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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1967978-0-89272-000-2Edward HarrimanLeroy the Lobster and Crabby Crab
1973978-0-89272-008-8Marilyn J. DwelleySpring Wildflowers of New England
1975978-0-89272-010-1John GouldMaine Lingo: Boiled Owls, Billdads, & Wazzats
1993978-0-89272-014-9Ben Ames WilliamsCome Spring
1969978-0-89272-018-7Dorothy Holder Jones · Ruth SextonAbbie Burgess: Lighthouse Heroine
1962978-0-89272-032-3Dahlov IpcarLobsterman (Down East Quality Reprint)
1993978-0-89272-038-5Marjorie Mosser · Kenneth RobertsGood Maine Food
1979978-0-89272-053-8J. Malcolm (Introduction) BarterAll Aboard for Yesterday! A Nostalgic History of Railroading in Maine
1980978-0-89272-064-4Marilyn J. DwelleyTrees and Shrubs of New England
978-0-89272-072-9General William King: Merchant, shipbuilder, and Maines first governor
1981978-0-89272-085-9Vincent Gaston DethierNewberry: The Life and Times of a Maine Clam
1983978-0-89272-162-7Robin HansenFox and Geese and Fences: A Collection of Traditional Maine Mittens
1985978-0-89272-186-3John W HaleyThe Rebel Yell and the Yankee Hurrah
1993978-0-89272-191-7Blue BalliettThe Ghosts of Nantucket: 23 True Accounts
1971978-0-89272-216-7Elisabeth OgilvieHigh Tide at Noon (Bennett's Island Novels: Tide Trilogy)
1972978-0-89272-217-4Elisabeth OgilvieStorm Tide (Tide Trilogy)
1974978-0-89272-218-1   ''The Ebbing Tide
1985978-0-89272-224-2Philip W. ConklingIslands in Time
1987978-0-89272-242-6Joyce ButlerWildfire Loose: The Week Maine Burned
1989978-0-89272-273-0Thomas VerdeMaine Ghosts and Legends
1991978-0-89272-282-2John GibsonWalking the Maine Coast
1993978-0-89272-288-4Elisabeth OgilvieMy World Is An Island (Gay's Island, Maine)
1991978-0-89272-311-9   ''An Answer in the Tide
  ''978-0-89272-323-2Lynne BarrSweaterscapes of the American West: A Collection of Designs for Machine and Hand Knitters
  ''978-0-89272-326-3Elisabeth OgilvieJennie Glenroy (Jennie Trilogy, No 3)
1993978-0-89272-333-1Walt KelleyWhat They Never Told You About Boston: Or What They Did That Were Lies
  ''978-0-89272-336-2Nathalie WardStellwagen Bank: A Guide to the Whales, Sea Birds, and Marine Life of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
  ''978-0-89272-340-9Charles WaughLighthouse Horrors: Tales of Adventure, Suspense and the Supernatural
1993978-0-89272-342-3Louise RichThe Coast of Maine
1994978-0-89272-345-4Elisabeth OgilvieJennie About to Be (Jennie Trilogy, Book 1)
  ''978-0-89272-346-1   ''The World of Jennie G (Jennie Trilogy, Book 2)
1995978-0-89272-349-2Diana AbrellA Pocket Guide to Carriage Roads of Acadia National Park
1994978-0-89272-350-8Elisabeth OgilvieJennie Glenroy (Jennie Trilogy)
1986978-0-89272-351-5Sanford Phippen · Charles Waugh · Martin GreenbergThe Best Maine Stories: A Century of Short Fiction, by Sarah Orne Jewett, Ben Ames Williams, Carolyn Chute, and Others
1994978-0-89272-353-9Holly Mascott NadlerHaunted Island
1996978-0-89272-356-0Earl BrechlinA Pocket Guide to Hiking on Mount Desert Island (Pocket Guide (Camden, Me.).)
1995978-0-89272-364-5Kenneth RobertsArundel
1996978-0-89272-365-2Elizabeth C. Pierson · Jan Erik Pierson · Peter D. VickeryA Birder's Guide to Maine
  ''978-0-89272-367-6Audrey MinutoloA Pocket Guide to Biking on Mount Desert Island (Pocket Guide (Camden, Me.).)
