Sopris West

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2007978-1-59318-444-5variousTeacher Guide, Unit 21
  ''978-1-59318-445-2variousTeacher Guide, Unit 22
  ''978-1-59318-446-9manyTeacher Guide, Unit 23
  ''978-1-59318-447-6Shelley V. JonesRead Well 1 Unit 24 -- Great Gorillas and Fantastic Frogs (Teacher's Guide)
  ''978-1-59318-448-3variousTeacher Guide, Unit 25
2007978-1-59318-449-0variousTeacher Guide, Unit 26
  ''978-1-59318-450-6   ''Teacher Guide, Unit 27
2008978-1-59318-451-3VariousTeacher Guide, Unit 28
2007978-1-59318-452-0variousTeacher Guide
  ''978-1-59318-453-7   ''Teacher Guide, Unit 30
  ''978-1-59318-454-4   ''Teacher Guide, Unit 31
  ''978-1-59318-455-1   ''Teacher Guide, Unit 32
2007978-1-59318-456-8variousTeacher Guide Unit 33
2007978-1-59318-457-5variousTeacher Guide Unit 34
2009978-1-59318-458-2   ''Teacher Guide Unit 35, Alphabet Detective
2007978-1-59318-459-9   ''Teacher Guide, Unit 36
  ''978-1-59318-460-5manyTeacher Guide, Unit 37
  ''978-1-59318-461-2   ''Teacher Guide, Unit 38
2006978-1-59318-462-9How and Why Stories - A Very Old Story Teacher's Guide
2007978-1-59318-463-6Shelley V. JonesRead Well 1 Unit 40 -- an Old Story (Teacher's Guide)
2006978-1-59318-468-1M. Sprick and S.V. JonesRead Well Plus Unit 45 -- Frogs, Toads, and Their Relatives- A Class of Their Own (Teacher's Guide)
  ''978-1-59318-472-8   ''Read Well Plus Unit 49 -- Dinosaur Life (Teacher's Guide)
2007978-1-59318-474-2variousTeacher Guide, Unit 1
978-1-59318-475-9Tactics for Boosting Academic Achievement Book
2007978-1-59318-476-6Sopris WestFriendships Units 21, 22, 23 Storybook (Read Well)
2007978-1-59318-477-3Sopris WestGreat Gorillas and Fantastic Frogs
  ''978-1-59318-478-0   ''Let Freedom Ring (Units 26, 27 Storybook) Read Well
  ''978-1-59318-479-7   ''Families, Near and Far (Units 28, 29 Storybook) Level 1
  ''978-1-59318-480-3   ''Earth Science Units 30, 31 Storybook (Read Well) Level 1
  ''978-1-59318-481-0   ''Habitats: Wet and Dry (Units 32, 33 Story Read Well) Level 1
2007978-1-59318-482-7Sopris WestAlphabet Detective Units 34, 35 Storybook (Read Well)
  ''978-1-59318-483-4Sorris WestFact or Fiction (Units 36,37 StoryBook)
2005978-1-59318-484-1Joe Witt and Kate GallawayManaging Your Mathematics Classroom
2008978-1-59318-489-6Language! eReader Instructional Text Selections Book B (Book B)
978-1-59318-490-2GreeneLanguage! eReader: Instructional Text Selections, Book C
2005978-1-59318-491-9Sopris WestLANGUAGE! eReader - Instructional Text Selections Software (Book D)
2008978-1-59318-492-6Language!eReader Instructional Text Selections Book E
  ''978-1-59318-493-3Language! eReader Instructional Text Selections Book F
2006978-1-59318-496-4linda-farrell-mbaDIBELS: The Practical Manual Book
  ''978-1-59318-497-1Susan L. HallI've Dibel'd, Now What?
