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2020978-1-5261-2525-5Tanya CheadleSexual Progressives: Reimagining Intimacy in Scotland, 1880-1914 (Gender in History)
2019978-1-5261-2585-9Ben LambYou'Re Nicked: Investigating British Television Police Series (The Television Series)
2017978-1-5261-2641-2Andrew MonaghanPower in Modern Russia: Strategy and Mobilisation (Pocket Politics)
2020978-1-5261-2678-8Alison I. Beach · Shannong LiMonastic Experience in Twelfth-century Germany: The Chronicle of Petershausen in Translation
2018978-1-5261-2692-4Chiaki HanabusaDr Faustus 1604 (The Malone Society)
  ''978-1-5261-2698-6Sukanta ChaudhuriA Companion to Pastoral Poetry of the English Renaissance (The Manchester Spenser)
  ''978-1-5261-2701-3Adrian WoodhouseShakespeare by Mcbean
  ''978-1-5261-2705-1Rebecca Anne Barr · Sylvie Kleiman-Lafon · Sophie VassetBellies, Bowels and Entrails in the Eighteenth Century (Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Studies)
  ''978-1-5261-2710-5Gerry SmythThe Judas Kiss: Treason and Betrayal in Six Modern Irish Novels
2018978-1-5261-2711-2Anna Pilz · Whitney StandleeIrish Women's Writing, 1878-1922: Advancing the Cause of Liberty
  ''978-1-5261-2713-6Barry Crosbie · Mark HamptonThe Cultural Construction of the British World (Studies in Imperialism)
  ''978-1-5261-2715-0Nicoleta CinpoesDoing Kyd: Essays on the Spanish Tragedy (Revels Plays Companion Library)
2020978-1-5261-2717-4Robert DugganThe Grotesque in Contemporary British Fiction
2018978-1-5261-2719-8Leonie HannanWomen of Letters: Gender, Writing and the Life of the Mind in Early Modern England (Gender in History)
2019978-1-5261-2735-8Joseph HellerThe United States, the Soviet Union and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1948-67: Superpower Rivalry
2020978-1-5261-2741-9Elma BrennerLeprosy and Identity in the Middle Ages: From England to the Mediterranean
1999978-1-5261-2749-5James Rogers · Caroline Kennedy PipeDeath from Above: The Evolution of Drone Warfare
2019978-1-5261-2750-1James Rogers · Caroline Kennedy PipeDrone Warfare: Concepts and Controversies
2020978-1-5261-2800-3Barry HazleyLife History and the Irish Migrant Experience in Post-War England: Myth, Memory and Emotional Adaption
2018978-1-5261-2803-4Anthony BurgessBeard's Roman Women: By Anthony Burgess (The Irwell Edition of the Works of Anthony Burgess)
  ''978-1-5261-2808-9Robin DerricourtUnearthing Childhood: Young Lives in Prehistory
2020978-1-5261-2857-7Joanne BegiatoManliness in Britain, 1760-1900: Bodies, Emotion and Material Culture (Studies in Design and Material Culture)
2018978-1-5261-2878-2Michael ClarkeThe Challenge of Defending Britain (Pocket Politics)
2019978-1-5261-2894-2Clara EroukhmanoffThe Securitisation of Islam: Covert Racism and Affect in the United States Post-9/11 (New Approaches to Conflict Analysis)
2018978-1-5261-2897-3Alice Garner · Diane KirkbyAcademic ambassadors, Pacific allies: Australia, America and the Fulbright Program (Key Studies in Diplomacy)
  ''978-1-5261-2912-3Warren OakleyThomas 'Jupiter' Harris: Spinning Dark Intrigue at Covent Garden Theatre, 1767-1820
2019978-1-5261-2948-2Katie DoningtonThe Bonds of Family: Slavery, Commerce and Culture in the British Atlantic World (Studies in Imperialism)
2019978-1-5261-3123-2Caspar MelvilleIt's a London Thing: How Rare Groove, Acid House and Jungle Remapped the City (Music and Society)
2018978-1-5261-3148-5Eric RichardsThe genesis of international mass migration: The British case, 1750-1900
  ''978-1-5261-3149-2Eric RichardsThe Genesis of International Mass Migration: The British Case, 1750-1900
  ''978-1-5261-3150-8   ''The Genesis of International Mass Migration: The British Case, 1750-1900