1995978-0-89272-371-3Marjorie StandishCooking Down East
1996978-0-89272-379-9Arnold SkolnickPaintings of Maine
1991978-0-89272-380-5Jennifer PaigenThe Sea Kayaker's Guide to Mount Desert Island
1996978-0-89272-386-7Kenneth RobertsRabble in Arms
  ''978-0-89272-390-4Carol SchulteGhosts on the Coast of Maine
1998978-0-89272-403-1Virginia ThorndikeMaine Lobsterboats
1993978-0-89272-407-9Scotty MackenzieMy Love Affair With the State of Maine: By Scotty Mackenzie
1991978-0-89272-408-6Peter RalstonSightings: A Maine Coast Odyssey
  ''978-0-89272-411-6Elisabeth OgilvieThe Day Before Winter (Bennett's Island)
1999978-0-89272-416-1Anne Wescott DoddThe Story of the Sea Glass
1997978-0-89272-420-8Michael McIntoshTraveler's Tales: The Wanderings of a Bird Hunter and Sometime Fly Fisherman
1998978-0-89272-422-2John GibsonMaine's Most Scenic Roads: 25 Routes off the Beaten Path
1997978-0-89272-424-6Marjorie StandishChowders, Soups, and Stews
1993978-0-89272-425-3Kenneth Lewis RobertsThe Lively Lady
1999978-0-89272-435-2Charlene SchurchHats On! 31 Warm and Winsome Caps for Knitters
1998978-0-89272-439-0Sandra TaylorHometown Cooking in New England
1998978-0-89272-440-6Scott R. FerrisRockwell Kent's Forgotten Landscapes
1999978-0-89272-443-7Robert ThayerThe Park Loop Road: A Guide to Acadia National Park's Scenic Byway
1991978-0-89272-448-2Van Frank RiperDown East Maine
  ''978-0-89272-449-9George ReigerProfiles in Saltwater Angling: A History of the Sport - Its People and Places, Tackle and Techniques
2000978-0-89272-450-5Joe Arnette · George HickoxTraining Retreivers and Spaniels to Hunt 'Em Up!
1999978-0-89272-455-0Andrew J. MartinezMarine Life of the North Atlantic: Canada to New England 2n Ed.
2002978-0-89272-457-4Robin HansenLost and Found Mittens
1999978-0-89272-464-2Elisabeth OgilvieThe Dawning of the Day (Lovers Trilogy/Elisabeth Ogilvie)
  ''978-0-89272-465-9   ''The Seasons Hereafter (Joanna Bennett's Island Series: The Lover's Trilogy, Book II)
1993978-0-89272-466-6Elisabeth OgilvieStrawberries in the Sea (Joanna Bennett's Island Series: The Lover's Trilogy, Book III)
1999978-0-89272-467-3Kenneth RobertsCaptain Caution
  ''978-0-89272-468-0Kenneth Lewis RobertsOliver Wiswell
2000978-0-89272-471-0Fran HodgkinsThe Orphan Seal
1999978-0-89272-473-4Lynn PlourdeMoose, Of Course!