978-1-59318-499-5UnknownPhonics and Spelling Through Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping Book
2006978-1-59318-501-5Safeguarding Our Children Book
  ''978-1-59318-502-2Dewey Cornell and Peter SherasGuidelines for Responding to Student Threats of Violence Book
2006978-1-59318-503-9Carl J. LiaupsinFunctional Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Planning: A Simplified Team Process (Facilitator's Guide)
2007978-1-59318-504-6Julie OrnesThe Emerging Language and Literacy Curriculum
2006978-1-59318-507-7Sopris WestHow and Why Stories
  ''978-1-59318-508-4Read Well Plus, Country and City Detective, Level 1+ Units 42-43 Isbn 9781593185084 1593185081
  ''978-1-59318-509-1Read Well Plus, Frogs, Toads, and Their Relatives Unit 45 Level 1+ Isbn 9781593185091 159318509x
  ''978-1-59318-510-7Read Well Plus, Space Level 1+ Units 48-48 Isbn 9781593185107 1593185103
2007978-1-59318-511-4Dinosaur Clues level 1+ (Read Well Plus)
  ''978-1-59318-512-1Shelley JonesGetting Started Guide, Grade 1 Teacher Materials
2008978-1-59318-513-8Shelley V. JonesRead Well 1 Assessment Manual [Paperback]
2007978-1-59318-514-5VariousRead Well: Olivia in the City, Teacher Guide, Unit A
2007978-1-59318-515-2VariousRead Well: Roberto in the Country, Teacher Guide, Unit B
2007978-1-59318-516-9VariousTeacher Storybook 1
  ''978-1-59318-517-6   ''Teacher Storybook 2
2011978-1-59318-518-3Read Well, Blending Cards, Read Well I
2012978-1-59318-520-6Read Well, Homework Blackline Masters, Read Well I
  ''978-1-59318-521-3Read Well, Comprehension and Skill Work Blackline Masters, Plain
2007978-1-59318-525-1SoprisWestDecoding Book 1 - Units 1-9 PLAIN
  ''978-1-59318-526-8Red WellDecoding Book 2, Units 10-23, Plain
  ''978-1-59318-527-5Read Well: Decoding Book 3. Level 1, Units 24-29. Plain, Second Edition. 9781593185275, 1593185278.
2007978-1-59318-528-2Read WellDecoding Book 1, Units 1-9, Slanted
  ''978-1-59318-529-9Sopris WestRead Well Decoding Book 2 Slanted
  ''978-1-59318-531-2   ''My Activity Book 1(Comprehension and Skill Work Units 1-9, Level 1
  ''978-1-59318-532-9   ''My Activity Book 2 (Comprehension and Skill Work Units 10-23, Level 1)
  ''978-1-59318-533-6   ''My Activity Book 3(Comprehension and Skill Work Units 24-29, Level 1
2010978-1-59318-537-4variousQuick Reference Cards for Pre-writing Program
2006978-1-59318-538-1M. Sprick and S.V. JonesGetting Started - A Guide to Implementation Units 39-50
2006978-1-59318-544-2Howard, Fidanque SprickRead Well Plus Comprehension and Skill Workbook, Units 39-50
  ''978-1-59318-551-0Anita L. Archer · Mary M. Gleason · Vicky VachonREWARDS; Multisyllabic Word Reading Strategies; Teacher's Guide; Intermediate Level (Reading Excellence: Word Attack & Rate Development Strategies)
  ''978-1-59318-552-7mary-m-gleason-vicky-vachon-anita-l-archerRewards Reading Excellence: Word Attack & Rate Development Strategies Multisyllabic Words Reading Strategies
2005978-1-59318-555-8Ed.D. Jane Fell GreeneLANGUAGE! - Instructional Planning Tools Software (The Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum, Book D)
2006978-1-59318-556-5Ed.D. Jane Fell GreeneLanguage! The Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum-Instructional Planning Tools Book E (CD ROM)
