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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-60844-025-2Karen Gail LewisWhy Don't You Understand? a Gender Relationship Dictionary
  ''978-1-60844-039-9Bradford E. LokerHistory with the Beatles
  ''978-1-60844-045-0Kevin SivilsGame Strategies and Tactics for Basketball: Bench Coaching for Success
  ''978-1-60844-051-1Gregg Tyler MilliganA Beautiful World: One Son's Escape from the Snares of Abuse and Devotion
  ''978-1-60844-101-3Julia E. AntoineThe ABCs of Caribbean Fruits and Vegetables!
2009978-1-60844-107-5Steve AchelisMountain Responder
  ''978-1-60844-122-8Jim JohnsonExercise Beats Depression
  ''978-1-60844-136-5Betty L. Alt · Sandra K. WellsMountain Murders: Homicide in the Rockies
2010978-1-60844-154-9Judith Noble · Jaime LacasaIntroduction to Quechua: Language of the Andes, 2nd Edition
2009978-1-60844-162-4Carol SargeantLove, Honour and Royal Blood - Book One: Katherine Swynford [Nee Deroet]
  ''978-1-60844-169-3Jim BlackMiracle on the Gridiron
  ''978-1-60844-185-3Tom KingThirteen Bones
2009978-1-60844-199-0Jimmie AshcraftReflections of a Country Doctor
  ''978-1-60844-214-0Ph. D. Juliet M. GettyFeed Your Horse Like a Horse: Optimize Your Horse's Nutrition for a Lifetime of Vibrant Health
  ''978-1-60844-250-8Nancy FelixOh My, Au Pair!: A Complete Guide to Hiring and Hosting an Au Pair
  ''978-1-60844-254-6Melanie Hodgdon · Leslie C. ShinerA Simple Guide to Turning a Profit as a Contractor
  ''978-1-60844-264-5Rose MillerThe Horse That Wouldn't Trot: A Life with Tennessee Walking Horses: Lessons Learned and Memories Shared
2009978-1-60844-282-9Ted K. FieldThe Christmas Stories
  ''978-1-60844-299-7Kate L. FellowsThe Nervous Flyer's Handbook: Your Portable Flight Coach
2010978-1-60844-315-4Orlando MartinJFK. Analysis of a Shooting: The Ultimate Ballistics Truth Exposed
  ''978-1-60844-336-9RN BSN Karen BuleyNurses on the Run: Why They Come, Why They Stay
  ''978-1-60844-338-3Greg S. Smith · M. DIV Lpc Greg S. SmithSports Theology: Finding God's Winning Spirit
  ''978-1-60844-344-4Julie F. E. NeilThe Locket Spirit
2010978-1-60844-360-4Susan Murphy-MilanoTime's Up: How to Escape Abusive and Stalking Relationships Guide
  ''978-1-60844-390-1Jim JohnsonTreat Your Own Tennis Elbow
  ''978-1-60844-410-6Jill Lebeau · Maureen RaytisFeng Shui Your Mind: Four Easy Steps to Rapidly Transform Your Life!
  ''978-1-60844-430-4Adam J. DavisThe Book on Private Money: How to Get the Cash from Private Investors to Fund Your Real Estate Deals
  ''978-1-60844-445-8Megan Wissel · MD Faap Joanne SmithSimply Baby: An Invaluable Quick Reference to Infants
2010978-1-60844-473-1Ann SelfSomething Very Ghostly
  ''978-1-60844-524-0Tami SuSword to Words
  ''978-1-60844-529-5Steve D. III GallonEducating with Love and Without Compromise
  ''978-1-60844-553-0Leonard M. FuldThe Secret Language of Competitive Intelligence: How to See Through & Stay Ahead of Business Disruptions, Distortions, Rumors & Smoke Screens
  ''978-1-60844-557-8Phillip J. PollotLymphedema: Finding the Holistic Approach
2010978-1-60844-562-2Jim JohnsonTreat Your Own Spinal Stenosis
  ''978-1-60844-563-9Archibald L. PattersonBetween Hitler and Stalin: The Quick Life and Secret Death of Edward Smigly Rydz, Marshal of Poland
  ''978-1-60844-567-7Sina AbedAfghan Desserts Made Simple
  ''978-1-60844-616-2Barry Makarewicz · Laura HowatTriumph, Tragedy and Tedium: Stories of a Salt Lake City Paramedic/Firefighter, the Sugar House Years
  ''978-1-60844-639-1Terry GoldsworthyValhalla's Warriors: A History of the Waffen-SS on the Eastern Front 1941-1945.
2010978-1-60844-644-5Blackstone Review LLCMaximize Your Writing Score on the SAT: An Expert's Guide to Mastering the SAT Writing Section
  ''978-1-60844-686-5Carol SargeantLove, Honour and Royal Blood - Book Two: John of Gaunt
  ''978-1-60844-691-9Robert A. WascherA Cancer Prevention Guide for the Human Race
  ''978-1-60844-698-8Jana BursonPain Pill Addiction: A Prescription for Hope
  ''978-1-60844-712-1John Winslow GibsonJudge Crater, The Missingest Person: How He Disappeared and Why They Couldn't Find Him
2010978-1-60844-739-8Christopher LynchThe C.I. Desk: FBI and CIA Counterintelligence As Seen From My Cubicle
  ''978-1-60844-748-0Ernest N. CurtisThe Cholesterol Delusion
2011978-1-60844-807-4Richard J. DefouwThe Enneagram in the Writings of Gurdjieff
2010978-1-60844-819-7Steven VarnellCriminal Interdiction
  ''978-1-60844-835-7Tom MulaJacob Marley's Christmas Carol
  ''978-1-60844-843-2Jim JohnsonTreat Your Own Knee Arthritis
2011978-1-60844-864-7David Grand · Alan GoldbergThis is Your Brain on Sports: Beating Blocks, Slumps and Performance Anxiety for Good!
  ''978-1-60844-929-3Barry S. MartinForgotten Aviator: The Adventures of Royal Leonard