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2005978-1-59693-000-1Richard Lau · Ram Khare · William Y. ChangService Assurance for Voice over WiFi and 3G Networks
  ''978-1-59693-004-9Sathish ChandranAdvances in Direction-of-Arrival Estimation (Artech House Radar Library (Hardcover))
2006978-1-59693-006-3Lawrence GasmanNanotechnology Applications and Markets
2005978-1-59693-010-0Ferril LoseeRF Systems, Components, and Circuits Handbook, Second Edition
2006978-1-59693-016-2Ahmed El-RabbanyIntroduction to GPS: The Global Positioning System, Second Edition
  ''978-1-59693-018-6Steve C. CrippsRF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications, Second Edition (Artech House Microwave Library (Hardcover))
2007978-1-59693-024-7Alfredo MendozaUtility Computing Technologies, Standards, and Strategies
2006978-1-59693-036-0Steve MarshPractical MMIC Design
2005978-1-59693-040-7Thomas R. KoehlerReorganizing Data and Voice Networks (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
2007978-1-59693-042-1Len JacobsonGNSS Markets and Applications (GNSS Technology and Applications)
2006978-1-59693-044-5Slawomir PietrzykOFDMA for Broadband Wireless Access (Artech House Mobile Communications)
  ''978-1-59693-050-6Alan B. Johnston · David M. PiscitelloUnderstanding Voice over Ip Security (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
  ''978-1-59693-052-0Nesreen I ZiedanGNSS Receivers for Weak Signals
2006978-1-59693-063-6Stephen Farrell · Vinny CahillDelay- and Disruption-Tolerant Networking
2007978-1-59693-073-5Kazimierz Siwiak · Yasaman BahreiniRadiowave Propagation and Antennas for Personal Communications (Antennas & Propagation Library)
  ''978-1-59693-079-7Alexander KottInformation Warfare and Organizational Decision-Making
  ''978-1-59693-081-0Eloi Bosse · Jean Roy · Steve WarkConcepts, Models, and Tools for Information Fusion
  ''978-1-59693-083-4Jack K. HolmesSpread Spectrum Systems for GNSS and Wireless Communications (GNSS Technology and Applications)
2006978-1-59693-085-8Wenhua Yu · Raj Mittra · Tao Su · Yongjun Liu · Xiaoling YangParallel Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method (Artech House Electromagnetic Analysis)
2010978-1-59693-089-6Zhizhang Chen · Gopal Gokeda · Yiqiang YuIntroduction to Direction-Of-Arrival Estimation (Artech House Signal Processing Library) (Artech House Remote Sensing Library)
2007978-1-59693-092-6Ronald P. S. MahlerStatistical Multisource-Multitarget Information Fusion
  ''978-1-59693-094-0Sun KimGenome Sequencing Technology and Algorithms
2009978-1-59693-098-8Pieter L. D. AbrieDesign of Rf and Microwave Amplifiers and Oscillators (Artech House Microwave Library) (Artech House Microwave Library (Hardcover))
2008978-1-59693-103-9Robin ManningsUbiquitous Positioning (Artech House Mobile Communications)
2007978-1-59693-105-3Mingjun Zhang · Bradley Nelson · Robin FelderLife Science Automation Fundamentals and Applications (Bioinformatics & Biomedical Imaging)
2007978-1-59693-113-8David F. Ferraiolo · D. Richard Kuhn · Ramaswamy ChandramouliRole-Based Access Control, Second Edition
  ''978-1-59693-124-4Gil Alterovitz · Marco F RamoniSystems Bioinformatics: An Engineering Case-Based Approach
2008978-1-59693-126-8Kyohei FujimotoMobile Antenna Systems Handbook (Artech House Antennas and Propagation Library)
  ''978-1-59693-128-2Allen A Sweet B.S.Designing Bipolar Transistor Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (Artech House Microwave Library (Hardcover))
  ''978-1-59693-130-5Alan BenskyWireless Positioning Technologies and Applications (GNSS Technology and Applications)
2007978-1-59693-132-9Robert CaverlyCMOS RFIC Design Principles (Artech House Microwave Library (Hardcover))
  ''978-1-59693-138-1Krishnendu Chakrabarty · Philip Y. Paik · Vamsee K. PamulaAdaptive Cooling of Integrated Circuits Using Digital Microfluidics
2007978-1-59693-140-4James A. CrawfordAdvanced Phase-Lock Techniques [With CDROM] (Artech House Microwave Library) (Microwave Engineering)
  ''978-1-59693-154-1Stanley J. GoldmanPhase-Locked Loop Engineering Handbook for Integrated Circuits
  ''978-1-59693-156-5R. K. Mongia · I. J. Bahl · P. BhartiaRF and Microwave Coupled-Line Circuits
2008978-1-59693-160-2Yang Hao · Raj MittraFDTD Modeling of Metamaterials: Theory and Applications