  ''978-0-89272-476-5David CrossmanThe Dead of Winter (Winston Crisp Mystery)
  ''978-0-89272-478-9Philip ConklingIslands in Time: A Natural and Cultural History of the Islands of the Gulf of Maine
2000978-0-89272-479-6Victoria DouderaMoving to Maine: The Essential Guide to Get You There
  ''978-0-89272-480-2Lee WulffBush Pilot Angler
2001978-0-89272-482-6Rebecca Sawyer-FayGardens Maine Style
2000978-0-89272-484-0Bill Silliker Jr.Uses for Mooses: And Other Silly Observations
2001978-0-89272-488-8William Hubbell · Jean HubbellSeasons of Maine
2000978-0-89272-489-5Marilyn J. DwelleySpring Wildflowers of New England
2000978-0-89272-491-8Marilyn DwelleyTrees and Shrubs of New England
  ''978-0-89272-498-7Elisabeth OgilvieThe Summer of the Osprey
  ''978-0-89272-504-5Dominique Siegler-LathropThe Secrets of Needlepoint: Technique and Stitches
2001978-0-89272-508-3C. S. LambertSea Glass Chronicles
2000978-0-89272-511-3Tom DeMarcoDark Harbor House
2001978-0-89272-514-4Kenneth RobertsLydia Bailey
2002978-0-89272-516-8Ethel PochockiThe Gazebo
2000978-0-89272-517-5Peter ScottSomething in the Water
1997978-0-89272-524-3Jane Curtis · Will Curtis · Frank LiebermanMonhegan: The Artists' Island
2002978-0-89272-528-1John HimmelmanDiscovering Moths: Nighttime Jewels in Your Own Backyard
2001978-0-89272-529-8Robert HolthouserA High, Lonesome Call
  ''978-0-89272-532-8Melissa Hayes · Marilyn WesterveltA Mug Up with Elisabeth
2002978-0-89272-533-5Jacqueline FeeThe Sweater Workshop: Knit Creative, Seam-Free Sweaters on your Own with any Yarn
2001978-0-89272-534-2Robert AbbettThe Watercolors of Chet Reneson
2002978-0-89272-535-9Holly Mascott NadlerGhosts of Boston Town
2001978-0-89272-537-3Bill CaldwellIslands of Maine
1991978-0-89272-538-0David E. MorineVacationland: A Half Century Summering in Maine
2004978-0-89272-541-0Pamela LoveLighthouse Seeds
2001978-0-89272-542-7Kenneth RobertsNorthwest Passage
2002978-0-89272-546-5Terry WielandSpanish Best: The Fine Shotguns of Spain
2010978-0-89272-547-2John McDonaldNothin' but Puffins: And Other Silly Observations
2001978-0-89272-550-2Frances BloxamAntlers Forever!
2002978-0-89272-551-9Robert ThayerAcadia's Carriage Roads (Acadia National Park Guide Series)
  ''978-0-89272-552-6Michael McIntoshShotgun Technicana
2002978-0-89272-554-0Robert P. Tristram CoffinKennebec: Cradle of Americans (Rivers of America)
2004978-0-89272-558-8Ethel PochockiMaine Marmalade
  ''978-0-89272-559-5Marilyn DwelleySummer & Fall Wildflowers of New England
2002978-0-89272-563-2Joe ArnetteA Dog for All Seasons
2004978-0-89272-565-6Virginia ThorndikeOn Tugboats
2002978-0-89272-567-0Kenneth RobertsThe Kenneth Roberts Reader
  ''978-0-89272-571-7Pamela LoveA Loon Alone
  ''978-0-89272-572-4Jacqueline FeeThe Sweater Workshop
2003978-0-89272-574-8Susan WhitehouseMaine-ly Fun! (The Maine Childrens Cancer Program)
2002978-0-89272-575-5Sy MontgomeryThe Wild Out Your Window
2003978-0-89272-591-5Kenneth MalloryBoston Harbor Islands
2002978-0-89272-592-2Carl Little · Arnold SkolnickThe Art of Maine in Winter
2003978-0-89272-594-6Fran HodgkinsAndre the Famous Harbor Seal
  ''978-0-89272-597-7Victoria DouderaWhere to Retire in Maine
2003978-0-89272-598-4Steven MulakA Brief Autumn's Passage: a season of bird dogs and upland dreams
2006978-0-89272-599-1Pat AhoLighthouse Designs for Quilters
2003978-0-89272-602-8Dahlov IpcarBrown Cow Farm
  ''978-0-89272-612-7Susan BeckhornSarey by Lantern Light
  ''978-0-89272-618-9Dorothy SimpsonThe Island's True Child
  ''978-0-89272-619-6David MorineSmall Claims
2004978-0-89272-621-9John ColeFirst Rite
