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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2017978-1-68322-007-7Susan Page DavisMy Heart Belongs in the Superstition Mountains: Carmela's Quandary
  ''978-1-68322-008-4Compiled by Barbour StaffDaily Wisdom for Women Devotional Coloring Book: Color Yourself Inspired
  ''978-1-68322-011-4Susanne DietzeMy Heart Belongs in Ruby City, Idaho: Rebecca's Plight
  ''978-1-68322-012-1Elizabeth Laing ThompsonWhen God Says "Wait": navigating life's detours and delays without losing your faith, your friends, or your mind
2016978-1-68322-064-0Ronie KendigOperation Zulu Redemption
2017978-1-68322-068-8Wanda E. BrunstetterA Cousin's Challenge (Indiana Cousins)
  ''978-1-68322-069-5Wanda E. BrunstetterA Cousin's Prayer (Indiana Cousins)
2017978-1-68322-070-1Wanda E. BrunstetterA Cousin's Promise (Indiana Cousins)
  ''978-1-68322-079-4Lynn A. ColemanBrides of Kentucky: 3-in-1 Historical Romance Collection (50 States of Love)
  ''978-1-68322-085-5Susan Page Davis · Colleen L. ReeceDesert Moon: Also Includes Bonus Story of Honor Bond by Colleen L. Reece
  ''978-1-68322-088-6Carrie Fancett PagelsMy Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island: Maude's Mooring
  ''978-1-68322-091-6Joanne Bischof · Amanda Dykes · Heather Day Gilbert · Jocelyn Green · Maureen LangThe Message in a Bottle Romance Collection: Hope Reaches Across the Centuries Through One Single Bottle, Inspiring Five Romances
2017978-1-68322-097-8Stephen M. MillerWho's Who and Where's Where in the Bible: An Illustrated A-to-Z Dictionary of the People and Places in Scripture
2016978-1-68322-102-9Compiled by Barbour StaffSpiritual Refreshment for Women: Everyday Encouragement Coloring Book (Color Yourself Inspired)
2017978-1-68322-105-0   ''The Bible Promise Book® for Hope & Healing Coloring Book (Color Yourself Inspired)
  ''978-1-68322-110-4Olivia NewportGladden the Heart (Amish Turns of Time)
  ''978-1-68322-114-2Carla Gade · Darlene FranklinLove's Compass: Also Includes Bonus Story of Pride's Fall by Darlene Franklin
  ''978-1-68322-117-3Barbara Tifft Blakey · Mary Davis · Darlene Franklin · Cynthia Hickey · Maureen Lang · Debby Lee · Donna Schlachter · Connie StevensThe Pony Express Romance Collection: Historic Express Mail Route Delivers Nine Inspiring Romances
  ''978-1-68322-124-1Cathy Marie HakeBrides of Virginia: 3-in-1 Historical Romance Collection (50 States of Love)
2017978-1-68322-132-6Susan Page Davis · Susanne Dietze · Darlene Franklin · Patty Smith Hall · Cynthia Hickey · Carrie Fancett Pagels · Gina WelbornSeven Brides for Seven Mail-Order Husbands Romance Collection: A Newspaper Ad for Husbands Brings a Wave of Men to a Small Kansas Town
  ''978-1-68322-143-2Christopher D. HudsonBible Atlas & Companion
  ''978-1-68322-167-8Helen Steiner Rice FoundationMy Garden of Prayer: Beloved Prayer Poetry from Helen Steiner Rice
  ''978-1-68322-174-6Compiled by Barbour StaffChoose Hope: 3-Minute Devotions for Women
  ''978-1-68322-175-3Amanda Barratt · Lorraine Beatty · Molly Noble Bull · Anita Mae Draper · CJ Dunham · Jennifer Uhlarik · Becca Whitham · Kathleen Y'BarboThe Secret Admirer Romance Collection: Can Concealed Love Be Revealed in 9 Historical Novellas?
2017978-1-68322-182-1Carol CoxJourney Toward Home: Also Includes Bonus Story of Measure of a Man
  ''978-1-68322-187-6Nancy J. FarrierBrides of Arizona: 3-in-1 Historical Romance Collection (50 States of Love)
  ''978-1-68322-190-6Sally Laity · Gail SattlerTo Walk in Sunshine: Also Includes Bonus Story of The Train Stops Here by Gail Sattler
  ''978-1-68322-207-1Lauralee Bliss · Ramona K. Cecil · Dianne Christner · Melanie Dobson · Jerry S. Eicher · Olivia Newport · Rachael O. Phillips · Claire SandersA Plain and Sweet Christmas Romance Collection: Spend Christmas with 9 Historical Couples from Amish, Mennonite, Quaker, and Amana Settlements
  ''978-1-68322-211-8Compiled by Barbour StaffDaily Wisdom for Women 2018 Devotional Collection
2017978-1-68322-220-0Jessie FiorittoWomen's Bible Study Coloring Journal (Color Yourself Inspired)
  ''978-1-68322-222-4Andrea BoeshaarMy Heart Belongs in the Shenandoah Valley: Lily's Dilemma
  ''978-1-68322-225-5Wanda E. Brunstetter · Jean Brunstetter · Richelle BrunstetterThe Beloved Christmas Quilt: Three Stories of Family, Romance, and Amish Faith
  ''978-1-68322-236-1Compiled by Barbour Staff3-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls: A Daily Devotional for Her Heart
  ''978-1-68322-239-2Jean Brunstetter · Wanda E. BrunstetterThe Amish Millionaire Collection: A 6-in-1 Series from Holmes County
2017978-1-68322-242-2Compiled by Barbour StaffDaily Wisdom for Men 2018 Devotional Collection
  ''978-1-68322-244-6Twin Sisters® · Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand · Kim Mitzo ThompsonMommy and Me Coloring Christmas: Creativity Inspired by Faith (Color Yourself Inspired)
  ''978-1-68322-245-3Ed StraussA Genesis to Revelation Scripture Memory Guide
  ''978-1-68322-246-0Lauralee Bliss · Angela Breidenbach · Ramona K. Cecil · Pamela Griffin · Grace Hitchcock · Pam Hillman · Laura V. Hilton · Tiffany Amber StocktonThe Second Chance Brides Collection: Nine Historical Romances Offer New Hope for Love
2018978-1-68322-250-7Compiled by Barbour Staff3-Minute Devotions for Men: 180 Encouraging Readings
  ''978-1-68322-254-5Emily BiggersMornings with God: Prayers and Devotions for Women
2017978-1-68322-258-3Michelle Griep12 Days at Bleakly Manor: Book 1 in Once Upon a Dickens Christmas
2018978-1-68322-259-0Michelle GriepA Tale of Two Hearts: Book 2 in Once Upon a Dickens Christmas
2019978-1-68322-260-6   ''Once Upon a Dickens Christmas: 3 Charming Christmas Tales Set in Victorian England
2017978-1-68322-263-7Susanne Dietze · Michelle Griep · Anne Love · Gabrielle Meyer · Natalie Monk · Jennifer Uhlarik · Erica Vetsch · Jaime Jo WrightOf Rags and Riches Romance Collection: Nine Stories of Poverty and Opulence During the Gilded Age
2017978-1-68322-266-8Frances DevineWhispers of the Wind: Also Includes Bonus Story of The Scent of Magnolia
  ''978-1-68322-269-9Kristin Billerbeck · Peggy DartyThe Prodigal's Welcome: Includes Bonus Story of My Beloved Waits by Peggy Darty
  ''978-1-68322-272-9Tracey V. BatemanBrides of Kansas: 3-in-1 Historical Romance Collection (50 States of Love)
  ''978-1-68322-286-6Kelly Eileen HakeBrides of Montana: 3-in-1 Historical Romance (50 States of Love)
  ''978-1-68322-289-7Ginny Aiken · Carla Gade · Pamela Griffin · Tamela Hancock Murray · Jill Stengl · Gina WelbornBygone Christmas Brides: Six Stories of Old-Fashioned Christmas Romance
2017978-1-68322-293-4Christopher D. HudsonThe Barbour Bible Study Companion: Easy-to-Understand Study Notes for Genesis-Revelation
  ''978-1-68322-298-9George W. Knight · Rayburn W. RayBarbour's Bible Dictionary and Concordance
  ''978-1-68322-316-0Krista PhillipsThe Engagement Plot
  ''978-1-68322-323-8Lena Nelson DooleyBrides of Minnesota: 3-in-1 Historical Romance (50 States of Love)
  ''978-1-68322-335-1Olivia NewportColors of Christmas: Two Contemporary Stories Celebrate the Hope of Christmas
2017978-1-68322-336-8Jennifer AlLee · Angela Breidenbach · Susan Page Davis · Darlene Franklin · Patty Smith Hall · Cynthia Hickey · Carrie Fancett Pagels · Lucy ThompsonThe Captive Brides Collection: 9 Stories of Great Challenges Overcome through Great Love
  ''978-1-68322-339-9Compiled by Barbour StaffBest Loved Psalms Coloring Book (Color Yourself Inspired)
2018978-1-68322-340-5Darlene SalaCreated for a Purpose Coloring Book (Color Yourself Inspired)
  ''978-1-68322-341-2Amanda BarrattMy Heart Belongs in Niagara Falls, New York: Adele's Journey
  ''978-1-68322-362-7Wanda E. BrunstetterThe Healing (Kentucky Brothers)
2017978-1-68322-365-8   ''The Journey (Kentucky Brothers)
2018978-1-68322-368-9   ''The Struggle (Kentucky Brothers)
2017978-1-68322-371-9Amanda Barratt · Angela Bell · Susanne Dietze · Michelle Griep · Nancy Moser · MaryLu Tyndall · Erica VetschThe Regency Brides Collection: 7 Romances Set in England during the Early Nineteenth Century
  ''978-1-68322-375-7Angie DickenMy Heart Belongs in Castle Gate, Utah: Leanna's Choice
2018978-1-68322-381-8Mary Davis · Kathleen E. Kovach · Paula Moldenhauer · Suzanne Norquist · Donita Kathleen Paul · Donna Schlachter · Pegg ThomasA Bouquet of Brides Romance Collection: For Seven Bachelors, This Bouquet of Brides Means a Happily Ever After
2018978-1-68322-395-5Compiled by Barbour StaffBlessed: A Journal for the Highly Creative Soul
2017978-1-68322-402-0Mary ConnealyThe Calico and Cowboys Romance Collection: 8 Novellas from the Old West Celebrate the Lighthearted Side of Love
2018978-1-68322-404-4Twin Sisters® · Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand · Kim Mitzo ThompsonABC Scripture Memory Boxed Set (I'm Learning the Bible Flash Cards)
  ''978-1-68322-419-8Kimberley WoodhouseThe Mayflower Bride: Daughters of the Mayflower - Book 1
  ''978-1-68322-435-8Michelle GriepThe Innkeeper's Daughter (The Bow Street Runners Trilogy)
  ''978-1-68322-443-3Stacey ThureenDaily Wisdom for the Mommy-to-Be: Everyday Encouragement during Your Pregnancy
  ''978-1-68322-444-0Megan Besing · Noelle Marchand · Donna Schlachter · Sherri Shackelford · Michelle Shocklee · Ann Shorey · Liz Tolsma · Jennifer UhlarikThe Mail-Order Brides Collection: 9 Historical Stories of Marriage that Precedes Love
2018978-1-68322-447-1Wanda E. Brunstetter · Jean BrunstetterThe Hawaiian Discovery
  ''978-1-68322-450-1Steve RussoThe Bible Promise Book® for Teens: Timeless Answers for Tough Questions
  ''978-1-68322-459-4Compiled by Barbour Staff · Christopher D. HudsonThe KJV Cross Reference Study Bible Students' Edition Indexed [Charcoal]
  ''978-1-68322-463-1Janice ThompsonMy Heart Belongs in San Francisco, California: Abby's Prospects
2017978-1-68322-467-9Christopher D. HudsonThe KJV Cross Reference Study Bible [brown]
2017978-1-68322-468-6Christopher D. HudsonThe KJV Cross Reference Study Bible [purple]
  ''978-1-68322-469-3   ''The KJV Cross Reference Study Bible - Indexed [brown]
  ''978-1-68322-470-9   ''The KJV Cross Reference Study Bible - Indexed [purple]
2018978-1-68322-473-0Compiled by Barbour Staff · Christopher D. HudsonThe KJV Cross Reference Study Bible Women's Edition Indexed [Floral Berry]
  ''978-1-68322-474-7Michelle GriepThe Captured Bride: Daughters of the Mayflower - book 3
2017978-1-68322-485-3Compiled by Barbour StaffMen of the Bible Devotional: Insights from the Warriors, Wimps, and Wise Guys
  ''978-1-68322-487-7   ''Women of the Bible Devotional: Inspiration from the Lives, Loves, and Legacy of Notable Bible Women
2018978-1-68322-494-5Amanda Barratt · Susan Page Davis · Vickie McDonough · Gabrielle Meyer · Lorna Seilstad · Erica Vetsch · Kathleen Y'BarboSeven Brides for Seven Texas Rangers Romance Collection: 7 Rangers Find Love and Justice on the Texas Frontier
2018978-1-68322-497-6Kathleen Y'BarboThe Pirate Bride: Daughters of the Mayflower - Book 2
  ''978-1-68322-500-3   ''My Heart Belongs in Galveston, Texas: Madeline's Search
  ''978-1-68322-509-6Debora M. CotyDemasiado bendecida para estar estresada: Devocionales de 3 minutos para mujeres (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-68322-548-5Susanne Dietze · Cynthia Hickey · Marcia Gruver · Carrie Fancett Pagels · Martha Rogers · Lorna Seilstad · Connie Stevens · Jennifer UhlarikFirst Love Forever Romance Collection: 9 Historical Romances Where First Loves are Rekindled
  ''978-1-68322-557-7Compiled by Barbour StaffThe Prayer Map® for Women (Faith Maps)
2018978-1-68322-566-9Wanda E. BrunstetterHalf-Stitched Amish Quilting Club
2018978-1-68322-569-0Wanda E. BrunstetterThe Healing Quilt
  ''978-1-68322-592-8Compiled by Barbour StaffThe Bible Promise Book® Devotional for Women: 365 Days of Encouragement for Your Heart
  ''978-1-68322-593-5Christopher D. Hudson · Compiled by Barbour StaffKJV Cross Reference Study Bible [Stone]
  ''978-1-68322-594-2   ''KJV Cross Reference Study Bible Indexed [Bonded Leather Brown]
  ''978-1-68322-596-6   ''KJV Cross Reference Study Bible Compact [Peony Blossoms]
2018978-1-68322-597-3Christopher D. Hudson · Compiled by Barbour StaffKJV Cross Reference Study Bible Compact [Mahogany Cross]
  ''978-1-68322-601-7Nancy MoserThe Fashion Designer (The Pattern Artist)
  ''978-1-68322-606-2Kimberley WoodhouseThe Patriot Bride: Daughters of the Mayflower - book 4
  ''978-1-68322-617-8MaryLu TyndallThe Liberty Bride: Daughters of the Mayflower - book 6
  ''978-1-68322-622-2Angela K Couch · Debra E Marvin · Shannon McNear · Gabrielle Meyer · Carrie Fancett Pagels · Jennifer Hudson Taylor · Pegg Thomas · Denise WeimerThe Backcountry Brides Collection: Eight 18th Century Women Seek Love on Colonial America's Frontier
2018978-1-68322-632-1Barbara Tifft Blakey · Ramona K. Cecil · Lynn A. Coleman · Cecelia Dowdy · Patty Smith Hall · Terri J. Haynes · Debby Lee · Darlene PanzeraThe Underground Railroad Brides Collection: 9 Couples Navigate the Road to Freedom before the Civil War
  ''978-1-68322-636-9Compiled by Barbour StaffThe KJV NLV Parallel Bible
  ''978-1-68322-637-6   ''The KJV NLV Parallel Bible [Pewter]
  ''978-1-68322-640-6   ''Daily Wisdom for Women 2019 Devotional Collection
  ''978-1-68322-643-7JoAnn A. Grote · Cathy Marie Hake · Kelly Eileen Hake · Amy Rognlie · Janelle Burnham Schneider · Pamela Kaye Tracy · Lynette SowellThe Bartered Bride Romance Collection: 9 Historical Stories of Arranged Marriages
2018978-1-68322-646-8Kimberley Comeaux · Susan Downs · JoAnn A. Grote · Ellen Edwards Kennedy · Debby Mayne · DiAnn MillsThe Farmer's Bride Collection: 6 Romances Spring from Hearts, Home, and Harvest
  ''978-1-68322-649-9Wanda E. BrunstetterThe Daughters of Lancaster County: The Bestselling Series That Inspired the Musical, Stolen
  ''978-1-68322-650-5Lauralee Bliss · Ramona K. Cecil · Dianne Christner · Lynn A. Coleman · Patty Smith Hall · Grace Hitchcock · Connie StevensThe Southern Belle Brides Collection: 7 Sweet and Sassy Ladies of Yesterday Experience Romance in the Southern States
  ''978-1-68322-657-4Wanda E. BrunstetterA Christmas Prayer: A cross-country journey in 1850 leads to high mountain danger_and romance.
