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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-59357-847-3Susan B. PolusznyIn Search of a College Major & Career Direction
2011978-1-59357-850-3Kathryn Kraemer TroutmanFederal Resume Guidebook: Strategies for Writing a Winning Federal Resume (Federal Resume Guidebook: Write a Winning Federal Resume to Get in), 5th Edition
2010978-1-59357-851-0Dixie Lee WrightJob Smarts: 13 Steps to Job Success
2011978-1-59357-852-7   ''Job Smarts Instructor Resources CD-ROM: 13 Steps to Job Success
  ''978-1-59357-853-4Karine Blackett · Patricia WeissCollege Success Guide: Top 12 Secrets for Student Success
  ''978-1-59357-855-8Michael FarrQuick Online Job Search: Seven Steps to Using the Internet to Find a Job
  ''978-1-59357-856-5Michael Farr · JIST EditorsQuick Resume & Cover Letter Book: Write and Use an Effective Resume in Just One Day (Quick Resume and Cover Letter Book)
  ''978-1-59357-858-9David NobleGallery of Best Resumes: A Collection of Quality Resumes by Professional Resume Writers, 5th Edition
2011978-1-59357-859-6Stan Schatt · Michele LoblPaint Your Career Green: Get a Green Job Without Starting Over
  ''978-1-59357-863-3Laurence Shatkin10 Best College Majors for Your Personality
  ''978-1-59357-864-0Laurence ShatkinPanicked Student's Guide to Choosing a College Major: How to Confidently Pick Your Ideal Path
  ''978-1-59357-865-7   ''The Sequel: How to Change Your Career Without Starting over
2012978-1-59357-866-4Anthony D. FredericksAce Your Teacher Interview: 149 Fantastic Answers to Tough Interview Questions
2011978-1-59357-867-1John LiptakCollege Major Quizzes: 12 Easy Tests to Discover Which Programs Are Best
2012978-1-59357-883-1Joan C. Harrington · Thomas F. Harrington · Janet E. WallAbility Explorer
2011978-1-59357-885-5Wendy Enelow · Louise KursmarkExpert Resumes for Managers and Executives, 3rd Ed
  ''978-1-59357-887-9Louise M. KursmarkBest Resumes for College Students and New Grads: Jump-Start Your Career!, 3rd Ed (Best Resumes for College Students & New Grads)
2012978-1-59357-889-3Laurence Shatkin · Ph.D.150 Best Jobs for a Secure Future (JIST's Best Jobs)
2011978-1-59357-891-6Laurence Shatkin · Ph.D.150 Best Federal Jobs
2011978-1-59357-893-0Editors at JISTWorkplace Communication Skills DVD
  ''978-1-59357-894-7Editors at JISTGood First Impressions DVD: Proven Tips and Techniques for Successful Job Interviews
2012978-1-59357-896-1Dave FoleyUltimate Classroom Management Handbook, 2nd Ed
  ''978-1-59357-898-5Laurence, Ph.D. Shatkin150 Best Jobs for Your Skills
2011978-1-59357-900-5Laurence Shatkin · Ph.D.Best Jobs for the 21st Century, 6th Ed
2012978-1-59357-902-9U.S. Department of LaborOccuptional Outlook Handbook, 2013-2014 (OCCUPATIONAL OUTLOOK HANDBOOK)
  ''978-1-59357-906-7Louise M. KursmarkSame-Day Resume, 3rd Ed: Write an Effective Resume in an Hour (Same-Day Resume: Write an Effective Resume in an Hour)
978-1-59357-908-1Best Career and Education Web Sites: A Quick Guide to Online Job Search
2012978-1-59357-910-4Laurence, Ph.D. Shatkin50 Best Jobs for Your Personality (JIST's Best Jobs)
  ''978-1-59357-912-8Editors at JISTO*NET Career Interests Inventory
2012978-1-59357-913-5Editors at JISTO*NET Career Values Inventory
  ''978-1-59357-914-2Laverne L. LuddenJob Savvy: How to Be a Success at Work
  ''978-1-59357-915-9LaVerne L. Ludden · Marsha LuddenJob Savvy Instructor's Resources CD-ROM: How to Be a Success at Work
  ''978-1-59357-916-6John J. LiptakTransition-to-Work Inventory
  ''978-1-59357-917-3David F NobleGallery of Best Cover Letters, 4th Ed
2012978-1-59357-919-7John J Liptak Edd LiptakEntrepreneurship Quizzes: 12 Easy Tests to Help You Become Successful Self-employed
  ''978-1-59357-922-7Liptak · John J. EdDSchool to Career Transition
2013978-1-59357-923-4Jane FarleyQuick Military Transition Guide: Seven Steps to Landing a Civilian Job
978-1-59357-924-1Quick Job Success Guide, 2nd ed
2013978-1-59357-928-9Laurence Shatkin · Ph.D.300 Best Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree, 4th Ed
2012978-1-59357-929-6Laurence Shatkin150 Best Jobs for the Military-to-Civilian Transition (150 Best Jobs Through Military Training) (Jist's Best Jobs)
978-1-59357-932-6Marie A. Pavilicko · Jennifer T . Coleman · M. Elizabeth ThomasYoung Person's Guide to Getting and Keeping a Good Job
978-1-59357-933-3   ''Your Person's Guide to Getting and Keeping a Good Job Instructor's Resource
2013978-1-59357-947-0Job Savvy 5E Custom Supplement (Remington College)
2014978-1-59357-970-8Ann Cross · Martha LanaghenPassport to Career Success: Facilitator's Guide
  ''978-1-59357-971-5Martha LanaghenPassport to Career Success: Student Participant's Workbook
2015978-1-59357-982-1N/AJob Search Attitude Inventory-Fifth Edition
2014978-1-59357-988-3U.S. Department of LaborOccupational Outlook Handbook: 2014-2015 (Occupational Outlook Handbook (Jist Works))