2006978-1-59693-162-6Guillermo GonzalezFoundations of Oscillator Circuit Design (Artech House Microwave Library (Hardcover))
2007978-1-59693-172-5Edward HumphreysImplementing the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System Standard
2008978-1-59693-178-7MehrotraVsat Systems
2007978-1-59693-184-8Zhigang Zhu · Thomas S. HuangMultimodal Surveillance: Sensors, Algorithms, and Systems
  ''978-1-59693-186-2G. Gordon SchulmeyerHandbook of Software Quality Assurance, Fourth Edition
2008978-1-59693-192-3Alec Sharp · Patrick McDermottWorkflow Modeling: Tools for Process Improvement and Application Development, 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-59693-194-7Harvey Lehpamer Ed.DRFID Design Principles (Artech House Microwave Library (Hardcover))
2007978-1-59693-198-5Barton WhaleyStratagem: Deception and Surprise in War (Artech House Information Warfare Library)
2007978-1-59693-200-5Istvan Novak · Jason R MillerFrequency-Domain Characterization of Power Distribution Networks (Artech House Microwave Library (Hardcover))
2009978-1-59693-204-3Shanbao TongQuantitative EEG Analysis Methods and Applications [With CDROM] (Engineering in Medicine & Biology)
2007978-1-59693-206-7Aldo PetosaDielectric Resonator Antenna Handbook (Artech House Antennas and Propagation Library)
2008978-1-59693-208-1Rajendra Acharya U · Eddie Y K Ng · Jasjit S Suri Ed.Image Modeling of the Human Eye (Bioinformatics & Biomedical Imaging)
  ''978-1-59693-210-4Bruce ElbertIntroduction to Satellite Communication (Artech House Space Applications)
2007978-1-59693-212-8Ralph LevyClassic Works in RF Engineering, Volume 2: Microwave and RF Filters
2008978-1-59693-214-2Ari Takanen · Jared DeMott · Charlie MillerFuzzing for Software Security Testing and Quality Assurance (Artech House Information Security and Privacy)
2007978-1-59693-218-0Edward J. · Sr. Coyne · John M. DavisRole Engineering for Enterprise Security Management (Information Security & Privacy)
2008978-1-59693-224-1Maria Petrou · Anil BharathNext Generation Artificial Vision Systems: Reverse Engineering the Human Visual System (Bioinformatics & Biomedical Imaging)
  ''978-1-59693-228-9Steven Furnell · Sokratis Katsikas · Javier Lopez · Ahmed PatelSecuring Information and Communications Systems: Principles, Technologies, and Applications (Information Security & Privacy)
2009978-1-59693-234-0Philip E. PaceDetecting and Classifying Low Probability of Intercept Radar (Artech House Remote Sensing Library)
2008978-1-59693-238-8Professor of Religion and Chairman of the Department Luther H MartinIntroduction to Identity-Based Encryption (Information Security & Privacy)
  ''978-1-59693-242-5Hamish MeikleModern Radar Systems (Artech House Radar Library (Hardcover))
2007978-1-59693-244-9Heinz Schmidt-Walter · Ralf KoriesElectrical Engineering: A Pocket Reference
2008978-1-59693-246-3Muhannad S Bakir · Professor James D MeindlIntegrated Interconnect Technologies for 3D Nanoelectronic Systems (Integrated Microsystems)
2007978-1-59693-256-2Peter W. EastMicrowave System Design Tools and EW Applications (Artech House Microwave Library (Hardcover))
  ''978-1-59693-258-6Jake Chen · Amandeep S SidhuBiological Database Modeling
2009978-1-59693-262-3Zhen Guo · Li TanFundamentals and Applications of Nanomaterials (Artech House) (Nanoscale Science and Engineering)
2007978-1-59693-264-7David K. BartonModern Radar System Analysis Software and User's Manual, Version 3.0
2007978-1-59693-267-8Fabrizo Lombardi · Jing HuangDesign and Test of Digital Circuits by Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata
  ''978-1-59693-273-9Alan J. FennAdaptive Antennas and Phased Arrays for Radar and Communications (Artech House Radar Library (Hardcover))
2008978-1-59693-275-3Tim KassePractical Insight Into CMMI
  ''978-1-59693-277-7Michael R Hamblin · Pawel MrozAdvances in Photodynamic Therapy: Basic, Translational and Clinical (Engineering in Medicine & Biology)
  ''978-1-59693-281-4Subrata DasHigh-Level Data Fusion
2009978-1-59693-283-8Anatoly Zayats · Gen Lord David RichardsNano-Optics and Near-Field Optical Microscopy (Nanoscale Science and Engineering)
2008978-1-59693-285-2Anne Mette Jonassen HassGuide to Advanced Software Testing
  ''978-1-59693-287-6S Susan Young · Ronald G DriggersSignal Processing and Performance Analysis for Imaging Systems
