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Crafts Through the YearHardcover 978-0-86315-322-82000Petra Berger
Flydogs   " 978-0-7603-5052-22016
Goldens Forever: A Heartwarming Celebration of the Golden RetrieverPaperback 978-0-7603-2899-62006
Insiders' Guide® to the Twin Cities, 5th   " 978-0-7627-3409-22006Holly Day · Sherman Wick
Insiders' Guide® to the Twin Cities, 6th   " 978-0-7627-4788-72008
It Happened at Grand Canyon   " 978-0-7627-3839-72007
Lighthouses of the Great Lakes: Your Ultimate Guide to the Region's Historic LighthousesHardcover 978-0-89658-517-12002
Little Big ManPaperback 978-1-86046-641-01999
Love of GoldensHardcover 978-0-89658-385-61998
Love of Goldens. Eine Liebeserklärung an den Golden RetrieverGebunden
Love of Goldens: The Ultimate Tribute to Golden RetrieversPaperback 978-0-89658-469-32003
Love of Labs   " 978-1-84037-187-12000
Love of LabsGebunden
Love of Labs: The Ultimate Tribute to Labrador RetrieversPaperback 978-0-89658-468-62003
Love of SpanielsHardcover 978-1-84037-222-92000
Love of SpanielsGebunden
The Christmas Craft BookPaperback 978-0-86315-110-11990
The Easter Craft Book   " 978-0-86315-161-31993Petra Berger
The Gnome Craft Book   " 978-0-86315-300-61999   "
The Harvest Craft Book   " 978-0-86315-147-71992
The Little TrollLibrary Binding 978-0-86315-112-51990Ronald Heuninck
The Return of Little Big ManPaperback 978-1-86046-709-72000

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