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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-1-56370-051-4U. S. Department of Labor · United States. Employment and Training AdministrationThe Revised Handbook for Analyzing Jobs (Career Reference Books)
1998978-1-56370-055-2V58-SetInnerviews (5 Video Set)
978-1-56370-057-6How to Get Interviews & Organize Your Ti
978-1-56370-058-3Employers' Expectations Video
978-1-56370-065-1Seven Phases Of A Job Interview, 2Nd Edi
1993978-1-56370-086-6Norene LindsayDream Catchers: Developing Career and Educational Awareness in the Intermediate Grades, Teacher's Guide
1998978-1-56370-097-2V64-VhsPutting the Bars Behind You
  ''978-1-56370-098-9V09-VhsDailing for Jobs
978-1-56370-119-1Individual Service Strategy Portfolio (p
1999978-1-56370-125-2Leisure/Work Search Inventory (pk. of 25
1998978-1-56370-131-3Richard DiggsFinding Your Ideal Job
978-1-56370-134-4Working for a Living: Making Career Choi
978-1-56370-135-1Clearing the Hurdles: Dealing with Job L
978-1-56370-136-8Men and Women: Balancing Work and Family
978-1-56370-137-5Retirement and You: A New Beginning
978-1-56370-138-2Your Life's Work Video Series
1994978-1-56370-145-0Vhs-1456Skills Identification
2001978-1-56370-147-4JIST's Self-Directed Job Search(10 Vd.)
  ''978-1-56370-148-1V45-01Self-Assessment I:Defining Yr.Skills Vd.
  ''978-1-56370-149-8V45-02Self-Assessment II: Putting Yr.Skills Vd
  ''978-1-56370-150-4V45-03Evaluating a Job Video
2001978-1-56370-151-1V45-04Employment Applications and Tests Video
1998978-1-56370-154-2V45-07Traditional & Non-Traditnl.Job Srch.Vid.
  ''978-1-56370-166-5V61-VhsArt Of Effective Communication
  ''978-1-56370-176-42061-01/25Job Search Attitude Inventory 25 Pack
1995978-1-56370-182-5Daniel PorotThe Pie Method for Career Success: A Unique Way to Find Your Ideal Job
  ''978-1-56370-188-7Patricia Duffy · T. Walter WannieHigher Learning: Setting Your Career and Life Direction (Hire Learning: Schooling That Works)
1997978-1-56370-190-0Patricia DuffySucceeding In Your Work And Community (Hire Learning Series)
1998978-1-56370-204-4V72-SetHow to Be a Success At Work (Set Of 3)
2001978-1-56370-208-2Your Career:Series Intro (Vd)
  ''978-1-56370-220-4R3-Jv2207Leading/Influencing Careers:Part 1 Vd.
2001978-1-56370-223-5JIST Vid.Gde/Occupational Explor.(16 Vd)
1999978-1-56370-243-3Barriers to Employment Success Invent***
1998978-1-56370-245-759926Gd Occupational Exploration Inventory
1996978-1-56370-282-2J. Michael Farr · Michael J. Farr · J. Michael America's Top Technical and Trade Jobs FarrAmerica's Top Jobs for People Without College Degrees (America's Top 101 Jobs for People Without Four-Year College Degree)
1998978-1-56370-435-2Laverne LuddenJob Savvy Instructor's Guide: How to Be a Success at Work
2000978-1-56370-441-3R3-J4412I Can Manage Life Instructor's Guide, Re
978-1-56370-446-8Job Savvy Overhead Transparencies, 2nd E
2005978-1-56370-463-5R3-Jv4633Mechanical Car.Iii: Construction Vd
1998978-1-56370-483-3David F. NobleProfessional Resumes for Executives, Managers, and Other Administrators: A New Gallery of Best Resumes by Professional Resume Writers
2003978-1-56370-487-1High School-To-Caree Vvjw Jv4870Video Guide to Summer and Part-Time J
978-1-56370-494-9Lab pack, 10 CD-ROMs (not for Individual
978-1-56370-495-6CD-ROM - Network Site License
1998978-1-56370-507-6V59-VhsMiracle Resume Video, The
1999978-1-56370-518-2Neeta P. Fogg · Paul E. Harrington · Thomas F. HarringtonThe College Majors Handbook: The Actual Jobs, Earnings, and Trends for Graduates of 60 College Majors
2000978-1-56370-525-0Norene LindsayPathfinder Teacher's Guide (Pathfinder Guides)
2001978-1-56370-526-7Jist PublishingGuide to America's Federal Jobs: A Complete Directory of Federal Career Opportunities
2004978-1-56370-532-8High School-To-Caree Vvjw Jv532XYoung Entrepreneurs
1999978-1-56370-537-3Jist WorksNorth American Industry Classification System (Naics): Executive Office of the President Office of Management and Budget
2000978-1-56370-544-1Carreer Exploration: A Job Seeker's Guide to Major Sources of Career Information-Completely Revised Edition [VHS]
2004978-1-56370-548-9Career Connections,Jr.Cd-Rom
  ''978-1-56370-549-6Career Connections,Jr.Cd-Rom (Lab Pack)
  ''978-1-56370-550-2Career Connections,Jr.Cd-Rom (Site Lic.)
