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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-1-68050-038-7Adam TornhillYour Code as a Crime Scene: Use Forensic Techniques to Arrest Defects, Bottlenecks, and Bad Design in Your Programs (The Pragmatic Programmers)
  ''978-1-68050-040-0Benjamin KleinThe VimL Primer: Edit Like a Pro with Vim Plugins and Scripts
  ''978-1-68050-041-7Chris McCordMetaprogramming Elixir: Write Less Code, Get More Done (and Have Fun!)
  ''978-1-68050-054-7Venkat SubramaniamPragmatic Scala: Create Expressive, Concise, and Scalable Applications
  ''978-1-68050-055-4Jamis BuckMazes for Programmers: Code Your Own Twisty Little Passages
2015978-1-68050-068-4Jeff KelleyDeveloping for Apple Watch: Your App on Their Wrists (Pragmatic Programmer)
  ''978-1-68050-069-1Alexander DymoRuby Performance Optimization: Why Ruby is Slow, and How to Fix It
  ''978-1-68050-073-8Mark SobkowiczLearn Game Programming with Ruby: Bring Your Ideas to Life with Gosu
  ''978-1-68050-074-5Ben Vandgrift · Alex MillerClojure Applied: From Practice to Practitioner
  ''978-1-68050-077-6Mattias SkarinReal-World Kanban: Do Less, Accomplish More with Lean Thinking
2015978-1-68050-079-0David Scott BernsteinBeyond Legacy Code: Nine Practices to Extend the Life (and Value) of Your Software
2016978-1-68050-082-0Dmitri SotnikovWeb Development with Clojure: Build Bulletproof Web Apps with Less Code
2015978-1-68050-088-2chromaticModern Perl
  ''978-1-68050-122-3Brian P. HoganExercises for Programmers: 57 Challenges to Develop Your Coding Skills
  ''978-1-68050-127-8Drew NeilPractical Vim: Edit Text at the Speed of Thought
  ''978-1-68050-128-5Sandy Mamoli · David MoleCreating Great Teams: How Self-Selection Lets People Excel
2016978-1-68050-132-2Chris Adamson · Janie ClaytoniOS 9 SDK Development: Creating iPhone and iPad Apps with Swift
  ''978-1-68050-145-2Chris McCord · Bruce Tate · Jose ValimProgramming Phoenix: Productive |> Reliable |> Fast
2016978-1-68050-148-3Tony HillersonSeven Mobile Apps in Seven Weeks: Native Apps, Multiple Platforms (Pragmatic Programmer)
  ''978-1-68050-149-0Ben RadyServerless Single Page Apps: Fast, Scalable, and Available
  ''978-1-68050-166-7Dave ThomasProgramming Elixir 1.2: Functional |> Concurrent |> Pragmatic |> Fun
  ''978-1-68050-170-4Marcus S. ZarraCore Data in Swift: Data Storage and Management for iOS and OS X
  ''978-1-68050-171-1Sam RubyAgile Web Development with Rails 5
2016978-1-68050-175-9Johanna RothmanManage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects
  ''978-1-68050-183-4Jonathan RasmussonThe Way of the Web Tester: A Beginner's Guide to Automating Tests
  ''978-1-68050-184-1Dmitry ZinovievData Science Essentials in Python: Collect - Organize - Explore - Predict - Value (The Pragmatic Programmers)
2018978-1-68050-195-7Jim WilsonNode.js 8 the Right Way: Practical, Server-Side JavaScript That Scales
2016978-1-68050-200-8Dave ThomasProgramming Elixir 1.3: Functional |> Concurrent |> Pragmatic |> Fun
2017978-1-68050-209-1Michael KeelingDesign It!: From Programmer to Software Architect (The Pragmatic Programmers)
  ''978-1-68050-210-7Chris Adamson · Janie ClaytoniOS 10 SDK Development: Creating iPhone and iPad Apps with Swift
2016978-1-68050-221-3Brian P. Hogantmux 2: Productive Mouse-Free Development
2019978-1-68050-226-8Chris McCord · Bruce Tate · Jose ValimProgramming Phoenix ≥ 1.4: Productive |> Reliable |> Fast
2017978-1-68050-233-6Michael SwaineFunctional Programming: A PragPub Anthology: Exploring Clojure, Elixir, Haskell, Scala, and Swift
  ''978-1-68050-235-0Erica SadunSwift Style: An Opinionated Guide to an Opinionated Language
2018978-1-68050-239-8Michael T. NygardRelease It!: Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software
2017978-1-68050-240-4Brian OkkenPython Testing with pytest: Simple, Rapid, Effective, and Scalable
2017978-1-68050-244-2Jay WengrowA Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms: Level Up Your Core Programming Skills
2018978-1-68050-252-7Ben Marx · Jose Valim · Bruce TateAdopting Elixir: From Concept to Production
2017978-1-68050-260-2Johanna RothmanCreate Your Successful Agile Project: Collaborate, Measure, Estimate, Deliver
  ''978-1-68050-261-9Benjamin Tan Wei HaoMastering Ruby Closures: A Guide to Blocks, Procs, and Lambdas
