors and Blunders in WWII
2000978-1-84037-105-5Noel WhittalParamotoring: From the Ground Up
  ''978-1-84037-106-2Geoff Jones · Chuck StewartAmerican Classics of the Air: Commercial and Private Aeroplanes from the 1920s to the 1960s
1999978-1-84037-107-9Trevor Thom Handbook · David RobsonMulti-Engine Piston
2000978-1-84037-108-6Oliver KiteNymph Fishing in Practice
1999978-1-84037-109-3Lou StevensFly Fishing Tactics on Small Streams
  ''978-1-84037-110-9Peter Mallinson · Mike WoollardThe Handbook of Glider Aerobatics
2000978-1-84037-112-3Ray WhitfordFundamentals of Fighter Design
2000978-1-84037-113-0Terry C. TreadwellAmerica's First Air War: The United States Army, Naval and Marine Air Services in the First World War
978-1-84037-114-7M. DoultonCollecting Royal Doulton
2001978-1-84037-115-4Rod SimpsonAirlife's World Aircraft: The Complete Reference to Civil, Military and Light Aircraft
2000978-1-84037-116-1Robin Marshall-BallThe Sporting Rifle A User's Handbook
2001978-1-84037-117-8Jerry Fugere · Bob ShaneInside AMARC: The Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Centre, Tucson, Arizona
1999978-1-84037-118-5Gerard FrawleyThe International Directory of Civil Aircraft 1999-2000
2000978-1-84037-119-2James McKayThe Complete Jack Russell
  ''978-1-84037-120-8Lance ColeHeavies: Big Jets in Action
1999978-1-84037-121-5John M. DibbsReds
2000978-1-84037-122-2Anthony G. WilliamsRapid Fire: The Development of Automatic Cannon, Heavy Machine Guns and Their Ammunition for Armies, Navies and Air Forces
  ''978-1-84037-123-9DFC J Norman AshtonOnly Birds and Fools: Flight Engineer, Avro Lancaster, World War II
  ''978-1-84037-124-6Gerry ManningAirliners of the 1960's
1999978-1-84037-125-3John BatleyThe Pigeon Shooter
  ''978-1-84037-126-0John Frayn TurnerThe Bader Wing (Airlife's Classics S.)
1999978-1-84037-127-7Harald PenroseCloud Cuckooland (Airlife's Classics S.)
  ''978-1-84037-128-4John MinoprioHorses and Heroes: The Photography of John Minoprio
  ''978-1-84037-129-1Paul A. JohnsgardPheasants of the World: Biology and Natural History
2000978-1-84037-130-7Philip E. SimsAdventurous Empires: The Story of the Short Empire Flying-boats
1999978-1-84037-131-4Stephen Frink · William J. HarriganThe Cayman Islands Diving Guide (Swan Hill Diving Guides)
  ''978-1-84037-132-1Giorgio GabbiShells
1998978-1-84037-133-8David BadgerSnakes
1995978-1-84037-134-5Stefano ArditoGreat Mountaineering Adventures
2000978-1-84037-135-2Jackson GranholmThe Day We Bombed Switzerland: Flying with the U.S.Eighth Army Air Force in World War II
  ''978-1-84037-136-9Kevin RutlandFlying with Angels: The Microlight Experience
2000978-1-84037-137-6David HoyInstrument Flying
2010978-1-84037-138-3Richard PriorRoe Deer: Management and Stalking
2000978-1-84037-139-0John Frayn TurnerFight for the Air: Allied Air Battles in World War II
1999978-1-84037-140-6Trevor ThomThe Air Pilot's Manual Volume 3: Air Navigation
2001978-1-84037-141-3C. G. JeffordRAF Squadrons: A Comprehensive Record of the Movement and Equipment of All RAF Squadrons and Their Antecedents Since 1912
1999978-1-84037-142-0Keith GaskellBritish Airways: Its History, Aircraft and Liveries
  ''978-1-84037-143-7Edward BishopThe Debt We Owe
2000978-1-84037-144-4Harald PenroseAirymouse (Airlife's Classics S.)
  ''978-1-84037-145-1Lord James Douglas-HamiltonThe Air Battle for Malta: Diaries of a Spitfire Pilot (Airlife's Classics S.)
2001978-1-84037-146-8Lee William HarrisThe Harris Hawk: Management, Training and Hunting
2000978-1-84037-147-5Edmund L. BlandfordSS Intelligence: The Nazi Secret Service
1999978-1-84037-148-2Geoffrey De HavillandSky Fever: The Autobiography of Sir Geoffrey De Havilland (Airlife's Classics S.)
