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1999978-1-58476-003-0IKidsCoin County: A Bank in a Book
  ''978-1-58476-008-5   ''Soft Shapes: Counting
  ''978-1-58476-009-2   ''Soft Shapes: Animals
  ''978-1-58476-010-8   ''Soft Shapes: Shapes
  ''978-1-58476-011-5   ''Soft Shapes: Colors
2000978-1-58476-018-4Olga Litowinsky · IKidsGroovy Tube Books: Bug Blast!
2000978-1-58476-019-1Stephanie Graziadio · IKidsGroovy Tube Books: Sea Splash!
2002978-1-58476-020-7Shereen Gertel RutmanThe Amazing Game Board Book
2000978-1-58476-021-4IKids · Bob FilipowichSoft Shapes: Big and Little
  ''978-1-58476-037-5IKidsMini Soft Shapes: Bunny Jumps
2000978-1-58476-038-2IKidsMini Soft Shapes: Ducky Swims
  ''978-1-58476-040-5Kate DavisWhose Back Is Bumpy? - Textured Soft Shapes
  ''978-1-58476-041-2IKids · Kate Davis · Bob FilipowichRough Road - Textured Soft Shapes
  ''978-1-58476-042-9Michael Burgan · Greg WenzelDino Might! - Groovy Tubes
  ''978-1-58476-049-8Steve OtfinoskiCoin Collecting for Kids
2000978-1-58476-050-4Nora GaydosNow I Know My ABC's
  ''978-1-58476-053-5Innovative KidsGroovy Tubes Assortment (Sams Club)
2001978-1-58476-064-1Frank Gallo · LohstoeterBird Calls (Hear and There Books)
  ''978-1-58476-065-8Frank GalloNight Sounds (Play the Sounds, Pull the Tabs)
  ''978-1-58476-066-5AnnMarie McLaughlinTextured Soft Shapes: Dinos!
  ''978-1-58476-067-2IKids · Kate DavisTextured Soft Shapes: High Tide
2001978-1-58476-068-9Nora GaydosNow I Know My 1,2,3's
  ''978-1-58476-072-6David SeidmanCode Master: Secret Agent!
  ''978-1-58476-073-3Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading! Level 1: Animal Antics (NIR! Leveled Readers)
  ''978-1-58476-074-0   ''Now I'm Reading!: Amazing Animals - Level 2 (NIR! Leveled Readers)
  ''978-1-58476-083-2AnnMarie McLaughlinSeasons (Soft Shapes)
2001978-1-58476-084-9Kate DavisOn and Off (Soft Shapes)
  ''978-1-58476-087-0Ikids · N. Hine E. Gaydos · Nora GaydosNow I Know My Assort-BJ's
2002978-1-58476-094-8Shereen Gertel RutmanMy First Amazing Game Board Book (Amazing Game Board Books)
  ''978-1-58476-099-3Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading: Let's Play!-Level 4 More Word Skills
  ''978-1-58476-100-6   ''Now I'm Reading: On the Go!-Level 3 New Sounds and Blends
978-1-58476-121-1Innovative KidsAmazing Game Assort Ams
2002978-1-58476-129-7David SeidmanCode Master: Treasure Hunter
  ''978-1-58476-132-7Sholly FischHands-on-Science: Get in Gear (Hands-On Science (Innovative Kids))
2002978-1-58476-136-5Susan RingGross Anatomy (Crash Course: Games for Brains)
  ''978-1-58476-137-2Tracy Randinelli · Anna ProkosCrash Course: Secrets of Space (Crash Course Games for Brains, Tn Interactice Reference Book)
2001978-1-58476-159-4Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading! Level One: Animal Antics
2002978-1-58476-160-0zzzzzChristmas Keepsake (Non Trade)
2003978-1-58476-163-1Nora GaydosHands-on Reading Fun!: Build-a-Word
978-1-58476-165-5Innovative KidsBubbleology: A Hands-On Science Kit
2003978-1-58476-167-9Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading!: Look Around! - Pre Reader (NIR! Leveled Readers)
  ''978-1-58476-168-6   ''Math Madness: Independent
  ''978-1-58476-169-3   ''Now I'm Reading!: Simply Science - Independent (NIR! Leveled Readers)
  ''978-1-58476-171-6Susan HoeSoft Shapes: Bugs in the Garden
2003978-1-58476-172-3Susan HoeSoft Shapes: Where is My Baby?
