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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-59654-000-2John GlasscoThe English Governess
2004978-1-59654-006-4Tor KungMy Mother Taught Me
  ''978-1-59654-008-8AnonymousThe Pearl
  ''978-1-59654-009-5XXX · Diane BatailleThe Whip Angels
  ''978-1-59654-013-2Philip WylieGladiator
  ''978-1-59654-015-6Paul CainFast One
2009978-1-59654-016-3Jonathan LatimerSolomon's Vineyard
2004978-1-59654-026-2Leigh BrackettNo Good From a Corpse
2004978-1-59654-027-9Raoul WhitfieldGreen Ice
  ''978-1-59654-029-3Raoul WhitfieldDeath in a Bowl
  ''978-1-59654-032-3AnonymousThe Romance of Lust
  ''978-1-59654-033-0Fredric BrownThe Screaming Mimi
2008978-1-59654-036-1Tor KungForever Ecstasy
2009978-1-59654-039-2AnonymousMiss Coote's Confession
  ''978-1-59654-041-5Alexander TrocchiYoung Adam
2008978-1-59654-049-1Marcus van HellerAdam And Eve
2004978-1-59654-050-7AnonymousThe Autobiography Of A Flea
2009978-1-59654-052-1Marcus van HellerKidnap
2004978-1-59654-057-6Carmenicita de Las Lunas · Alexander TrocchiThongs
2008978-1-59654-058-3Alexander TrocchiWhite Thighs
2009978-1-59654-060-6Guillaume ApollinaireAmorous Exploits Of A Young Rakehell
2009978-1-59654-061-3Marcus van HellerTerror (The New Traveller's Companion)
2008978-1-59654-062-0James JenningsEveline (New Traveller's Companion)
2009978-1-59654-064-4Guillaume ApollinaireThe Debauched Hospodar
2005978-1-59654-067-5Octave MirbeauThe Torture Garden (The New Traveller's Companion Series)
2004978-1-59654-098-9Marcus Van Heller · John StevensonRoman Orgy (The New Traveller's Companion)
  ''978-1-59654-099-6John Wilmot · Earl RochesterSodom, Or the Quintessence of Debauchery (The New Traveller's Companion Series)
  ''978-1-59654-102-3Robert C. Du SoeThe Devil Thumbs A Ride
  ''978-1-59654-103-0Day KeeneFramed In Guilt
  ''978-1-59654-105-4Lionel WhiteFlight Into Terror
2004978-1-59654-106-1Day KeeneThe Passion Murders
  ''978-1-59654-107-8Guy EndoreThe Werewolf of Paris
  ''978-1-59654-108-5Paul CainSeven Slayers
2008978-1-59654-110-8Henry MillerThe Obelisk Trilogy: Tropic Of Cancer, Tropic Of Capricorn, Black Spring (New Traveller's Companion)
2004978-1-59654-111-5Henry MillerThe Rosy Crucifixion: Sexus, Plexus, Nexus (the New Traveller's Companion)
  ''978-1-59654-112-2   ''Quiet Days in Clichy/The World of Sex
  ''978-1-59654-113-9Lionel WhiteClean Break
2005978-1-59654-114-6Wu Cheng-enThe Journey to the West, Vol. 1
2004978-1-59654-116-0Fredric BrownMurder Can Be Fun
2004978-1-59654-117-7Fredric BrownThe Bloody Moonlight
  ''978-1-59654-118-4   ''The Dead Ringer
2009978-1-59654-119-1   ''The Fabulous Clipjoint
  ''978-1-59654-125-2Alexander TrocchiThe Carnal Days Of Helen Seferis
  ''978-1-59654-127-6Marcus van HellerThe House of Borgia (The New Traveller's Companion)
2004978-1-59654-128-3Fredric BrownDeath Has Many Doors
  ''978-1-59654-133-7Not AvailablePauline The Prima Donna
2009978-1-59654-134-4Alexander TrocchiDesire and Helen
2009978-1-59654-135-1Charles Henri-FordThe Young and the Evil
2008978-1-59654-136-8Jean GenetOur Lady Of The Flowers
  ''978-1-59654-137-5Jean GenetThe Thief's Journal
2004978-1-59654-139-9Kenneth Robeson12 The Mystic Mullah And Red Snow
2009978-1-59654-150-4Marcus van HellerThe Loins of Amon (The New Traveller's Companion)
2004978-1-59654-152-8Marcus Van Heller · John StevensonRape (New Traveller's Companion)
