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Exercises for Programmers: 57 Challenges to Develop Your Coding Skills 978-1-68050-122-32015
HTML5 & CSS3: Webentwicklung mit den Standards von morgen
HTML5 and CSS3: Develop with Tomorrow's Standards Today 978-1-934356-68-52011
HTML5 and CSS3: Level Up with Today's Web Technologies 978-1-937785-59-82013
Small, Sharp Software Tools: Harness the Combinatoric Power of Command-Line Tools and Utilities 978-1-68050-296-12019
tmux 2: Productive Mouse-Free Development 978-1-68050-221-32016
tmux: Productive Mouse-Free Development 978-1-934356-96-82013
Web Design for Developers: A Programmer's Guide to Design Tools and Techniques 978-1-934356-13-52010
Web Development Recipes 978-1-934356-83-82012Chris Warren · Mike Weber · Chris Johnson · Aaron Godin


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