  ''978-1-58476-173-0Leslie BockolTote-Along Soft Shape: My Lunch Box (Tote-Along Soft Shapes)
  ''978-1-58476-174-7Leslie BockolTote-Along Soft Shape: My Tool Box (Tote-Along Soft Shapes)
  ''978-1-58476-184-6Jim MoskowitzHands on Science: Bubbleology
978-1-58476-202-7Stephanie St. PierreBakery Mice
2003978-1-58476-203-4Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading! Level 1: Playful Pals (NIR! Leveled Readers)
  ''978-1-58476-205-8Lee Vietro · Shelley DeliceLetter Hunt
2003978-1-58476-206-5Lee Vietro · Shelley DeliceNumber Hunt
  ''978-1-58476-207-2IKids · Linda SolovicTie Your Shoes: Rocket Style/Bunny Ears
  ''978-1-58476-211-9Susan Ring · John PatrickRainforest Adventure
  ''978-1-58476-212-6Ikids · Bob FilipowichMy Shaving Kit
  ''978-1-58476-213-3IKids · Bob FilipowichMy Purse: Tote-Along Soft Shapes
2004978-1-58476-215-7Susan HoeMy Ducky
2005978-1-58476-216-4Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading! Game Board Book
2004978-1-58476-221-8Gail Donovan · Laura OvresatSounds on the Farm
2004978-1-58476-222-5Gail Donovan · Laura OvresatSounds on the Go!
  ''978-1-58476-241-6Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading!: Look Around! - Volume 1: Pre-Reader
2004978-1-58476-242-3Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading!: Animal Antics - volume 1: Level 1
  ''978-1-58476-244-7   ''Now I'm Reading!: Amazing Animals - Volume 1: Level 2
  ''978-1-58476-245-4   ''Now I'm Reading!: On the Go! - Volume 1: Level 3
  ''978-1-58476-246-1Innovative Kids Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading!: Let's Play! - Volume 1: Level 4 (Now I'm Reading!: Level 4)
2006978-1-58476-247-8nora-gaydosSimply Science Independent Volume 1 (Now I'm Reading!: Independent)
2001978-1-58476-258-4Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading! Amazing Animals, Level 2, Boxed Set! (Now I'm Reading)
2004978-1-58476-263-8Nora Gaydos · BB SamsNow I'm Reading! Pre-Reader: My World
  ''978-1-58476-264-5   ''Now I'm Reading! Level 2: Snack Attack (NIR! Leveled Readers)
2004978-1-58476-267-6Susan RingGroovy Tube Books: Arctic Chill! (Fact Book, Game Board and Collectible Figurines
  ''978-1-58476-268-3Jan JennerGroovy Tube Books: Raging Reptiles!
  ''978-1-58476-269-0Susan RingHear and There Book: Safari Sounds (Here and There)
  ''978-1-58476-297-3Innovative KidsSoft Shapes Empty 80-Copy Display
  ''978-1-58476-298-0Susan Hoe · Innovative KidsSoft Shapes 80-Copy Filled Display
2004978-1-58476-300-0Ikids · Bob Filipowich · Innovative KidsSoft Shapes Tray - 30 Copy Assortment:
2005978-1-58476-309-3Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading!: Phonics Wheels - Short Vowels
  ''978-1-58476-311-6Elizabeth JaffePhonics Comics: Monster Madness
  ''978-1-58476-320-8Brent SudduthPhonics Comics: The Smart Boys
  ''978-1-58476-321-5Brent SudduthPhonics Comics: Penny Star
2004978-1-58476-324-6Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading Complete Starter Kit
  ''978-1-58476-345-1Ann Marie McLaughlinTurn and Discover: Where Animals Live
2006978-1-58476-350-5IkidsSoft Shapes: Little Princess
2006978-1-58476-352-9Jan JugranIbaby: Three Little Duckies (Ibaby Float-Alongs)
  ''978-1-58476-353-6IkidsIbaby: Happy Baby: A Book of Emotions
  ''978-1-58476-354-3   ''Ibaby: Play Pockets
2005978-1-58476-361-1Eric BerlinThe Amazing Family Game Board Book (Amazing Game Board Books)
  ''978-1-58476-383-3Eric BerlinThe Amazing Family Game Board Book
  ''978-1-58476-388-8Judy KatschkePhonics Comics: The Far Out Fairies
2005978-1-58476-389-5Brent SudduthPhonics Comics - 24 Copy Assort:
2006978-1-58476-408-3Susan RingDogs (Groovy Tube Book)
  ''978-1-58476-410-6Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading!: All About the ABCs
  ''978-1-58476-411-3Judy KatschkePhonics Comics: Duke and Fang - Level 3 (Phonics Comics: Level 3)
  ''978-1-58476-416-8Leslie BockolIbaby: Peek-a-Boo!
