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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-58500-141-5Michael L. BaumannMr. Traven, I Presume?
1999978-1-58500-160-6Gary JosephQuest for Dignity: Synthesizing in Indian Revival
  ''978-1-58500-182-8Mark JasonThe Red Box: A Psychological and Technothriller Novel
1998978-1-58500-251-1Peter MarsThe Tunnel: Drug Dealers Are Missing in Boston. It's Not a Bad Thing, but a Good Thing! but What Is Making Them Disappear
1994978-1-58500-260-3Judy MarshallSelf to Soul: A Vision of Psychology and Spirituality
1998978-1-58500-291-7Andreas H. MoritzIt's Time to Wake Up
2000978-1-58500-338-9Tony WoodMale Body Language That Attracts Women
  ''978-1-58500-354-9Andreas MoritzThe Key to Health and Rejuvenation: Breakthrough Medicine for the 21st Century
1999978-1-58500-355-6Wayne F. PerkinsHow to Hypnotize Yourself...Without Losing Your Mind: A Self-Hypnosis Training Program for Students and Educators
  ''978-1-58500-408-9David BallThe Swamp Outlaw: The Civil War Story of Henry Berry Lowery and His North Carolina Indian Raiders
2000978-1-58500-416-4Sandra J. SwansonA Summer in Tuscany
  ''978-1-58500-428-7Jaroslav HasekThe Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Svejk During the World War, Book One
2002978-1-58500-444-7Janice Smallwood-McKenzieThe 101 Commandments of Networking: Common Sense But Not Common Practice
1995978-1-58500-478-2James PattersonThe Thirteen
2007978-1-58500-484-3Mary PaciosChildhood Shadows: The Hidden Story of the Black Dahlia Murder
2000978-1-58500-528-4H. Von BulowMy Father, the President: Find Out What She Thinks of Her Dad
2001978-1-58500-544-4Daphne DuranThe Developmental Toy Buying Guide
1999978-1-58500-620-5Rosemarie RiechelDoctors and Company: A Dictionary of Health Care Givers
1999978-1-58500-633-5Kay HowardMemories to Die for: An American Family's Terror Filled Adventures on the Island of Grenada
  ''978-1-58500-634-2Brian IrvingOutrageous: A Contemporary View of the U.S. Puerto Rican Relations
2000978-1-58500-643-4Carl Frey ConsteinBorn to Fly...the Hump: A WWII Memoir
1999978-1-58500-663-2Diana M. WilderPharaoh's Son
  ''978-1-58500-729-5Lawrence R. SpencerThe Oz Factors: The Wizard of Oz as an Analogy to the Mysteries of Life
  ''978-1-58500-741-7Michael ZinsleyThe Rapture of the Deep: And Other Dive Stories You Probably Shouldn't Know
2000978-1-58500-773-8Luke Steven FullenkampSherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Three Dragons (Adventures of Sherlock Holmes)
  ''978-1-58500-774-5Jacob JaffeLand of Dreams
1999978-1-58500-803-2Jay BernBlinds
1999978-1-58500-805-6John GrissmerThe Ghosts of Antietam
2003978-1-58500-862-9Joan IflandSugars and Flours: How They Make us Crazy, Sick and Fat, and What to do About It
1999978-1-58500-877-3Ralph (Buddy) MausHow to Play Winning Darts
  ''978-1-58500-945-9Lynn H. PoulsonAll Things in Their Season: A Revealing Look at Premarital Sex for Teenagers and Their Parents
  ''978-1-58500-947-3Lee TravathanRebel Writer Two: Destined for Greatness (My Life with Angels)
2000978-1-58500-970-1William KentData and Reality