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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-59920-017-0Anita GaneriIndia (Countries in the News)
  ''978-1-59920-020-0Michael GallagherSouth Africa (Countries in the News)
  ''978-1-59920-027-9Peter RileyKeeping Warm (Essential Science)
  ''978-1-59920-046-0Sally HewittThe Romans (Starting History)
  ''978-1-59920-047-7Sally HewittThe Vikings (Starting History)
2008978-1-59920-089-7Jinny JohnsonDogs and Puppies (Get to Know Your Pet)
2008978-1-59920-125-2Cheryl JakabNatural Resources (Global Issues)
  ''978-1-59920-158-0Simon LewisDesperate Escapes (Difficult and Dangerous)
  ''978-1-59920-159-7Alex BrownSecret Missions (Difficult and Dangerous)
2009978-1-59920-260-0Honor HeadFruit (On Your Plate)
  ''978-1-59920-282-2Otto JamesAIDS (Voices)
  ''978-1-59920-283-9Steve ParkerOn the Road (Machines Rule!)
2009978-1-59920-326-3Sarah RidleyMinibeasts Under a Stone (Where to Find Minibeasts)
  ''978-1-59920-332-4Jon Sutherland · Diane CanwellPoisonings (Solve it With Science)
  ''978-1-59920-334-8Jon SutherlandViolent Crimes (Solve it With Science)
  ''978-1-59920-361-4Stephen TimblinSpy Technology (Spies and Spying)
  ''978-1-59920-372-0Terry JenningsEarthquakes and Tsunamis (Amazing Planet Earth)
2011978-1-59920-400-0Jenny VaughanJuvenile Crime (Inside Crime)
2012978-1-59920-416-1Nicolas BraschWorld Maps (Map Smart)
2012978-1-59920-428-4Paul MasonWildfires (Disaster Watch)
2010978-1-59920-442-0Gayla Ransome · Galya RansomeRussia in Our World (Countries in Our World)
  ''978-1-59920-445-1Pennie Stoyles · Christine MulvanyThe A-Z of Scientific Discoveries
  ''978-1-59920-447-5Pennie Stoyles · Christine MulvanyThe A-Z of Scientific Discoveries
  ''978-1-59920-448-2Pennie Stoyles · Chris MulvanyThe A-Z of Scientific Discoveries
  ''978-1-59920-449-9   ''The A to Z of Scientific Discoveries
2010978-1-59920-450-5Pennie Stoyles · Christine MulvanyThe A-Z of Scientific Discoveries
2009978-1-59920-457-4Leela BurnscottBig Bangs: Looking at Explosions and Crashes (Forensic Investigations)
  ''978-1-59920-458-1   ''Body Talk: Looking at Biological Evidence (Forensic Investigations)
  ''978-1-59920-460-4   ''Lasting Impressions: Looking at Marks and Imprints (Forensic Investigations)
  ''978-1-59920-462-8   ''Nature Tells: Looking at Bugs, Plants and the Environment (Forensic Investigations)
2011978-1-59920-476-5Annabel SaverySpain (Been There!)
  ''978-1-59920-532-8Ian GrahamForensic Technology (New Technology)
2010978-1-59920-544-1Pennie StoylesThe A-Z of Health, K-O (The A to Z of Health)
2011978-1-59920-620-2Margaret MacDonaldWhat Are Houses Made Of? (Learnabouts F&p Level G)
2014978-1-59920-907-4Cath SenkerSouth Africa (My Country)