2019978-1-68050-271-8Jamis BuckThe Ray Tracer Challenge: A Test-Driven Guide to Your First 3D Renderer (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
2018978-1-68050-272-5Adam TornhillSoftware Design X-Rays: Fix Technical Debt with Behavioral Code Analysis
2019978-1-68050-273-2Rob IsenbergDocker for Rails Developers: Build, Ship, and Run Your Applications Everywhere
  ''978-1-68050-282-4Darin Wilson · Eric Meadows-JonssonProgramming Ecto: Build Database Apps in Elixir for Scalability and Performance
  ''978-1-68050-285-5Jeremy FairbankProgramming Elm: Build Safe, Sane, and Maintainable Front-End Applications
2018978-1-68050-287-9Simon Harrer · Jörg Lenhard · Linus DietzJava By Comparison: Become a Java Craftsman in 70 Examples
  ''978-1-68050-295-4Randall KoutnikBuild Reactive Websites with RxJS: Master Observables and Wrangle Events
2019978-1-68050-296-1Brian P. HoganSmall, Sharp Software Tools: Harness the Combinatoric Power of Command-Line Tools and Utilities
2018978-1-68050-299-2Dave ThomasProgramming Elixir ≥ 1.6: Functional |> Concurrent |> Pragmatic |> Fun
2018978-1-68050-300-5Russ OlsenGetting Clojure: Build Your Functional Skills One Idea at a Time
  ''978-1-68050-301-2VM (Vicky) BrasseurForge Your Future with Open Source: Build Your Skills. Build Your Network. Build the Future of Technology.
  ''978-1-68050-586-3Chris AdamsonXcode Treasures: Master the Tools to Design, Build, and Distribute Great Apps
2019978-1-68050-620-4Frances BuontempoGenetic Algorithms and Machine Learning for Programmers: Create AI Models and Evolve Solutions (Pragmatic Programmers)
  ''978-1-68050-621-1Fred HebertProperty-Based Testing with PropEr, Erlang, and Elixir: Find Bugs Before Your Users Do
  ''978-1-68050-622-8Richard WhalingModern Systems Programming with Scala Native: Write Lean, High-Performance Code without the JVM
2019978-1-68050-627-3Erica SadunSwift Style: An Opinionated Guide to an Opinionated Language
  ''978-1-68050-633-4J. David EisenbergWeb Development with ReasonML: Type-Safe, Functional Programming for JavaScript Developers
  ''978-1-68050-635-8Venkat SubramaniamProgramming Kotlin: Create Elegant, Expressive, and Performant JVM and Android Applications
  ''978-1-68050-636-5Kevin HoffmanProgramming WebAssembly with Rust: Unified Development for Web, Mobile, and Embedded Applications
  ''978-1-68050-645-7Ethan GarofoloPractical Microservices: Build Event-Driven Architectures with Event Sourcing and CQRS
2019978-1-68050-647-1Antonio CangianoTechnical Blogging: Amplify Your Influence
2020978-1-68050-660-0Paolo PerrottaProgramming Machine Learning: From Coding to Deep Learning
2019978-1-68050-661-7II James Edward Gray · Bruce A. TateDesigning Elixir Systems With OTP: Write Highly Scalable, Self-healing Software with Layers
2020978-1-68050-670-9Sam Ruby · David B. Copeland · Dave ThomasAgile Web Development with Rails 6
2019978-1-68050-671-6Jeff Sutherland · James O. Coplien · Mark den Hollander · Cesário Ramos · Esther Vervloed · Neil Harrison · Kiro Harada · Joseph YoderA Scrum Book: The Spirit of the Game
  ''978-1-68050-680-8Mike AmundsenDesign and Build Great Web APIs: Robust, Reliable, and Resilient
2020978-1-68050-681-5Jon ReidiOS Unit Testing by Example: XCTest Tips and Techniques Using Swift
  ''978-1-68050-695-2Carmine ZaccagninoProgramming Flutter: Native, Cross-Platform Apps the Easy Way
  ''978-1-68050-696-9Ricardo GerardiPowerful Command-Line Applications in Go: Build Fast and Maintainable Tools
  ''978-1-68050-697-6Ryan Ripley · Todd MillerFixing Your Scrum: Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems
2020978-1-68050-698-3George DinwiddieSoftware Estimation Without Guessing: Effective Planning in an Imperfect World
  ''978-1-68050-719-5Stephen BusseyReal-time Phoenix: Build Highly Scalable Systems with Channels
  ''978-1-68050-720-1Nihal Mehta Ph. D.Quantum Computing: Program Next-Gen Computers for Hard, Real-World Applications
  ''978-1-68050-722-5Jay WengrowA Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms, Second Edition: Level Up Your Core Programming Skills
  ''978-1-68050-724-9James, Dr. StanierBecome an Effective Software Engineering Manager: How to Be the Leader Your Development Team Needs