2020978-1-5261-3159-1Chanita Goodblatt · Eva von ContzenEnacting the Bible in Medieval and Early Modern Drama (Manchester Medieval Literature and Culture)
  ''978-1-5261-3177-5Tom WhittakerQuinquis and Criminality in Spanish Film: Deviant Noise
2018978-1-5261-3190-4Matthew Grant · Benjamin ZiemannUnderstanding the Imaginary War: Culture, Thought and Nuclear Conflict, 1945-90 (Cultural History of Modern War)
2019978-1-5261-3193-5Brice DicksonWriting the United Kingdom Constitution (Pocket Politics)
2020978-1-5261-3199-7David BrownEmpire and Enterprise: Money, Power and the Adventurers for Irish Land During the British Civil Wars (Studies in Early Modern Irish History)
2019978-1-5261-3206-2Tony Fisher · Kelina GotmanFoucault'S Theatres (Theatre: Theory - Practice - Performance)
2018978-1-5261-3252-9Alpesh Kantilal PatelProductive Failure: Writing Queer Transnational South Asian Art Histories (Rethinking Art's Histories)
  ''978-1-5261-3256-7Andrew KlevanAesthetic Evaluation and Film
2018978-1-5261-3257-4Andrew KlevanAesthetic Evaluation and Film
  ''978-1-5261-3260-4Jenny LinAbove Sea: Contemporary Art, Urban Culture, and the Fashioning of Global Shanghai (Rethinking Art's Histories)
  ''978-1-5261-3261-1   ''Above Sea: Contemporary Art, Urban Culture, and the Fashioning of Global Shanghai (Rethinking Art's Histories)
  ''978-1-5261-3262-8   ''Above Sea: Contemporary Art, Urban Culture, and the Fashioning of Global Shanghai (Rethinking Art's Histories)
  ''978-1-5261-3263-5Zheng YangwenTen Lessons in Modern Chinese History
2019978-1-5261-3280-2Herman PaulHow to be a Historian: Scholarly Personae in Historical Studies, 1800-2000
2018978-1-5261-3295-6Donnacha O BeachainFrom Partition to Brexit: The Irish Government and Northern Ireland
2019978-1-5261-3326-7Lucy BlandBritain's `Brown Babies': The Stories of Children Born to Black GIs and White Women in the Second World War
2019978-1-5261-3329-8Angelika ZirkerWilliam Shakespeare and John Donne: Stages of the Soul in Early Modern English Poetry (The Manchester Spenser)
2020978-1-5261-3371-7Megan CavellRiddles at Work in the Anglo-saxon Tradition: Words, Ideas, Interactions
2018978-1-5261-3376-2Matt Killingsworth · Matthew Sussex · Jan PakulskiViolence and the State (New Approaches to Conflict Analysis)
2019978-1-5261-3377-9Celia HughesYoung Lives on the Left: Sixties Activism and the Liberation of the Self
2018978-1-5261-3381-6Lee Jarvis · Michael ListerAnti-Terrorism, Citizenship and Security
  ''978-1-5261-3384-7Christopher Baker-BeallThe European Union's Fight Against Terrorism: Discourse, Policies, Identity
2019978-1-5261-3423-3Jack HollandFictional Television and American Politics: From 9/11 to Donald Trump
  ''978-1-5261-3425-7Ruth Holliday · Meredith Jones · David BellBeautyscapes: Mapping Cosmetic Surgery Tourism
2018978-1-5261-3428-8Michele Mendelssohn · Denis FlanneryAlan Hollinghurst: Writing Under the Influence
  ''978-1-5261-3431-8Tim AllenderLearning Femininity in Colonial India, 1820-1932 (Studies in Imperialism)
2019978-1-5261-3437-0Michael J. FranklinHartly House, Calcutta: Phebe Gibbes
2020978-1-5261-3442-4Julian Goodare · Martha McGillThe Supernatural in Early Modern Scotland
2019978-1-5261-3451-6Head of Research Paul Edmonson · Greg WellsJohn Hall, Master of Physicke: A Casebook from Shakespeare's Stratford
2020978-1-5261-3453-0Greg WellsJohn Hall, Master of Physicke: A Casebook from Shakespeare's Stratford
  ''978-1-5261-3459-2Teresa PhippsMedieval Women and Urban Justice: Commerce, Crime and Community in England 1300-1500