2006978-0-89272-623-3Janet LoughreyGardens Adirondack Style
2005978-0-89272-624-0Virginia ThorndikeIslanders
2003978-0-89272-625-7Elisabeth OgilvieWhistle for a Wind/ How Wide the Heart
2006978-0-89272-627-1Robin HansenFavorite Mittens
2004978-0-89272-630-1Bill Silliker Jr.Wild Maine: Discoveries of a Wildlife Photographer
2003978-0-89272-631-8Nancy GenthnerWhat's Cooking at Moody's Diner
1990978-0-89272-634-9Robin HansenSunny's Mittens: Learn to Knit, Lovikka Mittens
2004978-0-89272-637-0Jane LambThe Grand Masters of Maine Gardening
2005978-0-89272-639-4Christopher GlassAt Home in Maine: Houses Designed to Fit the Land
2004978-0-89272-642-4Craig MilnerRalph Stanley: Tales of a Maine Boatbuilder
  ''978-0-89272-646-2Charles DavisAround Cape Horn
2004978-0-89272-648-6Carl Little · Arnold SkolnickThe Art of Monhegan Island
2005978-0-89272-652-3Richard WeaverGrouse Dogs
  ''978-0-89272-653-0Neal Evan ParkerCaptain Annabel
2004978-0-89272-654-7Robert KimberA Canoeist's Sketchbook
2006978-0-89272-655-4Chad MasonWake Up, Bertha Bear!
1993978-0-89272-659-2C. MasonWild Fox
2005978-0-89272-662-2Dean BennettFinding a Friend in the Forest
  ''978-0-89272-664-6Steven MulakJust Off Main Street
  ''978-0-89272-665-3Nance Trueworthy · David TylerA Seat on the Shore: Quietly Admiring the Maine Coast
2009978-0-89272-666-0Peter G. ThompsonFreshwater Game Fish of North America: An Illustrated Guide
2005978-0-89272-667-7Elaine EskesenDyeing to Knit
2004978-0-89272-668-4Bill SillikerMoose-cellania: A Collection of All Things Moose
  ''978-0-89272-669-1Elizabeth PeaveyMaine & Me
2005978-0-89272-673-8Sharon LovejoyThe Little Green Island with a Little Red House
2005978-0-89272-674-5Carol DeanThe Live Bale of Hay
  ''978-0-89272-675-2Jim McDermottA Comfortable Range
2006978-0-89272-676-9William HubbellGood Fences: A Pictorial History of New England's Stone Walls
2005978-0-89272-677-6John GibsonEnjoying Maine's Islands
  ''978-0-89272-680-6Frank ChillemiWindjammers, Lighthouses, & Other Treasures of the Maine Coast
2006978-0-89272-681-3Robert KimberUpcountry
  ''978-0-89272-687-5Holly NadlerVineyard Confidential: 350 Years of Scandals, Eccentrics, & Strange Occurrences
2007978-0-89272-688-2Sabine DomnickCables, Diamonds, & Herringbone: Secrets of Knitting Traditional Fishermen's Sweaters
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2006978-0-89272-691-2Terry WielandDangerous-Game Rifles
2005978-0-89272-692-9Karen Wentworth BatignaniExploring the Spirit of Maine: A Seeker's Guide
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2009978-0-89272-696-7Greg ZielinskiConditions May Vary: A Guide to Maine Weather
2006978-0-89272-697-4Lucian NiemeyerMaine: A Portrait
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2007978-0-89272-701-8Virginia L. ThorndikeLNG: A Level-Headed Look at the Liquefied Natural Gas Controversy
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2009978-0-89272-705-6Lydia Vandenberg · Earle G. ShettleworthBar Harbor's Gilded Century: Opulence to Ashes
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2006978-0-89272-708-7Wesley McNairThe Maine Poets
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2006978-0-89272-712-4Carl LittlePaintings of Maine: A New Collection Selected by Carl Little (Chameleon Book)
2008978-0-89272-714-8Fran HodgkinsWho's Been Here?: A Tale in Tracks
2007978-0-89272-715-5Katie ClarkSeagull Sam
2006978-0-89272-716-2John HodgkinsA Soldier's Son: An American Boyhood During World War II
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2006978-0-89272-718-6David P. BeckerThe Imprint of Place: Maine Printmaking 1800-2005
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2010978-0-89272-720-9Silvio Calabi · Steve Helsley · Roger SangerHemingway's Guns: The Sporting Arms of Ernest Hemingway
2008978-0-89272-721-6Mark WarnerMonhegan: A Guide to Maine's Fabled Islands
  ''978-0-89272-725-4Lynn PlourdeThe Dump Man's Treasures
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2007978-0-89272-728-5victoria DouderaMoving to Maine: The Essential Guide to Get You There and What You Need to Know to Stay
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2006978-0-89272-730-8Dean BennettThe Late Loon
2007978-0-89272-731-5Greg CurrierThe Colors of Lobstering
  ''978-0-89272-732-2Scott ThomasMidnight in New England: Strange and Mysterious Tales
  ''978-0-89272-733-9Pamela LoveA Moose's Morning
2007978-0-89272-735-3Steven Dodd HughesDouble Guns and Custom Gunsmithing
  ''978-0-89272-736-0Louise Dickinson RichWe Took to the Woods
2009978-0-89272-737-7Judy PaoliniThe Inspired Garden: 24 Artists Share Their Vision
2007978-0-89272-738-4Cynthia Finnemore SimondsSuperb Maine Soups: Innovative Recipes from Simple to Sumptuous
  ''978-0-89272-739-1Peter ScottBarter Island
2008978-0-89272-740-7Alan NyiriAcadia Panorama: Images of Maine's National Park
2007978-0-89272-742-1Katherine ZeccaA Puffin's Year
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2007978-0-89272-750-6Karel HayesThe Winter Visitors
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2008978-0-89272-754-4Bruce SniderAt Home by the Sea: Houses Designed for Living at the Water's Edge
  ''978-0-89272-755-1Holly NadlerVineyard Supernatural: True Ghost Stories from America's Most Haunted Island
2008978-0-89272-760-5Wesley McNairPlace Called Maine: 24 Writers on the Maine Experience
  ''978-0-89272-766-7Kevin D. MurphyFolk Art in Maine: Uncommon Treasures 1750-1925
  ''978-0-89272-767-4Jamie SpencerThe Train to Maine
2009978-0-89272-773-5Cynthia Finnemore SimondsDelicious Maine Desserts: 96 Recipes, from Easy to Elaborate
2008978-0-89272-774-2Terry WielandVintage British Shotguns: A Shooting Sportsman Guide
  ''978-0-89272-775-9Maggie SmithCounting Our Way to Maine
  ''978-0-89272-776-6Michael McIntoshShotguns and Shooting Three
2009978-0-89272-779-7Kerry HardyNotes on a Lost Flute: A Field Guide to the Wabanaki
2008978-0-89272-781-0Wesley McNairToday's Best Maine Fiction
2009978-0-89272-783-4Bob DuchesneMaine Birding Trail: The Official Guide to More Than 260 Accessible Sites
2010978-0-89272-784-1Andrew VietzeBecoming Teddy Roosevelt: How a Maine Guide Inspired America's 26th President
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  ''978-0-89272-787-2Maureen HeffernanFairy Houses of the Maine Coast
  ''978-0-89272-789-6Lynn PlourdeThe Blizzard Wizard
2011978-0-89272-790-2   ''Only Cows Allowed
2009978-0-89272-791-9Karel HayesThe Amazing Journey of Lucky the Lobster Buoy
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2009978-0-89272-805-3Joe HealyIn Hemingway's Meadow: Award-Winning Fly-Fishing Stories, Vol. 1
  ''978-0-89272-806-0Andrew VietzeWhere in Maine: 50 Intriguing Places in the Pine Tree State
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2010978-0-89272-816-9Howard MansfieldTurn and Jump: How Time & Place Fell Apart
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2010978-0-89272-908-1Joe Healy · Ted LeesonFly Tying: 30 Years of Tips, Tricks, and Patterns (Best of Fly Rod & Reel)
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  ''978-0-89272-991-3Kate ShafferDesserted: Recipes and Tales from an Island Chocolatier