Blue Apple Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-60905-000-9Dwell StudioGo
  ''978-1-60905-001-6   ''Eat
  ''978-1-60905-002-3   ''Touch and Feel Town
  ''978-1-60905-003-0Sharon Werner · Sarah ForssAlphabeasties: Flash Cards
  ''978-1-60905-005-4Simms TabackMommies and Babies
2010978-1-60905-006-1Simms TabackCount: 4,5,6
  ''978-1-60905-007-8   ''Zoom
  ''978-1-60905-008-5Bernadette PetersStella is a Star: With CD
  ''978-1-60905-014-6Deborah ZemkeChicken Doodle Soup
  ''978-1-60905-016-0Todd H. DoodlerBear In Underwear
2010978-1-60905-017-7Deborah ZemkeSuper Hero Food Doodles: Oodles of Step-By-Step Super Doodles
  ''978-1-60905-019-1SAMiFlip-a Face: Who is Sleeping? Who is Awake?
  ''978-1-60905-020-7Harriet ZiefertPassover: Celebrating Now, Remembering Then
  ''978-1-60905-025-2Dwell StudioDwellStudio: Touch & Feel Zoo
  ''978-1-60905-026-9   ''DwellStudio: Puppy in Circles
2010978-1-60905-027-6Dwell StudioDwellStudio: Kitty in Squares
  ''978-1-60905-030-6Harriet ZiefertAbc It's All About Me
2010978-1-60905-031-3Harriet ZiefertAbc It's All About Me
  ''978-1-60905-041-2Sharon Werner · Sarah ForssAlphabeasties Amazing Activity Book
2011978-1-60905-058-0Harriet ZiefertGrandmas' Wedding Album
  ''978-1-60905-061-0Sharon Werner · Sarah ForssBugs by the Numbers
  ''978-1-60905-062-7Susan A. SheaDo You Know Which Ones Will Grow?
  ''978-1-60905-067-2Deborah Zemke101 Doodle Definitions
2011978-1-60905-071-9Simms Taback · Harriet ZiefertSwing Like A Monkey
  ''978-1-60905-072-6Harriet Ziefert · Simms TabackWiggle Like an Octopus!
  ''978-1-60905-077-1Todd H. DoodlerBear in Pink Underwear
  ''978-1-60905-078-8Simms TabackSimms Taback's Farm Animals (Giant Fold-Out Books)
  ''978-1-60905-081-8Deborah Zemke · Harriet ZiefertDoodles at Breakfast
2011978-1-60905-083-2Dwell StudioDwellStudio: Goodnight, Owl
  ''978-1-60905-085-6   ''DwellStudio: Good Morning, Toucan
2010978-1-60905-086-3Blue Apple BooksBlue Apple Spring 2011 Catalogue
2013978-1-60905-090-0Jessie HartlandHow the Dinosaur Got to the Museum (How the . . . Got to the Museum)
2011978-1-60905-096-2Todd H. DoodlerWhat Color is Bear's Underwear? (Bear in Underwear)
  ''978-1-60905-100-6   ''Bear In Long Underwear (Bear in Underwear)
  ''978-1-60905-101-3Sharon WernerBugs by The Numbers Counting Cards
  ''978-1-60905-102-0DwellStudioWhat's Inside? Neighborhood (DwellStudio)
2011978-1-60905-106-8Harriet Ziefert41 Uses for a Grandma
  ''978-1-60905-110-5Rebecca DoughtyCoupons for Kids
  ''978-1-60905-111-2Deborah ZemkeDoodles to Go
  ''978-1-60905-121-1SamiFlip-a-Face: Big Little
  ''978-1-60905-128-0   ''Baby Flip-a-Face: Woof-Woof
2011978-1-60905-174-7Harriet ZiefertFlip-a-Word: Snake Cake
  ''978-1-60905-177-8   ''Flip-a-Word: Stop Pop
2012978-1-60905-187-7Harriet ZiefertLucy Rescued
  ''978-1-60905-190-7Artie BennettPoopendous!
  ''978-1-60905-212-6Simms TabackSimms Taback's Dinosaurs
  ''978-1-60905-215-7Tom SlaughterBoat Works (Giant Fold-Out Books)
  ''978-1-60905-224-9Jamison OdoneMole Had Everything
2011978-1-60905-231-7Zemke DeborahDoodle at Every Meal
2012978-1-60905-232-4Deborah ZemkePlease Pass the Doodles
2012978-1-60905-270-6SAMiFlip-A-Face Series: Baby Animals
  ''978-1-60905-271-3   ''FAF: COLORS (Flip-a-Face)
  ''978-1-60905-274-4Harriet ZiefertABC Dentist
2013978-1-60905-352-9Arnaud BoutinWhat's New? What's Missing? What's Different?
  ''978-1-60905-362-8Deborah ZemkeFairy Doodles Placemats
2014978-1-60905-392-5Artie BennettBelches, Burps, and Farts-Oh My!
  ''978-1-60905-418-2Harriet ZiefertYou Can't Taste a Pickle With Your Ear
2015978-1-60905-440-3Harriet Ziefert · Jamie ZiefertYou Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover
2015978-1-60905-442-7Lisa Campbell ErnstWeird Birds
  ''978-1-60905-443-4Jessie HartlandHow the Teepee Got to the Museum
  ''978-1-60905-444-1Darlyne MurawskiAnimal Faces
2014978-1-60905-446-5Kama EinhornA Is For Alphabet
  ''978-1-60905-447-2Harriet ZiefertWhat Ship Is Not a Ship?
  ''978-1-60905-449-6   ''Does a Seal Smile? (Think About...)
2015978-1-60905-519-6   ''Where Does Kitty Go in the Rain?