2009978-1-59693-305-7Terrance J. Dishongh · Michael McGrathWireless Sensor Networks for Healthcare Applications
2008978-1-59693-307-1Fred S. AzarTranslational Multimodal Optical Imaging (Bioformatics & Biomedical Imaging)
2010978-1-59693-309-5Cornell DrenteaModern Communications Receiver Design and Technology (Artech House Intelligence and Information Operations)
2008978-1-59693-317-0Krzysztof IniewskiVLSI Circuits for Biomedical Applications
2009978-1-59693-319-4Franco Sechi · Marina BujattiSolid-State Microwave High-Power Amplifiers (Artech House Microwave Library (Hardcover))
2009978-1-59693-329-3Scott GleasonGNSS Applications and Methods [With DVD] (GNSS Technology and Applications)
2008978-1-59693-331-6David A. Sanchez-HernandezMultiband Integrated Antennas for 4G Terminals
  ''978-1-59693-333-0Karl F Warnick · Weng Cho ChewNumerical Analysis for Electromagnetic Integral Equations (Artech House Electromagnetic Analysis)
  ''978-1-59693-339-2John Care · Aron BohligMastering Technical Sales: The Sales Engineer's Handbook (Artech House Technology Management Library)
2009978-1-59693-345-3Giuseppe Pelosi · Roberto Coccioli · Stefano SelleriQuick Finite Elements for Electromagnetic Waves (Artech House Electromagnetic Analysis)
2008978-1-59693-354-5Borje ForssellRadionavigation Systems (GNSS Technology and Applications)
2010978-1-59693-364-4Joseph R. GuerciCognitive Radar: The Knowledge-aided Fully Adaptive Approach (Artech House Remote Sensing Library)
2008978-1-59693-368-2Mircea Dragoman · Daniela DragomanNanoelectronics: Principles and Devices (The Artech House Nanoscale Science and Engineering)
2009978-1-59693-370-5Mihail Popescu · Dong XuData Mining in Biomedicine Using Ontologies (Artech House Series Bioinformatics & Biomedical Imaging)
  ''978-1-59693-374-3Frank van DiggelenA-GPS: Assisted GPS, GNSS, and SBAS
2008978-1-59693-377-4Tom Y. OtoshiNoise Temperature Theory and Applications for Deep Space Communications Antenna Systems (Artech House Antennas and Propagation Library)
  ''978-1-59693-385-9Ramesh GargAnalytical and Computational Methods in Electromagnetics (Artech House Electromagnetic Analysis)
2009978-1-59693-387-3David AdamyEw 103, Tactical Battlefield communications Electronic Warfare
2008978-1-59693-391-0Richard A. PoiselFoundations of Communications Electronic Warfare (Artech House Electronic Warfare Library)
2009978-1-59693-397-2David A Sanchez-HernandezHigh Frequency Electromagnetic Dosimetry (Artech House Electromagnetic Analysis)
2009978-1-59693-400-9Jeffrey D. ZahnMethods in Bioengineering: Biomicrofabrication and Biomicrofluidics (Artech House Methods in Bioengineering Series)
  ''978-1-59693-414-6D. Curtis SchleherMTI and Pulsed Doppler Radar With MATLAB (Artech House Remote Sensing Library)
2010978-1-59693-422-1David A. VogelMedical Device Software Verification, Validation and Compliance
2009978-1-59693-424-5Deepak A. Mathaikutty · Sandeep K. ShuklaMetamodeling-Driven IP Reuse for SoC Integration and Microprocessor Design
2010978-1-59693-434-4David L Hall · Clinical Professor of Supply Chain & Information Systems John M JordanHuman-Centered Information Fusion (Artech House Remote Sensing Library)
2009978-1-59693-439-9Qingjun Liu · Associate Professor Ping WangCell-Based Biosensors: Principles and Applications (Engineering in Medicine & Biology)
  ''978-1-59693-443-6Jean Berthier · Pascal SilberzanMicrofluidics for Biotechnology, Second Edition
  ''978-1-59693-447-4Rolf OppligerSSL and Tls: Theory and Practice (Artech House Information Security and Privacy)
2008978-1-59693-452-8Richard PoiselIntroduction to Communication Electronic Warfare Systems (Artech House Intelligence and Information Operations)
2010978-1-59693-471-9Sang-Joon John Lee · Narayan SundararajanMicrofabrication for Microfluidics
  ''978-1-59693-718-5Stephen BeebyEnergy Harvesting for Autonomous Systems (Smart Materials, Structures, and Systems)
2009978-1-59693-975-2Abate. ZerihunWimax Rf Systems Engineering (Artech House Mobile Communications Library)
2010978-1-59693-981-3Stephen C. ThieraufUnderstanding Signal Integrity
2010978-1-59693-989-9Sudarshan Bahukudumbi · Krishnendu ChakrabartyWafer-Level Testing and Test During Burn-In for Integrated Circuits (Integrated Mircosystems)