2008978-1-59654-153-5Marcus van HellerCruel Lips
  ''978-1-59654-154-2   ''Nightmare
2005978-1-59654-155-9Marcus Van Heller · John StevensonThe Devil's Advocate
2008978-1-59654-156-6Marcus van HellerThe Wantons (New Traveller's Companion)
2008978-1-59654-157-3Marcus van HellerWith Open Mouth
  ''978-1-59654-158-0Robert DesmondHeaven, Hell And The Whore
  ''978-1-59654-160-3Oscar WildeTeleny, or the Reverse of the Medal (The New Traveller's Companion, Band 62)
2005978-1-59654-164-1Winifred Drake · Denny BryantTender Was My Flesh
  ''978-1-59654-165-8Willie Baron · Baird BryantPlay This Love With Me
2009978-1-59654-170-2Charles WilliamsRiver Girl
  ''978-1-59654-171-9Charles WilliamsNothing In Her Way
2005978-1-59654-173-3Frederick NebelSix Deadly Dames
2005978-1-59654-174-0AnonymousMidnight Intimacies
  ''978-1-59654-175-7   ''The Lustful Turk
2008978-1-59654-176-4Marquis de SadeJustine
  ''978-1-59654-177-1Marcus HuttningLinda's Strange Vacation
2005978-1-59654-178-8Felix SaltenThe Memoirs of Josephine Mutzenbacher
  ''978-1-59654-179-5Kenneth Robeson · Lester Dent21 the Black Spot And the Midas Man
2008978-1-59654-182-5Jacky SSuburban Souls
2005978-1-59654-183-2AnonymousNunnery Tales; or Cruising Under False Colours
2008978-1-59654-185-6   ''Beatrice
2005978-1-59654-197-9Mata HariThe Diary of Mata Hari
  ''978-1-59654-199-3Jean De Berg · Catherine Robbe-grilletThe Image/the Whip Angels
2008978-1-59654-202-0Henry Jones · John ColemanThe Enormous Bed
2008978-1-59654-203-7Philipp LustConfessions of an Author
2005978-1-59654-207-5Gregory CorsoThe American Express
  ''978-1-59654-209-9Ed Lacy · Leonard ZinbergRoom To Swing
  ''978-1-59654-212-9Armitage Trail · Maurice CoonsScarface
2009978-1-59654-213-6Elliott ChazeBlack Wings Has My Angel
2005978-1-59654-216-7Clifton AdamsWhom Gods Destroy
2008978-1-59654-221-1Alfred de MussetGamiani, or, Two nights of excess
2005978-1-59654-222-8Charles Ray WillefordCockfighter
  ''978-1-59654-223-5Charles WillefordWild Wives
  ''978-1-59654-224-2Charles Ray WillefordPick-Up
2005978-1-59654-225-9Charles Ray WillefordHigh Priest of California
  ''978-1-59654-226-6Francis Carco · Jean RhysPerversity
  ''978-1-59654-227-3David GoodisThe Dark Chase aka Nightfall
  ''978-1-59654-228-0David GoodisNight Squad
2008978-1-59654-229-7Davis GrubbThe Night Of The Hunter
2005978-1-59654-232-7David GoodisCassidy's Girl
  ''978-1-59654-234-1Gerald KershPrelude to a Certain Midnight
2005978-1-59654-251-8Wu Cheng-enThe Journey to the West, v2
2008978-1-59654-253-2Wu Ching-Tzu · Gladys YangThe Scholars
2005978-1-59654-261-7Peter George · Peter BryantRed Alert
  ''978-1-59654-275-4Luo GuanzhongThe Romance of Three Kingdoms, Vol. 2
  ''978-1-59654-276-1Luo GuanzhongThe Romance of Three Kingdoms, Vol. 1
2008978-1-59654-277-8Luo Guanzhong · C. H. Brewitt-TaylorThe Romance of Three Kingdoms, Vol. 2
  ''978-1-59654-278-5Luo Guanzhong · C. H. Brewitt-TaylorThe Romance of Three Kingdoms, Vol. 1
2006978-1-59654-284-6Heather BrownThe Librarian's Naughty Habit
  ''978-1-59654-285-3Lawrence Durrell · Henry MillerThe Black Book
2008978-1-59654-286-0Jack SaulSins of the Cities of the Plain
2008978-1-59654-287-7Miles UnderwoodFetish Girl
2006978-1-59654-291-4Marcus Van HellerThe Ring
  ''978-1-59654-341-6Gerald KershThe Secret Masters
  ''978-1-59654-342-3Sax RohmerThe Haunting of Low Fennel
2009978-1-59654-344-7Lionel WhiteThe Big Caper
2008978-1-59654-346-1Harry GreyThe Hoods
  ''978-1-59654-348-5IlyonSamguk Yusa: Legends And History Of The Three Kingdoms Of Ancient Korea
  ''978-1-59654-355-3Colonel Spiro Von LambbeFlames of Torture
2006978-1-59654-356-0Terence FitzbancroftMy Sister, My Sin
2008978-1-59654-357-7Edward CartwrightThe Family Man
2006978-1-59654-359-1Gus StevensLove Me, Love My Dog
2008978-1-59654-361-4Gerald KershFowlers End (The New Traveller's Companion)
2008978-1-59654-362-1Pierre LouysThe She-Devils
2006978-1-59654-363-8MERRIL, HARRISDIRTY ALICE
  ''978-1-59654-364-5James Jennings · AnonymousThe Altar of Venus
2008978-1-59654-366-9Martin M. GoldsmithDetour
  ''978-1-59654-369-0Robert MooreThe Rape Conspiracy
2006978-1-59654-370-6Rod WalemanThe Stepdaughters
  ''978-1-59654-371-3Justine ParisThe Horse Mistress
2008978-1-59654-375-1Luo GuanzhongThe Outlaws Of The Marsh
  ''978-1-59654-376-8   ''The Outlaws Of The Marsh
2007978-1-59654-377-5   ''The Outlaws of the Marsh, v1
2007978-1-59654-378-2Luo GuanzhongThe Outlaws of the Marsh, v2
2008978-1-59654-380-5Liu EThe Travels Of Lao Can
  ''978-1-59654-381-2Gladys Yang · Xianyi YangThe Dragon King's Daughter: Ten Tang Dynasty Stories
  ''978-1-59654-382-9Shen FuChapters From A Floating Life
  ''978-1-59654-388-1Ira WolfertTucker's People
2006978-1-59654-389-8W. Franklin Franklin Sanders · Charles WillefordWhip Hand
2008978-1-59654-390-4Guan Hanqing · Gladys YangSelected Plays Of Guan Hanqing
2006978-1-59654-393-5Odette NewmanThe Erotic Faculty
2008978-1-59654-397-3John SteeleSweet Revenge
2006978-1-59654-399-7Terence FitzbancroftThe Shape of Desire
  ''978-1-59654-400-0Rod WalemanThe Passionate Orphan
2008978-1-59654-410-9E.A. Wallis BudgeThe Kebra Nagast: The Glory Of Kings
2007978-1-59654-412-3AnonymousPlantation Heat
2007978-1-59654-413-0AnonymousSweet Seventeen
2008978-1-59654-419-2AnonymousRosa Fielding, Or the Victim of Lust
2006978-1-59654-422-2Melissa FranklinNymphs, Horses and Athletes
2007978-1-59654-435-2Keith KernerMother Tongue
2008978-1-59654-439-0Rod WalemanThe Young Librarian
2007978-1-59654-440-6J.J. SavageDirty Me
2008978-1-59654-442-0Shane V. BaxterThe Virgin and The Monster
  ''978-1-59654-443-7Miles UnderwoodUnder The Hill
  ''978-1-59654-447-5Sax RohmerThe Sins Of Sumuru
  ''978-1-59654-448-2   ''The Slaves Of Sumuru
2007978-1-59654-451-2Charles WillefordHoney Gal
2008978-1-59654-454-3Munroe RosenthalPresident Kissinger
  ''978-1-59654-464-2Lanling Xiaoxiao ShengJin Ping Mei (The Golden Lotus)
2008978-1-59654-466-6Charles WillefordThe Woman-Chaser
  ''978-1-59654-468-0Erich WulffenWoman as a Sexual Criminal
  ''978-1-59654-470-3Robert MooreHard Guys and Hostages
2007978-1-59654-474-1Peter JasonUnfaithful
2007978-1-59654-480-2   ''The Bagnio Miscellany
2008978-1-59654-488-8Algernon BlackwoodThe Listener And Other Stories
2007978-1-59654-489-5Marquis de Sade · Austryn WainhouseThe 120 Days of Sodom (The New Traveller's Companion Series)
  ''978-1-59654-490-1Marquis d'ArgensTherese The Philosopher (New Traveller's Companion)
  ''978-1-59654-495-6Jim MontagueThe Submission of Lilly
2008978-1-59654-497-0Mike GoldbergThe Wayward Daughter
2007978-1-59654-501-4AnonymousDanielle and Uncle Armand
2008978-1-59654-507-6Madame la Comtesse de Couer-BrulantThe Cousins
2009978-1-59654-521-2David MoynihanLost By The River
2008978-1-59654-522-9Gerald KershMen Without Bones
2007978-1-59654-524-3AnonymousHow Lucky Can You Get?
2008978-1-59654-527-4Robert M. DuffyOf Sheep and Girls
2007978-1-59654-530-4Gus · StevensThe Handyman
2007978-1-59654-540-3AnonymousSusan, or the Ravaged Innocent Unveiled
2008978-1-59654-541-0   ''The Days at Florville, or, the Ravishing of Lesley
  ''978-1-59654-548-9Benito MussoliniThe Cardinal's Mistress
  ''978-1-59654-555-7Ward FultonThe Violated Virgin
  ''978-1-59654-556-4Mildred ThompsonAnybody's Plaything
  ''978-1-59654-559-5Karl FlindersTwelve Inches
2008978-1-59654-562-5AnonymousThe Lascivious Monk
  ''978-1-59654-565-6George SchuylerBlack No More
  ''978-1-59654-574-8Lionel WhiteThe Killing
  ''978-1-59654-576-2Anonymous AnonymousA Man With a Maid, Part III
  ''978-1-59654-578-6Edward AndersonThieves Like Us
2008978-1-59654-580-9Horace McCoyNo Pockets In A Shroud
  ''978-1-59654-581-6Peter GeorgeRed Alert
  ''978-1-59654-583-0Fredric BrownThe Screaming Mimi
  ''978-1-59654-595-3Michael JeromeEthan Bowles, Dirty Old Man
  ''978-1-59654-638-7Richard MantonBelle Sauvage
2008978-1-59654-667-7James KerstetterThird-Degree Rape
  ''978-1-59654-677-6Paul CainSeven Slayers
  ''978-1-59654-678-3   ''Fast One
2009978-1-59654-695-0J.U. Giesy · Julius B. SmithThe Jason Croft Trilogy
2008978-1-59654-698-1Marcel Allain · Pierre SouvestreThe Exploits Of Juve: Fantomas #2
  ''978-1-59654-708-7Marcel Allain · Pierre SouvestreA Royal Prisoner (Fantomas #5)
2009978-1-59654-712-4Horace McCoyI Should Have Stayed Home
  ''978-1-59654-714-8James Hadley ChaseHe Won't Need It Now
2009978-1-59654-715-5Francis StevensThe Citadel of Fear
  ''978-1-59654-721-6P. C. WrenBeau Geste
  ''978-1-59654-752-0James Hadley ChaseNo Orchids for Miss Blandish
  ''978-1-59654-753-7Sax RohmerBimbashi Baruk of Egypt
  ''978-1-59654-757-5James Hadley ChaseThe Doll's Bad News
2010978-1-59654-763-6Virginia K.G. RyderLittle Courtney's Family Secrets
2009978-1-59654-772-8Octave MirbeauThe Torture Garden: Complete and Unexpurgated
2009978-1-59654-775-9Louis Kahn NinThe Perverts
2010978-1-59654-783-4Garth Mundinger-KlowFamilial Abnormalities: True Accounts of Taboo Sex; An Examination of Relative Kinky Encounters.
2009978-1-59654-787-2Valerie GrayAimee & Chloe: Two Sordid Stories of Sin and Incest
2008978-1-59654-791-9Cain d'AbelFamily Madness
  ''978-1-59654-793-3Pierre La TourUp in Heaven
2010978-1-59654-817-6James Hadley ChaseMiss Callaghan Comes to Grief
  ''978-1-59654-820-6Sandra BoiseMy Brother, My Sin
  ''978-1-59654-829-9Louis Kahn NinDangerous Desires
  ''978-1-59654-831-2Michael HemmingsonDesperate Women
2010978-1-59654-843-5Garth Mundinger-KlowSo Lovely The Feet: Case Histories of a Footloose Fetish
2010978-1-59654-846-6Garth Mundinger-KlowThe Gang Bang: Female Observations of Multi-Party Sex
  ''978-1-59654-848-0   ''Return To The Anal Altar
2009978-1-59654-857-2Paul MerchantSex Gang Women
2010978-1-59654-862-6Valerie GrayThe Naughty Daughter
  ''978-1-59654-866-4James Hadley ChaseLady--Here's Your Wreath
2008978-1-59654-894-7Robert MooreRapes of Wrath
  ''978-1-59654-950-0Marcus van HellerCherry Girl
  ''978-1-59654-986-9John WilsonMother's Punishment
2008978-1-59654-988-3Rod WalemanThe Innocent Schoolteacher
  ''978-1-59654-989-0Joy JouseSchool Days