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2014978-1-62865-021-1Ridgely GoldsboroughThe Great Ones
2013978-1-62865-052-5Eric MaiselSecrets of a Creativity Coach
2014978-1-62865-075-4Barry MoltzHow To Get Unstuck: 25 Ways to Get Your Business Growing Again
  ''978-1-62865-106-5Michael JenetAsk: The Questions to Empower Your Life
  ''978-1-62865-114-0Howard PartridgeThink and Be Phenomenal
  ''978-1-62865-127-0Darren R. CarlsonYour 1960s TV Guide to Estate Planning
2015978-1-62865-133-1Kam Yuen · Marnie GreenbergDelete Stress and Pain On the Spot
  ''978-1-62865-161-4Doug SandlerNice Guys Finish First
2015978-1-62865-182-9Mary Jo Rapini · Mohit KheraRE-COUPLING: A Couple's 4-step Guide to Greater Intimacy and Better Sex
  ''978-1-62865-202-4Hans MummApplying Complexity Leadership Theory to Drone Airspace Integration
  ''978-1-62865-222-2James KlobasaThe Expert's Handbook
2016978-1-62865-257-4Robert BlyThe Marketing Dictionary for the 21st Century
  ''978-1-62865-265-9Patty Ann TublinMoney Can Buy You Happiness: Secrets Women Need to Know To Get Paid What They Are Worth!
  ''978-1-62865-275-8Naseem AhsunThe Laid Back Guide to Exams and Stress
2016978-1-62865-296-3David BrowningDigital Siege, Why Young Entrepreneurs are Winning
  ''978-1-62865-298-7Chase Patrick Murphy#TryHarder
  ''978-1-62865-304-5Evan HackelIngaging Leadership: 21 Steps to Elevate Your Business
2017978-1-62865-335-9Terry WildemannThe Enchanted Boardroom
  ''978-1-62865-345-8Terri Levine · Pete WiniarskiThe Ultimate Game Plan
2016978-1-62865-352-6Terri Levine · Pete WiniarskiElite Business Systems: Insider Strategies of Industry Leading Consultants
2017978-1-62865-354-0Carmine DeniscoThe Inventor's Roadmap to Success
  ''978-1-62865-374-8Matt BaileyTeach New Dogs Old Tricks!: How Traditional Sales Techniques Accelerate Digital Marketing
2017978-1-62865-378-6Alfonso BuceroTomorrow Will Be Better: Maintaining a Positive Attitude for Project Success
  ''978-1-62865-385-4Kathy FrayOh Grow Up: Toddlers to Pre-Teens Decoded
  ''978-1-62865-392-2Mitsie VargasAlt-Vet:The revolutionary Pet care and Longevity Solution
  ''978-1-62865-393-9Pete Winiarski · Terri LevineThe Innovators
  ''978-1-62865-394-6Diane a CurranThe Marketing Deck Play-by-Playbook
2017978-1-62865-405-9Keld JensenHonest Negotiation
  ''978-1-62865-407-3Keld JensenHonest Negotiation
  ''978-1-62865-409-7Pat Gallagher · Stephanie MartinBig Game Bigger Impact
  ''978-1-62865-417-2Hogan Hilling · Tom KonecnyDADLY Dollar$: How Marketing to Dads Will Increase Revenue and Strengthen Families
  ''978-1-62865-420-2Ousmane NdoyeIgnite: Excellence Reputation Prestige
2018978-1-62865-433-2Jesse HenryThe Millennial Merger
2018978-1-62865-437-0Tresté LovingHate: A Progressive Disease
2017978-1-62865-439-4Ursula MentajesThe Belief Zone
  ''978-1-62865-449-3Jordan AdlerBeach Money: Creating Your Dream Life Through Network Marketing
2018978-1-62865-450-9Jordan AdlerBetter Than Beach Money
  ''978-1-62865-451-6Deni LyallA Field Guide for Managers: bringing out the best in people
  ''978-1-62865-454-7Mark ParrotMeta-Trends and the Next Economy
2017978-1-62865-455-4Ross RiggsStretching The Thin Blue Line: Policing America in Times of Heightened Threat
  ''978-1-62865-458-5Karyn SchoenbartMom.B.A.
