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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-59031-000-7Adam Harris KurlandSuccessive Criminal Prosecutions: The Dual Sovereignty Exception to Double Jeopardy in State and Federal Courts
2003978-1-59031-015-1Michael E. TigarFighting Injustice
  ''978-1-59031-037-3Clifton B. KruseThird-Party and Self-Created Trusts
2002978-1-59031-041-0Victor Futter · Judith A. Cion · George W. OvertonNonprofit Governance and Management, Expanded and Updated Edition
2003978-1-59031-042-7Victor FutterNonprofit Resources: A Companion to Nonprofit Governance
  ''978-1-59031-043-4American Bar AssociationGuidebook for Directors of Nonprofit Corporations
  ''978-1-59031-045-8Robert H. RosenblumInvestment Company Determination Under the 1940 Act: Exemptions and Exceptions
  ''978-1-59031-048-9Editors of American Bar AssociationThe ABCs of the UCC, Article 1: (Revised) General Provisions
2003978-1-59031-054-0Cass R. SunsteinThe Cost-Benefit State: The Future of Regulatory Protection
2002978-1-59031-059-5Gary A. MunnekeThe Legal Career Guide, 4th Edition: From Law Student to Lawyer (ABA Career Series)
2003978-1-59031-060-1Kerry RandallEffective Yellow Pages Advertising for Lawyers: The Complete Guide to Creating Winning Ads
2002978-1-59031-061-8Patricia A GarciaLitigants without lawyers: Courts and lawyers meeting the challenges of self-representation (Road maps)
  ''978-1-59031-072-4Sally HenryThe Portable Bankruptcy Code & Rules (2002 Edition)
2003978-1-59031-077-9Howard DamstadterHereof, Thereof and Everywhereof: A Contrarian Guide to Legal Drafting
  ''978-1-59031-087-8William W. GreenhalghThe Fourth Amendment Handbook
2002978-1-59031-090-8John R. SappMaking Partner: A Guide for Law Firm Associates
2003978-1-59031-096-0ABA Section of Antitrust LawGuide to Medicare Coverage Decision-Making and Appeals
2002978-1-59031-117-2James A. Calloway · Mark A. RobertsonWinning Alternatives to the Billable Hour: Strategies That Work
2003978-1-59031-118-9Gregory H. SiskindThe Lawyer's Guide to Marketing on the Internet
  ''978-1-59031-152-3Gary A. Munneke · William D. Henslee · Ellen S. WayneNonlegal Careers for Lawyers, 4th Edition (Career Series)
2002978-1-59031-153-0Edward PollCollecting Your Fee: Getting Paid from Intake to Invoice
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2007978-1-59031-178-3ABA Criminal Justice Standards: Pretrial Release
2005978-1-59031-203-2American Bar AssociationPrototype Limited Liability Partnership Agreement
2003978-1-59031-208-7K. F. BoackleReal Estate Closing Deskbook: A Lawyer's Reference Guide and State-by-State Summary
2004978-1-59031-217-9Mark A. RyanThe Clean Water Act Handbook
2003978-1-59031-220-9American Bar AssociationScientific Evidence Review: Admissibility of Expert Evidence
2004978-1-59031-224-7ABA Section of Antitrust LawThe Franchise and Dealership Termination Handbook
  ''978-1-59031-228-5Peter W. Salsich Jr. · Timothy J. TrynieckiLand Use Regulation: A Legal Analysis and Practical Application of Land Use Law
2003978-1-59031-232-2David BergThe Trial Lawyer: What It Takes To Win
2004978-1-59031-233-9Douglas S. LavineQuestions from the Bench
2004978-1-59031-234-6Frederick Bernays WienerEffective Appellate Advocacy
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2003978-1-59031-238-4John G. IezziResults-Oriented Financial Management: A Step-by-Step Guide to Law Firm Profitability
2006978-1-59031-242-1Joel M. Gross · Lynn DodgeClean Water Act: Basic Practice Series
2004978-1-59031-243-8American Bar AssociationAnnotated Model Rules of Professional Conduct
2005978-1-59031-246-9Harold G. Wren · Beverly J. GlascockThe Of Counsel Agreement: A Guide for Law Firm and Practitioner
2004978-1-59031-247-6Jay G. FoonbergHow to Start & Build a Law Practice (Career Series / American Bar Association)
2007978-1-59031-250-6Michael B. Gerrard · Joel M. GrossAmending CERCLA: The Post-SARA Amendments to the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
2004978-1-59031-251-3Joyce K. Smiley · Hollis Hatfield WeisharMarketing Success Stories: Conversations with Leading Lawyers
  ''978-1-59031-252-0J. Harris Morgan · Jay G. FoonbergHow to Draft Bills Clients Rush to Pay
  ''978-1-59031-256-8Michael E. TigarExamining Witnesses
  ''978-1-59031-267-4Thomas E. KaneLetters for Lawyers: Essential Communication for Clients, Prospects, and Others,
2004978-1-59031-268-1Robin Page WestLetters for Litigators: Essential Communicatons for Opposing Counsel, Witnesses, Clients,and Others
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2003978-1-59031-284-1Center for Professional ResponsibilityModel Rules of Professional Conduct
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2005978-1-59031-291-9Lisa A. RunquistThe ABCs of Nonprofits
2006978-1-59031-297-1Shartsis FrieseU.S. Regulations of Hedge Funds
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  ''978-1-59031-309-1Corinne CooperThe Portable UCC
2007978-1-59031-312-1Committee on Negotiated AcquisitionsModel Joint Venture Agreement with Commentary
2004978-1-59031-316-9ABA Section of Antitrust LawState Antitrust Practice and Statutes (3Vols.)
2005978-1-59031-326-8Stuart H. DemingThe Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the New International Norms (International Practitioner's Deskbook Series)
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  ''978-1-59031-377-0Hildebrandt InternationalAnatomy of a Law Firm Merger: How to Make--or Break--the Deal
2005978-1-59031-378-7David Clayton CarradThe Complete QDRO Handbook: Dividing ERISA, Military, and Civil Service Pensions and Collecting Child Support from Employee Benefit Plans (Complete ... Dividing Erisa, Military, Civil Service)
2004978-1-59031-379-4Daniel I. SmallPreparing Witnesses: A Practical Guide for Lawyers and Their Clients
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2005978-1-59031-412-8American Bar AssociationHandbook on the Antitrust Aspects of Standards Setting (American Bar Association Section of Antitrust Law Monograph)
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978-1-59031-468-5Gideon's Broken Promise: America's Continuing Quest for Equal Justice: A Report on the American Bar Association's Hearings on the Right to Coun
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978-1-59031-472-2Stephen C. VeltriABCs of the UCC
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2008978-1-59031-837-9Louis A. MezzulloAn Estate Planner's Guide to Buy-Sell Agreements for the Closely Held Business
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  ''978-1-59031-991-8Michael J. BurkeNever Enough: One Lawyer's True Story of How He Gambled His Career Away