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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-59858-007-5Krystle ColeLysergic
  ''978-1-59858-010-5Jillian M. CurtisThe Little Prince and His Magic Wand
  ''978-1-59858-015-0   ''The Little Prince And His Magic Wand
  ''978-1-59858-026-6Vera KaikobadThe 12 Moon Signs in Love: A Lover's Guide to Understanding Your Partner
  ''978-1-59858-028-0Aniket Shah · Akash ShahClub Expat: A Teenager's Guide to Moving Overseas
2005978-1-59858-062-4Ross ShaferThe Customer Shouts Back!
2006978-1-59858-065-5Stephen GlassSara Sparrow
2005978-1-59858-070-9Lisa J. Shultz8 Strategies for an Extraordinary Life - Focusing on What Really Matters in Life
  ''978-1-59858-075-4Kevin EikenberryVantagepoints On Learning And Life
2006978-1-59858-103-4William C. FrederickCorporation Be Good! the Story of Corporate Social Responsibility
  ''978-1-59858-115-7Paul LagasseSeeing Through Clouds: The Story of an Airship Apprentice
  ''978-1-59858-138-6Jim JohnsonThe Sixty-Second Motivator
  ''978-1-59858-141-6Vera KaikobadNumerology for Relationships: A Guide to Birth Numbers
2006978-1-59858-142-3Sally Elias HannaDining on the Nile: Exploring Egyptian Cooking
  ''978-1-59858-144-7Julie RoyceTraveling Michigan's Thumb
  ''978-1-59858-160-7Denis CollinsBehaving Badly: Ethical Lessons from Enron
  ''978-1-59858-180-5Carol McGann Bill McgannThe Story of the Tour De France
  ''978-1-59858-181-2Scott T. SmithMATLAB Advanced GUI Development
2006978-1-59858-187-4Angel AdamsI'M EASY... And I Have Bad Taste
  ''978-1-59858-189-8Hooman EstelamiMarketing Financial Services
2007978-1-59858-206-2Jim JohnsonTreat Your Own Rotator Cuff
2006978-1-59858-213-0Bob Rhodes · Cindy RhodesThe Grape Escapes: The Best of Paso Robles Wineries & Tasting Rooms
  ''978-1-59858-216-1Richard LapidusSnake Hunting on the Devil's Highway
2007978-1-59858-229-1Carl VarroneWhat No One Else Is Saying About Online-Poker
  ''978-1-59858-232-1Cheryl CarvajalGhosts of Southeast Kansas
  ''978-1-59858-234-5C. G. HuntRobert B. Thieme, Jr. - His Ancestry, His Life
2006978-1-59858-242-0M. M. Doreal · Dr M. DorealThe Emerald Tablets of Thoth-The-Atlantean
2006978-1-59858-243-7Martin G. WalkerLIFE! Why We Exist... And What We Must Do To Survive
  ''978-1-59858-244-4Patrick S. JohnstonMission Accomplished
2007978-1-59858-249-9Ruth Bernadette MelonJourney to the White Rose in Germany
2006978-1-59858-251-2Heather Knickerbocker-SilvaThe Binky Ba-ba Fairy
2007978-1-59858-259-8Sam YulishWhere Have All the Hippies Gone?
