year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-59197-170-2Mark Twain · Deidre S. Laiken · Pablo Marcos StudioAdventures of Huckleberry Finn (Great Illustrated Classics)
  ''978-1-59197-177-1Jack London · Mitsu Yamamoto · Pablo Marcos StudioCall of the Wild (Great Illustrated Classics)
  ''978-1-59197-181-8Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley · Malvina G. Vogel · Pablo Marcos StudioFrankenstein (Great Illustrated Classics)
  ''978-1-59197-186-3Victor Hugo · Malvina G. Vogel · Pablo Marcos StudioThe Hunchback of Notre Dame (Great Illustrated Classics)
  ''978-1-59197-188-7Walter Scott · Malvina G. Vogel · Pablo MarcosIvanhoe (Great Illustrated Classics)
2002978-1-59197-192-4Howard Pyle · Joshua E. Hanft · Pablo Marcos StudioKing Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (Great Illustrated Classics)
  ''978-1-59197-195-5Louisa May Alcott · Lucia Monfried · Pablo Marcos StudioLittle Women (Great Illustrated Classics)
  ''978-1-59197-197-9Herman Melville · Shirley Bogart · Pablo Marcos StudioMoby Dick (Great Illustrated Classics)
  ''978-1-59197-202-0Eleanor H. Porter · Marion LeightonPollyanna (Great Illustrated Classics)
  ''978-1-59197-208-2Robert Louis Stevenson · Mitsu Yamamoto · Pablo Marcos StudioStrange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Great Illustrated Classics)
2002978-1-59197-212-9H. G. Wells · Shirley Bogart · Brendan LynchThe Time Machine (Great Illustrated Classics)
  ''978-1-59197-217-4L. Frank Baum · Deidre S. Laiken · Pablo Marcos StudioThe Wizard of Oz (Great Illustrated Classics)
2003978-1-59197-225-9Mary Elizabeth SalzmannAG as in Flag (Word Families)
  ''978-1-59197-230-3Kelly DoudnaEt As in Jet (Word Families Set 2)
  ''978-1-59197-234-1Abdo PublishingWord Families Set 3
  ''978-1-59197-239-6Kelly DoudnaIP as in Ship (Word Families)
2003978-1-59197-245-7Nancy TuminellyUmp as in Jump (Word Families)
  ''978-1-59197-250-1Amanda RondeauOck as in Block (Word Families)
  ''978-1-59197-256-3Pam ScheunemannIng as in King (Word Families)
  ''978-1-59197-260-0   ''Ash as in Trash (Word Families)
  ''978-1-59197-265-5Carey Molter · Kelly DoudnaOw as in Crow (Word Families)
2003978-1-59197-272-3Carey MolterAin As in Train (Word Families)
2004978-1-59197-277-8Sheila RiveraAssassination of John F. Kennedy (American Moments)
  ''978-1-59197-281-5Sheila RiveraCalifornia Gold Rush (American Moments)
  ''978-1-59197-286-0Cory Gideon GundersonGreat Depression (American Moments)
2003978-1-59197-292-1Kate A. ConleyLebanon (COUNTRIES)
  ''978-1-59197-296-9Tamara L BrittonNorthern Ireland (Countries)
2005978-1-59197-302-7Julie MurrayBlack Bears (ANIMAL KINGDOM SET II)
  ''978-1-59197-307-2Julie MurrayCocker Spaniels (ANIMAL KINGDOM SET II)
2005978-1-59197-311-9Julie MurrayCrocodiles (ANIMAL KINGDOM SET II)
2004978-1-59197-316-4   ''Golden Retrievers (ANIMAL KINGDOM SET II)
2005978-1-59197-323-2   ''Jumping Spiders (ANIMAL KINGDOM)
2004978-1-59197-330-0   ''Persian Cats (ANIMAL KINGDOM SET II)