2020978-1-5261-3482-0Mayke de Jong · Justin LakeConfronting Crisis in the Carolingian Empire: Paschasius Radbertus' Funeral Oration for Wala of Corbie (Manchester Medieval Sources)
  ''978-1-5261-3484-4Mayke de Jong · Justin LakeConfronting Crisis in the Carolingian Empire: Paschasius Radbertus' Funeral Oration for Wala of Corbie (Manchester Medieval Sources)
  ''978-1-5261-3498-1Patrícia MatosPrecarity and Dispossession in the Neoliberal Service Economy
2018978-1-5261-3567-4Samantha A. ShavePauper policies: Poor law practice in England, 1780-1850
  ''978-1-5261-3569-8Sorcha Ni FhlainnClive Barker: Dark Imaginer
2019978-1-5261-3570-4Tony Fisher · Kelina GotmanFoucault'S Theatres (Theatre: Theory - Practice - Performance)
2020978-1-5261-3571-1Jens Steffek · Leonie HolthausPrussians, Nazis and Peaceniks: Changing Images of Germany in International Relations
2018978-1-5261-3577-3W. Mark Ormrod · Bart Lambert · Jonathan MackmanImmigrant England, 1300-1550 (Manchester Medieval Studies)
2020978-1-5261-3581-0Vicky RandallHistory, Empire, and Islam: E. A. Freeman and Victorian Public Morality (Studies in Imperialism)
2019978-1-5261-3639-8Cara DelayIrish women and the creation of modern Catholicism, 1850-1950
2020978-1-5261-3643-5Daniel C. Remein · Erica WeaverDating Beowulf: Studies in Intimacy (Manchester Medieval Literature and Culture)
  ''978-1-5261-3646-6Richard WoodSir Philip Sidney and the Conflicts of Virtue
2020978-1-5261-3660-2Alice Martini · Kieran Ford · Richard JacksonEncountering Extremism: Theoretical Issues and Local Challenges
2018978-1-5261-3667-1Kate HillWomen and Museums 1850-1914: Modernity and the Gendering of Knowledge (Gender in History)
2021978-1-5261-3668-8Christian LoWhen Politics Meets Bureaucracy: Norms, Rules, Conformity and Cheating (Political Ethnography)
2019978-1-5261-3680-0Marc GeddesDramas at Westminster: Select Committees and the Quest for Accountability (Political Ethnography)
2020978-1-5261-3683-1Aleksandra Grzymala-kazlowskaBeyond Settlement and Integration: Anchoring in an Age of Insecurity
2019978-1-5261-3691-6Rachel Stenner · Tamsin Badcoe · Gareth GriffithRereading Chaucer and Spenser: Dan Geffrey with the New Poete (The Manchester Spenser)
  ''978-1-5261-3716-6Emily CockRhinoplasty and the Nose in Early Modern British Medicine and Culture (Social Histories of Medicine)
2020978-1-5261-3811-8Kirsten Forkert · Federico Oliveri · Gargi Bhattacharyya · Janna GrahamHow Media and Conflicts Make Migrants
  ''978-1-5261-3813-2Kirsten Forkert · Federico Oliveri · Gargi Bhattacharyya · Janna GrahamHow Media and Conflicts Make Migrants
  ''978-1-5261-3817-0Marion Andrea SchmidtEradicating Deafness?: Genetics, Pathology, and Diversity in Twentieth-Century America (Disability History)
2019978-1-5261-3841-5Sam HaddowPrecarious Spectatorship: Theatre and Image in an Age of Emergencies
  ''978-1-5261-3932-0Lindy BradyWriting the Welsh Borderlands in Anglo-Saxon England (Artes Liberales)
2019978-1-5261-3935-1Peter Gatrell · Liubov ZhvankoEurope on the Move: Refugees in the Era of the Great War (Cultural History of Modern War)
  ''978-1-5261-3939-9Chen KertcherThe United Nations and peacekeeping, 1988-95
  ''978-1-5261-3942-9Deborah MartinThe cinema of Lucrecia Martel (Spanish and Latin-American Filmmakers)
  ''978-1-5261-3944-3Andrew James HartleyJulius Caesar (Shakespeare in Performance)
  ''978-1-5261-3945-0Robert OrmsbyCoriolanus (Shakespeare in Performance)
2019978-1-5261-3946-7Linnie Blake · Agnieszka Soltysik MonnetNeoliberal Gothic: International Gothic in the Neoliberal Age (International Gothic Series)
  ''978-1-5261-3948-1Amber Regis · Deborah WynneCharlotte Bronte: Legacies and Afterlives (Interventions: Rethinking the Nineteenth Century)