  ''978-1-58476-419-9Kitty RichardsPhonics Comics: Meet the Sparkplugs - Level 3 (Phonics Comics: Level 3)
2006978-1-58476-420-5Melanie MarksPhonics Comics: Super Sam - Level 3
  ''978-1-58476-421-2Kimber MacDonaldThe Misfits: Phonics Comics, Vol. 10 Issue 1, Level 3
  ''978-1-58476-429-8Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading!: Animal Antics - Volume 2
2006978-1-58476-430-4Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading!: On the Go! - Volume 2
  ''978-1-58476-431-1   ''Now I'm Reading!: Amazing Animals - Volume 2
  ''978-1-58476-432-8   ''Now I'm Reading!: Let's Play! - Volume 2
  ''978-1-58476-433-5   ''Now I'm Reading!: Simply Science - Independent - Volume 2
  ''978-1-58476-444-1Kitty RichardsThree Retellings of Classic Fairy Tales! (Phonics PC Comics)
2006978-1-58476-471-7IKidsIbaby: Farm Faces
  ''978-1-58476-472-4Kimber MacDonaldPhonics Comics: Time Travelers - Level 3 (Phonics Comics: Level 3)
  ''978-1-58476-473-1Melanie MarksPhonics Comics: Spooky Sara - Level 3
  ''978-1-58476-474-8Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading!: Silly Story Laboratory
  ''978-1-58476-477-9   ''Innovative Kids Readers: The Big Race - Level 2 (Innovativekids Readers, Level 2)
2006978-1-58476-478-6Susan RingInnovative Kids Readers: Dinosaurs - An Adventure Back in Time - Level 3 (Innovativekids Readers, Level 3)
  ''978-1-58476-479-3Cathy HapkaInnovative Kids Readers: Clue School - the Case of the Missing Cat - Level 4 (Innovativekids Readers, Level 4)
  ''978-1-58476-482-3IKidsIbaby: Goodnight, Baby
  ''978-1-58476-483-0Tish RabeNose Knows: Spooky Night (The Nose Knows)
  ''978-1-58476-489-2Freddi ZeilerA Kids Guide to Giving
2006978-1-58476-490-8Jan JugranIbaby: Baby Dolphins (Ibaby Float-Alongs)
  ''978-1-58476-514-1Kitty RichardsTwisted Tales: Phonics Comics Vol. 7 Issue 1 (Level 3)
2007978-1-58476-541-7Cathy HapkaInnovative Kids Readers: Clue School - The Lost Lunch Mystery (Innovativekids Readers: Level 4)
  ''978-1-58476-543-1Susan RingInnovative Kids Readers: The Great Barrier Reef - An Undersea Adventure
  ''978-1-58476-544-8Nora GaydosInnovative Kids Readers: The Long Ride (Innovativekids Readers: Level 2)
  ''978-1-58476-552-3Carol McAdams MoorePhonics Comics: Cave Dave - Level 1
2007978-1-58476-553-0Nora GaydosPhonics Comics: Pony Tales - Level 1
  ''978-1-58476-555-4Jan JugranIbaby: Rub-a-Dub-Dub (Ibaby: Float Alongs)
  ''978-1-58476-556-1Lucy SchultzIbaby: Zoo Faces
  ''978-1-58476-558-5Wendi SilvanoMagnetic Mixables: Funny Farm
  ''978-1-58476-559-2Wendi SilvanoMagnetic Mixables: A Princess Mess
2007978-1-58476-564-6Lara BergenPhonics Comics: The Fearless Four - Level 2
  ''978-1-58476-565-3Wendy WaxPhonics Comics: Clara the Klutz - Level 2
2006978-1-58476-575-2Ikids · Tish Rabe · Leslie BockolBam Ibaby Top Shelf Assortment - 33 Copy Mixed Prepack
2007978-1-58476-609-4Pam CalvertClue School: Mystery at the Ballpark (Innovative Kids Readers)
  ''978-1-58476-611-7Nora GaydosInnovative Kids Readers: The Sleepover - Level 2 (Innovative Kids Readers, Level 2)
2008978-1-58476-613-1Lara BergenPhonics Comics: The Fix-It Crew
2007978-1-58476-614-8Wendy WaxPhonics Comics: Sugar & Spice - Level 1
2008978-1-58476-615-5Lara BergenPhonics Comics: Tutu Twins
2007978-1-58476-616-2Bobbi Weiss · David WeissPhonics Comics: Hiro - Level 2: Dragon Warrior (Phonics Comics; Level 2)
  ''978-1-58476-618-6Kate TorpieGroovy Tubes: Mythical Beasts
  ''978-1-58476-619-3Kate TorpieGroovy Tubes: Magical Creatures
2007978-1-58476-620-9Jan JugranIbaby: On the Go