2004978-1-59197-334-8Julie MurraySalamanders (ANIMAL KINGDOM SET II)
  ''978-1-59197-340-9   ''Woodpeckers (ANIMAL KINGDOM SET II)
2003978-1-59197-405-5Kristin PetrieA Passion for Proteins (Nutrition)
2004978-1-59197-407-9Jill C. WheelerHilary Duff
2003978-1-59197-408-6Bailey J. RussellMary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (Young Profiles)
  ''978-1-59197-410-9Cory Gideon GundersonAfghanistan's Struggles (World in Conflict-The Middle East)
  ''978-1-59197-414-7   ''U.N. Weapons Inspectors (World in Conflict-The Middle East)
  ''978-1-59197-419-2   ''Countries of the Middle East (World in Conflict-The Middle East)
2005978-1-59197-425-3John HamiltonGlacier National Park (National Parks)
2003978-1-59197-430-7Amanda RondeauBase+ball=baseball (Compound Words)
2003978-1-59197-436-9Amanda RondeauRain+bow=rainbow (Compound Words)
  ''978-1-59197-443-7Carey MolterSilent B As in Lamb (Silent Letters)
  ''978-1-59197-448-2   ''Silent W as in Wreath (Silent Letters)
  ''978-1-59197-454-3Kelly DoudnaSwish Swoosh (Word Sounds)
  ''978-1-59197-459-8Pam ScheunemannCooler Ruler (Rhyming Riddles)
2003978-1-59197-465-9Mary Elizabeth SalzmannCome Home With Me (Sight Words)
  ''978-1-59197-469-7Kelly DoudnaGive It a Try! (Sight Words)
2003978-1-59197-473-4Kelly DoudnaThere Are Ants Down There (Sight Words)
  ''978-1-59197-479-6Mary Elizabeth SalzmannIt's Not Good, It's Great (Sight Words)
  ''978-1-59197-483-3Terri DoughertyIchiro Suzuki (Awesome Athletes Set III)
  ''978-1-59197-485-7Joe ChristensenAlex Rodriguez (Awesome Athletes Set III)
  ''978-1-59197-491-8John HamiltonAllied Forces (War in Iraq)
2003978-1-59197-492-5John HamiltonAmerica's Military (War in Iraq)
  ''978-1-59197-496-3Sheila RiveraOperation Iraqi Freedom (War in Iraq)
2004978-1-59197-501-4John HamiltonWeapons of the Twenty-First Century (War in Iraq)
2005978-1-59197-506-9Julie MurrayHoover Dam (ALL ABOARD AMERICA SET II)
2004978-1-59197-511-3Christy DevillierClara Barton (First Biographies)
  ''978-1-59197-516-8   ''Betsy Ross (First Biographies)
  ''978-1-59197-522-9Tamara L. BrittonThe United States Supreme Court (Symbols, Landmarks and Monuments)
2006978-1-59197-526-7Nichol BryanDominican Americans (One Nation (Abdo Publishing Company))
2004978-1-59197-532-8Nichol BryanPuerto Rican Americans (One Nation Set 2)
  ''978-1-59197-537-3Christy DevillierCorythosaurus (Dinosaurs Set 3 (Buddy Books))
2004978-1-59197-541-0Christy DevillierTroodon (Dinosaurs Set 3 (Buddy Books))
  ''978-1-59197-546-5John HamiltonMagazines (STRAIGHT TO THE SOURCE)
  ''978-1-59197-550-2Mary Elizabeth SalzmannBeing Active (Healthy Habits)
  ''978-1-59197-554-0   ''Taking Care of Your Teeth (Healthy Habits)
  ''978-1-59197-560-1Pam ScheunemannDealing with Bullies (Keeping the Peace)
2004978-1-59197-566-3Kelly DoudnaCultures Around the World
  ''978-1-59197-571-7Amanda RondeauDo Something in Your City (SandCastle: Do Something about It!)
  ''978-1-59197-575-5   ''Do Something in Your State (SandCastle: Do Something about It!)
