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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-59800-000-9Alvin L. VaughanSharon's Loves
  ''978-1-59800-008-5Danny H. MarshallBasic Private Investigation Manual - Private Investigation Made Easy
  ''978-1-59800-011-5Douglas HensleyHell's Gate: Terror at Bobby Mackey's Music World
  ''978-1-59800-017-7David C. PennMy Soul Looks Back and Wonders... How I Got Over: A Narrative Account Regarding the George-Kennedy-Anderson-Cathey Collective of African Descent in Ma
  ''978-1-59800-018-4Rafael E. CariagaEvil, Death, Destruction and Horror
2005978-1-59800-019-1Rm LamattFears Flutterby
  ''978-1-59800-020-7Will Craig · Napoleon HillThink And Grow Rich for Coaches
  ''978-1-59800-028-3James R. MeyerThe Lure: A Poetic Exploration of the Pleasures and Perils of Love
  ''978-1-59800-034-4Martin O. EduSuper Bowl: An American Cultural Celebration
  ''978-1-59800-035-1Randall K. HagyMy Brother's Gift
2005978-1-59800-036-8Althea MortensenThe Little Black Suit
  ''978-1-59800-047-4Linda M. DuranReal Estate Loan Signing: Notary Field Manual
  ''978-1-59800-048-1Andrew J. RodriguezAdios, Havana: A Memoir
  ''978-1-59800-050-4Rebecca J. HansenQuirky
  ''978-1-59800-051-1Roy E. WiresKamp Kill Kare: Memories Of Life In An Adirondack Great Camp
2005978-1-59800-053-5Harris LaningA Practical Manual of the Compass
  ''978-1-59800-055-9Walter E. KellyLittle Stories With Big Meanings
  ''978-1-59800-056-6   ''Little Stories With Big Meanings
  ''978-1-59800-057-3Sarah Mae Endorf · Charlotte M. EndorfAfter the Rain, Oh the Beautiful Rainbow!: A-Z of Overcoming All Types of Obstacles
  ''978-1-59800-058-0Ellie BoatmanUnbridled Injustice
2005978-1-59800-061-0Linda M. DuranReal Estate Loan Signing: Notary Field Manual
  ''978-1-59800-069-6Gene H. IrwinThe Secret of Exiting Your Business... Under Your Terms!
  ''978-1-59800-072-6Jon C. Kennell C HtDeveloping Your Subconscious Mind
  ''978-1-59800-074-0George B. WallaceOh! God? Is that You? I Have a Question
  ''978-1-59800-076-4   ''Oh! God? Is that You? I Have a Question
2005978-1-59800-081-8Brent SampsonSelf-Publishing Simplified: Experience Your Book Publishing Dreams at Outskirts Press
  ''978-1-59800-088-7Askin OzcanThe Second Venice
  ''978-1-59800-095-5S.C. RobinsonUsable Justice
  ''978-1-59800-116-7Alvin L. VaughanElcor
  ''978-1-59800-130-3Doug RemingtonEnd Suffering with the Power of Spiritual Awakening: Happiness is an Inside Job!
