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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-4647-0010-1Donna KoolerDonna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Knitting
2013978-1-4647-0052-1Leisure ArtsUltimate Handbook for Paper Crafters
2011978-1-4647-0155-9Leisure Arts · Patti WallenfangJust Duct Tape It!
2014978-1-4647-0184-9Marly BirdI Can't Believe I'm Entrelac Knitting: Learn the Simple Secrets of This Classic Technique!
2011978-1-4647-0189-4Melissa LeapmanBaby Blankets Made with the Knook (Leisure Arts #5777)
  ''978-1-4647-0190-0Leisure Arts · Leisure Arts s Leisure ArtsLearn to Knook (Leisure Arts #5776)
  ''978-1-4647-0192-4Margaret WillsonSimple Scarves Made with the Knook-Nine Beginner-Level, Quick and Easy Scarves
  ''978-1-4647-0193-1Dorothy E. UhlirBaby Beanies Made with the Knook (Leisure Arts #5780)
  ''978-1-4647-0194-8Lisa GentryUrban Hats Made with the Knook (Leisure Arts #5781) (Leissure Arts)
2016978-1-4647-0226-6Starla KramerCute & Cozy Sweaters & Blankets | Knitting | Leisure Arts (5787)
2012978-1-4647-0265-5Candi JensenCrochet in a Day for Baby
2012978-1-4647-0406-2Leisure Arts Leisure ArtsKnook Expanded Beginner Kit
  ''978-1-4647-0409-3Kooler Design StudioLeisure Arts-101 Ornaments For Christmas (LA-5849)
  ''978-1-4647-0458-1Patti WallenfangGo Crazy with Duct Tape (Leisure Arts #5860)
2013978-1-4647-0660-8BarbaraGrovesLeisure Arts-3 Times The Charm Book Two
2012978-1-4647-0691-2Leisure ArtsKnook Beginner Set for Kids (Leisure Arts 46834)
2013978-1-4647-0696-7   ''Crafting with Felt
  ''978-1-4647-0735-3   ''Dishcloth Dresses
  ''978-1-4647-0736-0   ''Farm Animals
2013978-1-4647-0739-1Kim GuzmanTunisian Crochet Stitch Guide
  ''978-1-4647-0740-7Rita WeissEverything the Internet Didn't Teach You About Knitting
  ''978-1-4647-0741-4Rita WeissEverything the Internet Didn't Teach You About Crochet
  ''978-1-4647-0742-1   ''Knit Stitch Guide
  ''978-1-4647-0860-2McCall's QuiltingFresh & Fun Applique -- Best of McCall's Quilting: Best of McCall's Quilting
2013978-1-4647-0861-9McCall's QuiltingSimple Beginner Quilts - Best of McCall's Quilting: Best of McCall's Quilting
2013978-1-4647-0862-6McCall's QuiltingMake Your First Quilt (Best of McCall's Quilting)
  ''978-1-4647-0863-3Quiltmaker · Quiltmaker MagazinePatch Pals Collection - Best of Quiltmaker
  ''978-1-4647-0864-0Quiltmaker · Quiltmaker MagazineSimple Patchwork Quilts -- Best of Quiltmaker
  ''978-1-4647-0865-7   ''Devoted to Scraps: Best of Quiltmaker-13 Creative Ideas to Turn Fabric Bits into Beauties!
  ''978-1-4647-0867-1Creative Crafts Group LLCLove of Knitting Socks
2013978-1-4647-0868-8Creative Crafts Group LLCLove of Knitting Hats & More
  ''978-1-4647-0869-5Marianne Fons · Liz PorterBatik Quilts: Best of Fons and Porter: Best of Fons & Porter
  ''978-1-4647-0870-1Marianne Fons · Liz PorterPaper-Pieced Quilts: Best of Fons and Porter: Best of Fons & Porter
  ''978-1-4647-1004-9Leisure ArtsFoam Decor
  ''978-1-4647-1121-3   ''Paracord Crafts
2013978-1-4647-1148-0Kooler Design StudioFlorals to Stitch
  ''978-1-4647-1149-7HerrschnersAlphabets to Stitch (Leisure Arts Cross Stitch)
  ''978-1-4647-1150-3   ''Special Sayings to Stitch (Leisure Arts Cross Stitch)
  ''978-1-4647-1151-0   ''Five Seasons of Quilts
2013978-1-4647-1152-7HerrschnersPrecious Baby
  ''978-1-4647-1153-4Kooler Design StudioBaby Bibs (Leisure Arts Cross Stitch)
  ''978-1-4647-1154-1   ''Bookmarks (Leisure Arts Cross Stitch)
  ''978-1-4647-1155-8   ''Towels to Stitch
  ''978-1-4647-1157-2Leisure ArtsLeisure Arts Learn to Embroider with The Best of Leisure Arts Book (Leisure Arts Needlework)
2013978-1-4647-1185-5Leisure ArtsMacrame Jewelry
  ''978-1-4647-1196-1Shelle HendrixThe Cuffed Shawl & More-Unique Crocheted Designs with Flowing Lines that Flatter Women of all Shapes and Sizes-Bonus On-Line Technique Videos Available (Leisure Arts Crochet)
  ''978-1-4647-1199-2Mary MaximBaby Afghans -- The Best of Mary Maxim
  ''978-1-4647-1202-9Becky StevensCrochet Car Seat Blankets-Quick & Easy Small Wraps Just Right for Keeping Little Legs Warm
  ''978-1-4647-1204-3Kathy NorrisLoom Knit Hats & Scarves-10 Projects Including Ruffled Designs using Novelty Mesh Yarn-Bonus On-Line Technique Videos Available
2013978-1-4647-1208-1Rita Weiss · Susan LowmanComplete Guide to Symbol Crochet
  ''978-1-4647-1209-8Leisure ArtsHooded Scarves Book 2-Cozy Gifts to Make in a Weekend-Bonus On-Line Technique Videos Available
  ''978-1-4647-1211-1Lisa GentryCelebrity Crochet Slouchy Beanies for the Family, Book 2
  ''978-1-4647-1234-0Sharon H. SilvermanTunisian Crochet Baby Blankets-8 Original Designs in Contemporary Colors-Bonus On-Line Technique Videos Available
  ''978-1-4647-1239-5Linda CauseeLeisure Arts-t-shirt Quilts
2014978-1-4647-1240-1Rita Weiss · Linda Causee50 States Quilt Blocks [With CDROM]
2013978-1-4647-1241-8Linda and Rita Weiss. CauseLeisure Arts-110 Quilted Potholders
2014978-1-4647-1263-0Sue MarshQuilting with Precuts
2014978-1-4647-1469-6Mary FonsBeginner Friendly Quilts: The Best of Quilty
  ''978-1-4647-1488-7Fons & PorterQuilting Quickly (Best of Fons & Porter)
2013978-1-4647-1549-5Leisure ArtsRubber Band Loom Crafts
2014978-1-4647-1555-6Jean Leinhauser and Mary Ann FritsCrochet Stitch Guide 86 Stitches Pocket Size
  ''978-1-4647-1594-5Inc. Leisure ArtsParacord Bracelet Kit
  ''978-1-4647-1596-9Rita WeissA Fun Way to Learn to Crochet for Kids-Teaching Young Children the Simple Basics of Crochet using Look & Compare Pictures
  ''978-1-4647-1603-4Leisure ArtsBest of Fons & Porter: Tabletop Quilts, Book 2
2014978-1-4647-1609-6Kathy NorrisLoom Knit Dishcloths-13 Designs Includes Knook & Needle Instructions-Bonus On-Line Technique Videos Available
  ''978-1-4647-1633-1Inc. Leisure ArtsRainbow Loom: Beyond the Bracelet!
  ''978-1-4647-1893-9Patricia KristoffersenAbsolutely Gorgeous Doilies: Crochet
2015978-1-4647-3535-6Leisure ArtsQuilts for Kids
  ''978-1-4647-3904-0Tara CousinsKid's Animal Pillows
  ''978-1-4647-3927-9Inc. Leisure ArtsThe Little Encyclopedia of Dishcloths
2016978-1-4647-4281-1Leisure ArtsSlippers for the Family | Leisure Arts (6628)
2016978-1-4647-4297-2Yolanda Soto LopezLeisure Arts-animal Lovies
978-1-4647-4619-2Loom Knit Stitch Dictionary | Knitting | Leisure Arts (75566)
2015978-1-4647-5039-7Leisure Arts · Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd.Ocean Wonders | Color Art for Everyone - Leisure Arts (6703)
  ''978-1-4647-5040-3   ''Natural Wonders | Color Art for Everyone - Leisure Arts (6704)
  ''978-1-4647-5042-7Inc. Leisure ArtsFloral Wonders (Color Art for Everyone)
  ''978-1-4647-5043-4Leisure Arts · Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd.Kaleidoscope Wonders: Color Art for Everyone-24 Kaleidoscope Inspired Artistic Designs featuring Mirrored and Variegated Adult Coloring Patterns
2016978-1-4647-5378-7Krisit BryantSports Alphabets
  ''978-1-4647-5393-0Leisure ArtsChristmas Greetings | Leisure Arts (6748)
2016978-1-4647-5394-7Leisure ArtsA Mother's Love | Leisure Arts (6749)
  ''978-1-4647-5396-1Tricia CribbsLove & Friendship Quilted Pillows | Leisure Arts (6751)
2015978-1-4647-5406-7Leisure ArtsExtreme Wonders Color Art for Everyone-24 Designs Featuring Geometric, Paisley and Floral Patterns
  ''978-1-4647-5408-1Leisure Arts · Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd.Mandala Wonders Color Art for Everyone
2016978-1-4647-5434-0Leisure Arts · Mary MaximWarm up with Knits | Leisure Arts (6787)
  ''978-1-4647-5435-7   ''Dreamy Baby Wraps | Leisure Arts (6788)
2016978-1-4647-5437-1Leisure Arts · Mary MaximClassic Afghans | Leisure Arts (6790) (Best of Mary Maxim)
2017978-1-4647-5444-9Leisure ArtsThe Little Encyclopedia of Scarves | Crochet | Leisure Arts (75577)
2016978-1-4647-5452-4Ruthie MarksMirror Image Scarves-8 Beautifully Symmetrical Easy-to-Make Scarves that Reflect the Finest Architecture of Nature and Man
2015978-1-4647-5456-2Leisure Arts · Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd.Art of Coloring Patterns | Leisure Arts (6808)
2017978-1-4647-5606-1Nancy RinkTimeless Traditional Quilts | Quilting | Leisure Arts (6845)
2016978-1-4647-5625-2Jessica BoyerEnchanted Forest Creatures | Crochet | Leisure Arts (6851)
  ''978-1-4647-5652-8Leisure ArtsA Year of Afghans Book 16-12 Seasonal Throws from Breezy Summer Designs to Cozy Winter Wraps
  ''978-1-4647-5663-4Leisure Arts · Bucilla Needlecrafts50 Cross Stitch Quickies -- Christmas | LeisureArts (6883)
978-1-4647-5783-9Modern Baby Booties
2016978-1-4647-5795-2Kathy NorrisLoom Knit Samplers | Knitting | Leisure Arts (6931)
2017978-1-4647-5917-8Plaid Enterprises50 Cross Stitch Quickies Flowers | Cross Stitch | Leisure Arts (6961)
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  ''978-1-4647-5921-5   ''Make in a Weekend Afghans to Crochet-10 Simple Designs for Cozy Wraps for the Family-Easy or Easy-Plus Skill Levels Using Medium, Bulky, or Super Bulky Weight Yarns
2017978-1-4647-6005-1Lee FisherRetro Christmas Stitching
2020978-1-4647-6182-9Andi JavoriKnit Cardigans - 12 Luxurious Sweaters will Become Everyday Favorites
2017978-1-4647-6233-8Heidi EmmettFashion Quilted Accessories | Quilting | Leisure Arts (7019)
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  ''978-1-4647-6649-7Hook & Needle DesignsSuper Scarves to Knit
  ''978-1-4647-6656-5Leisure ArtsKnits for Pets | Knitting | Leisure Arts (75622)
2017978-1-4647-6662-6Leisure ArtsQuick Knit Neckwear | Knitting | 7111 (Leisure Arts)
  ''978-1-4647-6755-5Kristi SimpsonHuggable Amigurumi-5 Whimsical Characters Using Super Bulky Weight Yarn, Makes them Extra Cuddly and Quick to Crochet
2018978-1-4647-7202-3Kimberly LaytonMake & Give Home Soap Making: Easy Ideas for Making and Gifting Scented Suds
  ''978-1-4647-7441-6Leisure ArtsBeginner Patchwork: Easy Quilted Projects for First-Timers
2019978-1-4647-7689-2   ''Unicorn DreamCatcher Book Plus Kit - Includes Hoops, Felt, Yarn, Floss, Beads, Needle, Fiberfill and 32-Page Project Book
2020978-1-4647-7758-5   ''Northern Lights Knits - 8 Icelandic Inspired Projects
  ''978-1-4647-7780-6Billie StewardBeat the Chill: 9 Simple-to-Sew Scarves
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2020978-1-4647-8017-2Lori AdamsAlaskan Hats Using Slip Stitch Step by Step Technique to Make Cables Look and Feel Like Knit