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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-60872-004-0Anna Elisabet WeirauchThe Scorpion
  ''978-1-60872-025-5Guenter KlowSpanking and...
  ''978-1-60872-047-7Ashe MannixThe Violated
  ''978-1-60872-048-4Guenter KlowI, Sado-Masochist
  ''978-1-60872-049-1   ''Dominatresses and Boy Sex Slaves
2009978-1-60872-050-7Guenter KlowWomen Who Seduce Women
  ''978-1-60872-054-5Anonymous AnonymousA Daughter Damned
  ''978-1-60872-056-9Jay TrevorTales of the French Riviera
  ''978-1-60872-057-6H.R. KayeThe Dark Mansion
  ''978-1-60872-129-0James Hadley ChaseThe Dead Stay Dumb
2009978-1-60872-140-5Francis StevensThe Heads of Cerberus
  ''978-1-60872-172-6Junichiro Tanizaki · Howard Scott HibbettSeven Japanese Tales
2010978-1-60872-196-2Isaac CoxThe Reluctant Sister
  ''978-1-60872-216-7Maureen QuincyForbidden Sex Games
  ''978-1-60872-259-4Louis Kahn NinHow She Lost Her Cherry: Four Stories of Girls Becoming Women
2011978-1-60872-599-1Valerie GrayTaboo Acts III: Loving Daddy
2012978-1-60872-776-6Virginia K. G. RyderLittle Violet's Family Perversions
2011978-1-60872-837-4Valerie GrayTaboo Acts, Volume V: Lusting for Daddy
2011978-1-60872-843-5Valerie GrayTaboo Acts, Volume IV: Loving Siblings
  ''978-1-60872-977-7Virginia K. G. RyderLittle Maureen's Family Pleasures
  ''978-1-60872-993-7Michael HemmingsonEating Kristy's Feet and Other Stories
  ''978-1-60872-995-1Virginia K. G. RyderLittle Emily's Family Depravity