  ''978-1-58476-624-7Steve OtfinoskiCoin Collecting for Kids
  ''978-1-58476-627-8IKidsMy Giant Floor Puzzle: Princess Party
  ''978-1-58476-628-5Tish RabeMy Giant Floor Puzzle: Big Builder
2008978-1-58476-632-2Phyllis J. PerryThe Ghost in the Music Room (Clue School Level 4 Grade 2 and Up)
  ''978-1-58476-666-7Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading! Level 1: Clever Critters (Mixed Vowel Sounds)
2007978-1-58476-672-8Lucy SchultzIbaby: Goodnight Faces
2008978-1-58476-677-3Tish RabeMy Giant Floor Puzzle: Dinosaurs
2008978-1-58476-721-3Bobbi Weiss · David WeissPhonics Comics: Hiro Dragon Warrior - Battle at Mount Kamado (Phonics Comics, Level 3)
  ''978-1-58476-722-0Wendy WaxPhonics Comics: Otis C. Mouse - Egypt (Phonics Comics: Level 3)
  ''978-1-58476-725-1Nora GaydosNow I'm Reading! Pre-Reader: Word Play (NIR! Leveled Readers)
  ''978-1-58476-726-8Kate ParkerGroovy Tubes: Knights and Castles (Groovy Tube Books)
  ''978-1-58476-727-5Bobbi Weiss · David WeissGroovy Tube: Monsters: The Hunt and The Capture (Groovy Tube Books)
2008978-1-58476-729-9Susan RingJunior Groovies: On the Farm
2008978-1-58476-730-5Susan RingJunior Groovies: Dinosaurs
2007978-1-58476-785-5Nora Gaydos · BB SamsNow I'm Reading Complete Set
2008978-1-58476-808-1IkidsIbaby: Float Along Little Turtles (Ibaby Float-Alongs)
2009978-1-58476-813-5Judy KatschkePhonics Comics: Teeny Genie - Level 1 (Phonics Comics, Level 1)
  ''978-1-58476-814-2Lynne RichardsPhonics Comics: The Fearless Four: Braced for Battle - Issue 2 Level 2
  ''978-1-58476-815-9Bobbi Weiss · David WeissTwisted Tales II: Phonics Comics, Vol. 7, Issue 2
  ''978-1-58476-816-6Ruth KoeppelJunior Groovies: In the Wild
  ''978-1-58476-817-3Ruth KoeppelJunior Groovies: At the Seashore
2009978-1-58476-822-7Nora GaydosNir! Read It, Write It, Draw It: The Bus Stop - Level 1 (Read It, Write It, Draw It Level 1, Now I'm Reading)
2008978-1-58476-823-4   ''Where's My Hat (Read It, Write It, Draw It, Level 1 Now I'm Reading! Series)
2009978-1-58476-824-1   ''Nir! Read It, Write It, Draw It: The Neat Pig - Level 2 (Read It, Write It, Draw It Level 2, Now I'm Reading)
  ''978-1-58476-825-8   ''Nir! Read It, Write It, Draw It: Where is My Home? - Level 2 (Read It, Write It, Draw It: Level 2, Now I'm Reading!)
  ''978-1-58476-827-2   ''Nir! Read It, Write It, Draw It: The Princess Who Never Smiled - Level 3 (Now I'm Reading, Level 3, Read It, Write It, Draw It)
  ''978-1-58476-938-5IKidsPoke-A-Dot: 10 Little Monkeys (30 Poke-able poppin; dots)
2009978-1-58476-939-2IKidsJunior Groovies: Race Cars -- Storybook, Toys and Fun Facts
  ''978-1-58476-940-8   ''Junior Groovies: Pets -- Storybook, 10 Toys and Fun Facts
  ''978-1-58476-941-5Katie ParkerGroovy Tube Books: Gone Extinct! (Fact Book, Game Board and Collectible Figurines)
2010978-1-58476-961-3Jenn SkiMelissa & Doug Children's Book - Soft Shapes: Shapes (Foam First Puzzle Book)
  ''978-1-58476-962-0IKidsSoft Shapes: Counting
  ''978-1-58476-963-7   ''Soft Shapes: Colors
2010978-1-58476-964-4IKidsSoft Shapes: Animals
  ''978-1-58476-965-1Nora GaydosNir! Read It, Write It, Draw It: The Trip -Level 1 (Now I Can Read!: Level 1, Read it, Write it, Draw it)
  ''978-1-58476-966-8   ''Nir! Read It, Write It: Frog Legs - Level 1 (Now I'm Reading!: Level 1)
  ''978-1-58476-968-2   ''Nir! Read It, Write It, Draw It: In the Hot, Hot Sun - Level 2 (Now I'm Reading!: Level 2)
2010978-1-58476-969-9Nora GaydosNir! Read It, Write It, Draw It: Milo the Monkey - Level 3 (Now I Can Read!: Level 3)