2001978-1-84037-150-5Stewart WilsonCombat Aircraft since 1945
2000978-1-84037-152-9Kengo YamamotoDouglas DC-3: The Survivors
  ''978-1-84037-153-6Ken StewartThe Soaring Pilot's Manual
2001978-1-84037-154-3John Dawson · Martin CairncrossTrout Fly Fishing: An Expert Approach
1999978-1-84037-155-0Trevor ThomAir Pilot's Manual Volume 4: The Aeroplane: Technical
2000978-1-84037-156-7Peter GilchristBoeing 747: 100/200/300 Classic Series (Airlife's Airliners)
2003978-1-84037-157-4Holena HilkeHomoeopathy for Horses Pubn Abandoned
2002978-1-84037-159-8Robin LumsdenEdged Weapons of Hitler's Germany
1999978-1-84037-160-4Trevor ThomAir Pilot's Manual: Vol 5
2000978-1-84037-161-1Martin BowmanPiston-powered Propliners
  ''978-1-84037-162-8R.F. WitterLiving with Horse Power: Life Lessons Learned from the Horse
2001978-1-84037-163-5Martin BowmanFast Jet Fighters, 1947-1978
2001978-1-84037-164-2Martin BowmanJetliner Generation: Classic Early Airliners, 1958-1979
2000978-1-84037-165-9British Association for Shooting & ConservationBASC Handbook of Shooting: The Sporting Shotgun
1999978-1-84037-166-6Trevor ThomAir Pilot's Manual Volume 6: Human Factors and Pilot Performance
2000978-1-84037-168-0Mike DawesFlytier's Companion
  ''978-1-84037-169-7John KingWarbirds Around the World
1999978-1-84037-170-3Marcy and Tony PavordHandling And Understanding The Horse
2001978-1-84037-171-0John Morton DCEAirlines of the Orient
2000978-1-84037-172-7Patrick AllenAir Assault from the Sea
  ''978-1-84037-173-4Gerard FrawleyThe International Directory of Military Aircraft 2000-2001
1999978-1-84037-174-1Trevor ThomThe Air Pilot's Manual: Aviation Law and Meteorology Vol 2
2000978-1-84037-175-8Alex KimbellThink Like a Bird: An Army Pilot's Story
  ''978-1-84037-176-5Geoffrey P. JonesThe Big Six U.S. Airlines
2001978-1-84037-177-2Leo MarriottThe Vital Guide to Modern Warships
  ''978-1-84037-178-9Robin LumsdenMedals and Decorations of Hitler's Germany
2005978-1-84037-179-6Jocelyn GalsworthyWhite Hats and Cricket Bats: My Painting Life
2000978-1-84037-180-2Lou StevensThe Adaptable Fly Fisher: Wild Trout and Coarse Fish on Fly
2000978-1-84037-181-9John GolleyThe Day of the Typhoon (Airlife's Classics S.)
2001978-1-84037-182-6William FinnisA History of the Fleet Air Arm
2000978-1-84037-183-3Kevin Shannon · Stephen WrightOne Night in June (Airlife's Classics S.)
  ''978-1-84037-184-0Harald PenroseAn Ancient Air (Airlife's Classics S.)
  ''978-1-84037-186-4Brian ClarkeThe Stream
  ''978-1-84037-187-1Todd R. BergerLove of Labs
2003978-1-84037-188-8Mike SwanRough Shooting
2001978-1-84037-189-5Stanley StewartFlying the Big Jets: Flying the Boeing 777
2002978-1-84037-190-1Simon DunstonThe Vital Guide to Modern Tanks and AFVs
2000978-1-84037-191-8Giorgio MesturiniDiving Guide to Great Britain and Northern Europe
  ''978-1-84037-192-5David SmurthwaiteWar Atlas of Asia and the Pacific 1941-1945
2001978-1-84037-193-2Martin CassVOR, ADF and RMI
2000978-1-84037-194-9Dale HancockA Time with Leopards
2000978-1-84037-195-6N. Alington · Susan ScalesField Trials and Judging
2002978-1-84037-196-3Roy BaintonHonoured by Strangers: The Life of Captain Francis Cromie CB DSO RN - 1882-1918
2001978-1-84037-197-0Peter C. SmithLockheed C-130 Hercules: Versatile Medium Military Transport
  ''978-1-84037-198-7Manfred GriehlJunkers JU 87 Stuka
  ''978-1-84037-199-4Gerry Manning1, 000 Military Aircraft in Colour
2000978-1-84037-200-7Martin BowmanThe Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
2001978-1-84037-202-1Stuart CarrollVital Guide to World Tractors, The
  ''978-1-84037-204-5Jan BartelskiDisasters in the Air: The Truth About Mysterious Air Tragedies
  ''978-1-84037-205-2Gunter G. EndresConcorde: Aerospatiale/British Aerospace Concorde and the History of Supersonic Transport Aircraft (Airlife's Airliners)
2002978-1-84037-206-9George FortyThe Vital Guide to Special Forces
2001978-1-84037-207-6R. RoseA Rose Among the Thorns
2000978-1-84037-208-3Trevor ThomThe Air Pilot's Manual Volume 7: Radiotelegraphy: Radiotelephony
2000978-1-84037-209-0Kurt AmslerCorsica Diving Guide
  ''978-1-84037-210-6Brian CosgroveThe World of Weather