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2007978-1-60386-012-3W. W. Rouse BallAn Essay On Newton's 'Principia'
  ''978-1-60386-021-5Babcock & Wilcox Co · Babcock &. Wilcox CoSteam: Its Generation and Use
  ''978-1-60386-024-6Ernst MachThe Science Of Mechanics - A Critical And Historical Account Of Its Development
  ''978-1-60386-029-1Florian CajoriAn Introduction To The Modern Theory Of Equations
  ''978-1-60386-034-5Hermann WildaSteam Turbines: Their Theory and Construction (The Broadway Series of Engineering Handbooks)
2007978-1-60386-037-6Jay HambidgeDynamic Symmetry: The Greek Vase
  ''978-1-60386-039-0Alfred North WhiteheadAn Introduction To Mathematics
  ''978-1-60386-041-3Alfred North WhiteheadThe Axioms Of Descriptive Geometry (Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics and Mathematical Physics)
  ''978-1-60386-042-0Theodore Du MoncelElements of Construction for Electromagnets
  ''978-1-60386-045-1Andrew Gray · G. B. MathewsA Treatise On Bessel Functions and Their Applications To Physics
2007978-1-60386-049-9G. H. HardyA Course of Pure Mathematics
  ''978-1-60386-051-2ArchimedesThe Works Of Archimedes
  ''978-1-60386-054-3Felix KleinOn Riemann's Theory Of Algebraic Functions
  ''978-1-60386-060-4Solomon WoolfAn Elementary Course In Descriptive Geometry
  ''978-1-60386-063-5Ernst MachThe Science Of Mechanics - Supplementary Volume
2007978-1-60386-075-8Victor HugoNinety-Three
  ''978-1-60386-081-9Allen H. Blaisdell · Thomas Gemmill EstepProblems in Thermodynamics and Steam Power Plant Engineering
2008978-1-60386-091-8Frank Kingdon WardThe Land of the Blue Poppy - Travels of a Naturalist in Eastern Tibet
  ''978-1-60386-102-1James Dwight DanaManual of Mineralogy
  ''978-1-60386-104-5G. N. WatsonA Treatise On The Theory of Bessel Functions
  ''978-1-60386-110-6International Correspondence SchoolsSteam Engine Design and Mechanism
2008978-1-60386-111-3Edwin H. BartonAn Introduction To The Mechanics Of Fluids
  ''978-1-60386-112-0F. W. PeekDielectric Phenomena In High Voltage Engineering
  ''978-1-60386-116-8Merchant BooksElevator Design, Construction and Maintenance - 1905
  ''978-1-60386-118-2John Maynard KeynesA Treatise On Probability
  ''978-1-60386-119-9Russell Bertrand · Bertrand RussellThe Principles of Mathematics
2008978-1-60386-121-2E. T. Whittaker · G. N. WatsonA Course of Modern Analysis
  ''978-1-60386-125-0George BooleAn Investigation Of The Laws Of Thought
  ''978-1-60386-127-4Edward Sheriff CurtisThe North American Indian: 1
  ''978-1-60386-133-5Victor HugoNinety-Three
  ''978-1-60386-141-0Erik Oberg · Franklin D. JonesShop Mathematics - 1920
2008978-1-60386-151-9Knights of the Golden CircleKnights of the Golden Circle - The Origin, Objects, and Secret Work
  ''978-1-60386-152-6Charles O. PerrineAuthentic Exposition of the Knights of the Golden Circle - A History Of Secession From 1834 To 1861
  ''978-1-60386-155-7Leonard E. DicksonPlane Trigonometry With Practical Applications
  ''978-1-60386-158-8James Tyler KentLectures on Homeopathic Philosophy
  ''978-1-60386-160-1Robert Hewitt BrownStellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy
2008978-1-60386-161-8Charles Reginald UnderhillSolenoids, Electromagnets and Electromagnetic Windings
  ''978-1-60386-168-7J. B. ChapmanDr. Schuessler's Biochemistry
  ''978-1-60386-171-7James PartonHistory of the Sewing Machine
2009978-1-60386-173-1Samuel HahnemannOrganon of Medicine - Fifth Edition
  ''978-1-60386-176-2Leonard Eugene DicksonIntroduction To The Theory Of Algebraic Equations
  ''978-1-60386-180-9Pierre Simon Marquis De LaplaceA Philosophical Essay On Probabilities
2009978-1-60386-181-6Manuel EisslerMetallurgy Of Gold - The Metallurgical Treatment Of Gold-Bearing Ores
