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2010978-1-60169-005-0IKidsGreen Start Book Towers: Little Learning Books: 10 Chunky Books Made from 98% Recycled Materials
  ''978-1-60169-009-8Nora GaydosI'm a New Big Sister (Now I'm Growing!)
  ''978-1-60169-010-4Nora GaydosI'm a New Big Brother (Now I'm Growing!)
  ''978-1-60169-019-7Heather AlexanderBUGS (Junior Groovies)
  ''978-1-60169-020-3IKidsHugs (iBaby)
2010978-1-60169-024-1IKidsPoke-a-Dot: Old MacDonald's Farm (30 Poke-able Poppin' Dots)
  ''978-1-60169-043-2   ''Soft Shapes: Dinosaurs (Baby's First Book + Puzzle)
  ''978-1-60169-044-9   ''Soft Shapes: Trucks (Baby's First Book + Puzzle)
  ''978-1-60169-083-8innovativeKidsGreen Start Giant Floor Puzzles Assortment 12-Copy
2011978-1-60169-108-8Nora GaydosNir! Read It, Write It, Draw It - The Best Gift Ever - Level 1: (Hands on Reading, Writing and Drawing) (Now I'm Reading!: Level 1)
  ''978-1-60169-110-1Heather AlexanderPhonic Comics: Princess School - Level 1 (Phonics Comics: Level 1)
2011978-1-60169-111-8Bobbi JG Weiss · David Cody WeissPhonic Comics - Hiro Dragon Warrior: Fight or Flight Level 2, Issue 3 (Phonics Comics: Level 2)
  ''978-1-60169-113-2IKidsOCEAN (Soft Shapes)
  ''978-1-60169-123-1Jenn innovativeKidsSoft Shapes, Play to Learn Games Starter Assortment 34-Copy
  ''978-1-60169-124-8Nora innovativeKids · Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading Complete Starter Assortment 46-Copy
  ''978-1-60169-125-5William S. Phillips · Jillian Innovative Kids · Jillian innovativeKidsGreen Start Starter Assortment 54-Copy
2011978-1-60169-148-4IKidsJunior Groovies: Things That Fly (Storybook, Fun Facts and Toys)
  ''978-1-60169-149-1   ''Junior Groovies: Trains (Storybook, Fun Facts and Toys)
2012978-1-60169-246-7Jillian innovativeKids · Jillian PhillipsGreen Start Giant Floor Puzzles Assortment 16-Copy
  ''978-1-60169-247-4William S. Phillips · Jillian Innovative Kids · Jillian innovativeKids · Jillian Phillips · Christine Battuz · Simon AbbottGreen Start Starter Assortment 62-Unit
  ''978-1-60169-249-8Jenn innovativeKids · Jenn Ski · Katie SaundersSoft Shapes Starter Assortment 55-Unit
  ''978-1-60169-252-8Soft Shapes Planogram 88-Units
2012978-1-60169-254-2Kitty Richards · Nora innovativeKids · Nora Gaydos · David Cody Weiss · Bobbi Weiss · Lara Bergen · Wendy Wax · Carol McAdams MooreNow Im Reading! Planogram 128-Unit
  ''978-1-60169-270-2IKidsPoke-A-Dot!: Who's in the Ocean? (30 Poke-able Poppin' Dots)
978-1-60169-300-6innovativeKidsOriginal Soft Shapes 16-Copy Assortment
2014978-1-60169-353-2Nora GaydosNOW I'M READING!: 104-UNIT PLANOGRAM
  ''978-1-60169-358-7ikidsWHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? (Poke-a-Dot)
978-1-60169-366-2IkidsInnovative Kids Magnetic Puzzle & Play Boards: ABC
978-1-60169-367-9   ''Green Start Wooden Toy Mix & Match Stackers: Banana Splitz
978-1-60169-368-6IkidsGreen Start Wooden Toy Shape Sorter Puzzle Stacker: Busy Bus
978-1-60169-369-3   ''Green Start Wooden Toy Mix & Match Stackers: Sweet Petites
978-1-60169-372-3   ''Innovative Kids Green Start Chunky Wooden Puzzles: Let's Go
2015978-1-60169-373-0ikidsAN ALPHABET EYE SPY (Poke-a-dot)
978-1-60169-374-7IkidsGreen Start Wooden Toy Mix & Match Stackers: Beep Beep
978-1-60169-375-4   ''Magnetic Puzzle & Play Boards: Shapes Colors Counting
2015978-1-60169-379-2Green Start Chunky Wooden Puzzles: 18-copy assortment
  ''978-1-60169-380-8Green Start Wooden Toy Assortment