978-1-59318-557-2Language! The Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum: Instructional Planning Tools Book F
2002978-1-59318-562-6Ed.D. Jane Fell GreeneLanguage! Morphemes for Meaning for Book D (set of cards)
2005978-1-59318-563-3Ed.D. Jane Fell GreeneLANGUAGE! The Comprehensive Literary Curriculum: transparencies and Templates Book D
2006978-1-59318-564-0GREENELanguage! Teacher Resource Guide
2004978-1-59318-565-7Ed.D. GreeneLANGUAGE! Course Syllabus
2000978-1-59318-571-8Ed.D. Jane Fell GreeneLanguage! Morphemes for Meaning for Book E (Cards)
2005978-1-59318-572-5   ''LANGUAGE! The Comprehensive Literary Cirriculum: Transparencies and Templates Book E
2007978-1-59318-573-2Read Well, Decoding Book 4, Units 30-38, PLain
  ''978-1-59318-575-6Cambium LearningMy Activity Book 4 (Comprehension and Skill Work Units 30-38, Level 1)
2006978-1-59318-579-4LETRS Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling- Module 6, Digging for Meaning: Teaching Text Comprehension
  ''978-1-59318-580-0LETRS Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling- Module 7: Teaching Phonics, Word Study, and the Alphabetic Principle
  ''978-1-59318-581-7LETRS Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling- Module 8: Assessment for Prevention and Early Intervention (K-3)
  ''978-1-59318-582-4LETRS Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling- Module 9: Teaching and Beginning Spelling and Writing
2006978-1-59318-587-9jenson-william-rTough Kid Principal's Briefcase A Practical Guide to Schoolwide Behavior Management and Legal Issues
2007978-1-59318-591-6Gail Adams/Sheron BrownThe Six-Minute Solution: A Reading Fluency Program (Primary Level)
2006978-1-59318-592-3Responsive Reading Instruction: Flexible Intervention for Struggling Readers in the Early Grades
2005978-1-59318-593-0Jane Fell GreeneLANGUAGE! Training Syllabus
  ''978-1-59318-594-7Ed.D. jane Fell GreeneLANGUAGE! The Comprehensive Literary Cirriculum: Transparencies and Templates Book F
2002978-1-59318-595-4Ed.D. Jane Fell GreeneLanguage! Morphemes for Meaning for Book F (set of cards)
2005978-1-59318-600-5HornYoung Exceptional Children (Monograph Series No. 7)
2003978-1-59318-615-9Sopris West Read Well Read Well Grade 1 Instructor Package: Plain Text
978-1-59318-618-0Read Well: Cd of Songs, Level 1
2012978-1-59318-619-7Read Well, ABC Wall Cards
2006978-1-59318-640-1Sopris WestFriendships Units 21, 22, 23 Storybook (Read Well) Pack of 6
  ''978-1-59318-642-5   ''Let Freedom Ring (Units 26, 27 Storybook) Read Well Pack of 6
  ''978-1-59318-643-2   ''Families, Near and Far (Units 28, 29 Storybook) Level 1 Read Well Pack of 6
  ''978-1-59318-646-3   ''Alphabet Detective Units 34, 35 Storybook (Read Well) Pack of 6
2007978-1-59318-649-4Read Well: My Activity Book 1, Comprehension and Skill Work, Units 1-9
2004978-1-59318-665-4Language! Transparencies and Templates (Book A-F)
2006978-1-59318-677-7Carolyn Denton · Jennifer HockerResponsive Reading Instruction: Flexible Intervention for Struggling Readers in the Early Grades
2007978-1-59318-678-4Sopris WestSix-Minute Solution Intermediate Level
2007978-1-59318-679-1Gail Adams · Sharon BrownSix-Minute Solution Secondary Level
2012978-1-59318-688-3GlaserWonderful Worms
2003978-1-59318-690-6Nancy EberhardtSortegories; Books A-F (Sort It * Categorize It * Read It!)
