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2012978-1-59184-561-4Michael EllsbergThe Education of Millionaires: Everything You Won't Learn in College About How to Be Successful
  ''978-1-59184-563-8Jeff RyanSuper Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America
  ''978-1-59184-564-5Isadore SharpFour Seasons: The Story of a Business Philosophy
  ''978-1-59184-566-9Jonathan FieldsUncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance
  ''978-1-59184-568-3Richard BransonLike a Virgin: Secrets They Won't Teach You at Business School
2013978-1-59184-570-6Meredith WhitneyFate of the States: The New Geography of American Prosperity
2012978-1-59184-573-7Carol J. LoomisTap Dancing to Work: Warren Buffett on Practically Everything, 1966-2012: A Fortune Magazine Book
2012978-1-59184-575-1Michael WoodfordExposure: Inside the Olympus Scandal: How I Went from CEO to Whistleblower (2012)
2013978-1-59184-578-2Richard X. BoveGuardians of Prosperity: Why America Needs Big Banks
2014978-1-59184-579-9Nancy F. KoehnForged in Crisis: The Making of Five Legendary Leaders
2013978-1-59184-580-5Mark EllwoodBargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World
  ''978-1-59184-581-2Matthew Dixon · Nick Toman · Rick DeLisiThe Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty
2012978-1-59184-582-9John WarrillowBuilt to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You
  ''978-1-59184-583-6Guy KawasakiEnchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions
2013978-1-59184-584-3Bill SchultheisThe Coffeehouse Investor: How to Build Wealth, Ignore Wall Street, and Get On with Your Life
2012978-1-59184-585-0Richard L. BrandtOne Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Amazon.com
2014978-1-59184-586-7Patrick TuckerThe Naked Future: What Happens in a World That Anticipates Your Every Move?
2013978-1-59184-587-4Richard SheridanJoy, Inc.: How We Built a Workplace People Love
2014978-1-59184-588-1Sunni BrownThe Doodle Revolution: Unlock the Power to Think Differently
2013978-1-59184-589-8Todd HenryDie Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day
  ''978-1-59184-591-1David NovakTaking People with You: The Only Way to Make Big Things Happen
  ''978-1-59184-594-2Olivia Fox CabaneThe Charisma Myth: How Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism
2015978-1-59184-597-3Anastacia Marx de SalcedoCombat-Ready Kitchen: How the U.S. Military Shapes the Way You Eat
2013978-1-59184-599-7Ryan BlairNothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: How I Went from Gang Member to Multimillionaire Entrepreneur
2013978-1-59184-600-0James FallonThe Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist's Personal Journey into the Dark Side of the Brain
  ''978-1-59184-601-7Nick BiltonHatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal
  ''978-1-59184-604-8Bob LutzIcons and Idiots: Straight Talk on Leadership
2014978-1-59184-605-5Sanjay Khosla · Mohanbir SawhneyFewer, Bigger, Bolder: From Mindless Expansion to Focused Growth
2012978-1-59184-607-9Seth GodinThe Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?
  ''978-1-59184-609-3Seth GodinWhatcha Gonna Do with That Duck?: And Other Provocations, 2006-2012
  ''978-1-59184-610-9   ''V Is for Vulnerable: Life Outside the Comfort Zone
2016978-1-59184-611-6Bryan Franklin · Michael EllsbergThe Last Safe Investment: Spending Now to Increase Your True Wealth Forever
2015978-1-59184-613-0Stephen CamarataThe Intuitive Parent: Why the Best Thing for Your Child Is You
2013978-1-59184-614-7Michael E. Raynor · Mumtaz AhmedThe Three Rules: How Exceptional Companies Think
2013978-1-59184-617-8Leander KahneyJony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple's Greatest Products
  ''978-1-59184-619-2Pamela SlimBody of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together
  ''978-1-59184-621-5Ken SegallInsanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success
  ''978-1-59184-622-2Bob LutzCar Guys vs. Bean Counters: The Battle for the Soul of American Business
  ''978-1-59184-623-9Harvey MackayThe Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World
2013978-1-59184-624-6Todd HenryThe Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice
  ''978-1-59184-625-3Laura VanderkamAll the Money in the World: What the Happiest People Know About Wealth
  ''978-1-59184-628-4Ryan HolidayTrust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator
  ''978-1-59184-629-1Ron AdnerThe Wide Lens: What Successful Innovators See That Others Miss
2014978-1-59184-633-8John JantschDuct Tape Selling: Think Like a Marketer-Sell Like a Superstar
  ''978-1-59184-635-2Ryan HolidayThe Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph
2013978-1-59184-636-9Bob BurgAdversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion
2018978-1-59184-637-6Bob Burg · John David MannThe Go-Giver Influencer: A Little Story About a Most Persuasive Idea
2014978-1-59184-638-3Bill TancerEveryone's a Critic: Winning Customers in a Review-Driven World
2013978-1-59184-639-0Les GoldFor What It's Worth: Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker
2013978-1-59184-640-6L. David MarquetTurn the Ship Around!: A True Story of Turning Followers into Leaders
