Smart Apple Media

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-58340-016-6Aaron FrischBighorn Sheep (Northern Trek)
  ''978-1-58340-120-0Steve PottsHalloween (Holiday Series)
2002978-1-58340-220-7Rajinder Singh PanesarGuru Nanak and Sikhism (Great Religious Leaders)
2003978-1-58340-245-0Anita GaneriThe Guru Granth Sahib and Sikhism (Sacred Texts)
  ''978-1-58340-255-9Julian PetleyAdvertising: Technology, People, Process (Media Wise)
  ''978-1-58340-295-5Aaron FrischThe Story of Nike (Built for Success)
  ''978-1-58340-296-2   ''The Story of Sony (Built for Success)
2003978-1-58340-314-3Anne FitzpatrickPoodles (Dog Breeds)
  ''978-1-58340-328-0Pennie Stoyles · Peter Pentland · David DemantGlobal Warming (Science Issues)
  ''978-1-58340-372-3Anita GaneriHindu Festivals Through the Year (Year of Festivals)
  ''978-1-58340-373-0   ''Jewish Festivals Through the Year (Year of Festivals)
  ''978-1-58340-375-4   ''Buddhist Festivals Through the Year (Year of Festivals)
2004978-1-58340-391-4Sean ConnollyWar (In Time of Need)
2004978-1-58340-393-8Sean ConnollyStorms (In Time of Need)
2003978-1-58340-406-5Brian WilliamsAttack on America: September 11, 2001 (Dates With History)
2004978-1-58340-427-0John WoodwardOceans (Geography Fact Files)
  ''978-1-58340-442-3Alex WoolfNazi Germany (Questioning History)
  ''978-1-58340-453-9Rebecca HunterElectricity: the facts about (Science, the Facts)
  ''978-1-58340-469-0Geoff TeeceSikhism (Religion in Focus)
  ''978-1-58340-475-1Andrea Claire Harte SmithThe Effects of Farming (Earth's Changing Landscape)
2004978-1-58340-480-5Philip SteelePopulation Growth (Earth's Changing Landscape)
  ''978-1-58340-481-2Iris TeichmannExpanding Industry (Earth's Changing Landscape)
2005978-1-58340-520-8Ting MorrisSquirrel (Small Furry Animals)
  ''978-1-58340-521-5Ting MorrisRabbit (Small Furry Animals)
  ''978-1-58340-522-2   ''Otter (Small Furry Animals)
2005978-1-58340-523-9Ting MorrisHarvest Mouse (Small Furry Animals)
  ''978-1-58340-524-6   ''Bat (Small Furry Animals)
  ''978-1-58340-525-3   ''Mole (Small Furry Animals)
2004978-1-58340-544-4Rose InserraArchaeologists (Scientists at Work)
  ''978-1-58340-557-4Kate WalkerGlass (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Rethink)
  ''978-1-58340-562-8Claire LlewellynBones (Starters)
2004978-1-58340-567-3Liz GogerlyMusical Instruments (Starters)
2005978-1-58340-588-8Adam HibbertSex And Relationships (IT'S YOUR HEALTH)
  ''978-1-58340-594-9Rufus BellamyClean Air (ACTION FOR THE ENVIRONMENT)
  ''978-1-58340-595-6Deborah Jackson BedfordGarbage Disposal (ACTION FOR THE ENVIRONMENT)
  ''978-1-58340-596-3Rufus BellamySaving Wildlife (ACTION FOR THE ENVIRONMENT)
  ''978-1-58340-597-0Chris OxladeEnergy Supplies (ACTION FOR THE ENVIRONMENT)
2005978-1-58340-599-4Daniel GilpinTransportation Solutions (ACTION FOR THE ENVIRONMENT)
  ''978-1-58340-600-7Rufus BellamyProtecting Habitats (ACTION FOR THE ENVIRONMENT)
  ''978-1-58340-606-9Simon AdamsRussian Republics (Flashpoints)
2004978-1-58340-620-5Shahrukh Husain · Bee WilleyRome (Stories from Ancient Civilizations)
2005978-1-58340-625-0Anne CivardiAction! Movement in Art (Artventure)
  ''978-1-58340-631-1Neil MorrisIron (Earth's Resources)
2004978-1-58340-680-9Melissa GishBrown Bears (Northern Trek)
2005978-1-58340-700-4David Glover · Penny GloverCranes (BIG MACHINES)
  ''978-1-58340-701-1David Glover · Penny GloverDiggers (BIG MACHINES)
2005978-1-58340-705-9David Glover · Penny GloverBulldozers (BIG MACHINES)
  ''978-1-58340-710-3Antony MasonEveryday Life in Renaissance Times (UNCOVERING HISTORY)
  ''978-1-58340-712-7Peter D. RileyForces And Movement (Making Sense of Science)
  ''978-1-58340-716-5Peter D. RileyMaterials And Matter (Making Sense of Science)
  ''978-1-58340-718-9   ''Sound And Vibrations (MAKING SENSE OF SCIENCE)
2005978-1-58340-719-6Peter D. RileyElectricity And Power (Making Sense of Science)
  ''978-1-58340-752-3Clive GiffordRobots (Technology All Around Us)
  ''978-1-58340-774-5Paul MasonMonsters (Marvels And Mysteries)
  ''978-1-58340-786-8Paul MasonMummies (Marvels And Mysteries)
  ''978-1-58340-787-5   ''Ufos And Crop Circles (Marvels And Mysteries)
2007978-1-58340-788-2Pennie Stoyles · Peter PentlandThe a to Z of Inventions and Inventors: G to L
2007978-1-58340-789-9Pennie Stoyles · Peter PentlandThe a to Z of Inventions and Inventors: M to P
2007978-1-58340-790-5Pennie Stoyles · Peter PentlandThe a to Z of Inventions and Inventors: Q to S
  ''978-1-58340-791-2   ''The a to Z of Inventions and Inventors: T to Z
2006978-1-58340-793-6Linda BruceMusic Technology (How Does It Work?)
2007978-1-58340-804-9Pennie Stoyles · Peter PentlandThe a to Z of Inventions and Inventors: A to B
  ''978-1-58340-805-6   ''The a to Z of Inventions and Inventors: C to F
2006978-1-58340-908-4Neil MorrisSolar Power (Energy Sources)
  ''978-1-58340-939-8Ruth ThomsonClothes (Recycling and Re-using Materials)
  ''978-1-58340-948-0Jillian PowellA Wedding (Why Is This Day Special)
2006978-1-58340-957-2Jed MorganIn-line Skating (No Limits)
  ''978-1-58340-984-8Clive GiffordGangs (Voices)
  ''978-1-58340-985-5   ''Violence on the Screen (Voices)
  ''978-1-58340-990-9Denise WalkerBody Systems (Basic Biology)
  ''978-1-58340-997-8Gerard CheshireSound (Fundamental Physics)