2007978-1-59318-692-0Sopris WestLanguage! The Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum: Placement - Administration, Scoring, and Use
2007978-1-59318-699-9Sopris WestSopris West Language The Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum Set of Letter Cards
2009978-1-59318-700-2Language! Morphemes for Meaning Cards, Books A-f
2007978-1-59318-701-9Language Words for Teachers Book A-F
2003978-1-59318-708-8Read WellREAD WELL: Level K Whole Class Activities.....Plain Text Version
1975978-1-59318-720-0Renee HermanThe Herman Method Specialized Reading Lessons for Dyslexia
978-1-59318-721-7Transitional Mathematics Program Guide
2004978-1-59318-726-2Nate the Great Isbn 9781593187262 1593187262
2006978-1-59318-728-6Deborah GlaserParaReading A Training Guide for Tutors (A LETRS Supplemental Module, Trainer's Workbook & Powerpoint Presentation)
  ''978-1-59318-729-3Deborah GlaserParaReading A Training Guide for Tutors Participant's Workbook (LETRS)
  ''978-1-59318-730-9Louisa Moats and Linda FarrellTeaching Reading Essentials Program Guide
978-1-59318-731-6Louisa MoatsTeaching Reading Essentials: Video Demonstrations of Small-Group Interventions, Parts 1-5
2008978-1-59318-735-4J. Ron Nelson and Patricia VadasyEarly Vocabulary Connections Set, Level 1
  ''978-1-59318-739-2VariousTeacher Guide, Prelude C, Small Group
  ''978-1-59318-740-8M.S. Marilyn SprickA Guide to Implementation, Units 1-26 and Review Units
2008978-1-59318-743-9variousTeacher Guide, Unit 1
  ''978-1-59318-744-6Sopris WestReadwell K All About Eels Small Group Teacher's Guide Unit 2
  ''978-1-59318-745-3variousTeacher Guide, Unit 3
  ''978-1-59318-746-0Sopris WestAmazing Inspects, Small Group Teacher's Guide, Unit 4
1990978-1-59318-747-7   ''Read Well Man's Best Friend Small Group Teacher's Guide unit 5
2008978-1-59318-748-4variousTeacher Guide, Unit 6
  ''978-1-59318-749-1   ''Teacher Guide, Unit 7
2008978-1-59318-750-7variousTeacher Guide, Unit 8
  ''978-1-59318-751-4VariousTeacher Guide, Unit 9
  ''978-1-59318-753-8   ''Teacher Guide, Unit 11
  ''978-1-59318-754-5   ''Teacher Guide, Unit 12
2008978-1-59318-755-2VariousTeacher Guide, Unit 13
  ''978-1-59318-756-9variousTeacher Guide, Unit 14
  ''978-1-59318-757-6   ''Teacher Guide, Unit 15
  ''978-1-59318-758-3   ''Teacher Guide Unit 16
  ''978-1-59318-759-0ManyTeacher Guide Unit 17
2008978-1-59318-760-6manyTeacher Guide, Unit 18
  ''978-1-59318-761-3variousTeacher Guide Unit 19
2007978-1-59318-816-0Sopris WestSpiders (Read Well, Unit 1 Storybook Level K)
  ''978-1-59318-817-7All About Eels (Read Well, Unit 2 Storybook)
2008978-1-59318-820-7Sopris WestMan's Best Friend Unit 5 Storybook Level K
2007978-1-59318-822-1Old MacDonald's Farm
  ''978-1-59318-823-8Turtle in the Tuba (Read Well, Unit 8 Storybook)
2008978-1-59318-825-2Inuit Tales (Read Well, Unit 10 Storybook)
2007978-1-59318-826-9Rescue Workers
  ''978-1-59318-827-6Cats (Read Well, Unit 12 Storybook)
2007978-1-59318-829-0Shells on the Shore (Read Well, Unit 14 Storybook)
2008978-1-59318-830-6Sopris WestKangaroos (Read Well Unit 13 Storybook)