  ''978-1-59197-580-9Jill C. WheelerMaserati (Ultimate Cars Set 2)
  ''978-1-59197-581-6Jill C WheelerMercedes Benz (Ultimate Cars)
2005978-1-59197-586-1Julie MurrayCinco De Mayo (HOLIDAYS SET II)
2005978-1-59197-587-8Julie MurrayColumbus Day (HOLIDAYS)
  ''978-1-59197-588-5   ''Independence Day (HOLIDAYS SET II)
2005978-1-59197-590-8Julie MurrayPresidents' Day (HOLIDAYS SET II)
2004978-1-59197-596-0Kristin PetrieJames Cook (Explorers)
  ''978-1-59197-600-4   ''Hernando de Soto (Explorers)
2005978-1-59197-604-2Jill C WheelerJudy Blume (Children's Authors)
  ''978-1-59197-608-0   ''Marjorie Weinman Sharmat (Children's Authors)
2004978-1-59197-623-3Ima LaffinMonster Jokes
  ''978-1-59197-628-8Not AvailableRead With Dick and Jane
  ''978-1-59197-632-5Foresman and Company ScottGo, Go, Go (Read With Dick and Jane)
2004978-1-59197-636-3Foresman and Company ScottWho Can Help (Read With Dick and Jane)
  ''978-1-59197-640-0   ''We Play (Read With Dick and Jane)
  ''978-1-59197-646-2John HamiltonHow a Bill Becomes a Law (Government in Action (Checkerboard Books))
2007978-1-59197-649-3Barbara A Gray-KanatiioshArapaho (Native Americans (Abdo))
  ''978-1-59197-651-6Barbara A. Gray-KanatiioshCahuilla (Native Americans)
  ''978-1-59197-652-3Barbara A Gray-KanatiioshChickasaw (Native Americans)
2007978-1-59197-653-0Barbara A Gray-KanatiioshChoctaw (Native Americans Set 4)
  ''978-1-59197-655-4   ''Kumeyaay (Native Americans (Abdo))
2007978-1-59197-656-1Barbara A Gray-KanatiioshModoc (Native Americans (Abdo))
  ''978-1-59197-658-5   ''Yurok (Native Americans (Abdo))
2006978-1-59197-662-2Julie MurrayArizona (United States)
  ''978-1-59197-666-0   ''Connecticut (United States)
  ''978-1-59197-670-7   ''Hawaii (United States)
  ''978-1-59197-675-2   ''Kansas (United States)
2005978-1-59197-679-0Julie MurrayMaryland (United States)
  ''978-1-59197-683-7   ''Mississippi (United States Series)
  ''978-1-59197-687-5   ''Nevada (United States Series)
  ''978-1-59197-693-6   ''North Dakota (United States)
2006978-1-59197-697-4   ''Pennsylvania (United States)
2005978-1-59197-701-8Julie MurrayTennessee (United States)
  ''978-1-59197-705-6   ''Virginia (United States)
2004978-1-59197-711-7John HamiltonDragons (FANTASY AND FOLKLORE)
  ''978-1-59197-714-8   ''Ogres and Giants (Fantasy and Folklore)
  ''978-1-59197-715-5   ''Unicorns and Other Magical Creatures (Fantasy and Folklore)
  ''978-1-59197-720-9Jill C WheelerWilliam Steig (Children's Illustrators)
2005978-1-59197-725-4Alan PierceBrown V. Board of Education (AMERICAN MOMENTS SET II)
2004978-1-59197-728-5Alan PierceMiracle on Ice (American Moments)
2005978-1-59197-730-8   ''Breaking the Sound Barrier (American Moments)
2005978-1-59197-734-6Alan PierceThe Lincoln-Douglas Debates (American Moments)
2004978-1-59197-740-7Pam ScheunemannCool Clay Projects (Cool Crafts)
2005978-1-59197-746-9Eric MetaxasThe Emperor's New Clothes (Rabbit Ears-A Classic Tale)
  ''978-1-59197-750-6Rudyard KiplingHow The Rhinoceros Got His Skin (Rabbit Ears: A Classic Tale (Spotlight))