  ''978-1-5261-3950-4Margaret ChristianSpenserian allegory and Elizabethan biblical exegesis: A context for The Faerie Queene (Manchester Spenser)
  ''978-1-5261-3951-1Rachel HileSpenserian Satire: A Tradition of Indirection (The Manchester Spenser)
  ''978-1-5261-3953-5Felicity ChaplinLa Parisienne in cinema: Between art and life
2019978-1-5261-3957-3Daniel LeaTwenty-first-century fiction: Contemporary British voices
  ''978-1-5261-3958-0Željka Doljanin · Máire DoyleJohn McGahern: Authority and Vision
  ''978-1-5261-3959-7Tanja Bueltmann · Donald MacRaildThe English Diaspora in North America: Migration, Ethnicity and Association, 1730s-1950s
  ''978-1-5261-3960-3A. James HammertonMigrants of the British Diaspora Since the 1960s: Stories from Modern Nomads
  ''978-1-5261-3963-4Niharika DinkarEmpires of Light: Vision, Visibility and Power in Colonial India (Rethinking Art's Histories)
2019978-1-5261-3967-2Tamsin BadcoeEdmund Spenser and the romance of space (The Manchester Spenser)
2020978-1-5261-4002-9Emily WhewellLaw Across Imperial Borders: British Consuls and Colonial Connections on China's Western Frontiers, 1880-1943 (Studies in Imperialism)
  ''978-1-5261-4005-0Michael RobinsonShell-Shocked British Army Veterans in Ireland, 1918-39: A Difficult Homecoming (Disability History)
2019978-1-5261-4014-2Roger ForshawEgypt of the Saite Pharaohs, 664-525 BC
2021978-1-5261-4028-9Naomi RouxSurfacing Pasts in Urban South Africa: Post-Apartheid Memory and Transformation: Memory and Urban Transformation in South Africa
2019978-1-5261-4049-4Alistair ColeEmmanuel Macron and the Two Years That Changed France (Pocket Politics)
  ''978-1-5261-4051-7Carol HelmstadterBeyond Nightingale: Nursing on the Crimean War Battlefields (Nursing History and Humanities)
2021978-1-5261-4063-0Rozita DimovaBorder Porosities: Movements of People, Goods and Services in the Southern Balkans
2020978-1-5261-4072-2Matthew KiddThe Renewal of Radicalism: Politics, Identity and Ideology in England, 1867-1924
  ''978-1-5261-4086-9Raymond Fagel · Leonor Alvarez Frances · Beatriz Santiago BelmonteEarly Modern War Narratives and the Revolt in the Low Countries (Studies in Early Modern European History)
2019978-1-5261-4098-2Meritxell Ramirez-i-OlleInto the Woods: An Epistemography of Climate Change (New Ethnographies)
2020978-1-5261-4188-0Eleanor DobsonVictorian Literary Culture and Ancient Egypt
  ''978-1-5261-4223-8Alexander SamsonMary and Philip: The Marriage of Tudor England and Habsburg Spain (Studies in Early Modern European History)
2020978-1-5261-4228-3Jenny BenhamInternational Law in Europe, 700-1200 (Artes Liberales)
2019978-1-5261-4240-5Eglantine StauntonFrance, Humanitarian Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect
  ''978-1-5261-4258-0Jean R. BrinkThe Early Spenser, 1554-80: 'Minde on Honour Fixed' (The Manchester Spenser)
  ''978-1-5261-4261-0Catherine CoxNegotiating Insanity in the Southeast of Ireland, 1820-1900
  ''978-1-5261-4262-7Allison AbraDancing in the English style: Consumption, Americanisation and national identity in Britain, 1918-50 (Studies in Popular Culture)
2020978-1-5261-4263-4Political Ideologies in Contemporary Russia
2019978-1-5261-4280-1Andy CampbellBound Together: Leather, Sex, Archives and Contemporary Art (Rethinking Art's Histories)
  ''978-1-5261-4282-5Andy CampbellBound Together: Leather, Sex, Archives and Contemporary Art (Rethinking Art's Histories)
2019978-1-5261-4303-7Adrian O'ConnorIn Pursuit of Politics: Education and Revolution in Eighteenth-Century France (Studies in Modern French and Francophone History)
2020978-1-5261-4317-4Coreen McGuireMeasuring Difference, Numbering Normal: Setting the Standards for Disability in the Interwar Period (Disability History)