2011978-1-59184-644-4Simon SinekStart with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action
2013978-1-59184-645-1Gregory ZuckermanThe Frackers: The Outrageous Inside Story of the New Billionaire Wildcatters
2014978-1-59184-646-8Andreas WagnerArrival of the Fittest: Solving Evolution's Greatest Puzzle
2013978-1-59184-648-2Christine ComafordSmartTribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together
  ''978-1-59184-650-5Jackie HubaMonster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics
  ''978-1-59184-652-9Christopher SteinerAutomate This: How Algorithms Took Over Our Markets, Our Jobs, and the World
  ''978-1-59184-654-3Elizabeth L. ClineOverdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion
  ''978-1-59184-656-7Ann CoulterMugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama
2013978-1-59184-660-4Bethany McLean · Peter ElkindThe Smartest Guys in the Room: The Amazing Rise and Scandalous Fall of Enron
2014978-1-59184-661-1Larry Young · Brian AlexanderThe Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction
  ''978-1-59184-662-8Bret StephensAmerica in Retreat: The New Isolationism and the Coming Global Disorder
2013978-1-59184-666-6Jay BaerYoutility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype
  ''978-1-59184-669-7Laura VanderkamWhat the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast: And Two Other Short Guides to Achieving More at Work and at Home
2014978-1-59184-670-3James RickardsThe Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System
2013978-1-59184-675-8Kahney LeanderJony Ive: Genius Behind Apples Greatest Products
2014978-1-59184-676-5Tim Hurson · Tim DunneNever Be Closing: How to Sell Better Without Screwing Your Clients, Your Colleagues, or Yourself
  ''978-1-59184-677-2Jonathan Bush · Stephen BakerWhere Does It Hurt?: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Fixing Health Care
2013978-1-59184-680-2Carol J. LoomisTap Dancing to Work: Warren Buffett on Practically Everything, 1966-2013
2014978-1-59184-682-6Gen. Stanley McChrystalMy Share of the Task: A Memoir
2015978-1-59184-683-3Frans JohanssonThe Click Moment: Seizing Opportunity in an Unpredictable World
2014978-1-59184-685-7Dan RoamShow and Tell: How Everybody Can Make Remarkable Presentations
  ''978-1-59184-690-1Larry Downes · Paul NunesBig Bang Disruption: Strategy in the Age of Devastating Inovation
2013978-1-59184-691-8Scott AdamsHow to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life
2016978-1-59184-692-5Adam Steltzner · William PatrickThe Right Kind of Crazy: A True Story of Teamwork, Leadership, and High-Stakes Innovation
2014978-1-59184-693-2Michael HarrisThe End of Absence: Reclaiming What We've Lost in a World of Constant Connection
2014978-1-59184-694-9Josh KaufmanThe First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything . . . Fast!
978-1-59184-695-6Les GoldFor What It's Worth: Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker
2014978-1-59184-696-3Bob LutzIcons and Idiots: Straight Talk on Leadership
2015978-1-59184-699-4Todd HenryDie Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day
2014978-1-59184-700-7G. Richard ShellSpringboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success
2015978-1-59184-703-8Sunni BrownThe Doodle Revolution: Unlock the Power to Think Differently
2014978-1-59184-706-9Leander KahneyJony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple's Greatest Products
  ''978-1-59184-709-0Gregory ZuckermanThe Frackers: The Outrageous Inside Story of the New Billionaire Wildcatters
2015978-1-59184-712-0Richard SheridanJoy, Inc.: How We Built a Workplace People Love
2014978-1-59184-714-4Leerom Segal · Aaron Goldstein · Jay Goldman · Rahaf HarfoushThe Decoded Company: Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers
  ''978-1-59184-715-1Roger Connors · Tom SmithThe Wisdom of Oz: Using Personal Accountability to Succeed in Everything You Do
2015978-1-59184-716-8Shaa WasmundDo Less, Get More: How to Work Smart and Live Life Your Way
2017978-1-59184-719-9Olivia Fox Cabane · Judah PollackThe Net and the Butterfly: The Art and Practice of Breakthrough Thinking
2015978-1-59184-720-5Geoff ColvinHumans Are Underrated: What High Achievers Know That Brilliant Machines Never Will
2013978-1-59184-721-2Erik PrinceCivilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror
2014978-1-59184-724-3Jeff Hoffman · David FinkelScale: Seven Proven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back
  ''978-1-59184-725-0Jill KonrathAgile Selling: Get Up to Speed Quickly in Today's Ever-Changing Sales World
2016978-1-59184-726-7Jill KonrathMore Sales, Less Time: Surprisingly Simple Strategies for Today's Crazy-Busy Sellers
2014978-1-59184-728-1Tom Coughlin · David FisherEarn the Right to Win: How Success in Any Field Starts with Superior Preparation
  ''978-1-59184-729-8Ben ArmentDream Year: Make the Leap from a Job You Hate to a Life You Love
2015978-1-59184-732-8Laura VanderkamI Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time
2015978-1-59184-736-6Jason Jennings · Laurence HaughtonThe High-Speed Company: Creating Urgency and Growth in a Nanosecond Culture