  ''978-1-59197-756-8Hans Christian AndersenThumbelina (Rabbit Ears-A Classic Tale)
2004978-1-59197-761-2Joel Chandler HarrisThe Story of Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar Baby (Rabbit Ears-A Classic Tale)
  ''978-1-59197-766-7Eric MetaxasMose the Fireman: THE LEGENDARY FIREFIGHTER (Rabbit Ears: a Classic Tale)
2004978-1-59197-771-1Eric MetaxasSquanto and the First Thanksgiving (Rabbit Ears: a Classic Tale)
  ''978-1-59197-777-3Jan WestbergBo Loves to Row (Sandcastle: Rhyme Time)
  ''978-1-59197-781-0Pam ScheunemannThe Crane Loves Grain (Sandcastle: Rhyme Time)
  ''978-1-59197-785-8Mary Elizabeth SalzmannDon't Sneeze on Skis (Sandcastle: Rhyme Time)
  ''978-1-59197-790-2   ''Fay Loves Ballet (Sandcastle: Rhyme Time)
2004978-1-59197-794-0Anders HansonThe Hun Plays One-On-One (Sandcastle: Rhyme Time)
  ''978-1-59197-795-7Kelly DoudnaThe Jelly Bean Machine (Sandcastle: Rhyme Time)
  ''978-1-59197-798-8Anders HansonKay's Maze Phase (Sandcastle: Rhyme Time)
  ''978-1-59197-802-2   ''Let's Sled Instead (Rhyme Time)
  ''978-1-59197-807-7   ''Nate is Great (Rhyme Time)
2004978-1-59197-811-4Mary Elizabeth SalzmannPete the Parakeet (Sandcastle: Rhyme Time)
  ''978-1-59197-815-2Tracy KompelienScott the Astronaut (Sandcastle: Rhyme Time)
  ''978-1-59197-820-6Anders HansonThe Waste Is Traced (Sandcastle: Rhyme Time)
2005978-1-59197-826-8Sarah TieckEarth Movers (Mighty Movers)
  ''978-1-59197-830-5Sarah TieckTrains (Buddy Book)
  ''978-1-59197-831-2Tamara L. BrittonSymbols, Landmarks, And Monuments
2005978-1-59197-832-9Tamara L BrittonAngel Island (Checkerboard Symbols, Landmarks and Monuments)
  ''978-1-59197-833-6   ''Devil's Tower (Checkerboard Symbols, Landmarks and Monuments)
2005978-1-59197-834-3Tamara L BrittonEmpire State Building (Checkerboard Symbols, Landmarks and Monuments)
  ''978-1-59197-835-0   ''Golden Gate Bridge (Checkerboard Symbols, Landmarks and Monuments)
  ''978-1-59197-837-4Tamara L. BrittonWorld War II Memorial (SYMBOLS, LANDMARKS, AND MONUMENTS)
  ''978-1-59197-840-4Joanne MatternMary Cassatt (Great Artists)
  ''978-1-59197-844-2Joanne MatternJacob Lawrence (Great Artists)
2005978-1-59197-848-0Joanne MatternFrederic Remington (Great Artists)
  ''978-1-59197-854-1Nancy FurstingerBoston (Cities (Checkerboard))
  ''978-1-59197-858-9Nancy FurstingerDallas (Checkerboard Geography Library)
  ''978-1-59197-869-5U R Phunny · Ima Laffin · Cyl Lee · Hugh MooreMore Jokes!
  ''978-1-59197-871-8Hugh MooreFood Jokes (More Jokes!)
2005978-1-59197-875-6Cyl LeeMore Really Silly Jokes (More Jokes!)
2004978-1-59197-878-7Jill C WheelerLindsay Lohan (Young Profiles (Hardcover))
2005978-1-59197-931-9Rachel A Koestler-GrackAssassination of Robert F. Kennedy (American Moments)
  ''978-1-59197-934-0Rachel A. Koestler-GrackKent State Tragedy (American Moments)
  ''978-1-59197-937-1   ''Pilgrims (American Moments)
  ''978-1-59197-941-8Alan PierceTranscontinental Railroad (American Moments)

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