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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-61626-003-3John WesleyThe Essential Works of John Wesley
2010978-1-61626-004-0Tracie Peterson · Tracey Bateman · Deborah Raney · Pamela Griffin · JoAnn A. Grote · Maryn Langer · Darlene Mindrup · Janet SpaethA Prairie Christmas Collection: 9 Historical Christmas Romances from America's Great Plains
  ''978-1-61626-013-2Compiled by Barbour Staff365 Great Things About Teachers (365 Perpetual Calendars)
  ''978-1-61626-014-9Compiled by Barbour Staff365 Simple Ways to Go Green (365 Perpetual Calendars)
  ''978-1-61626-016-3   ''365 Great Moments in Sports History (365 Perpetual Calendars)
  ''978-1-61626-030-9John BunyanEl progreso del Peregrino: The Pilgrim's Progress (Abridged Christian Classics) (Spanish Edition)
2010978-1-61626-031-6Helen Steiner RiceA Touch of Joy (Helen Steiner Rice Collection)
  ''978-1-61626-032-3Helen Steiner RiceA Touch of Love (Helen Steiner Rice Collection)
  ''978-1-61626-033-0   ''A Touch of Hope (Helen Steiner Rice Collection)
  ''978-1-61626-034-7   ''A Touch of Comfort (Helen Steiner Rice Collection)
2011978-1-61626-037-8Barbour PublishingThe KJV Study Bible (Bonded Leather) (King James Bible)
2014978-1-61626-040-8Ronie KendigRaptor 6 (The Quiet Professionals)
2010978-1-61626-069-9Oswald ChambersMy Utmost for His Highest Journal
  ''978-1-61626-071-2A. J. RussellGod Calling Journal
2015978-1-61626-082-8Wanda E. BrunstetterThe Gift (The Prairie State Friends)
2014978-1-61626-083-5Wanda E. BrunstetterWoman of Courage
2013978-1-61626-085-9   ''Goodbye to Yesterday: Part 1 (The Discovery - A Lancaster County Saga)
2013978-1-61626-086-6Wanda E. BrunstetterThe Tattered Quilt: The Return of the Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club
2014978-1-61626-087-3Wanda E. BrunstetterThe Healing Quilt
2015978-1-61626-088-0   ''The Decision (The Prairie State Friends)
2012978-1-61626-089-7   ''The Struggle (Kentucky Brothers, Book 3)
2010978-1-61626-090-3Bruce Bickel · Stan JantzGod Is in the Small Stuff: and it all matters (God Is in the Small Stuff (Barbour Press))
  ''978-1-61626-091-0Bruce Bickel · Stan JantzGod Is in the Small Stuff for Tough Times: Stop Worrying and Invite God into the Details of Your Life (God Is in the Small Stuff (Barbour Press))
  ''978-1-61626-093-4   ''God Is In The Small Stuff for Your Marriage (God Is in the Small Stuff (Barbour Press))
  ''978-1-61626-094-1Frances J. RobertsThe Come Away My Beloved Daily Devotional
  ''978-1-61626-095-8Bruce Bickel · Stan JantzKeeping God in the Small Stuff
2010978-1-61626-096-5Pamela L. McQuadeLas 100 Principales Mujeres de la Biblia / The Top 100 Women of the Bible: Quienes Son y lo que Significan para Ti / Who They Are and What They Mean to You Today (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-61626-104-7Michelle Medlock Adams365 Days of Encouragement for the Workplace (365 Perpetual Calendars)
  ''978-1-61626-106-1Compiled by Barbour StaffPrayers with Purpose for Men (Power Prayers)
2011978-1-61626-115-3Susan Page DavisAlaska Weddings (Romancing America)
  ''978-1-61626-116-0Aaron McCarver · Diane T. AshleyTennessee Brides (Romancing America)
  ''978-1-61626-117-7Kim O'BrienConnecticut Weddings (Romancing America)
2011978-1-61626-118-4Cara C. PutmanOhio Brides (Romancing America)
  ''978-1-61626-122-1Kathleen E. KovachOregon Weddings (Romancing America)
  ''978-1-61626-123-8Janet SpaethMinnesota Brides: The Ice Carnival / Kind-Hearted Woman / Remembrance (Romancing America)
  ''978-1-61626-124-5Susan Page Davis · Diana Lesire Brandmeyer · Vickie McDonoughWyoming Weddings (Romancing America)
  ''978-1-61626-125-2Erica VetschIdaho Brides (Romancing America)
2010978-1-61626-144-3Compiled by Barbour Staff365 Ways to Say I Love You (365 Perpetual Calendars)
2010978-1-61626-145-0Compiled by Barbour Staff365 Encouraging Words for Women (365 Perpetual Calendars)
2011978-1-61626-204-4Helen Steiner RiceA Collection of Joy (VALUE BOOKS)
  ''978-1-61626-207-5Compiled by Barbour StaffBible Memory Plan: 52 Verses You Should --and CAN--Know (VALUE BOOKS)
2010978-1-61626-215-0MaryLu TyndallCharles Towne Belles Trilogy
  ''978-1-61626-216-7Mary ConnealyLassoed in Texas Trilogy
2011978-1-61626-219-8Wanda E. BrunstetterIndiana Cousins Trilogy
  ''978-1-61626-221-1Mary ConnealyMontana Marriages Trilogy
  ''978-1-61626-231-0Dianne ChristnerSomething Old (The Plain City Bridesmaids)
2012978-1-61626-235-8Anna SchmidtA Sister's Forgiveness (Women of Pinecraft)
2011978-1-61626-248-8Drew JosephsThe Top 100 Men of the Bible: Who They Are and What They Mean to You Today (Top 100 Series)
2011978-1-61626-249-5Pamela L. McQuadeThe Top 100 Women of the Bible (Top 100 Series)
  ''978-1-61626-262-4Christopher D. HudsonCrucigramas bíblicos: 72 rompecabezas divertidos (Bible Crosswords) (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-61626-263-1Compiled by Barbour StaffSopa de Letras de la Biblia: Bible Word Search (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-61626-277-8Cal Samra · Rose SamraIn the Marry Month: The Best Wedding and Marriage Jokes and Cartoons from The Joyful Noiseletter
2010978-1-61626-289-1Mike YorkeyPlaying with Purpose: Inside the Lives and Faith of the NFL's Top New Quarterbacks -- Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, and Tim Tebow
2011978-1-61626-292-1Wanda E. BrunstetterWanda E. Brunstetter's Amish Friends Cookbook: Desserts
  ''978-1-61626-304-1Mary TatemThe Quilt of Life: A Patchwork of Inspirational Thoughts
2011978-1-61626-339-3Jane LandrethBible Animal Stories for Bedtime (Bedtime Bible Stories)
  ''978-1-61626-352-2Compiled by Barbour StaffFaithNotes Bible Study Notebook
  ''978-1-61626-353-9   ''FaithNotes: Prayer & Praise Organizer
2011978-1-61626-355-3Compiled by Barbour StaffFaithNotes: Sermon Note Keeper
  ''978-1-61626-359-1   ''Bible Promise Book for Teens Gift Edition
  ''978-1-61626-364-5Jennifer Rogers SpinolaSouthern Fried Sushi: A Novel
  ''978-1-61626-376-8Inc Barbour PublishingMerry Christmas Boxed Christmas Cards [With Envelope]
  ''978-1-61626-387-4Compiled by Barbour StaffSnowman Hangman: The Classic Word Game for Kids Featuring Fun Scratch-Offs!
2015978-1-61626-416-1   ''365 historias bíblicas para la hora de dormir: con más de 100 ilustraciones (Spanish Edition)
2015978-1-61626-417-8Ed Strauss · Paul KentKnow Your Bible: A Self-Guided Tour through God's Word (Illustrated Bible Handbook Series)
2011978-1-61626-419-2Diane T. Ashley · Sylvia Barnes · Rhonda Gibson · Jeri OdellA Biltmore Christmas (Romancing America)
  ''978-1-61626-438-3Susan Page Davis · Darlene Franklin · Janelle Mowery · Lynette SowellChristmas at Barncastle Inn (Romancing America)
  ''978-1-61626-439-0Susan Page DavisThe Lady's Maid (Prairie Dreams)
2012978-1-61626-440-6   ''Lady Anne's Quest (Prairie Dreams)
  ''978-1-61626-442-0Stephanie Grace WhitsonThe Key on the Quilt (The Quilt Chronicles)
2013978-1-61626-443-7Stephanie Grace WhitsonThe Message on the Quilt (The Quilt Chronicles)
2012978-1-61626-444-4   ''The Shadow on the Quilt (The Quilt Chronicles)
2011978-1-61626-455-0Wanda E. BrunstetterLove Finds a Home: 3 Historical Romances Make Falling in Love Simple and Sweet
  ''978-1-61626-458-1Candice Prentice · Nancy TobackBlue Mountain Weddings (Romancing America)
2011978-1-61626-478-9Margaret Brownley · Wanda E. Brunstetter · Jane Kirkpatrick · Kelly Eileen Hake · Liz Johnson · Liz Tolsma · Michelle Ule · Debra UllrickA Log Cabin Christmas Collection
  ''978-1-61626-479-6Lauralee Bliss · Ramona K. Cecil · Rachael O. Phillips · Claire SandersA Quaker Christmas (Romancing America)
  ''978-1-61626-480-2Jeanie Smith Cash · Rose Allen McCauley · Jeri Odell · Debra UllrickChristmas Belles of Georgia (Romancing America)
  ''978-1-61626-498-7A. J. RussellDios Llama: Edición ampliada (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-61626-502-1Jane LandrethHistorias de animales de la Biblia para la hora de acostarse (Spanish Edition)
2011978-1-61626-507-6Frances J. RobertsCome Away My Beloved Gift Edition: The Intimate Devotional Classic Updated in Today's Language
  ''978-1-61626-516-8A. J. RussellGod Calling: Expanded Edition
2012978-1-61626-518-2Barbour PublishingKJV Deluxe Gift & Award Bible (DiCarta Pink) (King James Bible)
2012978-1-61626-523-6Barbour PublishingHoly Bible: King James Version DiCarta Brown Vest Pocket Bible (King James Bible)
  ''978-1-61626-577-9MaryLu TyndallVeil of Pearls
2013978-1-61626-584-7Christopher D. HudsonThe Illustrated Book of Bible Lists: A Quick Guide to Just About Every Topic in Scripture (Illustrated Bible Handbook Series)
2012978-1-61626-585-4Michael PhillipsFrom Across the Ancient Waters (The Green Hills of Snowdonia)
  ''978-1-61626-586-1Michael PhillipsThe Treasure of the Celtic Triangle (The Green Hills of Snowdonia)
  ''978-1-61626-588-5Rhonda Gibson · Pamela Griffin · Jane Kirkpatrick · Trish PerryThe Midwife's Legacy (Romancing America)
  ''978-1-61626-594-6Ronie KendigTrinity: Military War Dog (A Breed Apart)
2013978-1-61626-597-7MaryLu TyndallElusive Hope: Escape to Paradise (Book 2)
2014978-1-61626-598-4   ''Abandoned Memories (Escape to Paradise)
2013978-1-61626-599-1Kent Keller · Jonathan Ziman · Livingstone Corp.Bible Find It: A Simple, Illustrated Guide to Key Events, Verses, Stories, and More (Illustrated Bible Handbook Series)
2013978-1-61626-601-1Ronie KendigTalon: Combat Tracking Team (A Breed Apart)
2014978-1-61626-639-4   ''Beowulf: Explosives Detection Dog (A Breed Apart)
2012978-1-61626-641-7Gail SattlerSeattle Cinderella (Romancing America)
  ''978-1-61626-644-8Laurie Alice Eakes · Pamela Griffin · Jennifer Hudson Taylor · Gina WelbornHighland Crossings (Romancing America)
  ''978-1-61626-647-9Grace Livingston HillAriel Custer (Love Endures)
  ''978-1-61626-648-6Grace Livingston HillThe Beloved Stranger (Love Endures)
  ''978-1-61626-649-3   ''Blue Ruin (Love Endures)
2012978-1-61626-650-9Grace Livingston HillComing Through the Rye (Love Endures)
  ''978-1-61626-651-6   ''Crimson Roses (Love Endures)
2012978-1-61626-653-0Grace Livingston HillA New Name (Love Endures)
  ''978-1-61626-655-4   ''The Prodigal Girl (Love Endures)
  ''978-1-61626-656-1   ''Re-Creations (Love Endures)
  ''978-1-61626-657-8   ''The Christmas Bride (Love Endures)
  ''978-1-61626-658-5   ''Tomorrow About This Time (Love Endures)
2011978-1-61626-659-2Colt McCoy · Brad McCoy · Mike YorkeyGrowing Up Colt: A Father, a Son, a Life in Football
2011978-1-61626-660-8Wanda E. BrunstetterDaughters of Lancaster County: The Series
2012978-1-61626-670-7Wanda E. BrunstetterLove Finds a Way: 3 Modern Romances Make Falling in Love Simple and Sweet
  ''978-1-61626-676-9Helen Steiner RiceHelen Steiner Rice: A Collection of Hope (VALUE BOOKS)
  ''978-1-61626-697-4Nancy MehlHarmony Trilogy (The Harmony Series)
  ''978-1-61626-710-0Paul KentKnow Your Bible Illustrated: Full-Color Expanded Edition of the Million-Copy Bestseller (Illustrated Pocket Reference)
2014978-1-61626-714-8Olivia NewportTaken for English (Valley of Choice)
2012978-1-61626-727-8Pat Williams · Jim DenneyLeadership Excellence: The Seven Sides of Leadership for the 21st Century
2014978-1-61626-760-5Gilbert MorrisRaina's Choice: Western Justice - book 3
2012978-1-61626-775-9Samuel BagsterDaily Light on the Daily Path (Classic Insights)
  ''978-1-61626-856-5Wanda E. BrunstetterThe Quilter's Daughter (Daughters of Lancaster County)
2012978-1-61626-859-6Wanda E. BrunstetterThe Storekeeper's Daughter (Daughters of Lancaster County)
  ''978-1-61626-863-3Stephen M. MillerWho's Who and Where's Where in the Bible 2.0: An Illustrated A-to-Z Dictionary of the People and Places in Scripture
2013978-1-61626-916-6Pamela L. McQuadeHow to Find It in Your Bible: Key References for 1,001 Topics Both Biblical and Contemporary
2012978-1-61626-948-7Jackie M. JohnsonPower Prayers for Women (Inspirational Book Bargains)
  ''978-1-61626-950-0Paul Kent · Robert M. West · Tracy M. Sumner · Pamela L. McQuadeYour Bible: An Easy-to-Understand Guide to God's Word (Inspirational Book Bargains)
  ''978-1-61626-968-5William SmithSmith's Bible Dictionary (Inspirational Book Bargains)
  ''978-1-61626-979-1George W. KnightLayman's Bible Concordance (QuickNotes Commentaries)
2012978-1-61626-980-7George W. Knight · Rayburn W. RayThe Layman's Bible Dictionary: A Concise and Easy-to-Use Reference for Everyday Study (QuickNotes Commentaries)
  ''978-1-61626-981-4George W. KnightLayman's Bible Handbook (QuickNotes Commentaries)
  ''978-1-61626-985-2Elizabeth PrentissStepping Heavenward
2013978-1-61626-997-5Paul KentKnow Your Bible (VALUE BOOKS)