  ''978-1-59858-261-1Christopher Ardoin · Brian TuschlConcise Review for the PTCB Exam
2006978-1-59858-291-8John Bradley JacksonFirst, Best, or Different: What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know about Niche Marketing
2007978-1-59858-302-1Sue Ganz-SchmittEven Superheroes Get Diabetes (Insulin Comics)
  ''978-1-59858-317-5Holly RedfernThe Adventures of Remmington the Dog: An Unexpected Friend
  ''978-1-59858-321-2Julie Albrecht RoyceTraveling Michigan's Sunset Coast
2007978-1-59858-324-3T. A. KevlinHeadless Man In Topless Bar: Studies of 725 cases of strip club related criminal homicides
  ''978-1-59858-335-9H. Craig RappaportLive Long Live Rich: Creating Your Retirement Paycheck with Award Winning Retirement Planning
  ''978-1-59858-357-1Jim BlackTracks
  ''978-1-59858-367-0Jonathan G. WaySuburban Howls: Tracking the Eastern Coyote in Urban Massachusetts
  ''978-1-59858-378-6Quee NelsonThe Slightest Philosophy
2007978-1-59858-414-1Edward S LevineThe Evolving Sales Engineer
  ''978-1-59858-422-6Colleen BuckleyGrandma Kathy Has Cancer
  ''978-1-59858-427-1Sarah DeckerThe Simplicity of Iris Folding
2008978-1-59858-451-6Olivia Slaughter · Jean KubelunLife as a Mother-In-Law: Roles, Challenges, Solutions
2007978-1-59858-453-0Moira Anderson AllenCoping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet
2008978-1-59858-471-4Helen RobinsonFollow Me Out of the Darkness
  ''978-1-59858-484-4Ronald L. ClarkFlim Flam
2007978-1-59858-508-7Vicky Bittner · Denise McMurryThe Moveable Feast - A Picnic Cookbook for All Seasons
2008978-1-59858-520-9Shirley PresbergClubbed to Death
  ''978-1-59858-530-8James T. HeffernanTime Travel Just Sucks: A Kid in the '70s
2008978-1-59858-543-8Jonna-Lynn K. MandelbaumUnspoken Farewell
  ''978-1-59858-551-3Jim JohnsonThe 5-Minute Plantar Fasciitis Solution
  ''978-1-59858-563-6R. Barry Harmon5,000 Years of Korean Martial Arts: The Heritage of the Hermit Kingdom Warriors
  ''978-1-59858-608-4Bill McGann · Carol McGannThe Story of the Tour de France, Volume 2: 1965-2007: How a Newspaper Promotion Became the Greatest Sporting Event in the World
  ''978-1-59858-620-6Alan KeltonThe Fit Arthritic: Fighting Knee and Hip Arthritis with Exercise.
2008978-1-59858-677-0Jeff ZahratkaSweepers Sweepers Man Your Brooms: An Enlisted Man's Story
  ''978-1-59858-682-4Kitty Crockett RobertsonMeasuring Time—By an Hourglass
  ''978-1-59858-690-9Darryll ShermanMy '70s Book: The "When I Was A Kid..." Book For The Generation That Grew Up In The '70s
2009978-1-59858-713-5Anne KatherineLick It! Fix Her Appetite Switch
2008978-1-59858-714-2Bob RhodesThe Marked One: Book of the Veil Volume One
  ''978-1-59858-723-4Deborah TheisenBipolar Bubbles
  ''978-1-59858-724-1David PriceAltar Boy Altered Life: A True Story of Sexual Abuse
2008978-1-59858-744-9Betsy MillerThe Parents' Guide to Hip Dysplasia
  ''978-1-59858-748-7Jim JohnsonFinding Happiness in a Frustrating World
  ''978-1-59858-761-6John D. WrightThe Terror of Terre Haute: Bud Taylor and the 1920s
2009978-1-59858-773-9Christopher Arch VIIThe Subject Was Death
  ''978-1-59858-844-6Kevin WilhelmReturn on Sustainability
  ''978-1-59858-883-5Timothy H. HoltzA Doctor in Little Lhasa: One Year in Dharamsala with the Tibetans in Exile
2009978-1-59858-907-8Stephen Chapin KinnamanThe Most Perfect Cruiser
  ''978-1-59858-955-9James Vincent PowersBolt of Thunder, Words of Whisper
  ''978-1-59858-960-3Lisa MaddockA Tale of Two Guinea Pigs
  ''978-1-59858-967-2Clinton EmersonEscape The Wolf: A Security Handbook for Traveling Professionals
  ''978-1-59858-974-0Maren Schmidt · Dana SchmidtUnderstanding Montessori: A Guide for Parents