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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-60140-003-1Sandra RideoutDragonflies, Butterflies & More (Leisure Arts #3847)
  ''978-1-60140-008-6Mary E. NolfiHip Hats to Crochet (Leisure Arts #3908)
  ''978-1-60140-011-6Melissa Bergland BurnhamGarden Dishcloths to Knit (Leisure Arts #3934)
  ''978-1-60140-014-7Mary Engelbreit Ent.Mary Engelbreit: Creating "Breit" Memories (Leisure Arts #3947) (Mary Engelbreit (Leisure Arts))
  ''978-1-60140-018-5Darla Sims63 Cable Stitches to Crochet (Leisure Arts #3961)
2005978-1-60140-019-2Kooler Design StudioCrochet Wire & Bead Jewelry (Leisure Arts #3962)
2006978-1-60140-025-3Linda Lum DeBonoRow by Row Seasonal Quilts (Leisure Arts #4124)
2005978-1-60140-028-4Gooseberry PatchGooseberry Patch: Gifts to Share (Leisure Arts #4348)
2005978-1-60140-031-4Pam BonoLittle Things Mean a Lot (Leisure Arts #4354)
2006978-1-60140-033-8Charlene G. FinielloKnitting Wheel Fashions (Leisure Arts #4372)
  ''978-1-60140-034-5Kristina DannelsSummer Fashions In Thread Crochet (Leisure Arts #4383)
  ''978-1-60140-039-0Kooler Design StudioMore 50 Nifty Iron-On Quilt Labels (Leisure Arts #4397)
  ''978-1-60140-046-8DRG Dynamic ResourceDashing Dogwear (Leisure Arts #4485)
  ''978-1-60140-048-2BanarBeginner's Guide to Altered Art (Leisure Arts #4536)
2006978-1-60140-049-9BanarBeginner's Guide to Fleece (Leisure Arts #4537)
  ''978-1-60140-057-4Pat SloanThe Village at Chelsea Lane (Leisure Arts #4660)
2005978-1-60140-068-0Leisure ArtsLuxurious Afghans (Leisure Arts #75104) (Leisure Arts Little Books)
2009978-1-60140-084-0Linda Causee24 Hour Baby Quilts
2006978-1-60140-085-7Lori SanfratelloTrendy Crochet for Girls (Leisure Arts #4656)
  ''978-1-60140-088-8Melody MacDuffeeCrochet Overlay Jewelry (Leisure Arts #4014)
2007978-1-60140-090-1Kristina DannelsSexy Swimwear to Crochet (Leisure Arts #4025)
2006978-1-60140-097-0Debbie MacomberKnit with Debbie Macomber: The Cedar Cove Collection (Leisure Arts #4658)
  ''978-1-60140-103-8Meredith CorporationFast & Fabulous Scrapbooking Ideas (Leisure Arts #4685) (Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection (Leisure Arts))
  ''978-1-60140-105-2Lion Brand YarnQuick Knits with Speed Stix (Leisure Arts #4165)
2006978-1-60140-106-9Nicky EpsteinNicky Epstein's Beginner's Guide to Felting (Leisure Arts # 4171)
2004978-1-60140-119-9Figueroa/QuanHearth & Home Quilts (Leisure Arts #3769)
2006978-1-60140-127-4Pamela PeaseI Can't Believe I'm Free Form Crocheting (Leisure Arts #4475)
  ''978-1-60140-132-8Leisure Arts Kooler Design Studio80+ Cross Stitch Kind Thoughts (Leisure Arts #3995)
  ''978-1-60140-134-2Mary Engelbreit Ent.Mary Engelbreit: Mary's Minis (Leisure Arts #4200)
2009978-1-60140-135-9Lisa GentryThe Crochet Closet (Leisure Arts #4800)
2006978-1-60140-136-6Teresa WentzlerTeresa Wentzler's Brilliant Plumage (Leisure Arts #3936)
  ''978-1-60140-138-0Kathleen Power JohnsonPlus Size Fashions to Knit (Leisure Arts #3927)
  ''978-1-60140-141-0Lori SanfratelloSummer Crochet Fun (Leisure Arts #4655)
2006978-1-60140-144-1Kooler Design StudioGeometrics: A New Way to Crochet (Leisure Arts #4398)
