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2004978-1-59200-585-7Jonathan S. HarbourBeginning Game Programming
  ''978-1-59200-587-1Jonathan S. HarbourVisual Basic Game Programming for Teens
  ''978-1-59200-589-5David SantiagoCreating 3D Effects for Film, TV, and Games
2005978-1-59200-591-8Thomas TeufelSAP Business One
2004978-1-59200-593-2Brent FoxGame Interface Design
2005978-1-59200-599-4Pete Shaner · Gerald Everett Jones24P: Make Your Digital Movies Look Like Hollywood
  ''978-1-59200-601-4Andrew Lee HagermanPro Tools LE 7 Ignite!: The Visual Guide for New Users
2004978-1-59200-603-8Pete Shaner · Gerald Everett JonesDigital Filmmaking for Teens
  ''978-1-59200-605-2David D. BuschMastering Digital SLR Photography
2004978-1-59200-607-6Maneesh SethiWeb Design for Teens (Ebusiness)
2005978-1-59200-609-0Stacey King GordonBuying & Selling Jewelry on eBay (Buying & Selling on Ebay)
  ''978-1-59200-611-3David McCarthy · Ste Curran · Simon ByronThe Art of Producing Games
  ''978-1-59200-613-7Ken MilburnDigital Abstract & Macro Photography
  ''978-1-59200-617-5Dan IrishThe Game Producer's Handbook
  ''978-1-59200-622-9David Michael · Sande ChenSerious Games
2005978-1-59200-625-0Matt DonnerPro Tools 6 Overdrive!
  ''978-1-59200-627-4James ChristensenSONAR 5 Overdrive!: Expert Quick Tips
2002978-1-59200-640-3Tom Lubin*DVD: Shaping your Sound with Signal Processors
  ''978-1-59200-641-0Tom Lubin*DVD: Shaping your Sound w/ Microphones, Mixers, Multitrack
978-1-59200-643-4*DVD: The Cubase SX 2.0 InstantPro Instructional DVD
2005978-1-59200-648-9G. Newman LowranceDigital Sports Photography
  ''978-1-59200-649-6Tim GartsideDigital Night and Low-Light Photography
  ''978-1-59200-650-2Dave Morris · Matt Kelland · Dave LloydMachinima
2003978-1-59200-651-9ArtistproPro Tools Beginner
2006978-1-59200-657-1Thomson Course Technology PTR DevelopmentCubase SX 3 Overdrive!
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2004978-1-59200-661-8Diane KoersPaint Shop Pro 9: Photographers' Guide
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2005978-1-59200-666-3Eric D. Grebler · Chris HawkinsReason 3 Ignite!
2004978-1-59200-669-4Leah IngramBuying & Selling Your Way to a Fabulous Wedding with eBay
  ''978-1-59200-671-7Kate J. ChaseBuying Rx Drugs Online: Avoiding a Prescription for Disaster
  ''978-1-59200-673-1Lori DavisPaint Shop Pro 9 Revealed
2005978-1-59200-677-9RD WhiteTraktor DJ Studio Ignite!: The Visual Guide for New Users
2007978-1-59200-679-3John KrengFight Choreography: The Art of Non-Verbal Dialogue
2005978-1-59200-684-7David N. SabinoDominate Your Fantasy Baseball League
2004978-1-59200-691-5Scott Hunter StarkLive Sound Reinforcement, Bestseller Edition (Hardcover & DVD)
2005978-1-59200-694-6Bill A. GibsonThe S.M.A.R.T. Guide to Mixers, Signal Processors, Microphones, and More
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2005978-1-59200-697-7Bill A. GibsonThe S.M.A.R.T. Guide to Producing Music with Samples, Loops, and MIDI
  ''978-1-59200-698-4   ''The S.M.A.R.T. Guide to Mixing and Mastering Audio Recordings
2006978-1-59200-699-1   ''The S.M.A.R.T. Guide to Becoming a Successful Producer/Engineer
2004978-1-59200-700-4Stephen CawoodThe Unauthorized Halo 2 Battle Guide: Advanced Combat Techniques (Premier Press Game Development)
2005978-1-59200-711-0Douglas W. Frye · Curtis D. FryeWinning Secrets of Online Poker
2004978-1-59200-715-8Bill GibsonSound Advice On Music Production
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2005978-1-59200-939-8Course Technology PtrDigital Photo Use and Care Cmplt
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