  ''978-1-59318-833-7NAWhales Unit 18
  ''978-1-59318-836-8   ''Spiders, Unit 1
  ''978-1-59318-838-2   ''All About Eels, Unit 2
2012978-1-59318-840-5Read Well, Small Group Assessment Activities
2008978-1-59318-842-9VariousRead Well, Whole Class, Teacher's Guide, Units 1-6
  ''978-1-59318-843-6Read Well, Whole Class Teacher's Guide, Units 7-9, Level K
2008978-1-59318-844-3Read Well Level K Whole Class Teacher's Guide
  ''978-1-59318-845-0VariousRead Well, Whole Class Teacher's Guide, Units 16-18, Level K
2008978-1-59318-846-7VariousReadWell, Whole Class Teacher's Guide, Units 19-24, Level K
  ''978-1-59318-847-4Read Well, Whole Class Teacher's Guide, Units 25-26, Level K
  ''978-1-59318-852-8My Activity Book 1 Whole Class Independent Work Units 1-9, Review (1-9)
  ''978-1-59318-854-2My Activity Book 2 Whole Class Independent Work Units 10-18, Short Vowel E and Review (1-18)
  ''978-1-59318-856-6Marilyn SprickRead Well My Activity Book 3 Level K-Whole Class Independent Work Units 19-26, Review (1-26), Vowel Review, Plain
978-1-59318-858-0Read Well Lap Book 1, Units 1, 2, 3: What a Wonderful, Wonderful School, Level K
978-1-59318-859-7Read Well Lap Book 2, Units 4, 5, 6: Try, Try Again, Level K
978-1-59318-860-3Read Well Lap Book 3, Units 7, 8, 9: Spiders, Worms, and Bugs, Oh My!, Level K
978-1-59318-861-0Read Well Lap Book 4, Units 10, 11, 12: There's No Place Like Home, Level K
978-1-59318-862-7Read Well Lap Book 5, Units 13, 14, 15: Safe and Sound, Level K
978-1-59318-863-4Read Well Lap Book 6, Units 16, 17, 18: Be a Star, Level K
978-1-59318-864-1Read Well Lap Book 7, Units 19, 20, 21: How Does Your Garden Grow?, Level K
978-1-59318-865-8Read Well Lap, Book 8, Units 22-24: Down by the Sea, Level K
978-1-59318-866-5Read Well Lap, Book 9, Units 25, 26: Celebrations, Level K
2008978-1-59318-872-6Cambium EducationRead Well CD of Songs (Read Well K CD of Songs)
2008978-1-59318-873-3Barbara GunnSmall Group Getting Started Guide, Read Well, Kindergarten Teacher Materials
  ''978-1-59318-874-0Marilyn Sprick · Shelley V. Jones · Richard Dunn · Barbara GunnRead Well K Assessment Manual
2007978-1-59318-884-9Susan M. EbbersPower Readers Set
2006978-1-59318-930-3UnknownIDEL Indicadores Dinamicos del Exito en la Lectura 7a Ed Tercer grado
2008978-1-59318-953-2Marilyn Sprick-Lisa Howard-Shelly V. JonesSpelling and Writing Conventions Volume 1 Units 1-14 (Teacher's Guide Level 1) Read Well
  ''978-1-59318-954-9VariousSpelling and Writing Conventions, Volume 2 (Units 15-34) Teacher's Guide
  ''978-1-59318-955-6Marilyn Sprick-Lisa Howard-Shelly V. JonesRead Well 1 Spelling And Writing Conventions Spelling Songs (2 Cd Set) (Read Well Spelling and Writing Conventions)
  ''978-1-59318-957-0NASpelling Folders, Units 1-34, Grade 1
2008978-1-59318-959-4VariousHomework Blackline Masters, Read Well 1- Spelling and Writing Conventions
  ''978-1-59318-966-2variousActivity Centers Appropriate Independent Practice, Card Book
978-1-59318-999-0Transitional Mathematics Understanding Algebraic Expressions Student Book