1999978-1-56370-556-4Carole KanchierDare to Change Your Job and Your Life
2003978-1-56370-564-95 Tape Set Vvjw Jv5648High School-To-Career Five Video Seri
1999978-1-56370-605-9David F. NobleProfessional Resumes for Accounting, Tax, Finance and Law: A Special Gallery of Quality Resumes by Professional Resume Writers
2001978-1-56370-620-2John J LiptakThe career exploration inventory: A guide for exploring work, leisure, and learning
978-1-56370-629-5Single User CD-ROM
1999978-1-56370-634-9J. Michael FarrThe Quick Resume & Cover Letter Book: Write & Use an Effective Resume in Only One Day
2000978-1-56370-638-7Ronald C. Mendlin · Marc Polonsky · J. Michael FarrJist's Putting the Bars Behind You: Instructor's Resource Manual
978-1-56370-662-2Career Posters, Set 2: Career Exploratio
2000978-1-56370-665-3Daniel J. RyanJob Search Handbook for People With Disabilities
978-1-56370-668-4Career Posters, Set 1: Career Awareness,
1999978-1-56370-670-7Sandy AndersonWomen in Career & Life Transitions
2001978-1-56370-678-3Welfare To Work Series (4-Vd)
  ''978-1-56370-680-6Welfare To Work:Your Job Is Out There Vd
978-1-56370-689-9Lab pack, 10 CD-ROMs (not for Individual
978-1-56370-690-5CD-ROM - Network Site License
2000978-1-56370-694-3Inc. JIST WorksNaics Desk Reference: The North American Industry Classification System Desk Reference
  ''978-1-56370-698-1Quick Job Search Video Series - 4 Videos
2006978-1-56370-726-1Vhs50 Best Jobs For The 21St Century Video
2000978-1-56370-732-2Wendy S. Enelow · Louise KursmarkCover Letter Magic
2000978-1-56370-733-9Ollie StevensonCareer Success Is Color-Blind: Overcoming Prejudice and Eliminating Barriers in the Workplace
  ''978-1-56370-797-1Expert Resumes for People Returning to Work
2001978-1-56370-798-8Wendy Enelow · Louise M. Kursmark · David F. NobleExpert Resumes for Computer and Web Jobs
  ''978-1-56370-803-9J. Michael FarrGetting the Job You Really Want: A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding a Good Job in Less Time
2002978-1-56370-812-1Michael FarrCareer & Life Explorer (Pk. Of 25)
2005978-1-56370-818-3J. Michael FarrGetting the Job You Really Want-Transpar
2001978-1-56370-827-5Karen RubinInside Secrets to Finding a Career in Travel
2003978-1-56370-847-3Deborah BlochSalient Beliefs Review (Sbr) Pkg/25
2001978-1-56370-852-7Marsha J. LuddenEffective Communication Skills: Essential Skills for Success in Work and Life 2nd Edition
2002978-1-56370-856-5J. Michael Farr · Louise M. Kursmark · Michael FarrAmerica's Top Resumes for America's Top Jobs
  ''978-1-56370-859-6John J. LiptakBarriers to Employment Success Inventory
2005978-1-56370-860-2   ''Job Search Attitude Inventory, 2nd Ed.
2002978-1-56370-861-9Michael J. Farr · J. Michael Farr · LaVerne L. Ludden300 Best Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree
2001978-1-56370-862-6Barriers to Employment Success Inventory
2006978-1-56370-865-7J. Michael FarrWorld Of Work and You
2002978-1-56370-890-9Thomas AckermanFBI Careers: The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Job As One of Americas Finest
2003978-1-56370-891-6Susan Britton WhitcombResume Magic: Trade Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer, 2nd Edition
2002978-1-56370-900-5Louise M. KursmarkBest Resumes for College Students and New Grads: Jump-Start Our Career
2003978-1-56370-906-7Inc. JIST WorksCreating Your High School Portfolio: An Interactive Guide for Documenting and Planning Your Education Career and Life
  ''978-1-56370-907-4Jist PublishingYour Career and Life Plan Portfolio
978-1-56370-908-1Instructor's Guide for Creating Your Hs.
2003978-1-56370-911-1Wendy S. Enelow · Louise M. KursmarkExpert Resumes for People Returning to Work
978-1-56370-915-9Single User CD-ROM
978-1-56370-916-6Lab Pack, 10 CD-ROMs (not for Individual
978-1-56370-917-3CD-ROM - Network Site License
2003978-1-56370-921-0Jack Warner · Clyde Bryan · Diane WarnerInside Secrets of Finding a Teaching Job: The Most Effective Search Methods for Both New and Experienced Educators
2003978-1-56370-922-7Linda D. Gilkerson · Theresia M. PaauweSelf-Employment: From Dream to Reality!: An Interactive Workbook for Starting Your Small Business
2004978-1-56370-925-8Kathryn K. TroutmanFederal Resume Guidebook: Write a Winning Federal Resume to Get in, Get Promoted, and Survive in a Government Career! 3rd Edition
2003978-1-56370-938-8Wendy S. Enelow · Louise M. KursmarkExpert Resumes for Managers and Executives
  ''978-1-56370-961-6J. Michael Farr · Michael FarrBest Jobs for the 21st Century
2004978-1-56370-962-3J. Michael Farr · Laurence ShatkinO'Net Dictionary of Occupational Titles
2003978-1-56370-965-4Jist Cards:Quick & Easy Job Srch.Vd
978-1-56370-966-1Your Career and Life Plan Portfolio
2004978-1-56370-985-2David F. NobleGallery of Best Resumes: A Collection of Quality Resumes by Professional Resume Writers
  ''978-1-56370-986-9Wendy S. Enelow · Louise KursmarkCover Letter Magic, 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-56370-988-3U S Department Labor · Bureau Of Labor StatisticsOccupational Outlook Handbook (Occupational Outlook Handbook (Jist Works))
  ''978-1-56370-989-0Daniel J. RyanJob Search Handbook for People With Disabilities
2004978-1-56370-990-6David F. NobleGallery of Best Cover Letters
  ''978-1-56370-999-9GuidanceExploring Your Career Options Video