  ''978-1-60386-182-3Alfred North Whitehead · Russell BertrandPrincipia Mathematica - Volume One
  ''978-1-60386-183-0   ''Principia Mathematica - Volume Two
  ''978-1-60386-184-7   ''Principia Mathematica - Volume Three
  ''978-1-60386-188-5William S. B. DanaThe Swiss Chalet Book
2009978-1-60386-189-2Henry VIIILove Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn
  ''978-1-60386-192-2Charles Johnson PostHorse Packing: A Manual of Pack Transportation
  ''978-1-60386-196-0Thomas TrowardThe Law And The Word
  ''978-1-60386-197-7Thomas TrowardThe Edinburgh and Dore Lectures on Mental Science
  ''978-1-60386-198-4Inazo NitobeBushido: The Soul of Japan
2009978-1-60386-199-1Ernest Dunlop Swinton · Lieutenant Backsight ForethoughtThe Defence Of Duffer's Drift - A Lesson in the Fundamentals of Small Unit Tactics
  ''978-1-60386-200-4Thomas TrowardThe Hidden Power and Other Papers on Mental Science
  ''978-1-60386-201-1   ''The Creative Process In The Individual
  ''978-1-60386-202-8John DeweyDemocracy and Education
  ''978-1-60386-203-5John DeweyMoral Principles in Education
2009978-1-60386-205-9George MacDonaldLilith
  ''978-1-60386-206-6James BaldwinFifty Famous Stories Retold
  ''978-1-60386-209-7I. Lilias TrotterParables of the Cross - Illustrated in Color
  ''978-1-60386-211-0G. K. ChestertonManalive
  ''978-1-60386-212-7John Maynard KeynesThe Economic Consequences Of The Peace
2009978-1-60386-213-4O'HenryThe O. Henry Short Story Collection - Volume I
  ''978-1-60386-215-8A. W. TozerThe Pursuit of God
  ''978-1-60386-224-0Jean Anthelme Brillat-SavarinThe Physiology of Taste
  ''978-1-60386-227-1David HumeAn Enquiry Concerning The Principles Of Morals
  ''978-1-60386-232-5Herbert Wes McBrideThe Emma Gees
2009978-1-60386-236-3Leo TolstoyA Confession
  ''978-1-60386-238-7Robert H. KussSteam Boilers - Care and Operation
  ''978-1-60386-241-7Charles Webster LeadbeaterClairvoyance
  ''978-1-60386-242-4G. K. ChestertonThe Man Who Was Thursday
  ''978-1-60386-243-1J. R. RobinsonExplosions Of Steam Boilers
2009978-1-60386-246-2J. Storer CloustonThe Lunatic at Large
  ''978-1-60386-247-9Orison Swett MardenPushing To The Front
978-1-60386-251-6The Calvary Road
2009978-1-60386-252-3John Duncan AdamsLamps and Shades - In Metal and Art Glass
  ''978-1-60386-255-4Joseph KnightPipe And Pouch: The Smokers Own Book Of Poetry
  ''978-1-60386-258-5Leonard Eugene DicksonFirst Course In The Theory Of Equations
  ''978-1-60386-260-8William Freeman Myrick GossHigh Steam Pressures In Locomotive Service
2009978-1-60386-261-5John MuirThe Mountains Of California
  ''978-1-60386-262-2Francis C. FraryLaboratory Manual Of Glassblowing
  ''978-1-60386-263-9James Tyler KentLectures on Homeopathic Philosophy
  ''978-1-60386-264-6Jane AddamsDemocracy And Social Ethics
  ''978-1-60386-265-3Thomas TrowardThe Law And The Word
2009978-1-60386-268-4Orison Swett MardenAn Iron Will
  ''978-1-60386-270-7Immanuel KantFundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals
  ''978-1-60386-272-1Nikola TeslaAlternate Currents Of High Potential And High Frequency
  ''978-1-60386-274-5Brother LawrenceThe Practice Of The Presence Of God
  ''978-1-60386-275-2Lucy Maud MontgomeryThe Story Girl
2009978-1-60386-276-9Peter B. KyneThe Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How To Be One
  ''978-1-60386-277-6Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky · Fyodor DostoyevskyThe Grand Inquisitor
  ''978-1-60386-278-3Lucy Maud MontgomeryKilmeny of the Orchard
  ''978-1-60386-279-0Jack LondonSmoke Bellew
  ''978-1-60386-281-3Martin LutherConcerning Christian Liberty
2010978-1-60386-283-7Albert EinsteinSidelights on Relativity
2010978-1-60386-284-4Siegfried SassoonThe War Poems of Siegfried Sassoon
  ''978-1-60386-286-8Francis BaconThe New Atlantis