  ''978-1-68322-682-6Lori Copeland · CJ Dunham · Cynthia Hickey · Maureen Lang · Cathy Liggett · Kelly Long · Carolyn ZaneThe Barefoot Brides Collection: 7 Eccentric Women Would Sacrifice All (Even Their Shoes) For Their Dreams
2018978-1-68322-691-8Shannon McNearThe Cumberland Bride: Daughters of the Mayflower - book 5
  ''978-1-68322-710-6Shanna D. GregorInspired by The Word: A Creative Journal for Women
  ''978-1-68322-715-1Judith Mccoy Miller · Nancy Moser · Stephanie Grace WhitsonChristmas Stitches: A Historical Romance Collection: 3 Stories of Women Sewing Hope and Love Through the Holidays
  ''978-1-68322-716-8Margaret Brownley · Rosey Dow · Darlene Franklin · Marcia Gruver · Vickie McDonough · Debra UllrickOld West Christmas Brides: 6 Historical Romances Celebrate Christmas on the Frontier
  ''978-1-68322-719-9C.J. Chase · Susanne Dietze · Rita Gerlach · Kathleen L. Maher · Gabrielle Meyer · Carrie Fancett Pagels · Vanessa Riley · Lorna SeilstadThe Victorian Christmas Brides Collection: 9 Women Dream of Perfect Christmases during the Victorian Era
2018978-1-68322-720-5Compiled by Barbour StaffPersonal Reflections KJV Bible [Rosegold Bloom]
2018978-1-68322-722-9Compiled by Barbour StaffPrayers for a Woman's Heart Creative Devotional
  ''978-1-68322-725-0Rebecca GermanyThank You, Lord: A Creative Gratitude Journal
  ''978-1-68322-728-1Wanda E. Brunstetter · Jean BrunstetterThe Lopsided Christmas Cake
  ''978-1-68322-730-4Robin CarollStratagem
  ''978-1-68322-732-8Darlene Franklin · DiAnn Mills · Darlene Mindrup · Tamela Hancock Murray · Lynette Sowell · Michelle Ule · Kathleen Y'BarboThe Texas Brides Collection: 9 Romances from the Old West
2018978-1-68322-736-6Wanda E. BrunstetterThe Prairie State Friends Trilogy: 3 Amish Romances from a New York Times Bestselling Author
  ''978-1-68322-740-3Murray PuraMy Heart Belongs in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: Clarissa's Conflict
2019978-1-68322-749-6Michelle GriepThe Noble Guardian (The Bow Street Runners Trilogy)
  ''978-1-68322-755-7Laura FreudigI Fall to My Knees: Devotional Prayers Inspired by Ephesians 3
2018978-1-68322-769-4Lena Nelson Dooley · Rebecca Jepson · Carrie Fancett Pagels · Candice Sue Patterson · Kathleen Rouser · Pegg Thomas · Marilyn TurkThe Great Lakes Lighthouse Brides Collection: 7 Historical Romances Are a Beacon of Hope to Weary Hearts
2019978-1-68322-779-3Pepper BashamMy Heart Belongs in the Blue Ridge: Laurel's Dream
2018978-1-68322-789-2Carolanne MiljavacOdd(ly) Enough: Standing Out When the World Begs You To Fit In
2019978-1-68322-820-2Kathleen Y'BarboThe Alamo Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower)
  ''978-1-68322-826-4Michelle GriepLadies of Intrigue: 3 Tales of 19th-Century Romance with a Dash of Mystery
  ''978-1-68322-861-5Donna K. MalteseWorry Less, Pray More: A Woman's Devotional Guide to Anxiety-Free Living
2019978-1-68322-866-0Wanda E. BrunstetterWanda E. Brunstetter's Amish Friends Gatherings Cookbook: Over 200 Recipes for Carry-In Favorites with Tips for Making the Most of the Occasion
  ''978-1-68322-886-8Wanda E. Brunstetter · Jean Brunstetter · Richelle BrunstetterThe Brides of the Big Valley: 3 Romances from a Unique Pennsylvania Amish Community
  ''978-1-68322-891-2Kimberley WoodhouseThe Golden Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower)
  ''978-1-68322-933-9Naomi StephensShadow among Sheaves
  ''978-1-68322-949-0Jonathan McKeeThe Guy's Guide to Four Battles Every Young Man Must Face: a manual to overcoming life's common distractions
2019978-1-68322-983-4Christopher D. HudsonGo-Anywhere KJV Study Bible (Primrose Compass)
  ''978-1-68322-984-1   ''Go-Anywhere KJV Study Bible (Cedar Compass)
2020978-1-68322-997-1Olivia NewportWhat You Said to Me (Volume 4) (Tree of Life)