2014978-1-59184-737-3Richard BransonThe Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership
  ''978-1-59184-738-0Ryan HolidayGrowth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising
2015978-1-59184-740-3Dorie ClarkStand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It
2014978-1-59184-741-0James RickardsThe Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System
  ''978-1-59184-744-1Alex EpsteinThe Moral Case for Fossil Fuels
  ''978-1-59184-745-8Erik PrinceCivilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror
2015978-1-59184-746-5John WarrillowThe Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry
  ''978-1-59184-747-2Ian BremmerSuperpower: Three Choices for America's Role in the World
2015978-1-59184-748-9Gen. Stanley McChrystal · Tantum Collins · David Silverman · Chris FussellTeam of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World
2016978-1-59184-750-2Ken SegallThink Simple: How Smart Leaders Defeat Complexity
2015978-1-59184-752-6Todd HenryLouder than Words: Harness the Power of Your Authentic Voice
  ''978-1-59184-753-3L. David MarquetTurn Your Ship Around!: A Workbook for Implementing Intent-Based Leadership in Your Organization
  ''978-1-59184-755-7Carl RichardsThe One-Page Financial Plan: A Simple Way to Be Smart About Your Money
978-1-59184-756-4The Virgin Way
2015978-1-59184-761-8Jon AcuffDo Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck
2017978-1-59184-762-5Jon AcuffFinish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done
2014978-1-59184-763-2John Sviokla · Mitch CohenThe Self-made Billionaire Effect: How Extreme Producers Create Massive Value
  ''978-1-59184-764-9Lauris Liberts · Startup VitaminsGet Sh*t Done
2015978-1-59184-767-0David CasarettStoned: A Doctor's Case for Medical Marijuana
2016978-1-59184-768-7Helaine Olen · Harold PollackThe Index Card: Why Personal Finance Doesn't Have to Be Complicated
2017978-1-59184-771-7James RickardsThe Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System
2015978-1-59184-772-4Louis FerranteMob Rules: What the Mafia Can Teach the Legitimate Businessman
2014978-1-59184-774-8Scott AdamsHow to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life
2016978-1-59184-775-5William C. TaylorSimply Brilliant: How Great Organizations Do Ordinary Things in Extraordinary Ways
  ''978-1-59184-776-2Samuel ArbesmanOvercomplicated: Technology at the Limits of Comprehension
2015978-1-59184-777-9Mike LeeOur Lost Constitution: The Willful Subversion of America's Founding Document
2014978-1-59184-778-6Nir EyalHooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products
2015978-1-59184-779-3Bob Chapman · Raj SisodiaEverybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family
2016978-1-59184-781-6Ryan HolidayEgo Is the Enemy
2014978-1-59184-782-3John SvioklaThe Self-made Billionaire Effect: How Extreme Producers Create Massive Value
2016978-1-59184-783-0Sydney FinkelsteinSuperbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent
2015978-1-59184-784-7Guy KawasakiThe Art of the Start 2.0: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything
2016978-1-59184-785-4Simon SinekTogether Is Better: A Little Book of Inspiration
2015978-1-59184-786-1Shlomo BenartziThe Smarter Screen: Surprising Ways to Influence and Improve Online Behavior
2016978-1-59184-787-8Roger Connors · Tom SmithFix It: Getting Accountability Right
2015978-1-59184-788-5Harry S. Dent Jr.The Demographic Cliff: How to Survive and Prosper During the Great Deflation Ahead
2015978-1-59184-793-9Sophia Amoruso#GIRLBOSS
  ''978-1-59184-794-6Ben ArmentDream Year: Make the Leap from a Job You Hate to a Life You Love
  ''978-1-59184-798-4Richard BransonThe Virgin Way: If It's Not Fun, It's Not Worth Doing
2017978-1-59184-801-1Simon SinekLeaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't
2016978-1-59184-802-8Dan RoamShow and Tell: How Everybody Can Make Extraordinary Presentations
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2014978-1-59184-807-3Guy Kawasaki · Peg FitzpatrickThe Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users
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2015978-1-59184-816-5Bob BurgAdversaries into Allies: Master the Art of Ultimate Influence
2016978-1-59184-820-2Jenny BlakePivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One
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2017978-1-59184-823-3Sam ZellAm I Being Too Subtle?: Straight Talk From a Business Rebel
2015978-1-59184-824-0Seth GodinWe Are All Weird: The Rise of Tribes and the End of Normal
  ''978-1-59184-825-7   ''Poke the Box: When Was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time?
  ''978-1-59184-826-4Derek SiversAnything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur
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2017978-1-59184-829-5Kristen HadeedPermission to Screw Up: How I Learned to Lead by Doing (Almost) Everything Wrong
2017978-1-59184-830-1Daniel McGinnPsyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed
2016978-1-59184-835-6Terri L. SjodinScrappy: A Little Book About Choosing to Play Big
2015978-1-59184-836-3Gabriel Weinberg · Justin MaresTraction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth