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האימפריה מכה שנית, מלחמת הכוכבים (Ha-Imperyah Makah Shenit)Hardcover978-965-07-0689-01997
Edward Wormley: The other face of modernism: an exhibition of mid-century furniture designs, February 20 to March 16, 1997 at the Lin-Weinberg Gallery, 84 Wooster Street, New York City   "978-0-9656860-0-61997Edward J Wormley · Fred Baker · Alexandre Georges · Judith Gura · Chris Kennedy · Steven Miller · Danny Bright
Frankenstein   "978-0-394-84827-31982Mary Shelley · Ken Barr
Fundamentals of Franchising--Canada   "978-1-59031-432-62005Peter Snell
Star WarsHardcover978-0-394-86869-12004
The Curse #13Paperback978-0-553-23622-41984
The Empire Strikes BackHardcover978-0-394-86868-42004
The Forgetful Bears   "978-0-307-10230-02000
The Forgetful Bears Help Santa   "978-0-375-82291-92002
The Forgetful Bears Meet Mr. MemoryLibrary Binding978-0-375-92292-32006Jason Wolff
The Forgetful Bears Meet Mr. MemoryHardcover978-0-375-82292-62005

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Larry Weinberg (Adaptor)