2009978-1-60140-147-2Leisure ArtsBig Green Book of Recycled Crafts (Leisure Arts #4802)
2004978-1-60140-160-1Meredith CorporationScrapbooking Artistic Techniques (Leisure Arts #3627) (Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collections)
2006978-1-60140-187-8   ''Teach Yourself Intarsia & Fair Isle Knitting (Leisure Arts #4146) (Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection (Leisure Arts))
2002978-1-60140-188-5Anita HansenPaint a Designer Floorcloth (Leisure Arts #22554)
2006978-1-60140-190-8Meredith CorporationBetter Homes and Gardens Scrap-Lovers' Quilts (Better Homes & Gardens Creative Quilting Collection)
  ''978-1-60140-206-6Darla Sims280 Crochet Shell Patterns (Leisure Arts #3903)
  ''978-1-60140-229-5DRG Dynamic ResourceFive Big Needle Afghans-Fantastic Designs you can Knit Quickly for Cool-Weather Comfort (Leisure Arts Little Books)
2007978-1-60140-231-8Gooseberry PatchGooseberry Patch: Christmas Book 9: Our Tastiest Christmas Recipes, Gifts to Make & Give, and Fresh Ideas That Make the Season Sparkle!
2009978-1-60140-232-5Debbie MacomberKnit Along with Debbie Macomber ? A Charity Guide for Knitters (Leisure Arts #4803): 14 Featured Charities & Projects For Each!
2006978-1-60140-234-9Lizern Vick Cher LTDFelted Knit Purse (Leisure Arts #4063) (Exclusively You)
  ''978-1-60140-235-6   ''Felted Crochet Purses (Leisure Arts #4114) (Exclusively You)
2004978-1-60140-238-7Jane ClevelandI Can't Believe I'm Quilling! (Leisure Arts #3751) (Memories in the Making Collection)
2003978-1-60140-241-7Lion Brand YarnCrocheted Blankets for Baby (Leisure Arts #3527)
2004978-1-60140-243-1Leisure ArtsNature's Beauties in Beads (Leisure Arts #3817)
2007978-1-60140-250-9Cynthia GuggemosI Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks (Leisure Arts #4083)
2006978-1-60140-255-4Meredith CorporationBetter Homes and Gardens Scrapbooks Etc. Editors Favorite Designs (Leisure Arts #4684)
  ''978-1-60140-265-3Heidi PridemoreBold Batik Quilts (Leisure Arts #3939)
2006978-1-60140-266-0Ursula MichaelOrnaments Galore (Leisure Arts #3980)
  ''978-1-60140-269-1leisure-artsLeisure Arts A Big Collection Of Alphabets Cross Stitch Book
  ''978-1-60140-282-0Christopher Lowell · Leisure Arts"Love That!" Merchandizing Ledges (Leisure Arts #4080)
  ''978-1-60140-292-9Lily ChinLily Chin's Mosaic Magic Afghans (Leisure Arts #4229)
  ''978-1-60140-294-3Mary Ann SipesA Year of Q-Hook Afghans, Book 3 (Leisure Arts #3173)
2006978-1-60140-295-0Mary E. NolfiLEISURE ARTS Crocheted Hats for The Beginner 4672
2007978-1-60140-297-4Rena StevensClassic Quick Knit Throws: An Afghan for Every Season
2006978-1-60140-303-2Meredith CorporationScrapbooking on a Budget: Projects to Save You Money (Leisure Arts #4150)
  ''978-1-60140-304-9   ''Better Homes and Gardens Jump-Start Your Journaling (Leisure Arts #4151)
2007978-1-60140-317-9Debbie MummGreenwood Gardens (Leisure Arts #4237)
2006978-1-60140-320-9Mary WerstMary's Doilies (Leisure Arts #3853)
  ''978-1-60140-321-6Larisa ScottFresh Knit Doilies (Leisure Arts #3893)
  ''978-1-60140-322-3Creative Marketing SolMore Herrschners® Blue-Ribbon Afghans (Leisure Arts #4238)
2007978-1-60140-323-0Melissa Bergland BurnhamBaby Washcloths to Knit (Leisure Arts #4352)
2009978-1-60140-329-2Penn Publishing LTD.Knitted Comfort for the Sole (Leisure Arts #4790)
  ''978-1-60140-330-8Leisure ArtsBig Book of Thread Ornaments (Leisure Arts #4795)
2007978-1-60140-339-1Christine GrafOrnaments to Crochet 3 Ways-12 Festive Christmas Ornament Designs, Simple to Make in 3 Different Sizes
2007978-1-60140-364-3Annis ClappPerfect Patches (Leisure Arts #3888)
  ''978-1-60140-370-4Jacobson/SteinerBeaded Ornaments to Knit (Leisure Arts #4595)
2001978-1-60140-377-3Martha Brooks SteinPatchwork Afghans Thru the Year, Book 2 (Crochet) (Leisure Arts #3223)
2002978-1-60140-380-3Kooler Design StudioCherished Redwork for Baby (Leisure Arts #3399)
  ''978-1-60140-381-0Patricia KristoffersenUltimate Doilies (Leisure Arts #3401)
2003978-1-60140-382-7Teresa WentzlerTeresa Wentzler's Romeo and Juliet (Leisure Arts #3426)
  ''978-1-60140-384-1Leisure ArtsA Year of Doilies, Book 4 (Leisure Arts #3455)
  ''978-1-60140-388-9Barbara FaulQuilts to Crochet (Leisure Arts #3542)
2009978-1-60140-400-8Mary EngelbreitMary Engelbreit: Sew, So Cute! (Leisure Arts #4809)
2007978-1-60140-415-2Anne HallidayBeauty of the Earth Afghans: All Your Favorite Crochet Patterns - 6 designs (Leisure Arts #3872)
2006978-1-60140-423-7Lion Brand YarnAwesome Knits for Guys and Chicks (Leisure Arts #75145)
2007978-1-60140-427-5Kooler Design StudioPainted Chairs for Tiny Tots (Leisure Arts #22615)
2007978-1-60140-429-9Kooler Design StudioABC's for Kids Cross Stitch Alphabets (Leisure Arts #4081)
  ''978-1-60140-430-5   ''Donna Kooler's Ultimate Stocking Collection (Leisure Arts #4082)
  ''978-1-60140-431-2Mary Engelbreit Ent.Mary Engelbreit: Constant Friend (Leisure Arts #4136)
2007978-1-60140-438-1Mary Engelbreit Ent.Mary Engelbreit: Alphabets with Personality (Leisure Arts #4257) (Mary Engelbreit (Leisure Arts))
  ''978-1-60140-445-9Kooler Design StudioCrocheted Christmas Stockings (Leisure Arts #4032)
  ''978-1-60140-447-3Barbara ShafferTouchable Texture Afghans (Leisure Arts #3860)
2009978-1-60140-456-5Donna KoolerDonna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Sewing (Leisure Arts #15960): Hand & Machine Sewing: 12 Projects
2007978-1-60140-459-6Kay MeadorsChristening Sets to Crochet (Leisure Arts #4267)
  ''978-1-60140-462-6Kathleen D. GarenArtsy Afghans (Leisure Arts #4592)
2010978-1-60140-465-7Leisure Arts designersBeginner-Friendly Quilts (Leisure Arts #4984)
2008978-1-60140-467-1Amy GainesCute Little Animals (Leisure Arts #4271)
2009978-1-60140-468-8Barbara ShafferSophisticated Style (Leisure Arts #3862)
  ''978-1-60140-478-7Deborah NewtonDeborah Newton's Cable Collection (Leisure Arts #4815)
2007978-1-60140-484-8Judy LambElegant Ensembles to Knit (Leisure Arts #4090)
2007978-1-60140-486-2Inc. Debbie MacomberKnit Along with Debbie Macomber: Back on Blossom Street (Leisure Arts #4279)
  ''978-1-60140-488-6Rita Weiss Creative Partners50 Fabulous Knit Stitches (Leisure Arts #4280)
  ''978-1-60140-489-3Debbie MacomberKnit Along with Debbie Macomber: Debbie's Favorites
2008978-1-60140-495-4Lion Brand YarnVanna's Choice Easy Crochet Figures: 10 Amigurumi Designs
2010978-1-60140-499-2Ursula MichaelOrnaments Galore, Volume 2 (Leisure Arts #4817)
2009978-1-60140-500-5Leisure ArtsBeading Workshop (Leisure Arts #4818)
2010978-1-60140-503-6Donna KoolerDonna Kooler's Second Edition Stocking Collection (Leisure Arts #4819): 14 of Donna's Favorite Cross Stich Christmas Stockings
2007978-1-60140-508-1Pat SloanTake the Fear Out of Color with Pat Sloan (Leisure Arts #4286)
  ''978-1-60140-510-4   ''Learn to Machine Quilt with Pat Sloan (Leisure Arts #4596) (Pat's School House)
  ''978-1-60140-512-8Claudia E. PlettLEISURE ARTS Slash Your Stash 4219
2007978-1-60140-514-2Inc. Axelrod AgencyQuilt Along with Emilie Richards ? Touching Stars (Leisure Arts #4288)
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  ''978-1-60140-525-8Crafts Media LLCScrapbooking With Your Kids (Leisure Arts #4293) (Creating Keepsakes)
  ''978-1-60140-527-2   ''Creating Keepsakes: You've Got Flair! (Leisure Arts #4294)
  ''978-1-60140-528-9   ''Creating Keepsakes: Scrapbooking Your Family History: (Leisure Arts #4295)
2009978-1-60140-529-6Mary Engelbreit Ent.Mary Engelbreit: Greetings, Gifts, & Decor (Leisure Arts #4821)
2007978-1-60140-530-2Kooler Design StudioNeedle Felting Artful Fashion (Leisure Arts #4296)
2009978-1-60140-537-1Drew EmborskyIn All Caps!-6 Stylish Crocheted Headgear Designs from The Crochet Dude
2009978-1-60140-538-8Drew EmborskyAll Washed Up (Leisure Arts #75272)
  ''978-1-60140-540-1   ''Must Have Handbags: 6 Crochet Designs (Leisure Arts Little Books)
2009978-1-60140-543-2Drew EmborskySweet Pet Comforts (Leisure Arts #75274)
2007978-1-60140-544-9Lynne DeptulaI Can't Believe I'm Tole Painting (Leisure Arts #22635)
2009978-1-60140-554-8Joan A. ElliottSpell It Out (Leisure Arts #4823)
2007978-1-60140-558-6Darla Sims154 Crochet Wave Patterns (Leisure Arts #4312)
  ''978-1-60140-560-9Leisure ArtsDoodling for Papercrafters SC (Leisure Arts #4313)
  ''978-1-60140-589-0   ''Trimmings: The Art of Holiday Living (Leisure Arts #15955)
2008978-1-60140-591-3Melissa LeapmanI Can't Believe I'm Knitting Cables, Bobbles, & Lace in Motion
2009978-1-60140-592-0Terrie Lee SteinmeyerThe Best of Terrie Lee Steinmeyer (Leisure Arts #4824)
2007978-1-60140-596-8Better Homes and GardensBetter Homes and Gardens Christmas (Leisure Arts #4321)
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  ''978-1-60140-599-9   ''Romantic Looks Crochet (Leisure Arts #4324) (Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection)
2009978-1-60140-602-6Pat SloanCamera, Color, Quilts! (Leisure Arts #4825)
2009978-1-60140-614-9Editors of < · i> · Sew Simple< · /i> · magazineThe Best of Sew Simple Magazine (Leisure Arts #4826): A Collection of Quick Projects
2008978-1-60140-615-6Kooler Design StudioCanine Couture (Leisure Arts #4308)
2007978-1-60140-620-0   ''200+ Fun & Funky Embroidery Designs (Leisure Arts #4330)
  ''978-1-60140-634-7Gooseberry PatchGooseberry Patch Christmas Book 9: Our Tastiest Christmas Recipes, Gifts to Make & Give, and Fresh Ideas to Make the Season Sparkle!
2008978-1-60140-647-7Julie HaberbergerStellar Beauties (Leisure Arts #4404)
2007978-1-60140-648-4Debra MummJoy Joy Joy Debbie Mumm (Leisure Arts #4405)
  ''978-1-60140-651-4Mary Engelbreit Ent.The Art of Embroidery: Mary Engelbreit (Leisure Arts #4408)
2008978-1-60140-655-2Kathy NorrisMore Knitting Wheel Fashions (Leisure Arts #4411)
2007978-1-60140-656-9Kooler Design StudioAlphabets to Embroider
2008978-1-60140-657-6   ''100 More Luvable Cross Stitch Pets (Leisure Arts #4413)
2008978-1-60140-658-3Kooler Design StudioBig Book of Needle Felting (Leisure Arts #4414)
2010978-1-60140-659-0Debbie MummQuick Quilts For Home (Leisure Arts #4995)
  ''978-1-60140-660-6Leisure Arts designersTried and True, Renewed!: 14 Timeless Quilts for the Modern Home
  ''978-1-60140-661-3Carrie L. NelsonMiss Rosie's Spice of Life Quilts (Leisure Arts #5026)
  ''978-1-60140-662-0Pat SloanPat Sloan's Fast-Forward Quilts (Leisure Arts #5044)
2007978-1-60140-669-9Rita Weiss Creative PartCrochet Embellishments (Leisure Arts #4419)
2009978-1-60140-670-5Rita Weiss Creative Partners50 Fabulous Crochet Squares (Leisure Arts #4420)
  ''978-1-60140-671-2   ''50 Fabulous Crochet Thread Motifs (Leisure Arts #4421)
2009978-1-60140-681-1Judy SajewskiGreat Grannies! (Leisure Arts #4429)
2008978-1-60140-682-8Pat SloanPat Sloan's I Can't Believe I'm Quilting, Beyond the Basics (Leisure Arts #4430)
  ''978-1-60140-683-5   ''Pat Sloan's Favorite Techniques: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Enhance Your Quilting (Leisure Arts #4474)
2007978-1-60140-685-9Lion Brand YarnVanna's Choice: Color It Beautiful Afghans
  ''978-1-60140-686-6   ''Vanna's Choice: Heartfelt Gifts to Knit & Crochet
2008978-1-60140-687-3Pat SloanPat Sloan's I Can't Believe Im Sewing (Leisure Arts #4434)
  ''978-1-60140-703-0Darla Sims63 Sampler Stitches to Crochet (Leisure Arts #4423)
2009978-1-60140-711-5Hook & Needle DesignsTeach Yourself Crochet Ribbon Accents (Leisure Arts #4456)
  ''978-1-60140-717-7Barbara ShafferContemporary Cottage Afghans (Leisure Arts #4463)
2009978-1-60140-718-4Barbara ShafferStylish Texture (Leisure Arts #4464)
2008978-1-60140-719-1Jennifer J. CirkaTop-sy Turvy (Leisure Arts #4465)
  ''978-1-60140-721-4Kay MeadorsI Can't Believe I'm Lace Knitting (Leisure Arts #4466)
  ''978-1-60140-724-5Rena StevensQuick Knit Textured Afghans (Leisure Arts #4469)
2003978-1-60140-736-8Kooler Design Studio50 Nifty Iron-On Quilt Labels-Great to Use with Fabric Markers or Embroidery
2008978-1-60140-742-9Debbie Macomber Inc.Knit Along with Debbie Macomber: Friendship Shawls (Leisure Arts #4504)
  ''978-1-60140-756-6Carol NartowiczTeach Yourself Cut & Fold Quilting (Leisure Arts #4510)
  ''978-1-60140-773-3Carolyn ChristmasCuddles to Crochet for Pets (Leisure Arts #4521)
2008978-1-60140-774-0Susan KenyonBeaded Beauties to Crochet Book 2 (Leisure Arts #4522)
  ''978-1-60140-779-5Melissa Leapman BlowneyQuick Knit Keepsakes Book 2 (Leisure Arts #4527)
2009978-1-60140-783-2Rita Weiss Creative Partners50 Fabulous Knitted Lace Stitches (Leisure Arts #4529)
  ''978-1-60140-784-9   ''50 Knit Aran Stitches (Leisure Arts #4530)
2009978-1-60140-785-6Rita Weiss Creative Partners50 More Crocheted Afghan Borders (Leisure Arts #4531)
2008978-1-60140-788-7Debra MummDebbie Mumm's Colors from Nature (Leisure Arts #4540)
  ''978-1-60140-789-4Debbie Mumm · Leisure ArtsCuddle Quilts for Little Girls and Boys (Leisure Arts #4541)
  ''978-1-60140-790-0Dora OhrensteinCrochet Insider's Passion for Fashion
  ''978-1-60140-796-2Kooler Design StudioLeisure Arts Hold That Thought Bookmarks Book
  ''978-1-60140-820-4Meredith CorporationLeisure Arts Better Homes and Gardens: 1-2-3 Quilt 4566
2008978-1-60140-826-6Meredith CorporationAn Easy Guide to Scrapbooking (Leisure Arts #4572) (Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection (Leisure Arts))
  ''978-1-60140-832-7Leisure ArtsChristmas Traditions
  ''978-1-60140-835-8Evelyn ClarkTrendy Knit Dishcloths (Leisure Arts #3892)
2009978-1-60140-837-2Jeannine LaRocheKnit Lace & Leaves for Baby (Leisure Arts #4577)
2008978-1-60140-840-2Debbie MacomberKnit Along with Debbie Macomber: Twenty Wishes (Leisure Arts)
  ''978-1-60140-841-9Crafts Media LLCJoy of Scrapbooking, Completely Revised (Leisure Arts #4605) (Creating Keepsakes)
  ''978-1-60140-842-6   ''Joy of Cardmaking, Collector's Edition (Leisure Arts #4606) (Paper Crafts)
2009978-1-60140-851-8Kooler Design StudioMini Cross Stitch Ornaments (Leisure Arts #4611)
2009978-1-60140-852-5Kooler Design StudioPincushions (Leisure Arts #4612)
2008978-1-60140-856-3Lion Brand YarnThe Prayer Shawl Ministry, Volume 2 (Leisure Arts #4622)
2009978-1-60140-857-0Norma HuntCircular Baby Afghans (Leisure Arts #4623)
2008978-1-60140-859-4Donna DowneyThe Very Best of Yes, It's a Scrapbook!: Creative Albums, Photo Decor and Decorative Journals
2009978-1-60140-867-9Karen WhooleyShower of Cables (Leisure Arts #4636)
2008978-1-60140-868-6Emilie RichardsQuilt Along with Emilie Richards ? Sister's Choice (Leisure Arts #4637)
2009978-1-60140-872-3Penn Publishing LTD.Knits for the Modern Baby (Leisure Arts #4640)
  ''978-1-60140-884-6Leisure Arts staffCreating the Happiest of Holidays (Leisure Arts #15957)
2008978-1-60140-910-2Anne IgouI Can't Believe I'm Creating Millefiore
2009978-1-60140-912-6Debbie MacomberKnit Along with Debbie Macomber: Summer on Blossom Street (Leisure Arts # 4729)
  ''978-1-60140-914-0Debra MummDebbie Mumm's Home Comings: Creating Memorable Year-Round Celebrations with Quilts and Crafts
  ''978-1-60140-915-7Debbie Mumm · Leisure ArtsI Care With Quilts: Sewing to Make a Difference
  ''978-1-60140-919-5Darla Sims108 Crochet Cluster Stitches (Leisure Arts #4747)
2009978-1-60140-925-6PoorLeisure Arts Quilt DesignsSew and Go Totes (Leisure Arts #4751)
2011978-1-60140-931-7Judy LambElegant Ensembles to knit, Book 2 (Leisure Arts #4760)
2009978-1-60140-935-5MHS - SmirkSmirk: Just Between Friends in Cross Stitch (Leisure Arts #4767)
2010978-1-60140-942-3Drew EmborskyCrochet It. Love It. Wear It! (Leisure Arts #5058): The Ultimate Collection for Every Occasion
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2008978-1-60140-995-9Tri-coast StudiosThe Art of Knitting 4 Kids Starter Kit
2009978-1-60140-997-3Premier YarnsKnit with Deborah Norville Featuring Serenity Knitting Yarn (Leisure Arts #4785)
  ''978-1-60140-998-0Leslieanne BellerBeaded Bracelets to Knit (Leisure Arts #4786)