  ''978-1-5261-4320-4Imogen RichardsNeoliberalism and Neo-Jihadism: Propaganda and Finance in Al Qaeda and Islamic State
  ''978-1-5261-4323-5Benjamin SteinerBuilding the French Empire 1600-1800: Locality, Emotion and Material Culture
  ''978-1-5261-4330-3Anne ByrneDeath and the Crown: Ritual and Politics in France Before the Revolution (Studies in Modern French and Francophone History)
  ''978-1-5261-4339-6Lesley Pruitt · Erica Rose JeffreyDancing Through the Dissonance: Creative Movement and Peacebuilding
2019978-1-5261-4348-8Indrani SenGendered transactions: The white woman in colonial India, c. 1820-1930 (Studies in Imperialism)
2019978-1-5261-4350-1Robert ShaughnessyAs You Like It (Shakespeare in Performance)
  ''978-1-5261-4351-8Jonathan DentSinister histories: Gothic novels and representations of the past, from Horace Walpole to Mary Wollstonecraft
  ''978-1-5261-4352-5Alan Rawes · Diego SagliaByron and Italy
2020978-1-5261-4353-2Veronique Machelidon · Patrick SaveauReimagining North African Immigration: Identities in Flux in French Literature, Television, and Film
  ''978-1-5261-4354-9Jonathan Baldo · Isabel KarremannForms of Faith: Literary Form and Religious Conflict in Early Modern England
2019978-1-5261-4356-3Laura Varnamchurch as sacred space in Middle English literature and culture, The (Manchester Medieval Literature and Culture)
  ''978-1-5261-4358-7Tomas Macsotay · Cornelis van der Haven · Karel VanhaesebrouckThe Hurt(Ful) Body: Performing and Beholding Pain, 1600-1800
2019978-1-5261-4359-4Philippe Met · Annie Fourcaut · Roland-Francois Lack · Jean-Louis Pautrot · Keith Reader · Margaret Flinn · Eric Bullot · Tristan JeanScreening the Paris Suburbs: From the Silent Era to the 1990s
  ''978-1-5261-4361-7Darrell M NewtonPaving the Empire Road: BBC television and black Britons
2020978-1-5261-4362-4R. S. WhiteShakespeare'S Cinema of Love: A Study in Genre and Influence
2019978-1-5261-4363-1Brian HanleyThe Impact of the Troubles on the Republic of Ireland, 1968-79: Boiling Volcano?
  ''978-1-5261-4371-6Stephen Emerson · Hussein SolomonAfrican Security in the Twenty-First Century: Challenges and Opportunities
  ''978-1-5261-4390-7Graham SpencerInside Accounts, Volume II: The Irish Government and Peace in Northern Ireland, from the Good Friday Agreement to the Fall of Power-Sharing
  ''978-1-5261-4396-9Duy Lap NguyenThe Unimagined Community: Imperialism and Culture in South Vietnam (Cultural History of Modern War)
2020978-1-5261-4399-0Luke de NoronhaDeporting Black Britons: Portraits of Deportation to Jamaica
2020978-1-5261-4407-2Richard HillmanThe Shakespearean Comic and Tragicomic: French Inflections
  ''978-1-5261-4492-8Banning Them, Securing Us?: Terrorism, Parliament and the Ritual of Proscription
2019978-1-5261-4501-7Julian SimpsonMigrant Architects of the NHS: South Asian Doctors and the Reinvention of British General Practice (1940s-1980s) (Social Histories of Medicine)
2020978-1-5261-4508-6Ina HabermannThe Road to Brexit: A Cultural Perspective on British Attitudes to Europe
  ''978-1-5261-4535-2Tim William MachanNorthern Memories and the English Middle Ages (Manchester Medieval Literature and Culture)
  ''978-1-5261-4542-0Nadine El-EnanyBordering Britain: Law, Race and Empire
  ''978-1-5261-4545-1Philip NortonGoverning Britain: Parliament, Ministers and Our Ambiguous Constitution
2019978-1-5261-4558-1Louise ThompsonSmall Parties: How Mps Operate in the Commons
2020978-1-5261-4562-8Carl GriffinThe Politics of Hunger: Protest, Poverty and Policy in England, C. 1750-C. 1840
2020978-1-5261-4568-0Sue EdneyEcogothic Gardens in the Long Nineteenth Century: Phantoms, Fantasy and Uncanny Flowers
