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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-60893-002-9Bruce BuckShotguns on Review: 38 Guns Tried & Tested
2012978-1-60893-004-3Katie ClarkGrandma Drove the Lobsterboat
  ''978-1-60893-009-8Tina LamSea Glass Wall Calendar 2013
  ''978-1-60893-012-8Leon Leonwood BeanHunting, Fishing, and Camping: 100th Anniversary Edition
  ''978-1-60893-041-8Virginia M. WrightThe Maine Lobster Book
  ''978-1-60893-046-3Audrey Minutolo-LeBiking Mount Desert Island: Pocket Guide
2014978-1-60893-079-1Ted LundriganGrouse and Lesser Gods
2012978-1-60893-173-6Liza Gardner WalshFairy House Handbook
2012978-1-60893-177-4Nicole FazioJourney of the Sea Glass
  ''978-1-60893-178-1C. S. LambertSea Glass Crafts: 28 Fun Projects You Can Make at Home
2013978-1-60893-214-6Liza Gardner WalshFairy Garden Handbook
2014978-1-60893-280-1Tina LamThe Art of Sea Glass
  ''978-1-60893-350-1Neal ParkerThe Lobsterman and the UFO
2016978-1-60893-397-6Douglas RooksStatesman: George Mitchell and the Art of the Possible
2018978-1-60893-417-1Randi MinetorDeath on Katahdin: And Other Misadventures in Maine's Baxter State Park
2015978-1-60893-452-2Robert W. CohenThe 50 Greatest Players in New England Patriots Football History
2016978-1-60893-473-7Sheridan HouseMariner's Book of Days 2017
  ''978-1-60893-505-5Libby Bischof · Susan Danly · Earle G., Jr. ShettleworthMaine Photography: A History, 1840-2015
  ''978-1-60893-526-0Van ReidFiddler's Green: Or a Wedding, a Ball, and the Singular Adventures of Sundry Moss
2016978-1-60893-528-4Van ReidMoss Farm: Or the Mysterious Missives of the Moosepath League
2015978-1-60893-566-6John GouldMaine Lingo: A Wicked-Good Guide to Yankee Vernacular
2016978-1-60893-578-9Jeffrey H. RyanAppalachian Odyssey: A 28-Year Hike on America's Trail
  ''978-1-60893-624-3Robin HansenUltimate Mittens: 28 Classic Patterns to Keep You Warm
2017978-1-60893-631-1Nancy GriffinHow Maine Changed the World
  ''978-1-60893-637-3Marcus LiBrizziHaunted Islands in the Gulf of Maine
  ''978-1-60893-647-2Daren WorcesterOpen Season: True Stories of the Maine Warden Service
  ''978-1-60893-653-3C. S. LambertSea Glass: Rare and Wonderful
2019978-1-60893-669-4Taryn PlumbNew England UFOs: Sightings, Abductions, and Other Strange Phenomena
2019978-1-60893-671-7Rich BardBeyond Acadia: Exploring the Bold Coast of Down East Maine
2020978-1-60893-679-3Elizabeth MillerSeasons at the Parris House: Heritage Skills for Contemporary Life
  ''978-1-60893-692-2Dan TobynePaddling the Northern Forest Canoe Trail
  ''978-1-60893-699-1Doug DunlapHiking Maine's 4,000-Footers
  ''978-1-60893-701-1   ''Waterfall Walks and Easy Hikes in the Western Maine Mountains
  ''978-1-60893-718-9Mac SmithPeyton Place Comes Home to Maine: The Making of the Iconic Film
2020978-1-60893-724-0Taryn PlumbShipwrecks and Other Maritime Disasters of the Maine Coast
  ''978-1-60893-730-1Laureen A. LaBarMaine Quilts: 250 Years of Comfort and Community
  ''978-1-60893-759-2Ellie LeBlond Sosa · Kelly Anne ChaseGeorge & Barbara Bush: A Great American Love Story
  ''978-1-60893-770-7Douglas RooksStatesman: George Mitchell and the Art of the Possible
2019978-1-60893-901-5Dan Landrigan · Leslie LandriganBar Harbor Babylon: Murder, Misfortune, and Scandal on Mount Desert Island
  ''978-1-60893-907-7Trudy Irene SceeGarden Cemeteries of New England
2019978-1-60893-909-1Randi MinetorDeath in Acadia: And Other Misadventures in Maine's National Park (Dear Earthling)
2018978-1-60893-955-8Dan TobyneThoreau's Cape Cod
  ''978-1-60893-963-3Buck TiltonHow to Die Down East: 50 Ways (From Silly to Serious) to Kick the Bucket in Maine
  ''978-1-60893-973-2Ellie LeBlond Sosa · Kelly Anne ChaseGeorge & Barbara Bush: A Great American Love Story
  ''978-1-60893-990-9Robert W. CohenThe 50 Greatest Players in Boston Red Sox History