  ''978-1-60386-287-5Russell BertrandThe Problems of Philosophy
  ''978-1-60386-289-9John BunyanGrace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners
  ''978-1-60386-290-5Orison Swett MardenEvery Man A King
2010978-1-60386-291-2Andrew Lang · H. J. FordThe Pink Fairy Book
  ''978-1-60386-292-9Lucy Maud MontgomeryThe Story Girl
  ''978-1-60386-293-6George EliotThe Lifted Veil and Brother Jacob
  ''978-1-60386-296-7Lord DunsanyA Dreamer's Tales
2010978-1-60386-297-4Lord DunsanyFifty-One Tales
  ''978-1-60386-298-1Cornelia MeigsThe Windy Hill
  ''978-1-60386-302-5Ivan TurgenevOn The Eve
  ''978-1-60386-305-6Henry David ThoreauWalking
  ''978-1-60386-310-0L. Frank BaumGlinda of Oz
2010978-1-60386-311-7Henry T. Brown507 Mechanical Movements: Mechanisms and Devices
  ''978-1-60386-315-5George BooleAn Investigation of the Laws of Thought
  ''978-1-60386-319-3Geoffrey Martin · William BarbourIndustrial Nitrogen Compounds and Explosives
  ''978-1-60386-320-9XenophonThe Memorable Thoughts of Socrates
  ''978-1-60386-322-3William JamesPragmatism
2010978-1-60386-323-0Anthony TrollopeAn Eye for an Eye
  ''978-1-60386-325-4Ernst MachThe Science of Mechanics: A Critical and Historical Account of Its Development
  ''978-1-60386-326-1Elizabeth Von ArnimThe Solitary Summer
  ''978-1-60386-327-8Elizabeth Von Armin · Elizabeth Von ArnimThe Enchanted April
  ''978-1-60386-329-2G. K. ChestertonThe New Jerusalem
2010978-1-60386-330-8G. K. ChestertonThe Man Who Was Thursday
  ''978-1-60386-332-2James AllenThe Way of Peace
  ''978-1-60386-333-9James AllenOut From The Heart
  ''978-1-60386-334-6P. T. BarnumThe Art of Money Getting: Golden Rules for Making Money
  ''978-1-60386-336-0Francis BaconThe New Atlantis
2010978-1-60386-340-7Thomas PaineThe Age of Reason (Writing of Thomas Paine)
  ''978-1-60386-341-4Thomas PaineThe Age of Reason - Thomas Paine (Writings of Thomas Paine)
  ''978-1-60386-343-8Bret HarteThe Luck of Roaring Camp and Other Short Stories
  ''978-1-60386-346-9Bertrand RussellThe Analysis of Mind
  ''978-1-60386-349-0Fyodor Dostoyevsky · Fyodor Mikhailovich DostoevskyNotes from the Underground
2010978-1-60386-350-6Kahlil GibranThe Madman: His Parables and Poems
  ''978-1-60386-356-8Arthur MachenThe Great God Pan and the Hill of Dreams
  ''978-1-60386-357-5Henry VIIILove Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn
  ''978-1-60386-359-9Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Making of a Marchioness
  ''978-1-60386-362-9E. F. BensonQueen Lucia
2010978-1-60386-364-3Mark TwainEve's Diary, Complete
  ''978-1-60386-366-7James AllenAs A Man Thinketh
  ''978-1-60386-372-8George Bernard ShawMrs. Warren's Profession
  ''978-1-60386-374-2Edwin A. AbbottFlatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions
  ''978-1-60386-382-7Leo Nikolayevich TolstoyThe Kingdom of God Is Within You
2010978-1-60386-383-4Thomas JeffersonThe Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth
  ''978-1-60386-386-5Victor HugoThe Last Day of a Condemned Man
  ''978-1-60386-387-2   ''Toilers of the Sea
  ''978-1-60386-388-9Henry LindlahrNature Cure - Henry Lindlahr
  ''978-1-60386-390-2William JamesThe Will to Believe and Other Essays in Popular Philosophy and Human Immortality
2010978-1-60386-393-3Martin LutherThe Bondage of the Will
  ''978-1-60386-394-0JasherThe Book of Jasher
  ''978-1-60386-396-4AnonymousThe Book of Jubilees
2011978-1-60386-402-2Isaac NewtonObservations Upon The Prophecies Of Daniel And The Apocalypse Of St. John
  ''978-1-60386-406-0Martin LutherLuther's Ninety-Five Theses
  ''978-1-60386-408-4Eusebius PamphilusEusebius' Ecclesiastical History
2011978-1-60386-410-7John LockeSecond Treatise of Government
  ''978-1-60386-411-4John LockeTwo Treatises of Government
  ''978-1-60386-413-8R. H. CharlesThe Book of Jubilees