  ''978-1-5261-4602-1Umberto TulliA Precarious Equilibrium: Human Rights and deTente in Jimmy Carter's Soviet Policy (Key Studies in Diplomacy)
  ''978-1-5261-4617-5Jeremy PressmanThe Sword is Not Enough: Arabs, Israelis, and the Limits of Military Force
  ''978-1-5261-4622-9Stanley R SloanDefense of the West: Second Edition: Transatlantic Security from Truman to Trump
2019978-1-5261-4624-3Declan LongGhost-Haunted Land: Contemporary Art and Post-Troubles Northern Ireland
2020978-1-5261-4638-0Hugh CunninghamThe Reputation of Philanthropy Since 1750: Britain and Beyond
  ''978-1-5261-4643-4Frontier Narratives: Liminal Lives in the Early Modern Mediterranean
2020978-1-5261-4683-0Dalia Abdelhady · Nina Gren · Martin JoormanRefugees and the Violence of Welfare Bureaucracies in Northern Europe
  ''978-1-5261-4692-2Homer B. PetteyThe Films of Costa-Gavras: New Perspectives
  ''978-1-5261-4696-0Joe TurnerBordering Intimacy: Postcolonial Governance and the Policing of Family (Theory for a Global Age)
  ''978-1-5261-4701-1Rebecca Pates · Julia LeserThe Wolves Are Coming Back: The Politics of Fear in Eastern Germany
  ''978-1-5261-4703-5Andrew RobertsIdols of the Odeons: Post-War British Film Stardom
2020978-1-5261-4710-3Robert Ingram · Jason Peacey · Alex W. Barber · Peter LakeFreedom of Speech, 1500-1850 (Politics, Culture and Society in Early Modern Britain)
  ''978-1-5261-4713-4Charlotte KlonkTerror: When Images Become Weapons
  ''978-1-5261-4717-2Alison PhippsMe, Not You: The Trouble with Mainstream Feminism
  ''978-1-5261-4797-4Philipp Schorch · Conal McCarthyCuratopia: Museums and the Future of Curatorship
  ''978-1-5261-4807-0Florence D'SouzaKnowledge, Mediation and Empire: James Tod's Journeys Among the Rajputs (Studies in Imperialism)
2020978-1-5261-4808-7Ruth Kinna · Matthew S. AdamsAnarchism, 1914-18: Internationalism, Anti-Militarism and War
  ''978-1-5261-4887-2Kseniya Oksamytna · John KarlsrudUnited Nations Peace Operations and International Relations Theory
978-1-5261-4921-3Tom WoodinWorking-Class Writing and Publishing in the Late Twentieth Century
2020978-1-5261-5006-6Nina Holm VohnsenThe Absurdity of Bureaucracy: How Implementation Works (Political Ethnography)
  ''978-1-5261-5012-7Robert W Daniel · Elizabeth ClarkePeople and Piety: Protestant Devotional Identities in Early Modern England
  ''978-1-5261-5032-5Thomas Almeroth-WilliamsCity of Beasts: How Animals Shaped Georgian London
  ''978-1-5261-5067-7Deborah Sugg RyanIdeal Homes: Uncovering the History and Design of the Interwar House (Studies in Design and Material Culture)
2021978-1-5261-5116-2Charlotte Lydia RileyThe Free Speech Wars: How Did We Get Here and Why Does It Matter
2020978-1-5261-5147-6Asim QureshiI Refuse to Condemn: Resisting Racism in Times of National Security
2020978-1-5261-5168-1Simon PeplowRace and Riots in Thatcher's Britain (Racism, Resistance and Social Change)
2021978-1-5261-5170-4Steven KingSickness, Medical Welfare and the English Poor, 1750-1834 (Social Histories of Medicine)
2020978-1-5261-5175-9Ben WorthyThe Politics of Freedom of Information: How and Why Governments Pass Laws That Threaten Their Power
  ''978-1-5261-5176-6Wilhelm Vosse · Paul MidfordJapan's New Security Partnerships: Beyond the Security Alliance
  ''978-1-5261-5177-3Kathryn WallsGod's Only Daughter: Spenser's Una as the Invisible Church (Manchester Spenser)
  ''978-1-5261-5178-0Jean R BrinkThe Early Spenser, 1554-80: Minde on Honour Fixed' (Manchester Spenser)
  ''978-1-5261-5180-3Alberto Fernandez CarbajalQueer Muslim Diasporas in Contemporary Literature and Film (Multicultural Textualities)