2017978-1-62865-465-3Taz ThorntonUnleash Your Awesome: No More Excuses. No More Complaining. Own Your Life and Live It
2018978-1-62865-466-0Marlo HigginsThe Making of a Maverick: Building Champions in Business and in Life
2017978-1-62865-469-1Theresa Del Tufo · George BanezBehind the Golden Door: The Resilience of Today's Immigrants
  ''978-1-62865-477-6Devin WalkerGangstapreneur: Success Is Your Only Option
  ''978-1-62865-478-3Gurutej KhalsaThe 13th Month: How to Get an Extra 29 Days Each Year
  ''978-1-62865-480-6John Di LemmeThe ABCs of Millionaire Marketing
2018978-1-62865-486-8Wayne SharerRepfluence Marketing: The Ultimate Small Business Owner's Market Domination Guide Leveraging Your Online Reputation for Clients and Sales
  ''978-1-62865-488-2Carl StudnaEvolution of Loving
2018978-1-62865-496-7Karen Melonie GouldWomen Warriors: A True WOMAN WARRIOR LIFTS UP Other WOmen
  ''978-1-62865-510-0Cindy HensonJungle: A Journey to Peace Purpose and Freedom
  ''978-1-62865-522-3Esther SpinaThe Ambitious Woman: What It Takes and Why You Want to Be One
  ''978-1-62865-524-7Rick MillerBe Chief: It's a Choice, Not a Title
  ''978-1-62865-527-8Rick MillerBe Chief: It's a Choice, Not a Title
2018978-1-62865-528-5Phoenix JacksonThe Spirit Of Business: Quieting Your Inner World to Manifest the Vision of Your Dreams
  ''978-1-62865-537-7Catherine DolanThe Not So Sexy Truth: Women, Men, and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  ''978-1-62865-541-4Carl LogreccoSetback, Now Forward: How to Architect A Masterful Comeback
  ''978-1-62865-549-0Solomon KanuThe Immigrants' Manual for Success in America: Unlocking the Secrets to the Visa Process, Entering the Us, Staying in the Us, and Excelling in the Us
  ''978-1-62865-553-7Terri LevineTurbocharge Your Business
2018978-1-62865-559-9Stephen Drotter · John B PrescottThe Succession Pipeline: How to Get the Talent You Need When You Need It
  ''978-1-62865-572-8Mitch RussoPower Tribes: How Certification Can Explode Your Business
  ''978-1-62865-576-6Natalie SissonThe Freedom Plan: Redesign Your Business to Work Less, Earn More and Be Free
2019978-1-62865-582-7David DeaconThe Self Determined Manager: A Manifesto for Exceptional People Managers
2018978-1-62865-583-4Marsh EngleDear Amazing Daughter
2019978-1-62865-589-6Cheryl CranNextMapping: Anticipate, Navigate & Create The Future of Work
  ''978-1-62865-590-2M S RaoSoft Leadership: An Innovative Leadership Style to Resolve Conflicts Amicably through Soft Skills and Negotiation Skills to Achieve Global Stability, Peace and Prosperity
  ''978-1-62865-599-5Drew BermanHow to Make a Fortune in Network Marketing
2019978-1-62865-609-1Marsh EngleRISE. AMAZING WOMAN. RISE. The Eight Essential Powers of the Feminine Heart
  ''978-1-62865-628-2Mitch RussoPower Tribes - How Certification Can Explode Your Business: How Certification Can Explode Your Business
  ''978-1-62865-630-5Sam CollinsRadio Heaven
  ''978-1-62865-631-2Terri LevineTurbocharge Your Business
  ''978-1-62865-633-6Jim CathcartThe Power Minute: Your Motivation Handbook to Activate Your Dreams and Transform Your Life
2020978-1-62865-634-3Saida DésiletsDesire
2019978-1-62865-645-9Andy GoleInnovate Now: Scale Up with 16 Breakthrough Sales Techniques
2020978-1-62865-679-4Deryck RichardsonGo Play: The Ultimate Road Map to Winning the Game of Life
2020978-1-62865-681-7Gregg KorrolThe Gifted Storyteller: The Power Is In The Story You Tell
  ''978-1-62865-685-5Sharkie ZartmanWin at Aging: How to Stay Fit, Free, and Love Your Retirement
  ''978-1-62865-692-3Paul B ThorntonLeadership: Finding Your Sweet Spot: Move From Being a Good Leader to a Great Leader
  ''978-1-62865-705-0Joseph NunziataHeal the Deal: Your Guide to High Energy No Pressure Selling
  ''978-1-62865-714-2Parthiv ShahBusiness Kamasutra For Dentists: From Persuasion to Pleasure The Art of Data and Business Relations
2020978-1-62865-717-3Luan MitchellPaper Doll: A Revelations Time Machine The Truth About Your Past
  ''978-1-62865-718-0Rick MillerBe Chief: It's a Choice, Not a Title - Second Edition
  ''978-1-62865-719-7Robert MittonHow to Build a Community in Your Business: Increase Productivity and Innovation
  ''978-1-62865-738-8Rick MillerBe Chief: It's a Choice, Not a Title