  ''978-1-60386-418-3Yogi RamacharakaScience of Breath (Hindu-yogi)
  ''978-1-60386-420-6Arthur W. PinkThe Sovereignty of God
2011978-1-60386-421-3A. W. PinkGleanings In Genesis
  ''978-1-60386-422-0Isaac NewtonA Historical Account Of Two Notable Corruptions Of Scripture: In A Letter To A Friend
  ''978-1-60386-423-7Yogi RamacharakaThe Science of Psychic Healing
  ''978-1-60386-437-4Alfred North Whitehead · Bertrand RussellPrincipia Mathematica - Volume One
  ''978-1-60386-446-6JasherBook Of Jasher: Referred To In Joshua And Second Samuel
2011978-1-60386-447-3Alfred North WhiteheadAn Introduction To Mathematics
2012978-1-60386-449-7Friedrich Wilhelm NietzscheThe Anti-Christ
  ''978-1-60386-454-1E. T. Whittaker · G. N. WatsonA Course of Modern Analysis
  ''978-1-60386-455-8Kakuzo OkakuraThe Book Of Tea
  ''978-1-60386-467-1South Bend Lathe WorksHow To Run A Lathe: For The Beginner: How To Erect, Care For And Operate A Screw Cutting Engine Lathe
  ''978-1-60386-473-2Willa CatherThe Professor's House
2012978-1-60386-478-7Three InitiatesThe Kybalion: A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece
  ''978-1-60386-480-0Rainer Maria RilkeLetters to a Young Poet
  ''978-1-60386-483-1Clarence LarkinRightly Dividing the Word
  ''978-1-60386-487-9Andrew MurrayAbsolute Surrender
  ''978-1-60386-495-4Willa CatherA Lost Lady
2012978-1-60386-497-8Neville GoddardPrayer: The Art of Believing
  ''978-1-60386-499-2Neville GoddardFeeling Is The Secret
  ''978-1-60386-501-2NevilleAwakened Imagination
  ''978-1-60386-503-6Neville · Neville GoddardAwakened Imagination
  ''978-1-60386-504-3Neville GoddardThe Power of Awareness
2013978-1-60386-513-5Genevieve BehrendYour Invisible Power
2013978-1-60386-514-2Hermann HesseSiddhartha
  ''978-1-60386-515-9Genevieve BehrendAttaining Your Desires
  ''978-1-60386-518-0Robert CollierThe Secret of the Ages
  ''978-1-60386-520-3Earl NightingaleThe Strangest Secret
  ''978-1-60386-535-7Neville GoddardFive Lessons
2013978-1-60386-537-1Three InitiatesThe Kybalion: A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece
  ''978-1-60386-544-9Neville Goddard · NevilleFeeling is the Secret
  ''978-1-60386-551-7Sigmund FreudCivilization and Its Discontents
  ''978-1-60386-554-8Genevieve BehrendYour Invisible Power
  ''978-1-60386-557-9Earl NightingaleThe Strangest Secret
2013978-1-60386-559-3NevilleYour Faith Is Your Fortune
  ''978-1-60386-560-9Charles F. HaanelThe Master Key System
  ''978-1-60386-561-6Arthur W. PinkThe Holy Spirit
  ''978-1-60386-572-2G. K. ChestertonThe Everlasting Man
  ''978-1-60386-578-4Abraham H. MaslowA Theory of Human Motivation
2013978-1-60386-580-7Emmet FoxThe Seven Day Mental Diet: How to Change Your Life in a Week
  ''978-1-60386-590-6Alfred J. ChurchThe Aeneid for Boys and Girls
  ''978-1-60386-602-6George W. CareyThe Tree of Life: An Expose of Physical Regenesis
  ''978-1-60386-603-3Nikola TeslaMy Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
  ''978-1-60386-604-0Max WeberThe Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
2013978-1-60386-614-9Hermes TrismegistusThe Emerald Tablet of Hermes
  ''978-1-60386-616-3James Clerk MaxwellA Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field
2014978-1-60386-628-6Edward M. BoundsThe Weapon of Prayer
  ''978-1-60386-635-4Claude HopkinsScientific Advertising
  ''978-1-60386-636-1Claude HopkinsScientific Advertising
  ''978-1-60386-643-9Charles FillmoreProsperity
2014978-1-60386-657-6Prentice MulfordThoughts Are Things
2015978-1-60386-671-2Joseph S. BennerThe Impersonal Life
  ''978-1-60386-675-0Neville GoddardThe Secret of Imagining
  ''978-1-60386-709-2Malcolm C. DuncanDuncan's Ritual of Freemasonry - Illustrated
2019978-1-60386-814-3Nikola TeslaMy Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla