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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-1-4787-0282-5Muhammed Al Da'miThe Other Spiritualities of the Middle East: The Minority Religious Traditions of the Ahl-E Haqq, the Mandaeans and the Yezidis
  ''978-1-4787-0394-5Tom BisioDecoding the DAO: Nine Lessons in Daoist Meditation: A Complete and Comprehensive Guide to Daoist Meditation
  ''978-1-4787-0620-5Janet CurryQuiet Time: The Most Important Moments of Your Day
  ''978-1-4787-0625-0VigilanteGatekeeper: The Illuminati Myths
  ''978-1-4787-0660-1Peggy Cummings · Diana DeterdingConnected Riding: An Introduction
2017978-1-4787-0732-5Matthew B VernierInduction Coil-builder Training Manual: "Inductors"
2013978-1-4787-0817-9Michael RandThe First One Hundred Years: Washington Adventist Hospital
2013978-1-4787-0923-7Lubin GaoLoad Rating Highway Bridges: In Accordance with Load and Resistance Factor Rating Method
  ''978-1-4787-1050-9T. T. NicholsGifts from Above
  ''978-1-4787-1070-7Joseph DileonardoVietnam War: Defining Moment for America - Remembrances and Reflections of an Army Intelligence Officer
  ''978-1-4787-1220-6Kennith H YorkChoctaw Nationalism: Choctaw Culture, Language and History
  ''978-1-4787-1259-6Nathan FrederickDraft Daze: One Man's Quest to Process the Coverage, Characters, and Every Single Pick of the NFL Draft
2013978-1-4787-1276-3Alexander FlintTales from the Sea: Secrets from a Cruise Ship
  ''978-1-4787-1313-5Soma MukhopadhyayDeveloping Communication for Autism Using Rapid Prompting Method: Guide for Effective Language
  ''978-1-4787-1322-7Bart MitchamThe Private Detective Handbook: Learn to be a PI
  ''978-1-4787-1364-7Sharon KingOops Was Bullied? Hey, why did you hurt me that way?
  ''978-1-4787-1371-5Sanjay ChadhaTransformational Outsourcing: Maximize Value From IT Outsourcing
2013978-1-4787-1372-2Sanjay ChadhaTransformational Outsourcing: Maximize Value From IT Outsourcing
  ''978-1-4787-1433-0Venkareddy ChennareddyIs Democratic Occupational Representation in the National Lawmaking Institution Not an Enlightened Goal? For Least-Cost-Election of Lawmakers and Top ... Revolution Is Needed For Achieving This Goal
  ''978-1-4787-1550-4Geoff CrunchyThe Crunchies: Our Family's Attempts to Raise a Healthy Baby in the Face of Autism, the Information Age, and Toxic Warfare
  ''978-1-4787-1608-2Asif AnwarConcise Review of Critical Care, Trauma and Emergency Medicine: A Quick Reference Guide of ICU and Er Topics
2012978-1-4787-1656-3Seth AndrewsDeconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason
2013978-1-4787-1700-3Randy MenefeeThe Average Americans Guide to Buying Gold and Silver
2018978-1-4787-1775-1Richard W MillerTaking on Gravity: A Guide for Practical Gravitation
2012978-1-4787-1780-5Brad ScornavaccoSystema Revelations: Lessons of the Russian Martial Art
2014978-1-4787-1786-7Eric D. Smith Jd PhdBar Exam Review: Complementary Model-Based Systems Engineering of Law - Graphical Alternative to the 1000 Year Old Orthodoxy of Prose-B
2012978-1-4787-2021-8Carol SparksRevelation: The Personal Message
2013978-1-4787-2092-8Ed RobinsonLeap of Faith: Quit Your Job and Live on a Boat
  ''978-1-4787-2129-1Jack ManningTrain the Trainer for Sales and Customer Service
2013978-1-4787-2209-0Christine MolloyTales From the Dry Side: The Personal Stories Behind the Autoimmune Illness Sjögren's Syndrome
  ''978-1-4787-2241-0Vensin GraySon of Sin: Book Two of the Prochrist Series
2015978-1-4787-2304-2Connie BarnabaWhy Business Marriages Fail: A Practical Guide to Merger and Acquisition Risks Caused by Cultural Differences
2013978-1-4787-2357-8Daphne Joan Fry Tuyl KnoxHow Long Till Dawn: Memoirs of One of the Charter Members and Original Founders of the Resistance Movement in Algiers and a Member of OSS
  ''978-1-4787-2377-6T. J. PriceRiver Riders
2014978-1-4787-2432-2S Christine GordonThe Ministering Gifts of God
  ''978-1-4787-2451-3Alex CuocoAfrican Narratives of Orishas, Spirits and Other Deities - Stories from West Africa and the African Diaspora: A Journey Into the Realm of Deities, SPI
  ''978-1-4787-2590-9Sandra Assimotos McElweeWho's the Slow Learner? A Chronicle of Inclusion and Exclusion
2014978-1-4787-2682-1Tom BisioBa Gua Nei Gong Volume 4: Foundational Body Training
  ''978-1-4787-2744-6Warrior HawkPrince Hall Freemasonry: The Secret Within
  ''978-1-4787-2946-4Curtis JonesMessages from Heaven: God Is Speaking
  ''978-1-4787-3042-2Gary PalmerSurvival of the Fittest: A Practical Approach to Reverse the Aging Process
  ''978-1-4787-3226-6SPUAR Foundation Inc.Gardening At Its Best: The Foundation for all Planting Needs
2014978-1-4787-3283-9John HohlThe Donkey Speaks... AGAIN! Could all the prophets be wrong?
  ''978-1-4787-3753-7Greg ZitoHistory of Street Cops: Gangs Guns and Cabrini Green Housing Snipers
2015978-1-4787-3840-4PJ Bush · RB Raffa · Al WertheimerYour Drugs and Sex: How Prescription & Non-Prescription Drugs Can Affect Your Sex Life
2014978-1-4787-3989-0Kristie K Gatto MA CCC-SLP COMUnderstanding the Orofacial Complex: Muscle Manual
  ''978-1-4787-4269-2Bob HuffakerNo Good Turn Goes Unpunished
2015978-1-4787-4413-9Richard Walker MS CADC ICADCInclusive VERITAS and Justice: Digging the Reparative Opportunity for Violent & Non-violent Offenders
2014978-1-4787-4621-8Ramon F D'ElosuaPerilous Waters
  ''978-1-4787-4657-7Tom BisioBa Gua Nei Gong Volume 5: Tian Gan Heavenly Stem Nei Gong
2015978-1-4787-5022-2   ''Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol. 6: Marrow Washing Nei Gong
2016978-1-4787-5145-8Jeffrey B StammOn Dope: Drug Enforcement and The First Policeman
2015978-1-4787-5278-3John CarlsonKeeping Fit While Aging
  ''978-1-4787-5375-9Jr. M. D. Walter T. HughesFrom Wales to Pneumocystis and AIDS: Centuries of Serendipity
2016978-1-4787-5396-4Jodi PeakeGo! Fight! Win!: How to Survive and Thrive in the End Times
2015978-1-4787-5680-4Priscilla A WilliamsKaleidoscope of Life
2015978-1-4787-5682-8Vivian D. MartinYou're NOT On Clearance: Seven Week Journey of Spiritual Transformation; Why the Favor of God is Yours Especially During Difficult Times
2017978-1-4787-6051-1R P JacobsHumans and Other Strange Creatures
2016978-1-4787-6257-7William NunnallyFew Find the Narrow Road to Heaven: Confident Christian Conversations
  ''978-1-4787-6393-2Kirk Lee ReddenSome Senses
2015978-1-4787-6436-6Brad MyersHang in There at Christmas
  ''978-1-4787-6474-8Thelma LewisCustomer Service Tips for exUBERant Drivers: ...to give your career a much needed LYFT
2016978-1-4787-6547-9Jo Anne WhiteMore Heaven: Because Every Child is Special
2018978-1-4787-6563-9Bill McClainStrategic Planning in this Age of Disruption: See the Future for Your Small Business
2016978-1-4787-6602-5Jack H EmmottPrayerful Passages: Asking God's Help in Reconciliation, Separation, and Divorce
2015978-1-4787-6647-6Zhao Da Yuan · Tom BisioPractical Qin Na Part 1: Explanation of the Qin Na Nine Heaven Secret Text
2016978-1-4787-6679-7Curtis A Early · Gloria J EarlySlavery-Coal Miners, Life in a Patch, Amend Works, Pa.: Plus Lincoln's Family Slaves
  ''978-1-4787-6757-2Gerald FerenchikMy Prayers for Heaven
  ''978-1-4787-6779-4Jeff BeckerGod's Ten Timeless Words: The Key to Human Happiness
2016978-1-4787-7431-0Malcolm McFallAngels From Caldera: How Peace Came To Planet Earth
  ''978-1-4787-7543-0Dale MellonThe Ancient Ones: A Short Saga
  ''978-1-4787-7557-7C D LaneLiving to Die/Dying to Live: 29 Years Surviving HIV
  ''978-1-4787-7713-7Chloe BerringerThe Guide To Identify The DL Guy
  ''978-1-4787-7726-7Sonny StarkJustice with Honor
2016978-1-4787-7799-1Joel BensonPi, or Pete's House of God
  ''978-1-4787-7812-7Matt DiGeronimo · Bob KoonceExtreme Operational Excellence: Applying the US Nuclear Submarine Culture to Your Organization
  ''978-1-4787-7922-3Kevin Chu FoyFoy's RN Licensure Review Handbook
  ''978-1-4787-7989-6C D LaneLiving to Die/Dying to Live: 29 Years Surviving HIV
  ''978-1-4787-8108-0Eric JohnsonFrom Park Ranger to Conservation Police Officer: A Career in Conservation Law Enforcement
2020978-1-4787-8130-1Lee E HollingsworthA Gold Rush Tragedy: The George Hollingsworth Letters
2017978-1-4787-8133-2Tiona GunthorpeBedroom Circuit Training
2016978-1-4787-8143-1Lady Zuberie · Diandra ChiaffinoDo What? To BE W'AT! I'm Black, Ex-Military, Woman, Angry, and I'm Tired!
2017978-1-4787-8374-9Ebenezer B GyasiBattle of the Kingdoms: End-of-Year & Beginning-of-Year Annual Forty-Day Fasting & Prayer
2017978-1-4787-8384-8Wallace DunnVanity Plate Expressions
  ''978-1-4787-8407-4R G Wilson · J M ZavadaIonsims: Ion Implantation and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
  ''978-1-4787-8496-8P A KinzieCoils, Capacitors, and Crystals for Early Day Radio: A Review of Important Receiver Components
2018978-1-4787-8630-6ManpekinELEMENTARY MATHEMATICS Grade 4
2017978-1-4787-8676-4Luis RománElectricidad del Aire Acondicionado: Motores Electricos (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-4787-8776-1Anne TooleFat Maxine
  ''978-1-4787-8878-2Vensin GrayThe Angel King: Book Three of the ProChrist Series
2017978-1-4787-8915-4R G Wilson · J M ZavadaIonsims (Vol. 3): Ion Implanted Depth Distributions Measured Using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
  ''978-1-4787-8916-1   ''Ionsims (Vol. 4): Ion Implanted Depth Distributions Measured Using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
  ''978-1-4787-9128-7Scott W AllenSongs to Fill the Air: Tales of the Grateful Dead
2018978-1-4787-9159-1Michael L GlasgowThe Sasquatch (Bigfoot) People: Join Me In My Cryptozoology Experience
2017978-1-4787-9201-7Frank StepnowskiRETRIBUTION: A Teacher Strikes Back
  ''978-1-4787-9250-5Jennifer BarrettLearning Is Not Cheesy
2018978-1-4787-9335-9Pamela TaylorA Personal Medical History: For Diabetics
  ''978-1-4787-9387-8Victor EffahNo Limits: 14 Steps to Exceed Customer Expectations, What Great Teams Know and Do
2018978-1-4787-9418-9Victor EffahNo Limits: 14 Steps to Exceed Customer Expectations, What Great Teams Know and Do
2017978-1-4787-9424-0Randy Carver1440: What the Ultra-Successful Do to Get More Out of Every Minute and How You Can, Too
  ''978-1-4787-9438-7   ''1440: What the Ultra-Successful Do to Get More Out of Every Minute and How You Can, Too
2018978-1-4787-9493-6Matthew B VernierInduction Coil-builder Training Manual: "Silver Solder Brazing"
  ''978-1-4787-9603-9Sandi SumnerColorado Animals and Their Favorite Vet
  ''978-1-4787-9694-7Eric D SmithBar Exam Review: Visual Law - Graphical Alternative to the 1000-Year-Old Orthodoxy of Prose-Based Outlines
  ''978-1-4787-9749-4Greg DuckertData-Centric ERM: Common Sense That Isn't Very Common
978-1-4787-9768-5Kory Angelin#sellout: How a Great Experience Can Help You #SELLOUT of Your Product
978-1-4787-9774-6Richard V BattleThe Master's Sales Secrets: 44 Strategies for Sensational Sales Success
2018978-1-4787-9831-6Kory Angelin#SELLOUT: How a Great Experience Can Help You #SELLOUT of Your Product
2018978-1-4787-9907-8Greg DuckertData-Centric ERM: Common Sense That Isn't Very Common
2019978-1-4787-9949-8Pmp Kal Jayaswal · Pmp Csm Archana JayaswalThe Comprehensive Guide for PMP(R) Certification: A Concise, Crash Guide for Passing PMP in your First Attempt For PMP (Project Management ... know about: *5 Process groups *10 Knowledge