Blue Apple Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-59354-002-9Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Song of Hiawatha
  ''978-1-59354-003-6Karen BaickerPea Pod Babies
  ''978-1-59354-005-0Carol Diggory ShieldsBrainJuice: Science, Fresh Squeezed!
  ''978-1-59354-011-1Harriet ZiefertNicky's Christmas Song
  ''978-1-59354-012-8Harriet ZiefertOh No, Nicky!
2003978-1-59354-013-5Harriet ZiefertNoisy Barn!
  ''978-1-59354-014-2   ''Zoo Parade!
  ''978-1-59354-015-9   ''You Can't See Your Bones with Binoculars: A Guide to Your 206 Bones
  ''978-1-59354-016-6Fred EhrlichDoes a Yak Get a Haircut?
2004978-1-59354-028-9Amanda Haley · Harriet Ziefert33 Uses for a Dad
  ''978-1-59354-029-6Deborah ZemkeD is for Doodle
2004978-1-59354-035-7Simms TabackSimms Taback's Big Book of Words
  ''978-1-59354-036-4Karen Baicker · Sam WilliamsWake-ity Wake!
  ''978-1-59354-037-1Karen Baicker · Sam WilliamsYum Tummy Tickly!
  ''978-1-59354-038-8   ''Snuggle Me Snuggly!
2005978-1-59354-039-5R. A. HermanPat-A-Cake: Handprint Books (Nursery Play-Along Classic)
  ''978-1-59354-040-1R. A. HermanThis Little Piggy Went to Market: Handprint Books (Nursery Play-Along Classic)
2005978-1-59354-048-7Dawn BentleyWoodkins«: Kelly's Great Day: Handprint Books
  ''978-1-59354-049-4Dawn BentleyKirsty's Big Adventure (Woodkins)
2004978-1-59354-053-1Carol Diggory ShieldsBrainJuice: English, Fresh Squeezed!: Handprint Books
  ''978-1-59354-057-9Fred EhrlichYou Can't Take Your Body to a Repair Shop: A Book About What Makes You Sick
  ''978-1-59354-062-3Harriet ZiefertBuzzy's Birthday
  ''978-1-59354-065-4   ''This is Thanksgiving
2005978-1-59354-070-8Harriet Ziefert41 Uses for a Grandma
  ''978-1-59354-072-2Fred EhrlichYou Can't See a Dodo at the Zoo (Book about Animals: Endangered and Extinct)
  ''978-1-59354-073-9   ''Dr. Duck and the New Babies
  ''978-1-59354-075-3Deborah Zemke2 is for Toucan: Oodles of Doodles from 1 to 42 (A Step-By-Step Drawing Book)
  ''978-1-59354-076-0Harriet Ziefert40 Uses for a Grandpa
2005978-1-59354-080-7Karen BaickerYou Can Do It Too!: Handprint Books
  ''978-1-59354-087-6Philip WaechterMe!: Handprint Books
  ''978-1-59354-090-6Fred EhrlichYou Can't Use Your Brain If You're a Jellyfish
  ''978-1-59354-092-0Harriet ZiefertMisery Is a Smell In Your Backpack
  ''978-1-59354-096-8Tomi UngererSnail, Where are You?
2005978-1-59354-103-3Harriet ZiefertMommy, I Want to Sleep in Your Bed!
  ''978-1-59354-104-0SAMiFlip-a-Face: Baby Animals
  ''978-1-59354-105-7   ''Flip-a Face: Baby Talk
  ''978-1-59354-106-4Lisa Campbell Ernst · Lee ErnstTangram Magician
2006978-1-59354-109-5Harriet ZiefertGrandma, It's for You!
2005978-1-59354-111-8Fred EhrlichDoes An Elephant Take a Bath? (Early Experiences)
  ''978-1-59354-112-5Simms TabackWhere is My House?
2005978-1-59354-120-0Carol Diggory ShieldsBrainjuice: American History, Fresh Squeezed!: Handprint Books
  ''978-1-59354-123-1Fred EhrlichDoes an Elephant Take a Bath? (Early Experiences)
  ''978-1-59354-124-8   ''Does a Pig Flush? (Early Experiences)
  ''978-1-59354-125-5   ''Does a Lion Brush? (Early Experiences)
2006978-1-59354-132-3Simms TabackWhere is My Friend? (A Hide And Peek Book)
  ''978-1-59354-139-2SAMiFlip-a-Shape: yum!
2006978-1-59354-140-8Deborah ZemkeDoodle a Zoodle
  ''978-1-59354-142-2Fred EhrlichDoes a Baboon Sleep In a Bed? (Early Experiences)
2006978-1-59354-143-9Fred EhrlichDoes a Baboon Sleep in a Bed? (Early Experiences)
  ''978-1-59354-144-6   ''Does a Tiger Open Wide? (Early Experiences)
  ''978-1-59354-145-3   ''Does a Hippo Say Ahh? (Early Experiences)
  ''978-1-59354-148-4SAMiBaby Flip-a-Face: Woof-Woof
  ''978-1-59354-149-1Sara AndersonA Day at the Market
2006978-1-59354-152-1R. A. HermanJack and Jill Went Up the Hill (Nursery Play-Along Classic) (A Nursery Play Along Classic)
  ''978-1-59354-153-8Margaret BarrittHickory Dickory Dock: Handprint Books (A Nursery Play Along Classic)
  ''978-1-59354-157-6Seymour ChwastThe Miracle of Hanukkah
  ''978-1-59354-158-3Fred EhrlichDoes a Yak Get a Haircut? (Early Experiences)
  ''978-1-59354-159-0   ''Does a Panda Go to School? (Early Experiences)
2006978-1-59354-163-7SAMiFlip-a-Face: Colors
2007978-1-59354-164-4Flip-a-Face: Big Little
2006978-1-59354-165-1Tanya RoitmanMy Little Matryoshkas
  ''978-1-59354-171-2Sylvie JonesGo Back to Sleep
  ''978-1-59354-172-9Harriet ZiefertYou Can't Taste a Pickle With Your Ear
  ''978-1-59354-173-6   ''You Can't See Your Bones with Binoculars
  ''978-1-59354-175-0Yukiko KidoFlip-a-Word: Pig Wig
2006978-1-59354-176-7Yukiko KidoFlip-a-Word: Snake Cake
2006978-1-59354-178-1Yukiko KidoFlip-a-Word: Pig Wig
  ''978-1-59354-179-8   ''Flip-a-Word: Snake Cake
  ''978-1-59354-180-4Simms TabackPeek-a-Boo Who?
2007978-1-59354-181-1Harriet ZiefertMessy Bessie: Where's My Homework?
2006978-1-59354-182-8Robyn JohnsonThe Enchanted Dolls' House
2007978-1-59354-190-3Robyn JohnsonThe Enchanted Dolls' House Paper Doll: Hattie, Late-Victorian Costumes
  ''978-1-59354-193-4   ''Enchanted Dolls' House Paper Doll: Lucinda
  ''978-1-59354-196-5Pierre-Marie ValatAnimal Faces: 15 Punch-Out Animal Masks
2007978-1-59354-197-2Robyn JohnsonEnchanted Dolls' House Wedding
  ''978-1-59354-198-9Raphael ThierryThe Green Butterfly: A SuperDog Adventure
  ''978-1-59354-199-6Helen BannermanStory of Little Black Sambo
  ''978-1-59354-587-1Baby Flip-a-Face: Yellow Red Blue (Sami, Baby Flip-a-face.)
  ''978-1-59354-589-5Fred EhrlichDoes a Mouse Have a Mommy?: Early Experiences
2007978-1-59354-590-1Fred EhrlichDoes a Duck Have a Daddy?: Early Experiences
  ''978-1-59354-591-8Harriet ZiefertYou Can't Buy Dinosaur with a Dime
  ''978-1-59354-604-5Doodles to Go
2009978-1-59354-610-6Emily BolamBuzzy & Friends: One, Some
2007978-1-59354-612-0Sylvie JonesWho's In the Tub?
  ''978-1-59354-613-7A Dictionary of Dance
  ''978-1-59354-614-4Fred EhrlichDoes a Giraffe Drive?: Early Experiences
2007978-1-59354-620-5Yukiko KidoFlip-a-Word: Stop Pop
  ''978-1-59354-621-2Flip-a-Word: Stop Pop
  ''978-1-59354-622-9Yukiko KidoFlip-a-Word: Snow Bow
  ''978-1-59354-623-6Flip-a-Word: Snow Bow Board Book
  ''978-1-59354-625-0Fred EhrlichYou Can't Take Your Body to a Repair Shop
2007978-1-59354-631-1SAMiSmiles Big Little
2008978-1-59354-644-1Elliot KreloffPeek-a-Boo What?