H. J. Ford

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Maidens, Monsters and Heroes: The Fantasy Illustrations of H. J. Ford978-0-486-47290-42010
Tales from the Arabian Nights978-1-85326-114-51993
The Blue Fairy Book978-0-486-21437-51965Andrew Lang · G. P. Jacomb Hood
The Brown Fairy Book978-0-486-21438-21965Andrew Lang
The Green Fairy Book978-0-486-21439-91965   "
The Lilac Fairy Book978-1-176-78705-62010   "
The Lilac Fairy Book978-0-486-21907-31968   "
The Pink Fairy Book978-1-60386-291-22010   "
The Red Fairy Book978-0-486-21673-71966Andrew Lang · Lancelot Speed
The Yellow Fairy Book978-0-486-21674-41966Andrew Lang

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