2005978-1-59800-137-2Rebecca GoffKissing Whales Healing Dolphins: Aquacranial Therapy and the Cetacea Bleu Babies
  ''978-1-59800-168-6Alan RitzScientifically Guaranteed Male Multiple Orgasms and Ultimate Sex: Restart natural penis enlargement, Eliminate forever premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, impotence and Enjoy daily orgasms
  ''978-1-59800-175-4Jacob SemkoWaterless Lithography: An Artist's Guide to Making Professional-Quality Prints using Nik Semenoff's Method
2006978-1-59800-179-2Dave Corby · Kay CorbyRV Rentals: A Vacationer's Guide
  ''978-1-59800-182-2Susan R. Rose M. Ed.Building a Champion Character: A Practical Guidance Program: Primary Version
2005978-1-59800-191-4Marge HolleyHave I Ever Told You How Much I Hate People?: Written By Two Little Old Ladies With No Friends
  ''978-1-59800-202-7Edward Arnold2012 - Year of the Apocalypse: The Destruction and Resurrection of Earth
2005978-1-59800-213-3Bob TylerEnough Already!: A Guide to Recovery from Alcohol and Drug Addiction
2006978-1-59800-220-1Debra P. WhiteheadInto the Light: A Phantom of the Opera Story
2005978-1-59800-221-8Nikita Agarwal · Chitra AgarwalFriends and Foes of Harry Potter: Names Decoded
2006978-1-59800-222-5Igor KrichtafovitchHumor Theory: Formula of Laughter
2005978-1-59800-240-9Dave HamptonSo, You're an Audio Engineer: Well Here's the Other Stuff You Need to Know
2008978-1-59800-248-5Sandi BloombergAva and the Magic Tutu
2006978-1-59800-258-4DS BarronThere's No Such Thing as a Negative Emotion
  ''978-1-59800-282-9RiMurder Inc
  ''978-1-59800-284-3Hugh Fox · Douglas H. RubenSecrets of Jewish Success
  ''978-1-59800-302-4Stanley Marianski · Adam Marianski · Robert MarianskiMeat Smoking and Smokehouse Design
  ''978-1-59800-317-8Jeff WinkePR Idea Book: 50 Proven Tools That Really Work
2006978-1-59800-340-6Richard H. Beisel JrInternational Waterfall Classification System
  ''978-1-59800-342-0Bee Biggs-JarrellMalawi Moonsmoke: Changing a Part of Our World -- One Life at a Time
  ''978-1-59800-346-8Gary D. Kessler · Carole K. Stockberger(Re) Tell Me the Stories
  ''978-1-59800-372-7Frater W.I.T.ENOCHIAN INITIATION: A Thelemite's Magical Journey into the Ultimate Transcendence
  ''978-1-59800-375-8Vince AnzaloneHome Theater Master: A Start to Finish Guide
2006978-1-59800-384-0Ronald F. DavisWitness for the Republic: Rethinking the Cold War Era
  ''978-1-59800-392-5Rolf SchillerDirective 19: The Memoirs of SS Sturmbannführer Rolf Otto Shiller
  ''978-1-59800-400-7AccuGolf SystemsGolf Slow Motion Picture Swing Secrets of Effortless Long Shots
  ''978-1-59800-406-9Joe LorenzoThe View From My Window
  ''978-1-59800-413-7Myles H. Alderman Jr.Chapter 11 Business Reorganizations: For Business Leaders, Accountants And Lawyers
2006978-1-59800-417-5DT CoccoNikki Shana Jaime Lynn FBI Agents: Terror and Deception from Sea to Shining Sea
  ''978-1-59800-421-2Patricia M. LafayllveFreyja, Lady, Vanadis: An Introduction to the Goddess
  ''978-1-59800-436-6Adeena MignognaCute Little Store: Between the entrepreneurial dream and business reality
  ''978-1-59800-457-1Vince LawsonOdd Man Out
  ''978-1-59800-473-1Jim JohnsonBilly the Kid, His Real Name Was...
2006978-1-59800-474-8Terre J. SadlerTell Me That You Like It
  ''978-1-59800-495-3Jenny GarrisonImagery In You: Mining For Treasure In Your Inner World
  ''978-1-59800-498-4N G BrownBlue Max: Missions & Memories
  ''978-1-59800-513-4Richard R. RamosGot Gangs? Practical Guidance for Parents/Teachers on a Mission for Gang Prevention/Intervention
2007978-1-59800-537-0Rita S. EagleSniffy the Beagle
2010978-1-59800-544-8Ron WeckerlyPoems, Pathways and Peace: A Baby Boomer's Journey With ADHD
2006978-1-59800-564-6Barbee Winifred GComing Aware of Our Multiraciality: The Politics of Skin Color
  ''978-1-59800-573-8DS BarronEnheartenment: Embodiment of the divine human
2006978-1-59800-581-3Dan VertonGrace Under Fire: The Sinking of the U.S.S. Sims and the Amazing Story of Its 13 Survivors
  ''978-1-59800-582-0Will RussellBlue Margarita
  ''978-1-59800-609-4Vanessa RyanThe Master's Guide to Cunnilingus: How to Perform Successful Oral Sex and Provide the Highest Degree of Pleasure Possible
  ''978-1-59800-616-2Steve RichardsEverything You Will Ever Need to Know to Start Driving a Big Truck or How I Became a Professional Tourist
  ''978-1-59800-620-9J. David BakerHow to Be Wicked and Eaten by Dogs: And 19 Other Puppet Skits for Childrens' Ministry
2006978-1-59800-642-1Lee BarnardUnderstanding and Investigating Graffiti
  ''978-1-59800-655-1Alan RitzYour Scientific Diet for Men: Scientifically Guaranteed Fastest, Easiest, Cheapest, and Permanent Weight Loss
2007978-1-59800-670-4John W RavageSlick and the Duchess: The Teapot Dome Scandal and the Death of Warren Harding
2006978-1-59800-686-5Sun RoseA Radiant Life: Raw Food and the Presence of Love
  ''978-1-59800-696-4H. E. LogueFly Me To The Moon: Bipolar Journey through Mania and Depression
  ''978-1-59800-699-5Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis · Heiko GanzerI Am Your Disease: The Many Faces of Addiction
  ''978-1-59800-722-0Geo GoslingTBI Hell: A Traumatic Brain Injury Really Sucks
2006978-1-59800-723-7N.R. VillarrealNo Limit Hold 'Em: The Book of Blunders - 15 COSTLY MISTAKES TO AVOID WHILE PLAYING NO LIMIT TEXAS HOLD 'EM
  ''978-1-59800-726-8Mary RydmanRaw and Radiant: Simple Raw Recipes for the Busy Lifestyle
  ''978-1-59800-730-5Hans HollensteinCreative Sudoku: Where Logic Meets Creativity
  ''978-1-59800-746-6J. S. MooreUnderstanding Apples
  ''978-1-59800-766-4Mike RobinsonThere Are Moral Absolutes: How to Be Absolutely Sure That Christianity Alone Supplies The Conditions For Moral Certainty Through Presuppositional Apologetics
2006978-1-59800-774-9Gavin Frost · Yvonne FrostGood Witches Fly Smoothly: Surviving Witchcraft
  ''978-1-59800-791-6Diane MeholickBuffalo Stories
  ''978-1-59800-792-3Michael James JaquishThe Role of the Security Officer: A Comprehensive Instruction Manual of Safety and Security for the Security Profession in America
  ''978-1-59800-801-2E Donald KayeNathan Augustus Monroe Dudley, 1825 - 1910: Rogue, Hero, or Both?
2007978-1-59800-809-8Jon SaboeThe Days of Peleg
2006978-1-59800-820-3Fred VogtSee Sally Kick Ass: A Woman's Guide to Personal Safety
2007978-1-59800-849-4Silke SchneiderArizona's Spanish Barbs
2006978-1-59800-853-1J R CammarataFlat at 221b Baker Street
  ''978-1-59800-858-6David E. WinpisingerSo You Wanna Be a Foreman: An Electrical Construction Foreman's Guide to Efficient Labor Management
2006978-1-59800-883-8Christian ClarkMr. Clark's Awesome Designs Coloring Book
  ''978-1-59800-887-6Linda SapadinNow I Get It! Totally Sensational Advice for Living and Loving
  ''978-1-59800-889-0DS BarronHim
  ''978-1-59800-934-7Ben SolomonV'Da Mah SheTashiv: Know What To Answer (To Missionaries) A Thorough Jewish response To Missionaries
2007978-1-59800-935-4Jan Dahlin GeigerGet Your Assets in Gear! Smart Money Strategies
2006978-1-59800-944-6Larry ShealyKid-Jitsu: Instructor's Manual - Teaching Children the Art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  ''978-1-59800-948-4Doris J. Popovich · Joan Cantwell21 Peaceful Nurses: Essays on a Spiritually Guided Practice
2006978-1-59800-959-0Lynn GalliWasted Heart
  ''978-1-59800-962-0Stuart R. EllinsJohn Garcia: Life of a Neuroethologist and History of Conditioned Taste Aversion
  ''978-1-59800-963-7Madonna Carter JacksonAsbury Park: A West Side Story - A Pictorial Journey Through the Eyes of Joseph A. Carter, Sr
2008978-1-59800-967-5Sylvester W. Jr. OliverHidden Chronicles: Published Ads on Buying, Selling and Recapturing Enslaved Africans in Marshall County, Mississippi
2006978-1-59800-975-0J.S. MooreUnderstanding Apples
2007978-1-59800-989-7DS BarronGnospel